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MacGyver's Menu

Below is a list of all food consumed, prepared for consumption, or otherwise indicated (such as seen in MacGyver's kitchen) as being eaten by MacGyver throughout the seven seasons.

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Alfalfa sprout sandwich  Eraser
Apple Heist
Last Stand
A prisoner of Conscience
Bayou Blackened Red Fish (burnt) Family Matter
Bean curd Eraser
Broiled Chicken (referred to eating as a child) Golden Triangle
Carrot Target MacGyver (opening gambit)
Cheeseburgers (asked if anyone wanted to order) Family Matter
Chewing gum Hellfire
Chicken - Phillipe's Jack in the Box
Chili Thief of Budapest
Chinese food, egg rolls Out in the Cold
Chocolate bar Pilot, Bushmaster
Chocolate ice cream Thief
Coffee Pilot
Last Stand
Twice Stung
Silent World
total of 7 occasions
Eggnogg (non-alcoholic) Phoenix under Siege
Egg roll Enemy Within
Out in the Cold
Second chance
Fish Final Approach
Ghost ship
Target MacGyver
Ginger ale The Eraser
h'orderve The Heist - during the 'exhibition scene'
Indian food Silent World
Lizard The Gauntlet
Milk Slow Death
The Eraser
Split Decision (drunk by Earl Dent)
Mountain Trout with wild mushrooms and pine nuts Final Approach
Orange Runners
The Widowmaker
Orange juice Prodigal
Pan cakes
"my world famous" - cooked by MacGyver
Pizza -Hawaiian with pineapple The Wall. (Didn't eat it though)
Popcorn Deadly Silents
Soft touch
Popsicle (orange flavor) The Secret of Parker House
Prison food The Escape
Protain shake The Negotiator
Rations (Jerky and bread) Bushmaster
Rattlesnake "that takes care of lunch!" Final Approach
Red wine (didn't like it though) The Heist
Roast lamb sandwich Slow Death
Roast lizard The Gauntlet
Salad Runners
Sandwich - unknown type food (Phil's Diner) DOA:MacGyver
Salad (with house dressing) The Endangered
(oj, strawberries, another berry, bananas ,protein powder)
The Stringer
Soda/cola of some kind Prodigal
Soup (unknown flavour) Harry's Will
Stew Trumbo's world (opening gambit)
Strawberries GX-1
Stuffed olives The Eraser
Tea (hot) The Stringer
Tofu Out in the Cold (cooked)
The Stringer (refered to by Sam)
Tomato juice Heist
High Control
Trail mix GX-1
Virgin Mary w/ celery tomato juice with Tabasco) The Heist
Water Trial of tears;
Yogurt The Eraser, Runners (in fridge)


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