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Connie Thornton

Name: Connie Thornton

Actor: Penelope Windust , Linda Darlow

Appearances: Family Matter , Hind-Sight

Pete Thornton's ex-wife. Connie divorced Pete years ago when she realized that his work was taking up more of his time than she was.

After their divorce she continued her work as an archeologist, a pursuit their son, Michael was also interested in. It was while they were both working on a dig in Louisiana that they were kidnapped by an old DXS colleague of Pete's looking for revenge on a mission which went bad, using them both to lure Pete down to his hideaway where he planned to kill them in front of Pete.

Connie returned to Pete's side 4 years later to help Pete through his Glaucoma operation at which time she revealed that she was now running her own travel agency.

 Penelope Windust as Connie in 'Family Matter'

 Linda Darlow as Connie in 'Hind-sight'


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