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Jennifer Reiner

Name: Jennifer Reiner

Actor: Holly Fields , Traci Lords

Appearances: Runners, MacGyver's Women

Jennifer was a teenage girl who turned to prostitution as a way to escape her abusive father after the death of her mother in a car crash while fleeing her father after an abusive episode and ran her car off the road.

Jennifer was taken in by a local pimp named Snake who, under the guise of being her boyfriend and having her best interests at heart, set her to work as a prostitute named "Crystal".

Fortunately MacGyver and Cynthia Wilson were able to intervene and get Jennifer away from Snake before he was able to get her hooked on heroine and have to keep working for him to get her doses.

Latter on Office Kate Murphy also worked with Jennifer to help her find temporary accommodation when she needed to get away from her father who (apparently) continued to struggle with his violence.