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Harry Jackson

Name: Harry Jackson

Actor: John Anderson

Appearances: Target MacGyver , Phoenix Under Siege , Friends , Passages , Hind-Sight

MacGyver's grandfather (from his mother's side) became a father-figure to MacGyver after his father and grandmother were killed in a car accident December 14, 1962 (see the episode "Phoenix Under Siege"). Harry taught the young MacGyver much about life, including the value of fair play (see "Harry's Will").

Seven years after the death of MacGyver's father Harry left the MacGyver household without saying goodbye. He took a job in Alaska, sending regular payments back to MacGyver's mother, thinking a steady income would be more beneficial than having him around the house.

Another sixteen years passed before he and MacGyver reconciled, and Harry would show up in town occasionally for holidays and Mac's birthday. In the fifth-season episode "Passages" he shared one final adventure with his grandson before succumbing to complications from a heart attack.