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Nikki Carpenter

Name: Nicole Anne Carpenter
Born:  30 May 1959
Place: Washington D.C.
Address: 2723 Forester Lane, LA
Phone:  (818) 555-3082
Security: Level 6

Husband: Adam Carpenter (deceased) Car bombing West Virginia 14/3/85

Appearances: Fire & Ice,  Friends, GX-1,
The Widowmaker,  Blowout,  Early Retirement,
The Negotiator

Actor: Elyssa Davalos

Nikki and MacGyver met when she was investigating her brother Danny Barrett's murder. Her husband, Adam, was killed in a Mafia car-bombing in West Virginia, which was meant for her; as a result, she's afraid of becoming too involved with anyone (including MacGyver) for fear that she'll "jinx" them like she "jinxed" her husband.

Although Nikki and MacGyver didn't get along to start with, over time they have become very close friends and Nikki has come to respect MacGyver's experience and knowledge.