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Posted by: The MacGyver 18 September 2019 - 05:23 AM
This post is inspired by some discussion in my introduction, in the Reception Lounge.

I watched the Mercedes web series. It was entertaining to see RDA playing MacGyver again. I also liked the feel of the web series. It shows how a new series could work. I donít see MacGyver just working a normal job though. And yes, I know this was just a commercial, not to be taken too seriously.

Even though Iím watching now, I havenít watched a lot of MacGyver in a long time so canon, and where everything left off, is a little fuzzy to me. Correct me if Iím wrong, but the character would be 68 now. I see Mac being retired from any real work. He would be living in a cabin, in a very picturesque setting. The cabin would be on a small lake, with mountainous or hilly terrain. The land and small lake would be his. He would have no immediate neighbors. There would be a lot of evergreen trees around.

Mac would mostly spend his time doing what he loves, being in the outdoors and nature. He would fish, garden and be as self sufficient as possible.

Occasionally Mac would leave and get involved in, and help out with, some environmental causes. But heís mostly content to stay home at his cabin.

Obviously Pete has long since passed, but MacGyver has fond memories of his old friend.
Jack Dalton still flies a plane. Maybe Jack is running a small, successful aviation company. On occasion, Jack flies in, lands on the small lake, and spends a few days with MacGyver.
Penny Parker also comes to see MacGyver on occasion, or maybe he goes to see her.

As far as his personal life goes, between then and now, Iím not really sure what I think it should be. Did he eventually get married and have another child? And if so, when I picture Mac now, I see him living alone. Maybe a wife died of illness and his second child is grown and has moved away. Maybe this is even more reason that MacGyver is living in solitude and is living even closer to nature.

So this would be the setting as a new show begins, for me. In the new show, MacGyver is living a peaceful life. Iím thinking something from the original series forces Mac out of retirement, something that has to be dealt with. Maybe Murdoc comes back. Maybe it also has something to do with his children.

I think, as with most good shows today, it has to be a continuing story arc. The story and number of season is determined from the beginning, as not to drag on and milk it to its death.

Iíd like to see RDA get in great physical shape for it, as we know MacGyver would be in great shape. He would just look like an older version of himself.

Penny Parker and Jack Dalton could play parts. And of course, I want to see original actors.

The show could be a steaming show. Old shows coming back have been hot lately.

There are way more story lines that could probably be flushed out and connected to the original series, but I just havenít seen the old shows in a while, to remember potential plots for a new series.

And if something like this were to realistically happen, it would have to happen soon. RDA is 69. It just wouldnít work much longer.

Posted by: Barry Rowland 19 September 2019 - 05:48 AM
Interesting post. Time sure does fly doesn't it?

Posted by: MacGyverGod 19 September 2019 - 07:42 AM
I always pictured MacGyver as Ian M'Iver when he's old. So he's technically looking at his older self in Good Knight MacGyver. Long gray hair, greyish beard, dark eyesÖ and indeed I also think MacGyver would be living in a cabin in the woods. Maybe even moved back to Minnesota to Harry's cabin or something like that. Going canon with the show, I think MacGyver would've stayed alone for the rest of his life since he didn't like crowds, or maybe he would've finally had that relationship with Nikki, I always dream about.

Also considering the dangers his job involved, I think Mac's bank account would have a nice number on it, so he can take it easy and enjoy the quiet life. Maybe not very rich but enough to live comfortable. He quit Phoenix at 40-42. That's when you're in the prime of your prime.

Then again I think he also would be travelling around a lot on his own just as he did when he was younger and he can't leave puzzles alone, so I wouldn't be surprised if he would still go on some treasure hunting adventures. I can't see him just spending his days in a cabin and doing nothing. He might be living on his own out of Los Angeles, away from everything but I don't think he would go for a boring life.

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