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MacGyverGod Posted on 3 October 2018 - 07:29 AM
  "Ah, Siberia!" Or should I say: Moscow?

The series hit it's mark with this one and we go to more familiar territory. Russia, the Soviet Union, USSR, KGB, nuclear bombs... That's what partly made the original MacGyver great. Mac had his share of run-ins with evil Russians and the Cold War while the new one admits the KGB was shutdown before he was even born. So that makes our new Mac about 24-25. And what better way to enter this familiar territory with an old friend like Elya Baskin?

This was the best one so far except for maybe a somewhat cringe-worthy scene with no one else but... Penny Parker! Seriously, I hope they broke up because she kept calling him by his first name. And I really don't think Mac would have himself get caught when still looking for Nikki. But other then that, I've got the idea the series is slowing down a bit in pace and finds more his footing.

The music doesn't bother me much, plenty of other shows who uses music throughout the entire episode: Power Rangers, Xena Warrior Princess. They very rarely didn't use music in their scenes. Although I have my doubts on songs. The Burn Baby Burn song was fitting but perhaps lasted a bit too long. In the score's defense, they did add some Russian touches, which gave it all a more Russian feeling. Just like Ken Harrison did for plenty of his episodes. Just listen to the Egyptian sounds in Passages for example or the Western feel in Serenity. This is another step in the right direction. And what's even better is a reference to one of my favorite heavy metal bands: Iron Maiden. These guys know Iron Maiden! From Jack, I'm not surprised he does, he's like twice Mac's age now, still I would say he's in his late 30's/early 40's.

Also an interesting casting was Olek Krupa in a for once good guy role. Mostly playing villains: Fair Game, Home Alone 3. The adding of Bannister was a nice touch. Craig survived The Enemy Within thanks to Mac, so maybe he remarried and got a daughter. Just as I can start to believe that Patricia Thornton is Pete's daughter. It just wouldn't fly with the original, because they wouldn't act like this if there was any connection to it, but why not? I'm beginning to like her. She's tall (taller then Mac), she's beautiful, she's not just decoration as I've read here and she's more mature then some of us might think here. She may look like she's tough as nails but I'm beginning to believe there's more behind her tough looks. And what I hope to see behind that is something I can really like. Maybe she's got a few original Nikki Carpenter traits in her character combined with her leader position and you get Patricia Thornton. Maybe she cares more about the team then she lets on? Ever thought of that?

What the structure is concerned... In this early stage it may indeed some generic: opening gambit, scene at home, assignment debriefing, flying to destination, save the day, come back. Power Rangers is generic too: kids at school or youth center, Putty fight in the park, command centre, morphed fight, command centre, 2nd morphed fight with or without Zords, command center/school/youth center, end. That never bothered me. At this point it doesn't. It really didn't bother me either Mac was not in the last two scenes which lasted hardly 30 seconds.

Do you really think we're going get that variety of episodes we had in the original? Episodes set in the woods or just at home in the middle of the city, or environmental causes, teen runaways, treasure hunts or dream-episodes? I don't think so. No Legend of the Holy Rose or Eye of Osiris, no Black Rhino, no Runners or The Challenge or Live and Learn, no Kill Zone, no Serenity... At this point it seems not very likely. But I'm only at the beginning of the first season and have a lot of catching up to do, so I'll keep watching to see how it goes but I will not expect the series to turn into the original. Yes, I do know people here are hoping for 'lone wolf' episodes. Maybe those will come. Even Magnum had his episodes where he was mostly alone later in the series when Higgins, Rick and TC just had brief cameos. I can't see, why that can't work here. I'm all in favor of Team MacGyver right now and if they find angles to incorporate more elements of the original, even if it means straying away from their current concept, they are welcome to try it out.
DashboardOnFire Posted on 5 September 2018 - 09:15 AM
  Here's the blog post by Rhett Allain - Technical Consultant for the Reboot - about the "MacHacks" used in this episode:
DashboardOnFire Posted on 24 November 2017 - 09:39 AM
  I never posted the final ratings of the premiere of this episode. Don't know if anyone is interested, but there ya go:
DashboardOnFire Posted on 6 December 2016 - 08:54 AM
  I wondered a bit about why they decided to air "Awl" and "Wire Cutter" in the reruns after the first 9 episodes? These aren't the episodes that are rated the highest on IMDb nor had they the most viewers.

Also, for people who have missed the first few episodes or to draw a new audience in, wouldn't it have made more sense to rerun the pilot episode; so that new viewers know about the whole ordeal with Nikki and the backstory of Jack with Riley's Mom (since she will show up in Episode 11)?
KiwiTek Posted on 6 December 2016 - 01:18 AM
  Excellent. I had quick look for these the other night, but couldn't find them at the time.

DashboardOnFire Posted on 5 December 2016 - 02:33 PM
  If anyone's interested... here are the early ratings for the rerun this Sunday:
denizen Posted on 16 October 2016 - 08:10 PM
  Well I wish to congratulate this episode for being the first in helping me fall asleep! So thanks cause i needed that nap! biggrin.gif

Not sure what to say exactly other than, i'm just not feeling it. Every week for 4 weeks i have been holding on to my hopes that an overhaul will be in order and it just gets worse. Guns blazing left and right, Jack Dalton, characters reused but have nothing to do with their original counterparts, Jack Dalton, the sad sad music, Jack Dalton, Wilt Bozer and Jack Dalton.

Making Penny his ex-girlfriend? Time to hit the nail in the coffin.

2 stars from me.
Agent MacGyver! Posted on 16 October 2016 - 10:38 AM
  I think this was the best episode of the four we have seen, but I am not happy with all of the changes being made. I don't like that MacGyver kills people!
Macgyver1985 Posted on 16 October 2016 - 07:04 AM
  The ratings have indeed dropped tremendously! Very concerning! ohmy.gif
Miasma Posted on 16 October 2016 - 06:15 AM
  If the ratings keep dropping, I wonder if there will be a mid-season hiatus to give them time to retool the show. I've seen that happen with other shows. The problem is that by then, the damage is already done, and the people who abandoned it usually aren't willing to come back and give it another shot, so the show usually gets cancelled soon after that.

I do think the show is salvageable if they do the following:

1. Make Jack a recurring guest star, and let Mac have more adventures on his own. Hopefully that will force them to develop Mac's personality a bit more, too.

2. Vary the adventures and the show's formula. Not every adventure needs to start with a briefing at the Phoenix Foundation. Let Mac occasionally stumble into an adventure just by chance while trying to help someone.

3. Slow down the MacGyverisms, even if it means fewer per episode.

4. Completely change the style of the music, and get rid of it in scenes when it's not needed. Go for something more orchestral. Even if it's a fake orchestra because of budget and time constraints, that's fine. Sean Callery did a great job on 24, for example, creating powerful orchestral-style music on synths. Come up with some memorable themes.

5. Stop relying on guns so much. I'm not saying the show needs to become an anti-gun PSA, but as everyone has already said, it completely negates the point of MacGyver if he's constantly protected by people who carry guns.

I really don't mind the little differences between this show and the original. If they want to get rid of the idea of him hating the name Angus, fine. That doesn't affect my enjoyment at all. If they want to have his father still alive, again that's fine. Having Penny as a childhood girlfriend... fine, whatever. I don't need this show to be a carbon-copy of the original in every detail, but it should remain true to the spirit of the original, and that means getting the big stuff right.