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See how major events in MacGyvers life plotted out in our timeline.
100th Episode Salute
To celebrate MacGyver's 100th episode, The Hollywood Reporter included a special 24-page salute to the series in it's March 5, 1990 issue.
Collection of music from episodes of the show including licensed reorchestrations and music from the DVDs.

100th Episode Knife
Pictures and information about the 100th episode knife given to cast and crew of the show..
Travel Log
Follow MacGyver's journeys around the world and learn more about the locations he visited.

Character Biographies
In depth biographies and information of all the characters from the MacGyver universe..
Background Bible
A first draft of ideas for the show. Probably from season 2 onwards.
DVD release
View details about all the MacGyver DVD releases.

Houseboat Today
See exclusive photos and information of what the real MacGyver houseboat looks like now as we take you on a pictorial tour of both inside and out.
In Memory of Dana Elcar
A tribute page to Dana Elcar with messages of condolence from the fans at the time of his passing.
Knives used per episode
See which Swiss Army Knife was used in each episode.

MacGyver's Menu
A list of food eaten or indicated to have been eaten by MacGyver throughout the series..
MacGyver's Wardrobe
All the known brands and styles of clothing and accessories worn by MacGyver.
Opening credits scenes
See which episodes the scenes in the opening credits are from for each season.

Details and information about the various organizations seen within the MacGyververse..
Behind the Scenes
A pictorial look behind the cameras of MacGyver.
Young MacGyver
See how major events in MacGyvers life plotted out in our timeline.