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2.23 MacGyver + MacGyver
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Posted: 12 November 2018 - 05:48 AM                                    
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The last one. For me, for now, anyways.

This was a solid ending of season 2. I admit, it wasn't as good as the last episode of the first season. That one was better, but this one wasn't bad either.

If they had been smart, they would have waited until the end of the episode to reveal the identity of Mac's father.

Why? Then it would've been yet another run-of-the-mill episode. Mac plans on doing something, gets interupted because he's needed at Phoenix, they go on mission, come back and then his father is finally revealed?

It was good the way it was done.

I didn't really like how Mac's father was presented either, but... that's just me.

How's that? Maybe it was done a little clunky but why not indeed have James actually have around the whole time without Mac knowing. He's there right under his nose, he just don't see him.

In my personal opinion, this show is far more pretentious in it's presentation than the original... and I think that turns me off a little.

I think it's getting better. There was a lot more of pretense in the first season.

How did MacGyver come to the conclusion that Matty was the one leaving him the clues??

There was no earthly way or reason for him to know or even suspect it was her.. yet he had the story nailed down on exactly what she did.... makes no sense to me at all.

Logic thinking? Now you mention it, you're right, but when he came into the scene, it felt like he figured it out by himself so it didn't seem that weird to me.

There was a moment mid-season where I thought Murdoc or the Ghost might have done it, especially after Episode 2x12.

Yeah, I thought something like that too.

I don't know any of Tate Donovan's work; at least I don't remember ever seeing him.

He had this strange familiar look about him but there is nothing really memorable about his career. Maybe it was 24 but he also reminded me of Quicksilver from the X-Men movies but that's maybe because he played a character called "Tate" in American Horror Story.

I hope he's a recurring next season because the storyline is not finished and I'm tired to have unfinished storylines and still open questions that probably won't ever be answered. There was nothing about Cairo this season, the storyline about Thornton needed something more to wrap it up in my opinion and Cage isn't really done yet, either. They should have at least mentioned her (e.g. that she stays in Australia with her sister who just got a baby or something like that).

Well, maybe some storylines can get wrapped up later. But should there be always be something. Did there had to be anything about Cairo this season? I do admit I have to have liked each season would've a "Cairo" episode. The episode where everything possible goes wrong, just like the attack on Phoenix. It would be great to hear from Patricia again and Cage... same thing but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. Nobody liked her, she's out, they gave the fans what they wanted. She's out. Maybe we'll never know what Murdoc knows about her now but I wouldn't be surprised that her final message of recovering in Australia might've been the last we heared about her.

Honestly, I'd rather have Cage back over Leanna. And I most definitely don't want Leanna to replace Riley since there was hinting she might join the Coltons. They can not, may not let her go. From all the new characters, I like her the most.

Obviously Mac will end up rejoining Phoenix next season, but I'd be happy if they don't rush it too much. With Mac not working for Phoenix, maybe we could get some more variety in the stories during the first few episodes next season.

Same here.

And there's the possibility of Riley leaving Phoenix to become a bounty hunter, which would also be interesting, though probably not likely to happen.

I hope not. Because if she joins the Coltons, I don't think we'll see her again unless a recurring guest star, once maybe twice a season?

So with Season 2 now finished, I have to say that it was, overall, an improvement over season 1, and I hope it gets even better next season. One thing I do like about this show better than the original series is that it doesn't have any annoyingly preachy episodes.

Season 2 really hit some low moments more then the first. The multiple storylines in one episode for example. Glad they left that behind. Bozer should be more a secondary character and sorry for him not have his own storylines. He's a sidekick.

You're right about the preachy episodes though.

While I don't want to see Lucas leaving; I actually wouldn't mind if he's either absent for 3x01 and we'll see the rest of the Team struggling without him and the Fallout of him quitting

Um..., yeah..., like...., well, no. Fans were already moaning about the less screentime Lucas had in episode 2x08, now you want him completely absent for 3x01? I rather have him going on his own then.

or if we see Mac alone; doing something non-Phoenix- and non-mission-related (e.g. visiting Carlos in Puerto Rico or back to visiting MIT or Mission City).

That would be better.

In general I like the reboot despite it's shortcomings. It still needs tweaking and taking of the rough edges but I look forward to the third season. Hopefully next spring or else fall next year.

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Posted: 12 November 2018 - 06:04 AM                                    
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I really liked your reviews on every episode thumbsup.gif
I think the series only gets better and the third season is even more interesting than the previous ones. Hope the series will be renewed for season 4.

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Posted: 16 August 2019 - 12:24 PM                                    
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