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MacGyver 100th Episode Salute

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Through The Years With 'MacGYVER'

A stunt
A stunt from the first
season's "The Heist" (sic)
Location shoot
A "MacGyver" location shoot
bridge filming
Fourth season's
"The Invisible Killer"

Left to right: Teri Hatcher, Richard Dean Anderson,
Dana Elcar, and Bruce McGill in "Serenity"

Jack of Lies
Second season's "Jack of Lies": Anderson with
Bruce McGill and Patricia McPherson
A stunt from
With Michael Greenburg
Richard Dean Anderson
with Michael Greenburg

Third season's
"Jack in the Box" (sic)
Legend of the Holy Rose
Fifth season's "Legend of the Holy Rose"
On a Wing and a Prayer
A "MacGyver" location shoot

Treasure of Manco
"Treasure of Manco": Guest stars Richard Chavez and Theresa Saldana with Anderson
With Dana Elcar
Behind the scenes with


The Hollywood Reporter.  March 5, 1990:  p.S-1 to S-24.