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MacGyver - Children Of The United Nations part 9, Rated R for violence and some language
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Posted: 1 October 2018 - 07:13 AM                                    
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Welcome to the final chapter of my story. In the final chapter MacGyver returns the island for the last time to fully figure out HIT's plans with the island and explain this to everyone. HIT however will not give up that easily and will pull all the plugs to get the island in their hands no matter what.

You can find the previous chapter here.

(We fade in with no music)
Chapter IX
Final Return
Unveiled Plans

Night had fallen when MacGyver, Sam and James were on their way back to the island. The sky was pitch black and below them was the South Pacific ocean. In the cockpit everything was silent. James was flying and MacGyver was helping him out while Sam was playing with his camera.
'We're almost back,' James said.
'Great,' Sam said.
'We should be able to see the island, now,' MacGyver said.
'Indeed,' James said, 'it's time to bring her down.' James took the radio and called up the control tower. 'Control tower, this is captain James Holland requesting clearance to land, over.'
No response.
'Control tower, I repeat, this is captain James Holland requesting clearance to land, over.'
Again no response.
'Is it on?' MacGyver asked.
James looked at the radio. The light was on as it should be. 'Yeah, it's on.'
'Try again.'
'Control tower, come in. This is captain James Holland requesting clearance to land. Do you read me, over?'
'What's going on?' Sam asked.
'The dog is not barking,' James said.
'It's a term in aviation,' MacGyver explained. 'If a pilot can't make contact with the ground below they say the dog is not barking.'
'That's right,' James confirmed and tried the radio again. 'Control tower, come in. Jack, are you there? Jack?!'
'Maybe he went to the bathroom,' Sam said.
'With Jack you never know,' MacGyver added.
'Well, it was his shift. One of us always has to stay there when the other one is out flying,' James said.
'A lot of things could've happened. You know something is off at the camp.'
'That I know.'
'You can put the plane down in the dark, right?' Sam asked.
'Yeah, and that's what I'm gonna do. Putting this plane down without Dalton's help. Strap in. I'm gonna land.' (Tense music comes up)
MacGyver and Sam strapped in as the plane started to descend. James pushed the steering-wheel forward. The plane took a nose-dive and James activated the landing gear. Squeaking the landing gear came out and than they made a wobbly landing. The wheels got grip and the plane drove towards the hangar. But MacGyver saw a big problem coming.
'What the hell?' he said.
'Dad, what is it?'
'It's the hangar doors.'
The double hangar doors seemed to be blocked. They were not fully open and sparks from the door rail flashed up.
'We'll fit,' James said confident.
'No, we're not,' MacGyver said.
'Believe me. We will. Trust the pilot.'
MacGyver looked at him: 'You do know I sometimes have a problem with that?'
'Than trust me.'
James steered the plane towards the door and started to slow down the plane. 'We'll fit. We got to fit.'
'I sure hope so,' Sam said.
The plane neared the hanger and drove in there. The doors were just far enough open for the plane to ride in where James put the plane to a full stop.
'I told you, we'd fit,' he said proudly.
'You were right,' MacGyver said. (The music stops here)
'James, you're a better pilot than Jack,' Sam said and unbuckled himself. He got up and went into the fuselage.
James turned everything in the plane off and it became silent again in the cockpit. MacGyver loosened his straps and looked around. He suddenly felt this creepy feeling getting into every bone of his body.
'What's the matter?' James asked.
'I just got this very creepy feeling. Let's check things out,' he said. (The track Investigation from the game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy begins here)

MacGyver, Sam and James left the plane. Inside the hangar MacGyver's feeling became worse. Everything just seemed so quite, too quite. As if they were the only three people left in the world. The island felt so desolate and deserted. They looked around.
'Dad,' Sam said, 'do you also have this creepy feeling?'
'What are we gonna do then?'
'Check things out. Let's split up.'
'Split up? Dad, shouldn't we be, you know, sticking together?'
'No. Just don't go into the jungles by yourself. Stick around the buildings. Let's do a quick check of the buildings and we meet back in front of the Phoenix building.'
'Alright, I go look for Jack. Maybe he's hiding here somewhere,' James said.
'Good, we'll check out the camp. Let's meet up at the Phoenix building in ten minutes.'
'Got it.'

MacGyver and Sam walked out of the hangar to the camp. The island looked like it had gone through a typhoon. All the cabins on top of the hills were gone now, the waterslides were destroyed and the lake had turned into a massive mudpit. MacGyver and Sam looked at each other.
'You go that way,' MacGyver said. 'I'll check out this area.'
'OK, dad.'
Sam walked to the building where the Phoenix-scientists were working while MacGyver walked around the muddy lake. He was near his own cabin and passed the supplies basement. He was about to go down when he noticed something hanging upside down a tree.
'Yung Li?'
'That's right,' Yung Li said in a metallic sounding voice.
'Wanna come down from there?'
Yung Li dropped himself from the tree and with a sickening sound his head ended on the ground breaking his neck.
'Oh, my God! Yung Li!!!' MacGyver ran up to the little boy and looked at him. Yung-Li had an open skull fracture. MacGyver examined the wound but dropped him immediately when he saw something shiny inside. Confused MacGyver got up and tried to understand it. 'Shiny bones?'
He looked up the tree again and saw bits and pieces of Endrani hanging between the branches. 'What's going on here?'
MacGyver turned around and went to the supplies basement. Also there, there was something different then before. MacGyver noticed how the backwall was breached and wooden boards were screwed in front of it. MacGyver looked at the floor but no boards were used from there. He quickly opened the board he hid the evidence under and found they were still there. He took the mechanical arm, and the bag and stuffed it his pocket. But now he was curious what was behind the backwall. MacGyver examined the boards and saw the screws. With his Swiss Army Knife he unscrewed the boards and placed them aside. In the opening he found the remains of Nigel. Nigel was sparking out of his head. He also had those shiny bones. It started to make sense. MacGyver felt with his hand in the opening but there was nothing there. MacGyver took Nigel's head with him and left the supplies basement. Outside he placed it in the plastic bag along with the arm. The wind was blowing and MacGyver looked up at the treetops and listened to the rustling between the leaves. He followed the sound of the wind and went to the storage area behind his cabin and the Phoenix building. The SUV's were still parked there and the tents were lying on pile with the damaged Phoenix logo on top of it near the gasoline tanks. He walked to the edge of the cliff and saw what was left over of the scaffolding that fell over during the night of the storm. But there was not much else to see nor that he could see. There was only the sound of the rustling leaves and the sound of silence in between. The place just felt so dead-like. As if the inhabitants just vanished into thin air. MacGyver turned around and walked back to the lake. For the first time he noticed the flagpole with the yellow flag saying Camp United with the United Nations peace logo on it was also down. He looked to his cabin and saw something fluttering in the wind that was stuck in his door. MacGyver took it from between the door and noticed it was a blueprint. A blueprint of HIT's training ground that was supposed to come in place of the camp. 'That's it,' he whispered. 'More evidence.'
MacGyver's attention got drawn from high-pitched whistle from across the lake. It was Sam and James coming to him.
'I didn't find anything,' Sam said.
'Jack is nowhere to be seen,' James said.
'If no one is in the Phoenix building this is like the weirdest thing I've ever been into,' MacGyver said.
'What do you mean, dad?'
'Come. I want to show you something.'
MacGyver brought Sam and James to where Yung-Li broke his neck. 'See that?'
'The kid broke his neck?'
'Not just that. Look. Look here.'
MacGyver showed them the open skull fracture and went with his finger in the opening.
'Oh, Jesus, dad, don't.'
MacGyver tapped his finger against the skull and it sounded hollow.
'That's impossible,' James said.
'You better believe it. See?'
Sam and James both now saw the shiny bone structure.
'Robots?' Sam asked.
'Living skin tissue over a metal endoskeleton.'
'Holy sh*t, dad. You mean like, they're little Terminators? Seriously?'
'After everything we've seen, this surprises you?'
'You got to admit, dad, that is amazing.'
'It sure is.'
'Are we really that far advanced in science?' James asked. 'Fully operating little robots?'
'I would say, it looks like it,' MacGyver said. 'Unless it says: "Made in Japan."'
'This is worse, then I thought,' Sam said.
'Look above you.'
Sam and James looked up and also saw Endrani's remains in the tree.
'And I also found robotic remains of our friend Nigel in the supplies basement.'
'Far more worse.'
'What about the other children?' James asked.
'No trace.'
'So, what do we do, now?' Sam asked.
'If nobody is in the Phoenix building, I'm out of explanations.'
'Then what?'
'I don't know. Take the plane back home and continue our search there. They have to be somewhere.'
'Oh, but that won't be necessary,' a voice said and a familiar laughter was heard. Murdoc came out of the Phoenix building with his gun aimed at them. 'We're all right here. Waiting for you in the conference room.'
Murdoc waved his gun in the direction they should go. (The music fades away here)

MacGyver, Sam and James were brought the conference room where Pete, Nikki, Jack, Cynthia, Eric, Nicholas and Sonya were waiting. Pete, Nikki, Jack and Cynthia were sitting at the table held at gunpoint by Nicholas and Sonya while Eric has shown his true colors to everyone now.
'MacGyver,' Nikki said when she saw him.
'Hey,' he said back. 'Is everyone alright?'
'We are,' Pete said, 'but we're at their mercy now.'
'Sit down, all of you,' Murdoc said.
MacGyver, Sam and James sat down around the table. Every seat was taken now. Murdoc, Nicholas, Sonya and Eric stood around the table. Murdoc remained close to MacGyver. 'Well, now,' he said. 'It's been a fun couple of weeks now, hasn't it?'
'What do you want from us, Murdoc?' MacGyver asked.
'Well, I've always wanted to kill you but now there is something more important here at stake.'
'The island.'
'That's right. The island. The island that wrongfully ended up in Phoenix's hands.'
'The island belongs to us,' Nikki said.
'Not anymore.'
'Actually it does,' MacGyver said. 'And I can prove it too.'
'In that case,' Nicholas said, 'tell us.'
'Before I do, tell me how you survived the plane. We lost you over the Himalayas.'
'Took the scenic route,' Murdoc said. 'We parked the plane in the Himalayas, walked down the mountain on foot and booked a flight out of there.'
'Why didn't you just follow us?' Sam said.
'Because we didn't know your flightplan,' Nicholas said. 'Dalton here never said anything and we didn't care. We were just after you.'
'And it doesn't matter anymore either. We've got you here, we've got you now and it's time to finish our plan,' Sonya said.
'Before you take over the island, I need to explain something first,' MacGyver said.
'Get on with it,' Nicholas said impatient.
'You mind if I walk around a bit?'
'Great.' (The track The Witness from the game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy begins here)

MacGyver stood up and walked around a bit in front of the table choosing his words on how to start. 'The day I arrived here at the island, I found a children's paradise on earth. Phoenix has been planning this project for several years now and the final touches has been done when I was recovering from the school hostage, seven months ago. In the past few weeks we went into an experimental phase by allowing some kids to come to the island to try it out and everything seemed to be going alright. Only the day after I arrived, troubles began. Little Nigel was feeling homesick, or so we thought at least. So I took the trouble of flying to England on the other side of the world to pick up some toys of his to make him feel better. I met his father as I met most kids their parents and most of their parents told me contradicting things. In Nigel's mansion I found a hidden Guy Fawkes doll. Nigel is fond of that doll but when I came back, he simply burned it right in front of my eyes. Not only I found that doll but also this card. Exhibit A.' MacGyver took the postcard out of the bag and placed it on the table. 'Supposedly Nigel wrote this postcard but it's full of spellings mistakes. A kid of Nigel's age doesn't make those kind of mistakes anymore. Plus the post stamp dates from before the camp was even open.'
'Can I see that?' Cynthia asked.
MacGyver gave her the card.
'He's right and at that time we didn't even know which kids were going to come over.' Cynthia passed the card over to Nikki and it went all around the table.
'Then we went over to Egypt. We heard Cheone had disappeared so we went to look for her there. We've met her parents there who said Cheone disappeared more often and that she would go the countryside in Upper Egypt. We looked for her there on the riverbanks of the Nile and received this postcard. Exhibit B.' MacGyver took Cheone's postcard out and placed it on the table as well. Cynthia reached out to see the card.
'What's it saying?' she asked.
'It's written in hieroglyphics. Cheone claims that she was having the time of her life. Wherever she is. Two contradicting postcards. One of a boy, who is not happy at all here and a second one of a girl who couldn't happier.'
'That doesn't mean anything, MacGyver,' Murdoc said.
'Not yet, but I'll get there. Something tells me this card was written by the real Cheone.'
'What do you mean, Mac? "Written by the real Cheone?"' Jack wanted to know.
'I'll get to that in a moment, Jack.'
The card went around the table again.
'When we got back from Egypt, things started to get worse on the island. The kids were misbehaving and nearly showed criminal behaviour. Kumoken for example, locked me up in the supplies basement. Then we started to have our suspicions that Mr. "Steel" over there was trying to sell us out. And we can also proof that, Eric.'
'You better believe it,' Nikki said and gave him a sharp look.
'Then it was the night of the storm,' MacGyver continued. 'That night, I saw Murdoc creeping around the camp. I followed him into the jungle but I never found him there. When I came back the tents behind the building went flying in the storm and the scaffolding went over the cliff. The Phoenix logo fell on a couple of our workers. Despite what Eric wanted we let them go home. It was just too dangerous for them to remain here. The following morning, we discussed what happened the night of the storm. Cynthia then told me Yung Li was acting up. He showed real anger issues. Bad enough to get us worried.'
'So we flew to China,' Sam said.
'That's right. Thanks to my contact, Mei Jan, we found Yung Li's father working for the Chinese government who told us Yung Li doesn't have any anger issues. Yet he threw a rock through my cabin's window. Did it again in his own cabin and threw a fit when we talked to him about it.'
'Got any proof of that in your bag?' Nicholas asked.
'The rock is out there somewhere. I didn't go look for it after he threw it the second time, but I still have a broken window in my cabin to show it for. Anyway after we talked to Yung Li's father, I received a message of Endrani, the Indian girl. She practically ordered me to bring flowers to her grandfather's grave in Varanasi. So we asked for a plane flown by Jack to come and pick us up. Only when we took off, it appeared the flight was fully booked. You three showed up, taking Jack hostage and hijacking our plane. Good move, by the way. Trying to kill us skyhigh.'
'You all took a big risk to escape,' Sonya said. 'Jumping the plane from that altitude.'
'I know. It's as crazy as trying to kill three people at that altitude. But because of that incident we had to take a little detour to India since we ended up in Buthan where we met Anonda's mother. She also had something interesting to tell about her son.'
'And that was...' Murdoc said.
'That her son suffers allergies, though he never sneezed once since he was in the camp. Unfortunately I never got the chance to ask him myself when I came back. When we are about to leave Buthan, Endrani called again urging me to bring flowers to her grandfather's grave. So with the royal helicopter we got to Bombay, still a long way from Varanasi. We bumped into Penny Parker there. She lives there now.'
'How was she?' Murdoc asked.
'Good, now that she's far away from you.'
'Maybe I should pay her visit.'
'Try and I'll find you.'
'I ought to shoot you right now!'
'Murdoc, back off!' Nicholas said. 'I like to hear the rest of this.'
Murdoc looked at Nicholas and backed off.
'Good,' MacGyver said, 'because things are getting more interesting.'
'Lets hear it.' (The music changes into the track of Talking To Markus from the game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy)

'Penny brought us to Varanasi and she told us there are no graveyards there. In India it is custom to throw marigold flowers into the Ganges. Now, tell me: how can a girl of Endrani's age, who comes from Varanasi herself, not know that?'
'Wait, are you implying that Endrani is not Endrani?' James asked. 'Just as you were hinting that about Cheone?'
'I'll get to that shortly. After our return from India, the bad weather caused more damage to the island then the night of the storm did and our suspicions about Eric selling us out just grew bigger. Nikki?'
Nikki opened her file and took out the evidence she found. She got up to stand right next to MacGyver. 'I found this copy in Eric's office.'
'You've been into my office?' Eric asked. 'What gave you the right?'
'What gave you the right to sell us out?!'
Eric didn't say anything.
'Oh, that's right. Money. This copy, ladies and gentlemen, is a copy of the property papers, we, the Phoenix Foundation, signed on the day we requiered this island. Only this copy has been tampered with. Eric scanned the originals in removed the necessary parts including our signatures to make a blank copy again and than faxed it to HIT to close the deal. This is all the is left from the original,' she said and showed them the shredded piece of paper. 'I give you, exhibits C and D.'
'So, that's it, then?' James asked. 'We no longer own the island?'
'Not quite,' Sam said.
'What do you mean?' Eric asked.
'Eric didn't sell anything.'
'How so?' Nicholas asked. 'Woodman?'
'I don't know what he's talking about. I did everything we agreed on.'
'Gentlemen,' MacGyver said, 'if I may? Without everyone knowing, I had made copies of the original document the day we signed them. Those copies are hidden in a safe back home at the Phoenix Foundation.'
'Damn you, Woodman,' Nicholas and cocked the trigger.
'I wouldn't shoot him just yet,' MacGyver said. 'He already confessed and besides me there are six other witnesses. Eric is looking at a long time in jail. That should do it and I am not finished here yet. That thing with Kumoken kept bothering me so we took a quick trip to Australia. I found his father in an Aboriginal village who told me Kumoken is never into any tricks like locking people up. He cares about nature and the environment just as much as Phoenix does. There are so many contradicting stories here, that it can't be a coincidence anymore. Then I found exhibit E. This is a blueprint that shows the plans of turning the camp into a training ground for hitmen.'
'That blueprint, the forged property papers, the postcards and six witnesses will put a stop to that,' Nikki said. 'Your case have no merit. We can stop you, legally.'
'But the real shocking truth about all this, I have just found out when we got back from Australia. And Pete, please don't tell me you didn't notice anything outside?'
'I wish I could but I can't,' Pete said. After you left for Australia, they've been keeping us here.'
'Pity. But I've got enough evidence to go around. The following exhibits are monstrous.' MacGyver opened up the bag and Nigel's head and the mechanical arm rolled out of it. Cynthia got startled a bit.
'I give you exhibits F and G.'
Everyone curiously looked at the head and the arm.
Pete was shocked. 'Are you saying the kids were robots?'
'Yeah, and pretty good ones too. Living skin tissue over a metal endoskeleton.'
'Like in that movie?' Jack asked.
'Where'd you had them made?' MacGyver asked really wanting to know. 'Might as well tell us now. Cat's out of the bag.'
'Where do you think?' Sonya said. 'In Japan of course.'
'She's right,' Sam said pointing to a bit in the arm. 'It says right here: "Made in Japan."'
MacGyver rolled his eyes.
'How did you find out?' Murdoc asked.
'Outside I saw Yung Li hanging in a tree. He fell on his head and broke his neck. When I went to check on him, his skull got fractured and I saw something shiny in there. In the supplies basement I found the remains of Nigel with the same shiny bones.'
'When did you found the arm?' Pete asked.
'Actually the day everything started but I never got the chance to get fully into that since the kids started to act up. I wasn't much wiser at the time I got Cheone's postcard. I got really suspicious when Endrani didn't seem to know her own Indian customs. Things started to fall in place but it was only the beginning of the puzzle until I found out Yung Li was a robot and that Nigel's remains where in the supplies basement.' (The music stops here)
'So, MacGyver,' Murdoc said. 'Now what? Are you going to call the cops on us?'
'Haven't I yet?'
Murdoc and Nicholas aimed their guns at him.
'He's bluffing,' Nicholas said.
'Proof it.'
'Doesn't matter,' Murdoc said. 'In case you haven't noticed, we still have the leverage over all of you.'
'What are you going to do with us?' Cynthia asked.
'Well, we can't have seven witnesses who can turn us in, now can we?'
'Eight,' Nicholas said and aimed for Eric.
'Helman, come on. I told you. I didn't know they had copies of the property papers.'
'But you should have,' he said and fired three rounds in Eric's chest. (Dramatic music kicks in) Eric staggered against the wall and collapsed on his side. Everyone was shocked.
Eric!' MacGyver yelled and ran up to him.
Eric was shaking all over. MacGyver tore up Eric's vest to see the wounds. 'MacGyver... I'm sorry.'
'Eric, come on, stay with us.'
MacGyver looked around for something to press against the wounds. He found napkins at the coffee table.
'Forget it. It's no use. I'm a goner.'
'Eric, don't say that, come on.'
Nikki squatted next to MacGyver.
'Ms. Carpenter, I'm sorry. You were right about me.'
'Just relax, Eric. MacGyver will get you out of here.'
'No. Tell Lisa, I love her.'
Eric closed his eyes and shook all over until he stopped. Upset MacGyver looked at Nikki. She placed her hand on his shoulder.
'Now, it's seven,' Nicholas said. (The music intensifies)
Angrily MacGyver stood up. 'Helman!'
'I wouldn't!' Murdoc said and aimed his gun at him.
'What are you going do, Murdoc? Shoot us all?'
'It should get the job done. Easy as pie.'
'Dad, I say, we overpower them. There's seven of us against three,' Sam said getting ready to get into a fight. 'Your odds are not so great, Helman.'
'There will be no fight,' Nicholas said, 'and there will be no more shooting. I only shot Woodman because I wanted to kill him anyway. When it comes to you peoples, a terrible accident is going to happen.'
'Why?' Murdoc asked. 'Let's just kill them already and dispose of the bodies.'
'We will, but I'm going to do this my way. Let's take them below to the boiler room.'
'You heard him. Come on.'
Murdoc grabbed MacGyver's shoulder and pushed him towards the door. Nicholas pushed Sam to the other men and Sonya followed them with Nikki and Cynthia.

MacGyver and the group were taken all the way down inside the Phoenix building to where the boiler room was.
'Get in there,' Nicholas said.
MacGyver went inside first, followed by Sam, Pete, Jack and James and then by Nikki and Cynthia. Nikki took hold of Cynthia. 'Are you alright?'
'I'm OK, Nikki.'
'Well, gentlemen,' Nicholas said. 'Welcome to your grave.'
Nicholas fired a few rounds into the pipes of the boiler causing steam to come out of and making the room very hot.
'Goodbye, MacGyver,' Murdoc said and then they left locking the door.
MacGyver ran to the door and pressed his ear against it.
'They're gone,' he said and turned around.
All eyes were aimed at him. 'What?'
'MacGyver, how are we going to get out of here?' Pete asked. (MacGyverism music begins here)
'I'm thinking. For starters everybody stay away from the steam as far as you can. Go into the corner over there and stay low.'
'Dad, that's not going to help very long.'
'I know, Sam. If we don't get out of here soon, the heat will kill us all.'
MacGyver looked around. 'Damn it.'
'MacGyver, hurry,' Nikki said.
'Yes, yes. Now, what do you do when things get too hot.'
'You cool them down, Mac,' Jack said.
James loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. 'Water. We need water.'
'Exactly and I know how. Sam, come with me, I need your help.'
MacGyver and Sam shuffled some things around and in another corner of the room they found a fire extinguisher. 'Oh, great idea, Dad. We can extinguish the steam.'
'No, that's just a part of the plan. Take that extinguisher and start spraying foam on those pipes.'
Sam did what his father said. MacGyver went to a table and found big rags of cloth.
'MacGyver, whatever you got in mind, hurry up. This place is getting hot,' Pete said.
'I'm working on it, Pete,' MacGyver said while taking out his Swiss Army Knife. He cut off a couple strips of cloth and tied them together to make a long strip of cloth.
'How's it going, Sam?'
'Still spraying.'
'You can stop now.'
Sam stopped spraying when MacGyver came back to him and tied the piece of cloth around the holes in the pipe. 'That's not going to hold but ought to take care of it for now.'
'Nice going, Mac,' Jack said.
'Thanks, but we're not out yet,' he said and walked back to the door. 'Pete? This door, it's a firedoor isn't it?'
'Yeah, we had them installed according to the standard procedure. In case the boiler room blows up the fire can be contained,' Pete explained.
MacGyver examined the door again. 'It's just a simple doorknob. Sam, you still have that extinguisher?'
'Right here, dad.'
Sam gave him the extinguisher.
'Everybody get back.' MacGyver rose the extinguisher high above him and let it come down with a lot of force on the doorknob.
Nothing happened.
He hit the doorknob again but still nothing happened. MacGyver looked over his shoulder with a frown. Everyone just looked back at him and then he went for a third blow. The doorknob fell off completely. MacGyver took the lock out and the door was open. (The music becomes uplifting before becoming dramatic again)
'Nice going, dad.'
'Come on, let's go back up.'

MacGyver and the group went back up to ground floor. They reached the entrance door of the Phoenix building. MacGyver stuck his head outside and looked around. Everything was still dark, empty and silent.
'Alright, here's what we're going to do,' he said. 'Jack and James, I want you to go to the control trower and try and establish contact with the mainland. Call the nearest authorities and give them our coordinates. Say that we have one casualty already and need help. Sam, Pete, girls, we'll see if we can put a stop to Murdoc and his friends.'
'How?' Cynthia asked.
'I don't know, but I think it's better to split up to cover more ground. But Jack and James, you better go first. Stay low and move fast. We don't know where they are, let alone if they're still here, so let's not take any chances. Go, now.'
James and Jack went outside. They ran up to Mac's cabin and stayed low.
'Are you ready, Jack?' James asked.
'Guess, I'll have to be,' Jack replied.
'Good, because you don't have a choice.'
James moved as quickly and as low as he could to the lake followed by Jack. They moved around when bullets started to fly around. James and Jack quickened their pace and eventually began to run like hell. The bullets missed them barely but they made it to the control tower.
'Alright, they made it. Now, let's be careful out there.'
MacGyver, Sam, Pete, Nikki and Cynthia went outside to the same place where Jack and James were.
'You know the drill. Stay low and move fast. Go.'
Sam and Pete took the same route as Jack and James did while Nikki and Cynthia ran the other way.
MacGyver kept an eye on the both of them when the bullets started to fly again, aimed at Sam and Pete. They both hit the dirt. Also Nikki and Cynthia hit the dirt.
MacGyver mouthed the words: 'Keep going,' to Nikki and Cynthia.
'Pete, are you ok?' Sam asked.
Pete was clearly out of breath. 'I may be old and slow but they still can't hit me from a distance.'
Sam nodded. 'Let's keep it that way and crawl, huh? Just breath in and out and you'll be alright. Let's see if we can find Helman.'
Bullets were fired again and MacGyver noticed they were coming from above him. It had to be Murdoc on the roof of his cabin. MacGyver crawled away to the storage area. A ladder was placed against the backwall that would lead up to his roof. MacGyver crawled up the ladder. (The track Underwater Fight from Lethal Weapon 4 begins here)

His head slowly rose from below the edge and he saw Murdoc in the middle of the roof with a sniper rifle. Quietly MacGyver got on top of the roof. Murdoc didn't seem to notice him and on the right moment, he charged at him. Murdoc got startled and they both screamed when they went off the roof. With a soft thud they ended up in the mudpit that was once the lake. They tried to catch their breath.
'MacGyver, you sure are one crazy son of a b*tch,' Murdoc said in-between breaths.
'Not as crazy you.'
Murdoc began to look for his rifle.
'Looking for this?' MacGyver asked.
'Give me that back.'
'Nope.' MacGyver threw the rifle away into the nearby trees.
'You bastard, you're going to pay for that.'
'Then give me everything you got.'
Murdoc charged at him and tackled MacGyver. They struggled through the mud, arms locked around their heads. MacGyver got on top of Murdoc when they got up. Suddenly Murdoc launched his elbow in MacGyver's stomach followed by his right fist and another right against Mac's mouth. MacGyver stumbled backwards and fell in the mud, holding his hand against his mouth. Something warm came out of it and saw blood on his hands.
'Come on, Mac. Surely, you can do better then that?'
'You have no idea, Murdoc.'
MacGyver took a handful of mud and threw it Murdoc's face. Murdoc grunted. MacGyver attacked him and gave him a headbutt followed by a right-left-right combination. Murdoc stumbled in the mud now.
'What do you got to say now, eh?'
The headbutt caused a wound above Murdoc's eyebrow.
'Very good. How about this?'
Murdoc kicked MacGyver behind his knee. MacGyver went through his knee and got another right hand against his jaw. Murdoc jumped on top of him and managed to hit MacGyver again three times with his right.
'Do you know if people can drown in mud, MacGyver?' he asked and began to push MacGyver's head in the mud. MacGyver struggled to get Murdoc off of him when suddenly his leg went up and kicked him in the balls. He broke Murdoc's hold on him and with a hard right, he punched Murdoc backwards. MacGyver got up, grabbed Murdoc by his head and kneed him in the face. Murdoc's tongue got caught between his teeth and nearly bit it off in the impact. There was blood everywhere. MacGyver launched his right fist in Murdoc's face followed by his left, another right, another left and another right. Murdoc plunged in the mud and spat out blood.
'Had enough?'
'Not quite, MacGyver,' Murdoc said and reached out for his knife. Shaky he got up and spat some more blood out and showed him the knife. 'Bring it on, you bastard.'
They circled around each other before Murdoc lashed out. MacGyver dodges the knife by taking a step backwards. Murdoc came closer and lashed out again. MacGyver dodged to his right and then to his left. There was an opening and MacGyver launched his right forearm straight into Murdoc's face. Murdoc retaliated by cutting his arm. MacGyver screamed when the blade cut his sleeve and skin. He reached for the wound and blood dripped between his fingers. They looked at each other waiting for the other one to make the next move. Murdoc made the next move by lashing out again but MacGyver grabbed his arm so Murdoc punched him with a hard left. MacGyver responded with his right and twisted Murdoc's arm any way he could. Murdoc pushed him away and saw his chance to lash out again and the tip of the knife cut in MacGyver's face on his left side from the eyebrow down. MacGyver staggered backwards but he didn't go down. The cut gave him an adrenaline rush and he charged back at Murdoc who swung the knife again but MacGyver ducked and hit Murdoc in the stomach followed by another right hook. Murdoc was dazed and saw MacGyver's left fist coming at him and another right hand uppercut busted his nose. Murdoc tried to get his senses back and unfocused he lashed out again only MacGyver kicked the knife away now.
'Why don't you give it up, Murdoc? It's over.'
'Because I rather die.'
'Then do what you got to do, I'm done.'
MacGyver turned around to leave.
'Oh, no, you don't.'
Murdoc ran after him and jumped on his back. MacGyver tried to get him of his back and swung in all directions but Murdoc didn't let go. MacGyver saw only one option and dropped himself on his back. From the impact Murdoc loosened up and MacGyver got himself free.
'I...' MacGyver hit him. 'Said...' He hits him again. 'I'm...' Another blow. 'Done!' Another one.
'But, I'm not,' Murdoc said and hit him back.
They rolled in the mud again and Murdoc got and start to kick MacGyver in the chest. He kicked him four times when Nicholas and Sonya appeared. (The track Ferris Wheel from Passenger 57 begins here)

'Murdoc, come on, let's go!'
'Dad!' Sam's voice came from the same path where Nicholas and Sonya came from.
Murdoc kicked him the face and took off. Sam appeared and ran up to his father.
'Dad, are you alright?'
'Where's Pete?'
'He's right behind me.'
MacGyver looked in the direction Sam came from and saw Pete coming.
'Alright, stay with him. Find Nikki and go get the others, I'm going to try and stop them.'
'OK. You good?'
'I'm fine. Go get the others, now.'
Sam did what he was told while MacGyver ran after Murdoc, Nicholas and Sonya. He saw them running down the path behind the cliff. His body was aching but he was determined to catch them no matter what. He ran out of the lake and past his cabin and supplies basement back to the open storage area and stopped by the cliff. Murdoc, Nicholas and Sonya were nowhere to be seen.
On the moment MacGyver wanted to walk down the path a loud noise was heard in the jungle like the start-up of an engine. The humming sound of rotors were heard and the treetops started to wave in the wind. A helicopter appeared from between the trees. Nicholas and Sonya were flying it while Murdoc sat in the back holding a machine gun. MacGyver and Murdoc looked at each other. Murdoc smiled and opened fire on MacGyver. MacGyver jumped over the hood of one of the SUV's that were still parked there. The bullets ricocheted around him. MacGyver hid behind the car. The helicopter circled around and Murdoc kept firing around the camp. He hit the buildings, MacGyver's cabin. They even circled as far over the lake to shoot up the control tower as well before returning to the storage area. Murdoc kept firing and started to aim for the gasoline tanks that were stored there. MacGyver saw how dangerously close he was and ran to another SUV when Murdoc unleashed another rain of bullets that hit the target. One of the tanks blew up and got torpedoed in the air. Other tanks blew up as well with the same effect. One of them crashed through the roof of MacGyver's cabin followed by an immense explosion. The roof got blown off, the windows shattered and one wall got blown away. The rest just collapsed in debris and fire blocking the way back to the camp. MacGyver was surrounded by fire and a helicopter that kept circling over him. He tried to think fast on what to do. Murdoc reloaded and continued firing. He was now aiming for one of the SUV's. The windows were bulletproof so they just ended up full of holes. The helicopter circled around again when MacGyver noticed the winch and a grappling hook in front of the SUV.
'Burma!' he said and pushed the button to unfold the cable.
The helicopter went back to the other side of the camp to give a second salvo on the control tower. Only nobody was there. Sam, Pete, Jack, James, Nikki and Cynthia had run into the hangar and were on their way back to the camp. They saw the destruction the helicopter caused. Pete was visibly shocked.
'It's coming back,' Sam said. 'Get back in the hangar.'
The helicopter flew over one more time with Murdoc firing at will before returning back to the storage area. On their way back over, MacGyver had climbed up the ruins of his cabin holding a long of leash of cable. The helicopter passed him but Murdoc was unable to shoot him.
'Damn it,' he said. 'Circle around again and fly in low. I'll have him this time.' The helicopter circled around again and flew in low. MacGyver jumped on the strut. Murdoc aimed and fired.
'No!' His rifle was empty and had to reload again.
MacGyver was hanging on the helicopter and swung the cable halfway around the strut. He tied it with the hook.
Murdoc finished reloading and was about the aim when MacGyver let go of the strut and fell a couple of feet down. He ended back on the roof and rolled into the storage area, near the SUV. He got up and pushed the button to reel in the capture of the day.
'What is he doing?' Sonya asked.
'He's reeling us in,' Murdoc said.
'Just kill him already!' Nicholas barked.
Murdoc opened fire one more time aiming mostly in the direction of where the cable came from. He was going for the car and screamed while firing. The bullets ricocheted all around the car while MacGyver ducked. Suddenly the car caught fire and blew up. The cable yanked at the helicopter but because of the explosion the winch got blocked and stopped reeling. The helicopter got anchored to a burning car!
'Do something, Murdoc. Cut the wire.'
'I don't have a my knife.'
'Shoot the cable, Murdoc, come on!' Sonya said.
'Give it a yank, the cable might snap.' Murdoc said.
Nicholas tried to steer the helicopter as good as he could and pushed it to his limits. Slowly the car began to give in and got dragged with the helicopter. The car slid over in the mud towards MacGyver who got caught between the surrounding fires, the burning car and the cliff. He ran in the only direction he could and that was towards the cliff. MacGyver jumped over the cliff straight into the darkness. He landed unsoftly several feet below and got hold of some vines. He looked up and saw from how high he fell and then he looked below which was nothing but a dark bottomless pit. MacGyver saw the helicopter above him struggling to get rid of the car but the only result they got was that the car got pulled closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Holding onto the vines MacGyver managed to face the cliff and began his climb back up when the edge got lit up by the burning car. The front of the car became visible right above him.
'Aw, man! No!'
In a final attempt to get rid of the car, Nicholas pulled the helicopter up and the SUV went over the cliff. MacGyver saw the burning colossus coming right at him at an incredible speed. MacGyver thought he was done for, when the car hit a bump in the rocks, bounced off and flew over him, missing him with hardly an inch. MacGyver screamed when the SUV passed by him with a thunderous sound. Inside Nicholas and Sonya screamed when the weight of the car pulled down the helicopter. For a brief moment Murdoc stuck his head out and saw MacGyver in the light of the fire hanging on the side of the cliff.
The burning SUV dragged the helicopter down with it to the bottom of the cliff where it exploded in a massive fireball that turned into mushroom-like cloud. The earth was shaking from the impact and MacGyver held on as hard as he could when the cliff vibrated. In the explosion one the car's wheels flew up right behind MacGyver before falling back. MacGyver sighed and let his head rest against the cliff. (The music ends here)
On top of the cliff, Sam, Pete, Jack, Nikki, James and Cynthia managed to move some of the debris aside to get through to the storage area. They saw the explosion happening when they came back from hangar.
They stood on top of the cliff but couldn't see anything except for the burning wreck below next to the remains of the scaffolding.
'Oh, God, no,' Nikki said.
'You think he went over the cliff?' James asked.
'If he did, there's no way he could've survived that,' Pete said.
'Oh, no, no, no, no, no,' Cynthia whimpered. Nikki hugged her.
The six of them all stood there in silence.
Softly groaning MacGyver reached the top of the cliff, little out of sight of his friends and dunked his head the mud. He was muddy, he was bloody and he was very tired. He got up and joined his friends who still hadn't noticed him. He looked at them and then looked over the cliff himself. He saw the helicopter and burning there.
'That's a long way down,' he said nodding.
'MacGyver,' Nikki said and let go of Cynthia.
'Mac!' Jack cheered. 'You made it.'
Pete was stumped. He pointed at MacGyver and then to the cliff.
Nikki hugged him despite he was muddy and bloody.
'Careful,' he said when she hugged him. 'I need to go to the hospital... again.'
'How did you survive that?'
'I jumped into the cliff before the helicopter blew up.'
'Why?' Sam asked.
'Because I attached the grappling hook from the SUV to the strut of the helicopter. They dragged the car with it which pulled them into the cliff.'
'I hope they're dead now,' Nikki said.
'I know, what you mean.'
A noise came from somewhere behind the Phoenix building.
'What's that?' Cynthia asked.
'I don't know,' MacGyver said. 'Let's find out.'
Behind a couple of stashed barrels a door became visible. A pounding sound was heard. MacGyver looked at the others and opened the door. (The track My Name Is Lincoln from the movie The Island begins here)

A kid's face was became visible. Everybody was stunned of what they saw. It was a young girl.
'Yes, that's me. Who are you?'
'Name's MacGyver. How did... what? Is everyone in there?'
'Yes, Nigel, Yung Li, Anonda, Endrani, Kumoken and a bunch of others are in there.'
MacGyver stuck his head in. 'Alright, you can come out now.'
The other kids followed and they ran outside cheering they were finally free.
'Cheone, what happened?'
'That awful man locked us up in here for like weeks now. He gave us food and drinks but he never told us why he locked us up.'
'It's a long story, Cheone. We'll explain later. Go on, have fun with your friends.'
Cheone joined her friends as they began to play. Meanwhile the sun slowly rose over the island. A new day has begun.
'So, now what?' Pete asked.
'Back to the drawingboard, I guess and I'm going to have to explain Lisa her father is dead. This was not exactly part of the plan. We're going to have to start all over again.'
'How? Who's willing to invest in us now?' Cynthia asked.
'Oh, we'll manage,' MacGyver said reassuring.
'There's nothing we can't do,' Nikki said.
MacGyver placed his arm around her. 'I'll talk to the investors from as soon as I'm patched up.'
'You need any help with that?' Sam asked.
MacGyver patted his face. 'I'd like that.'
'You probably need an airline too,' James said.
'And a pilot,' Jack added. 'Two pilots.'
'You got it.'
'And I'll talk to the chairman of the board to arrange a meeting,' Pete said.
'That would be great, Pete. You see, if we all do our part we can make the world a better a place.'
MacGyver kissed Nikki on her head and placed his other arm around Sam, while they looked at the kids playing in what was left over of the camp. These were the real kids the robots were based on and MacGyver would make sure the same kids would be able to return from as soon the camp is rebuilded so they can talk about world peace. But first they would have to go back to the drawingboard and start from scratch. Knowing that MacGyver will be leading that project with the Phoenix Foundation, that shouldn't be a problem at all.
(The music reaches it's peak and launches into MacGyver's end credits)
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I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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