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Posted: 1 February 2013 - 06:03 PM                                    
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- While showing Whitecloud the maps, MacGyver takes off his gloves and places them on the brick partition in front of him. During the conversation the gloves disappear from the wall and later we see MacGyver putting the gloves back on.

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Posted: 1 February 2013 - 06:07 PM                                    
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Just saw Trail of Tears and I just noticed something again. Though it might be very nitpicky. In the scene where Mac shows Whitecloud the maps he found in the cave, Mac takes off his gloves to show Whitecloud the maps and places them on the little brick wall in front of him. Mac explains Whitecloud everything about the maps and at some point you see him folding the maps and putting them back in his pockets. Than Mac says counting coups was okay. He makes this gesture with his right hand when he says that. After that the gloves are gone from the little brick wall though at no point it is shown Mac has took them from the wall. Mac never took his eyes of Whitecloud for the rest of the scene, so Mac didn't even took the gloves without looking. And by the time Mac says: 'Will you let the police handle Johnson?' he has his right hand glove back on and you can see him pulling on the other one straight. Okay, we're talking merely a couple of seconds here. Or Mac is able to take on his gloves blindly and put them back on without taking his eyes of Whitecloud or there was indeed a slight cutting here because when he gets back up his right glove was pulled on straight. Even when sitting crutched, I think we should be able to see him and his arms move while putting the right glove back on and than the other one, though we don't, we just see him pulling the left one straight.

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