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MacGyver's Wardrobe

Below is a list off all known brands and styles of clothing warn by MacGyver.
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NHL Calgary Flames Trucker style cap
MacGyver wore this white cap in the episodes, Trumbo's World and Target MacGyver.
NHL Calgary Flames Trucker style cap
MacGyver wore this black cap in the 'Phoenix Under Seige' episode.



Aviator Style Sun-glasses

MacGyver wore these classic action style glasses at various times throughout seasons 1 and 2.

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Wayfarer Styled Sun-glasses

MacGyver wore these sun glasses at various times from season 3 onwards.

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Scott "Venturi Panorama" Goggles

Seen in the sking scenes at the start of the season 2 episode "Out in the Cold".



Timex Military Field Watch
In the first 3 seasons MacGyver wore this watch. There are scenes in the first few episodes where the exact model of the watch changes, but still remains a military styled watch.
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Trooper Watch
Seen in the season 2 episode For Love or Money. This Military Field styled watch made by Trooper appears to have been used as a stand in for the Timex Military watch MacGyver normally wore.
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Casio DW-1000 digital watch
In the episode Countdown MacGyver wore this Casio watch which provided him with a countdown function. The watch appears to have had tape placed over the top of the screen to hide the branding name and details.
Seiko S23204J Watch
Worn during the 4th season, it seems that the watch-face may have been blacked out to hide the branding of the watch. The metal strap has also been replaced with a black leather strap.
Breitling Callisto Chrono Watch
Worn intermittently during the 5th season. This watch appears to have been a substitute for the Seiko and may have been Richard Dean Anderson's own watch.
Victorinox Swiss Army Watch
In Strictly Business we see MacGyver wearing a Swiss Army Watch "original" which has the distinctive red band around the face of the watch.
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Henley Shirt
This collarless shirt was warn as an under (or layered) shirt  by MacGyver at various times throughout the 7 seasons. Most often warn as white, we do see a pink one in Faith, Hope and Charity.
"Black Watch" Scotch Plaid Flannel Shirt
Seen in the Pilot episode, the "Black Watch" refers to the color pattern of the shirt.



Charles Chevignon G2 Raider Flight Jacket
MacGyver wore this jacket throughout all seasons of the show. It was replaced in later seasons with a newer version, but the style of jacket remained a G2 Raider style.   Buy it
Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket
MacGyver wore two versions of this nylon flight jacket. One being black and the other navy blue. The navy blue was a longer, thinner cut, while the black was shorter and puffier.
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Banana Republic Vest
Seen in the opening gambits of both the "Thief of Budapest" and "The Gauntlet" episodes and worn throughout much of the Trumbo's World episode.
Ralph Lauren Denim Jacket (Black)
MacGyver wore this jacket a couple of times in the first 2 seasons. It bears some resemblance to the FA-1 flight jacket with the interior being a different color.
Patagonia Mens Fleece Jacket
MacGyver wore this in the opening gambit of the Pilot episode, although it was mostly hidden under an outside jacket. It can be seen more clearly in the removed scenes from the gambit
Biker Style Jacket
This biker style jacket was worn by MacGyver whenever he ventured out on his motorbike and can been seen as far back as the first season in the Flame's End episode.
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The North Face down-filled Vest
MacGyver wore this down filled vest while visiting his grandfather in the Target MacGyver episode.
Black Leather Jacket
Warn extensively throughout season 4, this jacket was custom made for the show by L.A. based company Leathers & Treasures.

The company no longer makes jackets.
North Face Down Filled Jacket (blue)
MacGyver wore this jacket on multiple occasions when outside in cold weather.



Boondocker Boots

MacGyver wore these rugged leather boots throughout the shows first season.

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Black Tactical Boots
MacGyver wore these boots in the later seasons particularly season 6 & 7. We're unsure of the exact brand, but they appear to be an older version of the "Forced Entry" brand of tactical boots.
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Nike Court Force boots

These grey and white hi-tops were worn during much of the 3rd season by MacGyver.

Nike Air Force III

Worn in the 5th season. These boots can be clearly seen in the episode Deep Cover, when Dexter is in jail.

Nike Air Jordan 5

These boots were worn by MacGyver during the 6th and 7th seasons.

Nike Air Jordan 5 (Tough Boys episode)

In the episode Tough Boys, MacGyver wore this version of the Air Jordan boots

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