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Posted: 8 July 2018 - 06:07 AM                                    
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Season: season 5
Episode:Serenity, Passages, Humanity
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Welcome to the timeline of the fifth season. We'll continue where we left off last time and have a look on what MacGyver has been doing between the fourth and fifth season. This includes an assignment where he meets Sofia Ross in Bulgaria, the preparations of the Timber Summit, the events of the Tienanmen Square massacre and MacGyver's reunion with Professor Atticus to go and find Solon's medallion and meet Kelly Carson. Somewhere in that time, MacGyver also goes to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The day-descriptions are getting longer from here on out.

Between Monday May 15 1989 and Monday September 18 1989.
There's a gap of almost four months.

Black Corsage: unspecified date.
MacGyver travels to Bulgaria to rescue Sofia who had been arrested for trying to publish a book her father wrote on democracy. Her father died under mysterious circumstance. MacGyver was send to Bulgaria to break her out of prison and get her into Turkey to the United States. It is unknown where in Bulgaria they met. I take it, it was in Sofia. If he travelled to Sofia it would've been a flight of 13 hours and 21 minutes over a distance of 6617,6 miles (10650 km). He probably smuggled her into Istanbul but not sure how. Probably by car. By car it would've take 5 hours and 53 minutes over a distance of 348.76 miles (560,08 km). taking road E80. They return to the United States and have her relocated with a new life and identity. Her real name is unknown, she is known as Sofia Ross. During her time there she finds Frog caught in a fishnet and starts working for the Phoenix Foundation using a code name Dolphin and Double Red as code for emergencies. A picture is taken of MacGyver and Sofia in front of the houseboat.

Log Jam: unspecified date.
Phoenix Foundation starts working to put the Timber Summit together. It is unknown when it started by MacGyver states it's been months, probably during the summer with the support of Amy Chandler. This is probably around the same time Amy seperates from her husband Jack Chandler.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday May 20 1989.
The Chinese government declare martial law and starts mobilizing the military for Tienanmen Square.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Wednesday May 24 1989.
MacGyver has time to go and see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday May 27 1989.
The students at Tienanmen Square starts the creation of the Goddess of Democracy.

Jenny's Chance: June 1989.
Underwood, George Henderson's associate starts working on a gizmo that produces an ultrasonic sound to throw off horses on the racing tracks.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday June 3 and Sunday June 4 1989.
The Chinese military is mobilized to strike down the students protest on the Tiananmen Square by all means deemed necessary. Some understood this as by using deadly force. They started shooting at the students and destroyed the Goddess of Democracy. The inspiration of the students. This night Su Ling and many other students got killed like Jian and Li. Su Ling was about to give a speech at the huge pro-democracy rally that night. Mei Jan borrowed a friends video camera and attended the night with Yin Li and Su Min. Several students who weren't killed were send to Camp Zero to work as slaves in a forced labour prison camp. Camp Zero is a fictional prison camp.

Lost Treasure of Atlantis: July 1989.
MacGyver reunites with his old professor Atticus in archaeology from London to look for the treasure of Atlantis. They travel to Thera in Greece to find Solon's Sigma. A flight that would take from London to Thera (Santorini) 03 and 34 minutes over a distance of 1624.8 miles (2615 km). Presumably a short time before or after Atticus must've been in the caves near Exeter where he first saw Solon's riddle carved on altar by the Cult of Solon and copied it in his journal.

In Thera they meet Professor Simon Carson and his granddaughter Kelly who has a big crush on MacGyver. Professor Carson showing Kelly around the ruins and doesn't think highly of Atticus' theory on Solon being at Thera looking for the treasure and considers Atlantis a fairy tale. A picture of Atticus and Professor Carson is taken in Thera right in front of the Tower of Fear.

They explore the ruins of Thera where they find Solon's medallion. MacGyver takes a picture and examines the medallion that is being held in the middle of a window bar with a snake around. MacGyver replaces the medallion with the cap of his camera. Atticus wants to know what sort of trap it would set off. MacGyver pulls him aside just in time when a spear nearly gets him. They look at the spear as their way in is suddenly shut down and the chamber darkens. The room starts to flood with pebbles and small rocks. MacGyver and Atticus are buried alive. How they escape is unknown.

Legend of the Holy Rose: August 1989.
MacGyver goes to the baptism of Mike and Michele Borges' baby. During the baptism he hears the Latin phrase of Ambrose: 'And once there, exorcise thee thou unclean spirit.' In the same month narco-terrorism has been unleashed on American soil with the same degree of arrogance as the declaration of war made by the Medellín cocaine-cartel leaders against the Colombian government. Fonsico Echeverria, the first of the 12 extraditables to be placed in U.S. custody and one of the richest men in the world retaliates by kidnapping Alexander Shannon son of United States senator Tom Shannon.

Harry's Will: August 1989.
Harry Jackson writes his will to MacGyver.

Deep Cover: September 1989.
Gwen Carpenter starts working on the E.R.M.A. project and meets Nick Landis along the way on the beach who was jogging. It was however not without reason they met as Nick owed the drugcartel money.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Between Tuesday September 5 1989 and Thursday September 14 1989.
Alexander Shannon, son of United States senator Tom Shannon, is kidnapped by Echeverria's mercenaries. They want to use Alexander to trade him for Echeverria's life. Authorities refuse comment only to state that Echeverria will not be released under any circumstances, that's why MacGyver is send to Columbia to bring Alexander back. He flew from Los Angeles to Quibdo, the capital of Chocó. A flight that would take 06 hours and 51 minutes over a distance of 3306.3 (5321 km). From there on he is being brought by helicopter when he hid himself in the cargo. Alexander tries to escape by climbing of the mountain but makes a fall and breaks his leg. Alexander is being held prisoner by Pablo Escobar. MacGyver makes an airplane to save Alexander.

Around the same time Zoe Ryan is in Greece looking for Diana's Mirror. She finds it in an Ottoman ruin after 13 digs. It is unknown where exactly she was in Greece but if she travelled to Athens the flight would've taken 13 hours and 56 minutes over a distance of 6914 miles (11127 km). A wealthy treasure hunter, Erich Von Leer put up a grant but retracted the money after she found out they were playing games. He funded her expedition to Greece without her knowing. When she returns with her find Von Leer tries to fund her next expedition but without her having control. She finds out the scepter of the Triple Deity are located in London in the Abbey of St. Acerinus.

Between Friday September 15 1989 and Sunday September 17 1989.
MacGyver comes home around three o' clock in the morning and falls asleep on the chouch. When he wakes up his houseboat is drifting in the middle of the bay. Zoe Ryan appears to be 32 years old and is now a fully associate professor in archaeology. MacGyver is asked by Zoe Ryan to find the Holy Rose. Zoe has read about his rescue mission so a press conference of some sort must've taken place the day of Shannon's rescue. Zoe fills him in on her quest but the dean of her university shut down her whole project and she doesn't have a lot of money because she asked a few picky questions about their research. She hid the artefact in a souvenir pillow and wants to find the Temple of the Holy Rose where Ambrose hid all the artefacts of Diana and the Grail. She wants to prove that the human race used to get along with one another 5000 years ago. The Temple of the Holy Rose holds the Cauldron of Regeneration; the Holy Grail, that is related to the Goddess Diana. Diana's mirror, the scepter of the Triple Deity are necessary to find the location of the temple. That also explains why Von Leer wanted to fund her next expedition. MacGyver and Zoe arrive in London after a flight of 11 hours and 03 minutes over a distance of 5442,6 miles (8759 km). The Abbey of St. Acerinus is located in Chelsea. They go there by cab on a 3 hour and 45 minute drive over a distance of 222.33 miles (357,81 km) on the M1 road. The abbey has turned into an exhibition of torture of the Spanish Inquisition. In the abbey they find three scepters, the Mother of Creatures, Lunar Virgin and the Huntress in the building's baptismal by using Diana's Mirror as a key. Von Leer shows up taking Zoe hostage and leaving MacGyver tied under a lowering pendulum torture. MacGyver escapes and follows...

Monday September 18 1989.
Professor Wycliff to Von Leer's estate from Chelsea to Heathrow. A 29 minute drive over a distance of 13.9 miles (22,37 km) and from Heathrow to Weymouth which would take 2 hours and 12 minutes over a distance of 119 miles (191,51 km). Wycliff studies the scepters and believes Shima is wrong about the Elexir of Life. The cult of Shima believes in the elexir for the past two hundred years. The three scepters state: 'Journey beyond Kasarasburgus to the crossroads of Triacria.' Which seems to be a village or city somewhere in Europe. The second says: 'And once there, perform the Ritual of the Rose and it will be revealed.' After performing the Ritual of the Rose, Ambrose says: 'Than one should look beyond the open petal and seek the sacred stone, there to find the message of the goddess and the key to her temple.'

MacGyver and Zoe escape and figure out they have to go to Kasarasburgus known as Caesar's Camp or as Cherbourg 20 miles (32,18 km) south of the French Coast. They use a private airstrip two miles up the road to fly to Cherbourg. They find the ruin and the ring of rocks posing as a flower. The rocks were brought there from the southern coast of Britain. The ruin is particular and the ring of rocks too because no one was able to comprehend why they were brought there. The ring of rocks also contains another message of Ambrose. It's in Latin and the French have studied them for years. If they perform the Ritual of the Rose the Temple will be revealed. The middle rock in the ring hides the Rose. The legend says: 'The casket of gold holds the flower of the goddess.' On a rock in front of the cave they find the last message: 'Rest Diana's Mirror upon the sacred tree. When the garment of the great goddess covers the Holy Rose, the power of the trinity, will open the world and give birth to a new beginning.' The garment turns out to be the sun. The rock is a sacred tree symbolic to Diana's Grove found all over Europe. When you place all artefacts in the right order you'd have an optical pump or a laser. The Mirror catches the sun sending the light into the Holy Rose where it bounces of the gold heating up and sending a light through the three sceptres as a laser to the wall of the cave where they find the temple of the Holy Rose in miniature, red earth and the Holy Grail and more artefacts about peaceful and earth nurturing loving societies. MacGyver thinks the red earth in the grail holds the highest spirtual potential to human compassion. Von Leer appears and Shima betrays him claiming the red earth for himself and shoots Von Leer. MacGyver takes out Mammon who shot Shima. Shima dies and scatters the red earth to the winds. MacGyver and Zoe are confronted one more time by Von Leer until he gets hit by the laser again sending him back into the cave followed by an explosion. MacGyver and Zoe conclude Ambrose wanted the cave shut and that the red earth was 800 years of dust. They take the artefacts and the pictures with them and go home.

(Note: this two-parter aired on Monday September 18 1989 and Monday September 25 1989.)

Two Times Trouble: October 1989.
A fire breaks out in Roxy's apartment supposedly an electrical short circuit. This was probably a lie by Carla or it could've happened to her with realizing it, considering her mental state, thinking it happened to Roxy.

Black Corsage/The Coltons: Saturday September 1989.
MacGyver gets the old '46 Chevy of his grandpa Harry, washed and repainted. Sofia a Bulgarian scientist defector becomes hunted down by Deegan and March after they shoot Reynolds their third contactperson who owns a piece of a transparency notes that points out the location of the Black Corsage. Their fourth member Simms got killed in jail. There seems to be a lack of trust between the members of their gang so that's why the fourth member left transparent notes of the location of the Black Corsage in Expo Park. It is unknown how or where they found the Corsage. Before Reynolds died he manages to slip his piece of transparency note to Sofia without her knowing. She's on the run but MacGyver and Pete can't tell the police anything because of their secret witness relocation programme.

When MacGyver is looking for Sofia he runs into Frank Colton. Jesse Colton's brother. Jesse appears to still be in Hawaii after nine months. Frank took over some of his files of the bounty hunting business. It turns out Sofia's father was an official in Bulgaria who wrote a book supporting democracy. He died under mysterious circumstances. Sofia tried to publish the book which got her arrested. MacGyver went to Bulgaria and smuggled her into Turkey and got her in the witness relocation programme.

Frank Colton followed Deegan and March into Expo Park after he found out they got passed a computerised security system that was better than Fort Knox. Simms hid it in Expo Park but got arrested and killed in jail. Frank found out Simms left pieces of a map to the others that leads into Expo Park. Sofia was in Expo Park looking for her dog Frog and was at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were supposed to find Sofia at Flo's diner but she runs when she sees Deegan and hides in a fish cannery. There they are caught by Deegan and March left behind on a conveyor belt and are about to be cut up like fishbait. They escape and find Deegan and March and Sofia back in Expo Park where they find the Black Corsage hidden in plain sight. They take out Deegan and March but Sofia has to be relocated again.

Sunday October 1 1989.
Sofia has to be relocated again but can't take her dog Frog with her so Frank takes the dog home, despite his allergy.

A short while later Mama Colton meets Johnny Denmark who gets sworn in as a district attorney and gives a block party for it. There he also meets Frog the dog which he considers mean and ugly.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday October 2 1989.)

Cease Fire: Saturday October 7 1989.
MacGyver meets Lisa Woodman in Switzerland after he's being shot and blamed for an assassination attempt on the president of Samadia. This country has been at war with the Republic of Azmir for a long time. They were asked by a Mr. Walker of an unknown organisation to lead the talks in Switzerland. MacGyver has to get the Azmirs to agree to sign the peace proposal with one amendment by pulling back all troops. President Habad considers peace, his cabinet wants him out of the way. MacGyver manages to foil the attempt but gets shot . While they are looking for him he meets Lisa. Lisa goes to the boarding school where he hides out. Her parents are about to divorce. They are very wealthy and her father has an office in Zurich. She tells MacGyver everything about her and her parents and helps him out when he's almost caught. Afterwards she hears about another assassination attempt and runs with MacGyver to tell him about it. They would try to blow up a gondola car with a bomb when Pete, Mr. Walker and other delegates of Samadia are on it. MacGyver climbs the watch tower to get on the gondola and manages to get rid of the bomb. MacGyver flew to Switzerland on a flight that would last 11 hours and 58 minutes over a distance of 5908 miles (9509 km).

Sunday October 8 1989.
MacGyver meets Lisa again and says she used some of his peace talk plan to order a cease fire between her parents.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday October 9 1989.)

Second Chance: Friday October 13 1989.
Wanda Tran, Jesse Colton's girlfriend, passes away. MacGyver had found her but she appeared to be very ill for a long time when he brought her to the clinic.

Saturday October 14 1989.
MacGyver is helping the Phoenix Foundation clinic in Bangkok taking in deliveries involving medication and medical machines for kids. He got there on a flight of 16 hours and 34 minutes over a distance 8251 miles (13280 km). He reunites with Jesse Colton who came back from Hawaii. He left from L.A. obviously since he mentions he's been on the way for 17 hours. He came to Thailand to visit his long lost girlfriend Wanda Tran. She died the day before and left him a son. Jesse recalls he lost her when they pulled his unit of Vietnam and never stopped looking for her.

Thefts are being commited in the neighborhood and the stuff is to be sold on the black market. Jesse Colton performs his tricks with the kids in the hospital. MacGyver asks him if he ever wanted to go on stage. Jesse says once after he got thrown out of sixth floor window. It is unknown if he was just exaggerating or if this really happened during one of his bounty huntings.

They go to Wanda Tran's funeral. MacGyver tries to get Jesse and Willie together but he steals Jesse's wallet and ends up with the gang of thieves. He leads them to Foundation clinic where they steal all medical stock including a dialysis machine meant for a girl. MacGyver and Jesse finds out who was behind the theft and starts looking for the machine. After Jesse calls his old army buddy George, they find a lead to a bar where fights are being held. Trying to infiltrate they are discovered and starts a fight themselves. Jesse runs after them but is caught later on.

Sunday October 15 1989.
MacGyver finds Willy the next day and asks him where Frank Skinner's hideout is. There they get caught again. Locked up in the hideout MacGyver finds Jesse and the dialysis machine. They escape and take out the bad guys.

Monday October 16 1989.
The next day they place a headstone on Wanda Tran's grave. Jesse and Willie make their peace as they are about to leave to America. It is possible MacGyver stayed in Bangkok a little while longer to and came back on

Halloween Knights: Sunday October 29 1989.
MacGyver comes home from Bangkok. MacGyver meets Milt Bozer and reunites with Murdoc who needs his help this time. Murdoc's organisation Homicide International Trust has captured his sister Ashton after he refused a contract. Ashton never knew she had a brother. They decide to go after HIT in order to save Ashton and shut down HIT for good.

Monday November October 30 1989.
MacGyver drops Ashton off on the airfield where she is taken to safety with a Phoenix Foundation airplane. MacGyver finds a message of Murdoc with evidence but that he not turned himself in as they agreed. He promisses he would see him again as long as he keeps looking over his shoulder.

Two Times Trouble: November 1989.
Roxy had a car crash because her brakes went bad. This was probably a lie by Carla or maybe it happened to her without realizing it, considering her mental state thinking it happened the Roxy.

Children Of Light: Thursday November 2 1989.
MacGyver reunites with Su Ling his foster daughter who came to America after the Tiananmen Square Massacre by going to Macao, she slipped into Hong Kong and got a ticket there to America. She flew 14 hours and 36 minutes over a distance 7247.7 (11664 km). She is there to establish a new faxmachine network with other Chinese students. She also has a tape with her that shows what happened on the night of Sunday June 4 1989.

Friday November 3 1989.
It turns out her name is not Su Ling but Mei Jan. MacGyver has a picture however of Su Ling from their corresponding times. Su Ling died during the protests and Mei Jan used her visa to get into the country. Her government followed her to the States as they try to prevent the world from knowing what happened there.

Saturday November 4 1989.
The Chinese government threaten the family of Wing Lee, a fellow student who betrays her as she gets caught. He explains everything to MacGyver and Pete and MacGyver goes to the Chinese consulate to get her out.

Sunday November 5 1989.
Wing Lee receives a fax at Pete's office that his family is safe.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 6 1989.)

Black Rhino: Monday November 6 and Wednesday November 8 1989.
Billy doesn't show up at work anymore. Without telling anyone he comprised the Phoenix files of the endangered-species program to solve the case Frank and Jesse couldn't. He booked a flight through Phoenix' travel agency to chase a ruthless killer.

Pete finds out Billy booked a flight to Kambezi two days earlier and charged it to the Foundation. Pete discusses with MacGyver what Billy was up to. MacGyver finds out Billy Colton, Frank and Jesse's younger brother booked a flight to Kambezi to hunt down Ladysmith in order to get a big score of 50,000 dollars. He leaves for Kambezi which lies in the Hardap Region in Namibia. It's a flight of 19 hours and 20 minutes over a distance of 9659.2 miles (15545 km) to Windhoek and from there on with a car to Kambezi which would take 3 hours and 45 minutes over a distance of 201.67 miles (324,56 km).

Thursday November 9 1989.
MacGyver arrives in Kambezi and meets Kate Hubley who runs Nabo Ranch. Along with her he hopes to find Billy. Billy made the connection with stolen rhino horns and Ladysmith. Ladysmith wants to sell the horns for a lot of money along with the drugs that appears to be keratine. They arrange a meeting with Ladysmith pretending to be the buyers of the horns. Ladysmith doesn't seem to fold so Kate takes over. Ladysmith takes Kate with him while Billy and MacGyver go after them to rendezvous-point on the Victoria dam. Ladysmith gets killed in a fight where he wanted to kill MacGyver. They retrieve the rhino horns and burn them in front of the world press to enforce an import ban on the horns. The burning of the horns takes place at night.

(Note: This episode originally airs on Monday November 13 1989. Kambezi is a fictional country that is actually called Mariental. Whether we want to believe it or not, Billy is only 16 years old in this episode. Since Pete's aggravation about Billy skipping out again on a good steady job and MacGyver having to jump in, Billy must've been a typical teenager, overestimating himself and whatnot. But to pull a stunt like this: compromising Phoenix' files, booking a flight to Kambezi in Africa and charging it to the Phoenix Foundation in order to bring down a ruthless poacher without anyone getting the wiser... whew. Even though Mama Colton was considered not to be around at the making of this point since Pete points out that besides Frank and Jesse, MacGyver is his only family, I do not want to know what her wrath would've been if she was around, knowing that her youngest son, a minor, pulled a stunt like that. MacGyver was pretty upset when he saved Billy's life but a strict disciplinarian like Mama Colton? Grounded for life, I think.)

The Wall: Thursday November 9 1989.
The Berlin Wall comes down.

The Ten Percent Solution: Sunday November 19 1989.
MacGyver needs to help out Sam Bolinski whose painting was being sold at an auction and Pete tried to buy it. The painting turns out to be stolen during World War II. Sam Bolinski disrupts the auction claiming the painting is his. MacGyver notices a number tattooed on his arm and it turns out the man is a survivor from the concentration camps. The painting gets damaged and Sam is arrested.

Monday November 20 1989.
MacGyver gets Sam out of jail after being attacked by a man who tried to kill Sam. Sergeant Grey kills the man. When MacGyver and Sam talk to Laura Sands he claims to have the original documents that proves the painting is his. Sam asks if Sands is her real name but she says it's Sandberg. Her grandfather had it changed when he came to Ellis Island. When MacGyver and Sam are on the way to get the documents they get taken away by the sellers of the painting and are brought to their base near a silvermine. Laura is there too. The sellers turn out to be neo-Nazis who are trying to create a new Aryan nation in the United States. MacGyver, Sam and Laura are brought to the mine to be gassed. They escape and take out the Nazis.

Two Times Trouble: Thursday December 7 1989.
MacGyver arrives in Chicago on Thursday December 7 1989 after a flight of 03 hours and 47 minutes over a distance of 1741.1 miles (2802 km) to shoot a videoclip called Rock Against Drugs with Roxy a highschool friend. Roxy has a twin sister named Carla who had a crush on MacGyver.

Friday December 8 1989.
The filming of the clip is busy when odd things start to happen like a sabotaged elevator and a dead manager. Roxy suspects Carla.

Saturday December 9 1989.
MacGyver talks to Carla about what happened in the elevator and it turns out they had a fight over him and Roxy's success. But as MacGyver digs deeper he finds there's more to it than that.

Sunday December 10 1989.
Rogan, Roxy's managager dies and MacGyver talks to Dr. Farrell. It appears Roxy died earlier in the year after a climbing accident in which she sacrificed her life to save Carla. Even though Carla refuse to face reality, she tries to kill MacGyver whom she suspects of trying to kill Roxy. In the end he gets through to her.

Monday December 11 1989.
MacGyver brings her back to the hospital. In 1989 as a favour to Mac she decides to make a videoclip called Rock Against Drugs. They also meet with Sammy Caruso whom she tried to convice to play in her key along with his band. He tried to get Carla on-stage to play a set. He could never tell Roxy and Carla apart. Also at one point they went climbing on Lost Arrow, it is unknown if Mac actually participated in that climb but it is known he climbed with the girls, considering what happened in the elevator shaft.

The Madonna: Sunday December 24 1989.
It's Christmas Eve when a wooden Madonna from the local church is reported stolen. A mysterious homeless woman appears to stay at the Challengers Club and learns everyone the meaning of Christmas when the Club is about to have their 14th annual Christmas show. MacGyver's friend from back home Pat Lafferty reports the Madonna stolen and MacGyver sets out to help him. They reminded each other of their hockey days when they pushed each other into the boards. They follow a lead to Vincent Battaglia who is said to have carved the wooden Madonna, thinking he stole it, but he refuses any cooperation. Another possibility is Carol the homeless woman who arrived earlier at the Challengers Club. MacGyver tells Violet a story on how he wrapped presents in comic book pages as a kid. His mother didn't mind because it's the thought that counts. The Madonna remains unfound for the rest of the day as the Club prepares everything for the Christmas show. Only Breeze needed a push from Carol into helping. They find the necessary money to keep the Club open thanks to Carol.

Monday December 25 1989.
The Madonna is brought back by a little boy who got a new wagon for Christmas. He prayed to the Madonna he would get a new wagon and promised her a ride with it. When he got outside, he found her waiting for her.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday December 18 1989.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Director of Intelligence

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Season: season 5
Episode:Serenity, Passages, Humanity
Vehicle: Jeep
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In order to get ahead, I'll post the second part of the fifth season as well. We leave the 80's behind us and go into the 90's. Again here are also many events that has their beginnings that will be adressed later in the show. I also found a couple of interesting possible relatives between characters. Read below if you want to find out who is possibly related to who.

Blind Faith: 1990.
At some point in this year Nelson Richardson gives Samantha Lora a dove pin in San Pablo as a souvenir. Probably because they find each other after her father Guillermo was assassinated and he promised her father he wouldn't let anything happen to her. Nelson wrote an editorial that ruffled some feathers, so they crushed his foot so bad, he didn't think he could walk again. He told the truth was send to prison and got every part of his body beaten that it became routine. Since it's mentioned Guillermo is assassinated a coup must've has taken place in San Pablo. Samantha gets exiled and gets into a whole new ball game. The people of San Pablo has been subject to a ruthless and repressive government afterwards.

There But For The Grace: 1990.
Somewhere in this year, Doc has his breakdown and loses everything. His job, his family, his insurance. While Doc goes to live under a bridge his daughter Allison sneak out every week to visit him against the wishes of her mother.

Gunz 'N Boyz: 1990.
Minton starts working at a vending machine company. He obviously still is working in beverages too as Stumpy is one of his customers.

Off The Wall: 1990.
Lobo moves out of the apartment building deciding he was independent enough to find his own level of poverty. His grandmother however still stays there for another year.

Jenny's Chance: January 1990.
Jenny's Chance runs and wins a race in Hacienda Downs.

Serenity: Monday January 8 1990.
MacGyver and Pete were having a rare argument. Pete agreed in MacGyver's place that he would take on a few assignments like Project Earthquake but lately everyone wants something of him, including Jack, Penny and Billy. MacGyver falls asleep and dreams he's in the old West as veteran soldier of the Civil War settling in Serenity, Montana. He buys land from Jack but Pete wants him off the land by hiring Murdoc. Murdoc kidnaps Penny after he shot Billy Colton to lure MacGyver into town to get rid of him. Eventually he shoots MacGyver who falls through the balcony of a hotel. Saved by the wooden Swiss Army Knife he got from the driver who brought him to Serenity he sees Murdoc leaving and falls asleep again, waking up in the present time. MacGyver and Pete talks things over and than they find the knife from the dream.

Live and Learn: Tuesday January 9 1990.
MacGyver is teaching about Archimedes. MacGyver and Pete are working on Project Uplift to motivate dropouts to finish school. Along with a free Mentor Program the project exists out of two people: a volunteer from the community and a teacher from the school. MacGyver takes on the assignment with George Fraley. A teacher who does not believe in the project. Together they take on Tony Milani, a kid on the verge of dropping out. First suspended of blowing up a science project, they unsuspend him for the project.

Wednesday January 10 1990.
Tony returns to school for the earthquake thest. When Tony finally agrees to take on the project, his father Nick got him a job instead.

Thursday January 11 1990.
Tony drops out but finds out that at the construction site where he works with his father accidents are bound to happen after he saw his superior Buck bribed the building inspector and reads a paper that proves it. His father does not take him seriously and Buck burns the paper. At night he goes back with MacGyver to reconstruct the paper in school. MacGyver figures out dat Tony's father is illiterate.

Friday January 12 1990.
When they reconstruct the paper, they're going to the construction site which has collapsed now and Nick got buried underneath concrete due to the bad quality of the materials. MacGyver saves him and shows the papers to Buck and Barney the building inspector. Nick admits he can't read and is ashamed for that.

Monday January 15 1990.
Nick tells MacGyver his father was released from the hospital and decided to take up reading classes.

Log Jam: Monday January 29 1990.
Amy Chandler an old friend of MacGyver receives a call from a man named Lopez say he got proof of illegal activity in the logging company where her husband works and that should check out Betsy.

Tuesday January 30 1990.
Lopez dies in mysterious circumstances.

Wednesday January 31 1990.
Amy cancels the planned Timber Summit, the Phoenix Foundation arranged.

Deep Cover: February 1990.
The DEA creates a submarine surveillance blockade in the Caribbean in the war on drugs. The drug cartels however stops them cold with sonar. They lose however six loads off the coast in Florida because the AWACS surveillances flight and half of the Navy fleets were crawling over them.

Thursday February 1 1990.
MacGyver flies to Oregon in the North-West to find out why the Timber Summit was cancelled. A flight that would take 02 hours 00 minutes sharp over a distance of 834,50 miles (1343 km). Amy asks if MacGyver wants to take in Lopez' place as the new chokerman to find out out what else she can uncover.

Friday February 2 1990.
MacGyver goes undercover in the worker's camp and finds out Betsy is a loading truck. Meanwhile Amy threatens Foxworth into sabotaging his equipment if it would make him stop cutting down the forrest.

Saturday February 3 1990.
An accident happens at the company and Amy gets blamed for it. Her husband Jack Chandler who hired MacGyver refuse to belief she would go that far and starts to side with MacGyver. Foxworth is trying hard to make it look like Amy did it and fires MacGyver and Jack from their duties. MacGyver hitches a ride with Betsy and finds out Foxworth is taking the logs to the Japanese Yakuza. Glass their contact has been threatening Foxworth and when he finds out Jack and Amy are around he's trying to kill them. MacGyver comes in between and fights with Glass and end up on the conveyor belt. MacGyver jumps off and Glass falls to his death. That night Jack and Amy reconcile and restarts the Timber Summit.

(Note: this episode airs Monday February 5 1990.)

The Treasure of Manco: Sunday February 4 1990.
MacGyver travels to Peru to attend the funeral of his archeology teacher. He was teaching at the San Marco's university in Lima and was killed while searching the mountains with his guide by guerrilla's. MacGyver must've flown straight from Oregon to Peru. A flight of 09 hours and 53 minutes over a distance of 4844,2 miles (7796 km).

Monday February 5 1990.
The funeral takes place and MacGyver meets Maria in the San Marco's university. Maria, his daughter believes in Manco's treasure too and asks MacGyver to help her find it. However he considers it a myth until Maria shows him the protector's headpiece which reveals to location of the treasure.

Tuesday February 6 1990.
They find Ramon in the camp who will take his father's place as a guide. During the night they are kidnapped and brought to Enrique who gets the blame for the death of Maria's father. Enrique lets them go.

Wednesday February 7 1990.
They leave for El lugar de la Visión Infinita de Manco or Manco's Place of Infinite Vision where they find the landmarks from the headpiece. The mountains in the distance pose as landmarks with two peaks posing as cats on the headpiece. The place is called Los Dos Pumas. One Inca ruin is known in the area as Sarra Yatha. When they are ambushed they get away but are later captured by Enrique's men. They think Enrique ambushed them but he proves them otherwise. After sorting out their differences they start looking for the treasure together. They find the steps to the Condor which is the entrance of the treasure's location. When they are caught by Capitàn Diaz MacGyver figures out what the whole place is they are. It turns out it was giant silo in which the Inca's hid their seeds in orde to replant their fields.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday February 12 1990.)

Jenny's Chance: Between Friday February 9 1990 and Thursday February 15 1990.
MacGyver and Jack had spent the past week in Mexico hunting cheap pottery from Tampico to Tijuana and almost got killed. From L.A. to Tampico it would be a flight of 03 hours and 17 minutes over a distance of 1483.2 miles (2387 km). They've seen every tourist trap from Tampico to Tijuana. In flight it would be 03 hours and 03 minutes over a distance of 1365,8 miles (2198 km). MacGyver dumped Jack's life savings over the Sierra Madre to save their lives.

Kyle Larson a friend of MacGyver and Jack Dalton ends up killed by George Henderson who has been forcing him to fix horseraces. His daughter Jenny notifies MacGyver and Jack about his death after she found a piece of technology in one of the stables that sends out an ultrasonic sound that upsets the horses. Jenny tells MacGyver and Jack everything about how her dad got mixed up with Henderson and how Henderson got a hold of everything on the farm and that he would become the owner. Kyle wanted to go to the police after he fixed races. He told Jenny this and started to cry. Henderson tried to buy a horse named Jenny's Chance.

On Kyle's funeral he presented Jenny the foreclosure papers, but she refused. The horse is deaf from an ear infection. It can't hear the ultrasonic sound that throw off the other horses so it wins all the time. Meanwhile Underwood tries to fix the sound device and Henderson tells him to hurry up since the next race is next Saturday and he would be taking over the farm the next day. He also has money to launder for Lucky Charlie. MacGyver, Jack, Pete and FBI agent Colin Yarborough set up a plan to sting Henderson. MacGyver wants proof he killed Kyle and Yarborough wants him for the money he had stolen from the FBI to launder for Charlie in Miami.

Friday February 16 1990.
They start their sting as Henderson became the new owner of Jenny's farm. Pete poses as Harry Boyle and pretends to wanting to buy a horse offering 200,000 dollars cash. His offer stands 24 hours. Pete/Harry later meets with MacGyver posing to be Dexter and Jenny discussing their own sound device. Jack poses as Lucky Charlie and threatens him to quickly launder his money. Henderson takes MacGyver hostage to make him talk on what Pete is up to so he makes them believe Boyle is a bookie and Henderson wants to see for himself on how they fix their betting. They claim to have a system to launder Lucky Charlie's money overnight but also the multiply it by having Jenny Larson ride on a fixed race. They come to a deal. At night they find out the real Lucky Charlie has escaped.

Saturday February 17 1990.
Henderson figures out Jack is a fraud as he met with the real Lucky Charlie. Henderson tries to pull of a switch with Boyle as the real Lucky Charlie wants to meet him. They agree to continue the original deal. The real Lucky Charlie allows them to count the money but when he claims he had seen the current horse race, he destroy the bar mirror revealing Jenny Larson. In the chaos Henderson shoots Jack and confesses why he killed Kyle. Jack appears not to be dead and the real Lucky Charlie is MacGyver and the marked money of Henderson belongs to the FBI.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday February 19 1990. This episode has a character with the same last name as Larson in The Challenge. Though the relation might be a stretch, maybe the Larson from the Challenge is Kyle Larson's brother and uncle of Jenny Larson. Great. A killer in the family. Then again, Betty Parker was nuts but that might explain Penny.)

The Lost Amadeus: Between Monday February 26 and Sunday March 4 1990.
Itzak Zimmer known as Izzy was in Salzburg doing a tour where he picked up the violin called the Lost Amadeus. He found at some flea market, picked it up for a song. Since he was there it was on a flight of 12 hours and 13 minutes over a distance of 6040,3 miles (9721 km).

Rush To Judgment: March 1990.
Lisa and Wyatt Robins are assaulted at a dangerous intersection in Greenwood Heights. Lisa gets killed and Wyatt takes a bullet in the arm. Not long after the case immediately goes to trial. Wyatt appears to be an Olympic Swimmer and a local sportscaster and pointed out Curtis Danby is the killer, but he did not know there was witness who saw everything. It turns out Wyatt was having an affaire with his wife's best friend Sandra Masters.

Passages: March 1990.
Pete starts the acquisition of the Sunboat to give it back to the Cairo museum as it was requested by the country to bring them back which made the demand on the black market fierce.

Deep Cover: Sunday March 4 1990.
MacGyver, Pete and co-worker Gwen Carpenter are testing out a new sonar called E.R.M.A. that is able to detect drug dealers in minisubs.

Monday March 5 1990.
The E.R.M.A. unit is stolen by Gwen's boyfriend Nick who wants to sell it to Colombian drug dealers and MacGyver goes undercover again as Dexter. Since there was a newspaper involving an article on Dexter on the same day, the paper must've been part of the plant and was delivered there before Dexter arrived in jail. MacGyver talks to a man named Joe Banniker who made it big a few years back intercepting modem transactions that was meant for the Consolidated Bank of Zurich. He used the money to a make big drug buy in Miami. He did three years in the federal pen in Tallahassee. Pete and DEA agent Dan Stringer are looking for clues at Gwen's place after they found it she's the security leak. MacGyver's cover is blown and they tried to drown him in a minsub. He escapes and tracks their boat down at the pier to retrieve the E.R.M.A. unit.

Tuesday March 6 1990 and Wednesday March 7 1990.
The charges against Gwen were dropped but the board the voted Gwen out of the Phoenix Foundation. E.R.M.A. made a first bust after that in the Carribean.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday February 26 1990. This episode contains two characters with same last names: Gwen Carpenter and Dan Stringer. Gwen might be related to Adam Carpenter, Nikki's husband and therefore she might be her sister-in-law. DEA agent Dan Stringer might be related to Earl Stringer, the firefighter MacGyver meets in the Prometheus Syndrome. Perhaps Dan and Earl are brothers.)

Off The Wall: Monday March 12 1990.
Inspector Pelham quits his job and the Building and Safety Department to take a job in private industry.

The Lost Amadeus: Saturday March 10 1990.
Izzy calls Lulu to bring the violin from the pawnshop next time she visits him.

Sunday March 11 1990.
MacGyver and Wilt Bozer are cycling through the town as MacGyver is run over after they part ways by Lulu, a woman driving her best friend's car. She drags MacGyver along boring him with conversations on Mozart and telling about her past of having a crush at the age of 5 on a kid with glasses and freckles named Dobie Fineman. She takes MacGyver to Izzy's home, he finds out, they're being forced by crooks to bring the Amadeus, a priceless violin owned by Mozart. The crooks know Izzy picked up the violin in Salzburg the week before. They arrange a swap. Izzy for the violin but Lulu switches the violin with another one. When they run out on the crooks they are caught by a security guard who asks for ID. Lulu wants to see MacGyver's first name. Even though he seems to know it, it remains unknown. They find out where the crooks hideout is and find Izzy. They tie up MacGyver and Izzy and takes Lulu back to the party where she switched the violin. With a lot of psycho babble Lulu distracts Tubbs and bites in his ankle when tries to get away. MacGyver catches the violin.

Monday March 19 1990.
MacGyver meets Lulu again who is taking driving lessons and kinda hooks up Wilt Bozer up to her when they are riding their bikes again as Wilt has improved compared to the week before following MacGyver's diet.

(Note: MacGyver says he is 39, while he actually is 38, even though the actor was already 40 at the time and if you look at his passport in Everytime She Smiles you could see his birthday is January 23 1951, though his resignation letter says March 23 and most events lead back to 1952. Also he does seem to know his first name.)

Hearts Of Steel: Saturday March 24 1990.
Lisa Woodman's friend is kidnapped by former steelmill workers who wants to take revenge on Lisa's father for closing the mill. They wanted three million dollars ransom in return. Lisa's father Eric Woodman calls MacGyver who brings the police with him. Lisa however was locked up in the mall and brought home by a guy who works at the mall. When the steelmill workers realise they've got the wrong girl they set up a meet. They release Lisa's friend Ingrid at the park and kidnap Lisa instead.

Sunday March 25 1990.
They have Lisa and they raise the ransom to five million dollars. MacGyver questions Ingrid and finds a piece of metal in her shoes. They figure out Lisa must've been kept at an old steelmill her father closed down a while ago and goes out to save her.

Rush To Judgment: Between Saturday March 31 1990 and Friday April 13 1990.
MacGyver sits as a sequestered juror in a racially tense trial. At an unspecified date Wyatt Robins and his wife Lisa Robins were attacked at an intersection in a violent area. Lisa got killed and Wyatt got shot in the arm. MacGyver sneaks out to investigate the crime scene himself and finds a new witness and the gun of the murder in a storm drain. He gets Pete to call Danby's lawyer to retrieve the gun.

Saturday April 14 1990.
Belinda Jones also known as the Bird Lady testifies, the judge demands to know where the gun came from. The judge was about to have Pete arrested when MacGyver confesses everything and goes to jail instead. After bail is met the judge says he don't approve of MacGyver working method but is glad it prevented an innocent man goes to jail. MacGyver receives the message that Belinda Jones is dead. MacGyver talks to Wyatt and figures out his lover is behind the killings and that she hired someone to kill Lisa and Belinda Jones. They're going after them and take out Groden and capture Sandra Masters.

Sunday April 15 1990.
Curtis Danby is released from prison. It is unknown if MacGyver's contempt hearing took place after he cleared Danby's name.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday April 16 1990.)

Hind-Sight: Wednesday April 18 1990.
Stephanie Zale aka Catherine Smith is arrested on a Phoenix Archeological Site.

Passages: Monday April 23 1990.
MacGyver and Pete are preparing to deliver to Sun Boat to the Cairo museum when Harry dies of a heart attack. They have been working on the transfer for a month now. During the transfer the Sun Boat is stolen. MacGyver pursues the thief but he manages to throw MacGyver from the parking garage of the museum. He crashes on a car and ends up in a coma. MacGyver sees Harry who died shortly before and follows him to a ship where he reunites with his parents. There his mother reminded him of the time he took his bicycle to the barn roof wearing a parachute on his back of her best bedsheets. Even though he wants to stay with his parents Harry convices him he can't stay by showing that Pete is in danger. MacGyver decides to go to much grief of his mother. Leaving seems as hard as getting on the boat. MacGyver and Harry are locked up in the engine room. In the engine room MacGyver apologizes to Harry for not spending more time with him after he moved to California. They break out and MacGyver is about to jump ship as Harry decides to stay behind. They say goodbye to each other and MacGyver pulls out of his coma. Pete wants to know who did this to him and MacGyver makes it clear by drawing the ka symbol Hakim was wearing. Pete has them arrested and deported back to Egypt as persona non grata and the Sun Boat back to the Cairo museum.

Monday April 30 1990.
MacGyver and Pete are talking outside the hospital what happened with Hakim and his men after the necessary arrangements where taken. It takes some time to have Hakim, his men and the Sun Boat send back to Egypt. Harry had his funeral by the time MacGyver and Pete are talking outside. So considering MacGyver's coma and death experience it makes sense at least a week has passed so he could recover slowly from his coma.

(Note: MacGyver confirms he hasn't seen his dad since he was ten. This confirms his birthdate as March 23 1952 since his dad died in 1962.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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