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This unofficial collection of music and clips was compiled directly from the DVD episodes. 
It also contains 4 special versions of the opening theme music.
See bottom of page for copyright information.

01 Season 1 Opening Theme
 (Pilot Version)   Randy Edelman 
02 Season 1 Opening Theme
 (Long Version)  Randy Edelman
03 Season 1 Opening Theme
 (Short Version)  Randy Edelman
04 Season 2 Opening Theme
 Randy Edelman
05 Season 3 Opening Theme
 (Lost Love part 1)  Randy Edelman
06 Season 3 Opening Theme
 (Lost Love part 2)  Randy Edelman
07 Season 3 Opening Theme
 (Long Version)  Randy Edelman
08 Season 3 Opening Theme
 (Short Version)  Randy Edelman
09 Season 4 Opening Theme
 (The Secret of Parker House)  Randy Edelman
10 Season 4 Opening Theme
 (Blood Brothers)  Randy Edelman
11 Season 4 Opening Theme
 Randy Edelman
12 Season 5 Opening Theme
 Randy Edelman
13 Season 6 & 7 Opening Theme
 Randy Edelman
14 Opening Theme (Synth Version)
 Randy Edelman
15 Opening Theme (Synth Version 2)
 Randy Edelman
16 Opening Theme (Koto Version )
 Randy Edelman
17 Opening Theme (German Vers. )
 Randy Edelman
18 Eau D'Leo
 Richard Dean Anderson
19 Cleo Rocks 
Lyrics: Michael Des Barres
 Music: Dennis McCarthy / Terry Frewer
20 Higher Life
 Dennis McCarthy / Andrea Robinson
21 Tough Boys
 Tough Boys
22 Harry's Will - Rock 'n' Roll
23 Ugly Duckling - Sax In The Club
24 Serenity - Western Theme
 (Long Version)  
25 Serenity - Western Theme
 (Short Version)  
26 MacGyver's Women - Western...
 (Long Version)  
27 MacGyver's Women - Western...
 (Short Version)  
28 Passages
29 The Prodigal Introduction
30 MacGyvers answer phone
 (From 'Jack In The Box')
31 Good Knight MacGyver
 (discovering his first name)
32 The Stringer - Final farewell
33 Season 1 Closing Theme
 (Pilot Version)  Randy Edelman
34 Season 1 Closing Theme
 (Version 1)  Randy Edelman
35 Season 1 Closing Theme
 (Version 2)  Randy Edelman
36 Season 2 Closing Theme
 Randy Edelman
37 Season 3 Closing Theme
 (Lost Love part 1 Version)  Randy Edelman
38 Season 3 Closing Theme
 (Lost Love part 2 Version)  Randy Edelman
39 Season 3 Closing Theme
 Randy Edelman
40 Season 4 - 7 Closing Theme
 Randy Edelman
41 The Madonna 
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
42 The Madonna 
I'll Be Home For Christmas
43 Season 4 Opening Theme
  (The Challenge)   Randy Edelman
44 Jack of Lies
Flight to Dinoto
45 Obsessed 
Strapped under rocket
46 The Prometheus Syndrome  
  Time bomb

47 Season 3 Closing Theme
  (Ghost ship version)   Randy Edelman

48 The Wall - Solders theme
49 The Hood intro tune
50 Jerico Games - Yearbook
51 Season 2 Closing Theme
(Wish Child version)  Randy Edelman
52 Season 4 Closing Theme
(Blood Brothers version)  Randy Edelman
53 Blow out - Paint Can
54 Mask of the Wolf
55 The Odd Tripple - Escape
Download all tracks in MP3 format (.zip)

Thanks to forum member Reptile for his work on creating this soundtrack


This piece is officially licensed and is a re-orchestration of some of Ken Harrisons original music from the show. 

The first half of the suite features the heroic cue usually played when MacGyver is flying in or out of a location. The second half of the suite contains some of the traveling music. Both sets of music were used extensively throughout the series.

These files are owned and copyright protected by CBS Corporation and are presented under the "Fair Use" copyright clause for the private enjoyment of fans of the MacGyver Television show, and are not intended to infringe upon any copyrights or trademarks. This site does not endorse or condone deliberate copyright breech.