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North Pacific

Location:  North Pacific Ocean

Appearances: Countdown

MacGyver was sent to disarm a bomb found on board a cruise ship with 1100 passengers on board  located at Latitude 40 North, Longitude 165 East and heading into a typhoon zone making life raft escape for the passengers too risky.

He was partnered with Charlie Robinson, his old Vietnam bomb squad partner and flown to the Midway Islands by jet and then Huey choppered out to the ship.  Once there they discovered a second bomb at the other end of the ship forcing both MacGyver and Charlie to defuse simultaneously. During the process Charlie accidently set off one of the triggers causing his bomb to explode resulting in his death, however in the seconds before the explosion he was able to give MacGyver a vital piece of information, telling him that the bomb case was vacuum sealed and thus allowing him to get past the first of several booby traps to disarm the bombs.


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