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2.14 - Mardi Gras Beads + Chair
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Posted: 29 January 2018 - 02:21 PM                                    
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QUOTE (Dragondog @ 29 January 2018 - 04:25 AM)
I don't mind any of Jack's love interests, I just wish they'd pick one and STAY with her.

It's also bad luck that the episodes with Jack having a love interest always follow one another. In 1x11, he talked to Diane; making it look like they might have another shot. In 1x12, he's devastated about Sarah getting married and tries online dating (we never heard about if the thing with Diane didn't work out or if she just went back to Canada and that was it). In 2x14, he's head over heels with Dixie, and in 2x15 he suddenly realizes he might still have feelings for Diane? blink.gif

Of course, sometimes availabilty of guest-stars lead to changes in the episode order, so it's not always the fault of writers and showmakers, but still...

I guess that's the problem with different writers on TV shows when the script editors and supervisors don't pay enough attention. Isn't that what the "show bible" is for? I feel that Jack is the one Reboot character that's written very inconsistently.

Lenkov said that no script gets approved without being checked by him, so I just make it easy and blame him for all the inconsistencies tongue.gif . I'm happy for him he's so in demand but I don't think it will be for the better next season if he's going to be occupied with yet another project (mainly the Magnum Reboot). Sure, established shows like H50 don't need the EP involved all the time (for Season 1, he spent most of his time on MacGyver and barely on H50; even the fans commented about that). But for a show in its second season - so "MacGyver" and "Salvation" - I still think it would only be for the better if someone with so much experience wasn't already dividing his attention with yet another project.

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Posted: 31 January 2018 - 12:25 PM                                    
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I guess he could have gotten over Dixie after she robbed him... But I wish the writers would make up their minds whether Jack's true love is Diane or Sarah. dry.gif

Imagine if Sarah weren't a thing. Then Jack's jumping around with different girls would make more sense. Diane and Jack weren't quite confirmed to be a thing back in episode 1x11, so the fact that he's briefly into Dixie/Dawn then decides he still likes Diane makes more sense. I don't expect them to constantly bring the Diane/Jack thing up all the time, so the fact that they ignored it all the way until now is fine.

But if Sarah is still a thing, then it doesn't make any sense. Most episodes, Jack is constantly trying (and failing) to get a date with some new girl. Remember "Roulette Wheel + Wire"? JACK: Oh, I think I'm in loves for real, dude!" Yet as soon as the writers decide to bring back some mention of Sarah, Jack suddenly only wants to date HER. Like Mac said in this episode, Jack hasn't had a second date because no one compares to Sarah. So WHY does he keep falling for random chicks?

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Posted: 29 October 2018 - 08:53 AM                                    
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Keep reeling in those familiar faces. First Vinnie Jones, then Billy Baldwin and now Amy Smart.

This episode was also pretty good and actually funny when Dixie hits Jack. Not sure if she hit in the stomach or lower and why didn't she use her knee? But I caught myself rewinding that moment a few times. When someone's face changes when suddenly hit, is hilarious.

When it comes to love interests, you might wonder how episodes are written or chosen which is filmed first. Don't you think the writers should sit together so they can prevent inconsistencies from happening? But on the other hand, if they never make something final or anything, why would I care. Jack pretty much once said they would never get a serious relationship in their line of work. On the other hand, I don't think you should play with ideas like a possible Riley/Bozer relationship by hinting something more is going on and in the end change their mind about. However, I think Riley deserves better then Bozer. She's too serious for him and he's too much of a joker.

The ending was alright but cheesy. Seriously, dragging out a burning coffing with your bare hands? What happened to the guy who was doing MacGyverisms in the middle of a fight (glad that's over though, it's either a MacGyverism or a fight but not during) but now couldn't seem to think of anything? And aren't those incinerator places supposed to have fire extinguishers?

However, the original suffered from lackluster love interests too. Mike and Deborah from Negotiator are the only interests that ever struck a cord with me. Deborah, though a villain, would have been a great redemption story arch.

Kate Connolly, Nikki, Debra Easton, Kate Malloy even though we only had a pic, Maria Romburg...

But then again it was never good enough.

To be honest, I never felt much for Mike. Unless maybe indeed Patricia McPherson played in both episodes, then maybe it would've been different. In The Widowmaker she seemed like she wanted to anchor him down in a marriage, so of course he backs down.

Deborah, yes would've been a great redemption story arch. In the scenes they were together, she seemed like the right woman for him: casual, understanding, supporting.

Poor Mac, everybody loves him, everybody wants to kill him, if not because of it too.

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