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Barbara Spencer

Name: Barbara T. Spencer

Security Code: GL773

Appearances: Pilot

Actor: Darlanne Fluegel

Barbara Spencer worked as an assistant to Dr. Carl Steubens at the KIVA Laboratories when an unexplained explosion ripped through the lower levels of the complex.

At the time of the explosion Barbara was in the Bio Lab on level 1 after having escorted the visiting Dr. Sidney Marlowe to meet Dr. Steubens in his lab on level 3 of the facility. The explosion trapped Barbara along with several other employees in the bio lab until being rescued by MacGyver.

When Spencer heard that MacGyver was on his way to rescue Steubens and Marlowe, she insisted on accompanying him on the rescue. She proved a helpful guide and companion to MacGyver, guiding him through the maze of destruction as well as helping him stop an acid leak and providing a cold capsule as the housing for MacGyver's sodium metal bomb.

Spencer was shot in the abdomen when she tried to stop Steubens from shooting both himself and Marlowe after it was discovered that Steubens had deliberately set the explosion in his lab. The wound, however, wasn't serious and she recovered after hospital treatment.


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