RDA: "I would like to play MacGyver Again"
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Posted: 3 December 2016 - 04:25 PM                                    
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Greetings, hopefully I posted this in the proper place, I didn't notice the topic posted elsewhere.

I found this on RDA's website - an interview with RDA dated 11/27/2016 - it looks like it's from his recent trip to France:

Link to article

He was asked why there was never a MacGyver movie, and responded "I couldn't say. Someone has the rights. Apparently, there have been discussions to make a movie. A new TV series was produced but it was not very well received."

Not sure if he means the one currently running with Lucas Till, or perhaps a reference to Young MacGyver with Jared Padalecki (a TV movie).

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Posted: 3 December 2016 - 05:27 PM                                    
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Yeah I wondered the same thing.

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Posted: 4 December 2016 - 12:52 PM                                    
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It is interesting that he admits he wants to play MacGyver again, though. hmm.bmp
Is there a regret he didn't do more after Trail To Doomsday?

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