021 A Prisoner of Conscience
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Posted on 28 October 2018 - 01:31 PM                                    
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DXS Operative

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Season: season 3
Episode:ETSS, Partners
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The English aspect in this one requires a HUGE suspension of disbelief, but it's certainly not the only MacGyver or 80s show that does. Even if you believe they would have let American's into the hospital that doesn't explain why every other person there is speaking in fluent English - so then you would have to assume that Mac and Pete are speaking Russian the whole time, which while possible is unlikely - considering his rusty Russian in Ghost Ship. Of course now spy movies just have to make their spies fluent in every language, which while more plausible is also unlikely in many cases.

The boat chase seemed to be more movie footage spliced in (I was super happy when they stopped doing that as often) but it works fairly seamlessly here.

Love the beginning interaction with Mac and Pete - Mac would just fly 10,000 miles to help Pete out without him asking - and eating the apple is a nice touch laugh.gif

I also wonder what happened at the end, there were so many aspects left hanging! Sure they got the main guy out, but what about Biff and all the other prisoners? The sadistic doctor? I also didn't like Pete dropping the medicine - seemed sloppy. But then the guy who finds it automatically assumes it was a conspiracy between the female doctor and Pete? hmm.bmp

A bit all over the place, this one. But I still enjoyed it for the lunacy it was. Good+.

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Posted on 28 October 2018 - 02:57 PM                                    
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Director of Intelligence

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Season: season 5
Episode:Serenity, Passages, Humanity
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There used to be a time in movies (mainly World War II movies) the cast spoke in more then one language. But apparently reading subtitles and watching the movie at the same time appears to be a tad difficult. So everyone has to speak English. Though it never bothered me, it might be a step backwards. Just look at one of those World War II movies from the 70's or simply watch Inglorious Basterds.

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Posted on 28 October 2018 - 04:42 PM                                    
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Phoenix Special Agent

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Season: season 4
Episode:Deadly Dreams
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I affectionately refer to this episode as the Burrito Mac episode because I kept getting it mixed up with The Escape. lol

While going through season 1, I remember thinking... man, MacGyver REALLY likes apples. This was like the third episode we see him eating an apple during the season (unless I'm missing an episode).

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