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MacGyver - Children Of The United Nations part 6, Rated R for violence and some language
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Posted: 16 September 2018 - 04:45 AM                                    
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Welcome to chapter 6. After a daring escape above the Himalayas, MacGyver, Sam and Jack ended up in a strange country where they find one of the kids parents and meet the highest placed ruler of the nation. But is he willing to let them leave and have them carry on their assignment? You'll find out below.

You can find the previous chapter here.

(We fade in with the opening music of Mountain of Youth)
Chapter VI
Thimpu, Buthan

From the western sky a tiny dot was floating down on a parachute. It was a blue parachute with a white Phoenix Foundation logo on top of it. The man was steadily steering the parachute to the ground below and like a pro he made his touchdown. The parachute covered him partially during his landing. The man crawled up right from underneath the parachute and it's no one else then MacGyver. He shook his head and took off his parachute. While doing so he looked around to scan his surroundings. He was somewhere in the wilderness surrounded by mountains. He grabbed the parachute and rougly folded it together in a pack, placed his jacket over it and he hid it in a bush near the mountain. When he walked back to where he landed he took out the PDA and shook his head again to get that lock of hair out his eyes. He tapped the screen and went to 'options'. Scrolling down the screen he found the option he was looking for and pressed: 'intiate tracking device.' (The music becomes more mysterious)
A beeping sound was heard and on his screen a compass appeared with a blinking white dot pointing north of where he was. The white dot made a continous beeping sound. MacGyver started to make way to the white dot, when another white dot appeared that also seemed to becoming down from the sky, not too far from the first white dot. It was on his way so he just continued down the path he took. He kept following the PDA tracking device and after a five minute walk he saw a familiar face... hanging in a tree. MacGyver placed his hands in his sides and with a smile he studied the person hanging there. (The music fades away here)
'Hey, Jack.'
'Hey, Mac.'
'What are you doing up there?'
'What does it look like I'm doing up here?'
MacGyver tried to keep back his laugh but barely couldn't.
'You're going to help me out there, or what?'
'Just a moment. I want Sam to see this.'
From his right he heard a faint voice yelling. 'Heeeeeey!'
MacGyver looked at where the sound came from and saw Sam carrying his parachute and waving at them. MacGyver waved back and signaled him to come closer. Sam walked up to them.
'Check it out,' MacGyver said.
Sam chuckled when he saw Jack hanging in the tree. 'I got to take a picture of this.'
Sam took out his camera.
'Come on, Jack, give us a smile,' MacGyver said.
Jack grinned in the camera and Sam took the picture.
'Now, MacGyver, get me down from here, I'm getting dizzy.'
'Alright, alright. Just let me get up there.'
MacGyver climbed into the tree and noticed that the parachute was torn up and the lines were tangled up pretty good in the branches.
'You know, Jack, you're tangled up pretty good here,' he said while getting in a good position to cut the lines.
'Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just take out that trusty knife of yours and cut me loose. I've been hanging here for ten minutes now.'
MacGyver took out his Swiss Army Knife and started to cut the lines.
'Be careful, Mac, you know I have a tender body.'
MacGyver stopped cutting and looked at Jack from up top. 'Just one more.'
'And watch my head!' Jack yelled.
At exactly that moment MacGyver cut the last one sending Jack down.
'Wooohooooo, oeh!'
'Touchdown!' Sam cheered.
'Give me a hand.'
Sam helped Jack up while MacGyver jumped out of three.
'Now, wasn't that a fun party?' Jack asked.
'It sure made me feel alive,' Sam said. 'What about you, dad?'
'Danger is my middle name,' MacGyver replied.
'Mine's Angus.'
'So what do you think happened to them?' Jack asked.
'We dumped the fuel on them and bailed out,' MacGyver said. 'What do you think?'
'They crashed?'
'Maybe. I think we're rid of them for now but I don't think they're dead yet. Murdoc survives everything.'
'So where are we?' Sam asked.
'I don't know yet,' MacGyver said, 'but we were flying east. And we haven't flown that long either. If I retrace back our steps and if I remember my geography classes well, I think we're in Buthan.'
'This is where Anonda came from.'
'So, where do we go from here?' Jack wanted to know.
'Well, if I look at the PDA, we're near the capital of Thimpu. I'd say we scout out.'
MacGyver, Sam and Jack started to work their way to Thimpu.
'Dad, do you think we'll find Anonda's parents here?'
'I don't know. We found everyone else, why not them?'
'You're right. Interesting, we ended up here. Anonda is about the only one who didn't cause trouble at the camp so far.'
'Mac, why don't you contact Pete from that thing and tell them to send James with a plane, so we can get out of here?' Jack wondered.
'As long as we're here, we might scout out the place. From as soon we found a place to stay, I'll contact Pete.'
As they walked through the wilderness, MacGyver got this uneasy feeling they were being watched. Sam noticed this. 'What is it, dad?' (Tense music comes up)
'I don't know,' he said and looked at the trees. 'I feel like we're being watched.'
Sam and Jack looked at the trees. 'I don't see anything.'
'Neither do I,' Jack said.
'Ssshhh,' MacGyver said and pointed his finger to a treetop. 'Right there.'
Jack and Sam followed his finger and saw indeed movement in the trees.
'If there is one there then the other or others must be...'
Suddenly a group of soldiers surrounded them with rifles. (The music intensifies)
'... around us.'
They walked right into an ambush.
'Oh, great,' Sam said.
The leader of the group said something in Buthanese and signaled with his gun that they had to raise their hands.
'Now what, Mac?' Jack asked.
'We surrender,' he said.
(Military music is heard here and then fades away)
MacGyver, Jack and Sam were brought the Royal Palace. The king was sitting on his throne on the inner court surrounded by servants and military men. He was watching an archery contest between two contestants. One of them was a woman. She took an arrow, placed it on the bow, aimed, pulled the arrow and fired. The arrow went straight into the bullseye. It was hailed by applause. The other contestant was a man. He was clearly nervous because he was losing. He had one more chance to get even. He wiped off his forehead with his handkerchief and took his last arrow and got ready to fire. He was a little shaky but tried to stay focussed. The crowds held their breaths. He fired... and missed. The crowd showed their disappointed. The king stood up and went to the female contestant and declared her winner of the contest. The crowd cheered again but it didn't last long when MacGyver, Jack and Sam were pushed in the inner court. The other military men also drew their guns.
'This reminds me of Ammukash, Mac,' Jack said.
'Not really,' MacGyver replied.
They were pushed to the middle of the inner court. The king walked up to them.
'Soldier,' he said firmly, 'explain yourself. What is the meaning of this?'
'We found them in the woods,' the soldier said.
'The woods?' the king asked. 'Is that a reason to bring in strangers to the palace?'
'They were on military grounds.'
'I see.'
'Your Royal Highness, if I may?' Jack started but MacGyver interrupted him.
'Jack, shush.'
'Are you the leader?' the king asked observing MacGyver.
'Your Majesty,' MacGyver bowed. 'I'm sorry if we were trespassing in your country. We meant no offense.'
'Walking through the woods is no crime here. Only you were found on military territory. Who are you and why are you here?'
'Name's MacGyver.'
'MacGyver? You're a westerner? An American?'
'That's right. This is my son, Mr. Malloy and my friend, Mr. Dalton.'
Sam and Jack both bowed now.
'Put your guns away,' the king ordered and the soldiers obeyed.
The king walked back to his throne and MacGyver, Sam and Jack followed him.
'Explain yourself,' the king said.
'We're on our way to India, unfortunately we lost our plane over the Himalayas,' MacGyver explained.
'You could say that. We were simply passing through and tried to reach Thimpur when we bumped into your troops.'
'Yes, my troops. As I said, you were walking on military territory, that is off limits. Yet, there was no way of you to know, especially not after you lost your plane. How did you lose your plane?'
'We were hijacked, sir. We jumped ship, sort to speak.'
'Hm,' the king said, 'and then you landed on our military zone. I understand.'
The soldier came closer. 'Your Majesty, the law says we have to punish those who break it.'
The king raised his hand to shut him up. 'Before we get to that, I like to give our guests the chance to explain themselves. You acted the way you had to soldier. But now, Mr. MacGyver, tell me, what are you doing here?'
'Well, Your Majesty. We're actually not supposed to be here but in India. We work for an organization called the Phoenix Foundation.'
'The Phoenix Foundation?' the king said as if he heard that name before. 'I think I've heard of that organization.'
'It's pretty likely. We work all over the world.'
'Tell me. What do you do for this Foundation?'
'Currently we're working on a special assignment in the South Pacific.'
'Yes, I've heard of it. Camp United?'
'You know it?' Sam asked suprised.
'There is very little I don't know,' the king said. 'One of Bhutan's sons is there to talk about world peace with other children of the world. He will put our country a little more on the map.'
'You know Anonda?' MacGyver asked.
'Anonda?' the king thought for a moment. 'Yes, I believe that's his name.'
'And he's your son?'
'Not in the actual sense of the word.'
'He is in fact my son,' the female contestant said.
MacGyver looked at her: 'Really? You're Anonda's mother?'
'Yes, have you seen him? Is he alright?'
'I've met him the day I started there. He was alright then.'
'Good. I just hope he takes his medication for his allergies. He's really allergic.'
'That's weird. He never said anything about having allergies to us,' Sam said.
'That is weird,' Anonda's mother said. 'Maybe he forgot.'
'Since you know one of Buthan's sons,' the king said, 'you have nothing to fear here. Please, be welcome in our country. Feel free to stay at the Royal Place if you wish.'
'We're very grateful, sir, but we really have to get to India as fast as we can.'
'Do you have any means of transportation?'
'Well, we might be able to call someone but it will take a day or two for them to get here.'
'Until they do, feel free to stay.'
'Thank you, sir.'
'Your Majesty,' the soldier said.
'What is it, soldier?'
'The law.'
'Oh yes, the law. Before we continue, Mr. MacGyver, I do have to say that as a king I have to abide by the laws of Buthan. Even though you had no way of knowing, you were caught trespassing on military grounds. The law says trespassers should be punished either by death or incarceration. The powers invested in me by the Buthanese people, I sentence you to...'
Everybody held their breaths.
'An archery competition.'
The crowd gasped in surprise.
'What?' the soldier said. 'Sire, you can't mean that.'
'Soldier, I am the king of this country. I may not be above the law but I will abide by them as I see fit. Mr. MacGyver, Mr. Malloy and Mr. Dalton are no threat to this nation and were trespassing without knowing. Still the laws says to punish them, well this is their punishment. If they can win the competition they are free to go. If not they will be send to the dungeons. Fair enough, Mr. MacGyver?'
'Well it sounds better then knightly combat.'
'Nothing, Your Majesty. I will accept the challenge. Who is my opponent?'
'Me,' Anonda's mother said.
The king signaled to one of his servants who brought a new basket full of arrows.
'Mr. MacGyver, you may begin,' the king said.
Anonda's mother gave him the bow.
'I don't even like shooting guns,' MacGyver mumbled.
'It's just target practice,' she said. 'Just place the arrow on the bow, aim and fire.'
She took a couple of steps backwards to give MacGyver some room and everyone became quiet. MacGyver began to focus and pulled the string to aim. Only the sound of the wind was heard. He closed his left eye to adjust his vision and fired. The arrow went into the target... right under the bullseye. The crowd applauded.
'Not bad,' she whispered. 'Now watch this.'
Anonda's mother swiftly took an arrow, placed it on the bow and fired. The arrow hit right in the bullseye. The crowd applauded even louder now.
'Just aim straight for the middle and let go.'
'Right,' he said. 'Straight for the middle.'
He took another arrow and aimed straight for the middle. A whistling sound was heard when he let go and the arrow flew into the bullseye next to the other arrow. There was a louder applause now.
'Alright, dad,' Sam cheered.
'Nice one, Mac,' Jack said.
MacGyver nodded at them.
'See?' Anonda's mother asked.
MacGyver gave her the bow back.
She fired another arrow which also hit the spot. MacGyver's next arrow was also a hit. Her third arrow went in but MacGyver missed his. The score was 3 to 2. She scored again and so did MacGyver. 4-3.
'Final arrows,' the king announced.
'Don't worry,' she whispered and winked at him.
She took her final arrow, aimed and fired but she missed the bullseye. The crowd responded a little disappointed. MacGyver looked at her and she just shook her shoulders.
MacGyver took his last arrow and fired. The arrow hit the target's bullseye straight in the middle of the other arrows. The crowd cheered.
'Final score, 4-4,' the king said. 'We have a tie.'
'Your Majesty,' MacGyver said. 'I would like to give her another shot. A winner-takes-all shot, if that is alright with you?'
'I see no harm that. Servant!'
One of the king's servants provided MacGyver and Anonda's mother with another arrow.
'It's your move,' MacGyver said.
Anonda's mother aimed and fired again but she missed once more. MacGyver took his turn and the arrow went again in the bullseye. Final score: 5-4 for MacGyver.
'Well, Mr. MacGyver, it seems you and your friends have earned your freedom. Congratulations,' the king said.
'Thank you, sir.'
'Now, feel free to stay at the palace if you like. I'll arrange transportation so you can go to India as soon as possible.'
They bowed to each other and the king and his entourage left. Also the people started to head home.
Anonda's mother approached him and congratulated him on his victory.
'Congratulations, Mr. MacGyver.'
'Thanks,' he said, 'but why did you do it?'
'Do what?' she asked seemingly not knowing what he was talking about.
'You deliberately missed those last two arrows. I notice those kind of things.'
'Mr. MacGyver, I did this for my son. You are clearly one of the last people I know who saw him. I can't afford they would throw you into the dungeons.'
MacGyver nodded in approval.
'Besides, I want you to see him again if you go back to the island. I have something you need to give him.'
'Follow me to my chambers.'
'Wait, you live in the palace?' he asked suprised.
'Yeah, I live here and work here. I'm part of the staff. Follow me.'
She walked ahead.
'Sam, Jack, come on.'

MacGyver, Jack and Sam were brought to the chambers of Anonda's mother in the palace. The whole room was designed in Buthanese style.
'Please, sit,' she said and pointed them to a couch. 'Tea?'
'Sure,' MacGyver said.
The PDA beeped in his pants. 'Excuse me, I gotta take this.'
MacGyver got up and walked away from the couch. He pressed transmit.
'Mac, are you alright? Where are you?'
'We're in Buthan.'
'Yeah, a slight detour.'
'What happened? Jack still hasn't got back yet.'
'No, he's here with me.'
'Hey, Pete,' Jack said.
'Well?' Pete wanted to know.
'We got hijacked by Murdoc and his HIT-friends,' MacGyver explained.
'Yeah, we bailed out of the plane in mid-air.'
'What about Sam?'
'We all made it but we landed in Buthan. Have you seen Anonda?'
'Yeah, Cynthia is with him now. She's trying to give her classes.'
'Did you notice anything weird about him?'
'Like what?'
'Sneezing, Pete. Was he sneezing?'
'Uh, no. Why?'
'I found his mother. She claims her son has allergies.'
'Allergies? Well, I haven't noticed anything.'
'I see.'
'MacGyver, what are you thinking about?'
'That the plot is thicking, Pete.'
'Do you need help? Shall I send a plane?'
'That won't be necessary, Pete. The king of Buthan is arranging our transportation.'
'The king?'
'It's a long story, Pete.'
'Well, if you need anything, let me know.'
'I will, Pete.'
'I'm glad you're safe.'
'Thanks, Pete.'
MacGyver walked back to the couch were Anonda's mother brought them their tea.
'And?' Sam asked.
'Ma'am, I just talked to my boss on the island,' MacGyver said, 'and he said your son wasn't sneezing at all.'
Anonda's mother sat down and took her own cup of tea. 'I don't understand.'
'What is it exactly that he is allergic of?'
'He's mostly allergic of long-haired creatures.'
'There you have it, Mac,' Jack said.
'Yeah, it might explain why he's not sneezing.'
'How's that?' Anonda's mother asked.
'Most of the animals have been transported off the island.'
MacGyver thought for a moment. 'Still, I don't get it.'
'What do you mean, dad?' Sam asked.
'He never said anything about allergies.'
'I can't imagine why my son would hold that back from you,' Anonda's mother said.
'Neither can I. That's why we need to get back to the island as soon as possible and ask him after we've been to India.'
'Good plan, Mac,' Jack said.
Somebody knocked. Anonda's mother opened the door. It was the soldier that had captured them earlier. 'Gentlemen, your transportation have been arranged.'
'Good,' MacGyver said. 'Than we better get going.'
They walked out the door. MacGyver stopped and turned around. 'Don't worry, ma'am. I will figure out what's going on. I'm sure your son is safe.'
She smiled at him and nodded. They bowed and MacGyver left.
'Come on,' the soldier said.
On their way to the location of their transport the PDA beeped again. MacGyver answered the call. 'What is it this time, Pete?' Only it wasn't Pete it was Endrani.
'Endrani? Where's Pete?'
'Don't you worry about him. He was kind enough to give me his PDA.'
'What do you want, Endrani? I'm on my way to India. Didn't Pete tell you what happened?'
'Oh, he did. I just wondered if it was so hard to put those damn flowers on the grave of my poor grandfather?'
'Endrani, first of all, watch your mouth. I'm doing what you asked me too. Just try to have a little fun there.'
'Fun? Fun? That sounds familiar but very vaguely.'
'I got to go, Endrani. From as soon we're airborne, I'll be in India in no time.'
A little annoyed MacGyver turned the PDA off. 'Nice kid, huh, Mac?' Jack said.
'Once you get to know her, maybe.' (Music comes up)
They passed the area where they landed earlier. MacGyver, Jack and Sam took their parachutes back. A little up ahead, on an open field there was helicopter waiting for them along with the king. They got a royal send off and the helicopter took off bringing our three friends to...
(The music reaches it's peak and we fade out here)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
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