Season 6 on DVD, 13th June 2006
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Posted: 1 November 2006 - 01:11 PM                                    
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Season 6 on DVD

Release Date:  June 13, 2006

Discs in Set:    6

Format:             Color, Full Screen

Sound:              Dolby Digital, stereo

Presentation:   2 disc per keep-case

Extras:               None

Tag Line:   Braver Than Most -
                                  - Smarter Than The Rest

Boxed set of all 21 episodes of the sixth season.

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Posted: 22 September 2007 - 12:27 PM                                    
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Yay!! And I've just recieved mine, even bought a multi-region dvd palyer to watch it on, and wow!! Whumpfest.

MandyK biggrin.gif

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Posted: 23 September 2007 - 03:56 AM                                    
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Woohoo!!! that'll keep you busy for a bit!

Posted: 14 January 2016 - 10:21 AM                                    
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I'm through season 6 now. Only 1 more to go and the movies. A season that starts with a kind of episode I'd more rather wish they made less of. Tough Boys immediately starts with the troubled teens stuff. Still not a bad episode but I think this season could've made a bang with Humanity, the second episode as the premiere followed maybe by The Wall and Lesson in Evil but we can't always have things our way. After The Gun and Twenty Question, two good episode, it's like the series is making a turn for the dark side. With exception of Harry's Will another great one and maybe the worst episode of the show after that MacGyver's Women the series grows dark. The Wall is another strong episode at the level of Humanity, though I think Humanity was a bit better followed by what I consider as maybe the darkest episode in the series: Lesson In Evil. Dr. Zito returns and is about to teach MacGyver a lesson in evil, you might say. Could've been a great two-parter actually just like Humanity and The Wall. After two lighter episode it's like the season starts anew almost halfway through a series of darker episodes starting with Bitter Harvest. MacGyver's car breaks down in a town and he goes to a workers strike who claim the use of illegal pesticides. The following episodes are mostly about MacGyver helping total strangers without a familiar face in sight. Dana Elcar started to suffer from glaucoma and is gone for six episodes also Bruce McGill is not seen this season. Murdoc makes an appearance and almost succeeds in killing MacGyver. Strictly Business is one of the season's strongest episodes. Eye Of Osiris is one of the last overseas assignment MacGyver makes. In Turkey MacGyver helps out a professor and his daughter find the Eye of Osiris and encounters two vengeful villains. Most episodes after that with exception of Squeeze Play, High Control, Faith Hope and Charity and Hind Sight all the remaining episodes are pretty dark. MacGyver reunites with a high school sweetheart in Jerico Games who tries to kill him. The Wasteland has a very ominous atmosphere when Mac drives through it and I also like the total blackness you see when he and Mr. Bartlett are walking through it during the night. There's really nothing out there, no lights, no life, nothing. There But For The Grace is a real downer with the priest getting killed and MacGyver trying to mingle with homeless people under the bridge. This episode to me shows shades of Trail To Doomsday, both written by the same person, John Considine who also stars in this episode. It has that same dark depressing mood. Blind Faith is another hard one but this is a little more action driven. Trail of Tears is the final episode to be filmed in the British Columbia's forests starring Michael Gregory as Whitecloud. I think in all I can conclude that season 6 is MacGyver's darkest season. He gets injured a lot. He takes two bullets this season, is struck down with a shotgun, loses a fight, punched down twice, steps in a bear trap, burns his hands in an explosion, is blown up by Murdoc. It's also hard to pick out a season favorite. I like Humanity's aggressiveness, The Wall's authoritativeness and Lesson In Evil's darkness. To be honest it was between Humanity and Lesson In Evil and again I would choose maybe for the not so obvious in my taste but I think I would go for Humanity. The action is great in that episode and has this certain aggression as I said before. Again this doesn't mean it can't change but this is how I view season 6.

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