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DashboardOnFire Posted on 22 February 2020 - 05:14 PM
  Preview for Episode 4x04 next week:

DashboardOnFire Posted on 22 February 2020 - 03:41 PM
QUOTE (BabyEinstein @ 21 February 2020 - 02:41 PM)
I will say that Mac needs a normal, stable, regular family

There have been some tweets joking about being ready to adopt him tongue.gif
DashboardOnFire Posted on 22 February 2020 - 07:02 AM
  set visit with ET Online:

(sorry, embedding link works but the screen keeps "shaking" like an earthquake so took it out again tongue.gif )
DashboardOnFire Posted on 21 February 2020 - 06:27 PM
  Interview with Justin Hires:

By starrymag | February 21, 2020

Q) What are the recent projects that you have been busy working on?
A) A lot actually! I’m currently writing Half Baked 2 for Universal. So, that’s been taking up a lot of my time. Also, I’ve started putting out music and I’ve just put out my first hip hop project called Chapter 1: I Do This Too to let people know I do a lot of different things. So, I thought that would be the appropriate title for the mixed tape. So, between writing Half Baked 2 for Universal, putting out music and touring doing standup comedy and working on “MacGyver” my plate is pretty full.

Q) Where do we pick up with Bozer in Season 4 of “MacGyver?”
A) The season starts with Will as a moderately successful film director or at least he’s starting to break through. We discover Wilt at a film festival. He’s premiering his new film and then MacGyver (Lucas Till) comes along to try to get the group back together to help solve a mission. Of course, millions of peoples’ lives are at stake. [laughs] Then, we have a new character – the Russ Taylor (Henry Ian Cusick) character that comes into play. We’re not exactly sure if he is a good guy or a bad guy. But we bring him along. Well, he kind of recruits us to help him out and then along the mission we start to discover whether or not he is a good guy or bad guy.

Q) What keeps challenging you about portraying Bozer?
A) You know, it’s funny. Every season I feel the writers give me a super dramatic scene or episode and I’m actually a comedian. I’m a standup comedian at my heart and core. So, it always challenges me acting to go into these emotions that I typically stray away from naturally. But the outcome is always a great episode and great scenes and it helps me to become an even better actor.

Q) Have you had much of a say in Bozer’s development over the seasons?
A) The writers do such an amazing job that I really don’t say too much. The only thing that I always try to make sure I do is make him sound as authentic as possible. So, what I mostly do is make sure my character is sounding authentic and I feel like this is something that Bozer would say. I don’t really contact the writers. I think they’re doing a really good job with my character. I think he has evolved tremendously. I’m very proud of the writers and what they have done with him so far.

Q) Going into Season 4 was there someone(s) you were hoping to share scenes with?
A) I think they’re pretty good at having us work with everyone. I was excited to work with Ian (Henry Ian Cusick – he prefers Ian over Henry). I think we have some great scenes together. I always love scenes with Meredith [Eaton] and Lucas. I am always looking forward to that. Actually, what I kind of look forward is we always have these interesting guest stars on the show. They are always fun to work with because they always bring a new energy and a new vibe to these scenes. I really enjoy meeting and working with the guest stars also.

Q) Is there any chance for a Wilt centered episode this season?
A) I’ve heard there are more coming up. We haven’t gotten to it yet. For the most part, I’m more so helping Matty at the foundation in the war room. So, I’ve kind of become her number two guy when it comes to directing the crew with where to go and stuff to look up as far as facts and helping with the weapons almost like Q in the James Bond films. So, I’m kind of more so in that element in Season 4.

Q) How does Russ fit into the team’s relationship and how will he interact with Bozer?
A) That’s a great question. Russ has someone saved the Phoenix Foundation with his finances. But when he first meets Wilt, after a few episodes we’re starting to see him question what exactly is Bozer’s purpose on the show. What does he really bring to the team? What is really his value? So, there is a little bit of competitiveness with Russ and Bozer with who brings the most value to the team. Bozer steps up to the challenge and lets him know that “I belong to the Phoenix Foundation and I bring a lot to the team.”

Q) Who are some guest stars we will be seeing this season?
A) There was one guy I was very excited to be working with – Keith David!

Q) What have been some of your favorite stunts or scenes to film over the years?
A) My favorite scenes to film are any time they allow Bozer or put him in situations where I am able to show off my physical comedy. I think that is something the audience really likes, too. Let’s say there is an explosion or we get shot it (something like that) where I can show a little bit of physical comedy – how I react to the situation at the moment. I enjoy those type of moments. My other favorite scenes are any time they allow me to improv. When they allow me to improv and get a few jokes that’s always my favorite.

Q) What do you think it is about “MacGyver” that continues to make it such a fan favorite series?
A) I think, ultimately, the show is about family. It’s about a group of friends that see each other as family and I think that’s something that is universal. I think everybody can relate to one of the characters on the show, which is great. I think everybody has a MacGyver or a Riley (Tristin Mays) or a Bozer and all these other characters in their group of friends or family. And I think that sometimes people see themselves or see somebody that they would want to hang out with when they look at us on the show. I really do believe that between the family aspect and the heart that we bring to the show is why people gravitate to “MacGyver” so much.

Q) You are a part of social media. Do you enjoy the instant fan feedback you receive to the series?
A) I do love social media! I love that connection with artists. There are two different types of people in the entertainment business – the people that love social media and then there are people that hate social media. I, luckily, love being on social media. I enjoy doing a behind the scenes video and cracking jokes and really having that engagement with the audience.

Q) Is there anything else about Season 4 of “MacGyver” you want to be sure we share with our readers?
A) I think this season we’re going to get a lot more drama in a good way. I think the stakes are much higher. I think they’re going to get to see their favorite characters step up to the plate and tackle the task at hand.

Q) You have great comedic timing. Is it something that has always been a natural ability for you?
A) I’ve been naturally funny since pre-school. [chuckles] I remember getting my first laughs in pre-school. I won “Most Humorous” in elementary and in high school. So, yeah, it’s one of those things where I’ve always been the funny guy in school at class. I was the one the teacher said was talking too much. [laughs] It all paid off because now I’m getting paid to talk. It all worked out!

Q) What would you like to say to everyone who are fans and supporters of you and your work?
A) Wow! I appreciate you. I read all the comments and the tweets. Their support means more to me than they know. I will just continue to strive for greatness and to become the best version of myself. To be an inspiration to others.
MacGyverOnline Posted on 21 February 2020 - 03:08 PM
QUOTE (BabyEinstein @ 22 February 2020 - 12:41 AM)
There can't possibly be any other long-lost brilliant family members with skewed world views, can there?  ohmy.gif

Get ready for the bombshell... "You're father hasn't told you? Your mother's not dead. She's in witness protection. They hid her from him." surprise.gif

DashboardOnFire Posted on 21 February 2020 - 02:35 PM
  Press Release and First Official Still for Episode 4x06:

“Right + Wrong + Both + Neither” – When Russ’ first love, Emilia (Amanda Schull), is kidnapped by the same rebels he fought during his private military contract days, he takes the Phoenix team to a small, impoverished town to rescue her and rid the town of the rebels for good, on MACGYVER, Friday, March 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Lucas Till (Angus “Mac” MacGyver)
Tristin Mays (Riley Davis)
Justin Hires (Wilt Bozer)
Meredith Eaton (Matty Weber)
Levy Tran (Desi Nguyen)
Henry Ian Cusick (Russ Taylor)

Amanda Schull (Emilia West)
Matt Medrano (Dr. Marcel)
Nick Rhys (Victor)
Maximilian Osinski (Anton)
John Purcarea (Worker)
Alex Veadov (Felix)
Yosef Kasnetzkov (Lead Guard)
Teodora Cristea (Female Worker)

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Klein
DIRECTED BY: Roderick Davis
BabyEinstein Posted on 21 February 2020 - 04:41 AM
  I for one am excited about the Jeri Ryan arc. I like the idea of Mac being conflicted and challenging his beliefs. Of course, I'm assuming that his loyalty to friends wins out, but it is fascinating to see how a picture changes from black and white to multiple shades of grey. Having been a child in the era of westerns and clear good guy/bad guy dynamics, the world has become so much more complicated. Although I do hope no action and fun is sacrificed.

I will say that Mac needs a normal, stable, regular family
laugh.gif laugh.gif There can't possibly be any other long-lost brilliant family members with skewed world views, can there? ohmy.gif
MacGyverOnline Posted on 21 February 2020 - 12:45 AM
QUOTE (DashboardOnFire @ 21 February 2020 - 09:24 AM)
Casting News with an additional SPOILER ALERT:

'MacGyver' Casts Jeri Ryan as Mac's [Spoiler] For Multi-Episode Arc
Jim Halterman February 20, 2020 11:30 am

Beam Seven of Nine up... to MacGyver.

TV Insider has learned exclusively that Jeri Ryan, currently reviving her aforementioned iconic Star Trek: Voyager character on CBS All Access' Star Trek: Picard, is joining CBS' action drama MacGyver in a season-long arc during its current fourth season.

Ryan will step into the role of Gwendolyn Hayes, who (surprise!) has very close ties to none other than titular hero, Angus MacGyver (Lucas Till). Mac knows a lot of things — like saving the world with the gelled sodium polyacrylate found in disposable diapers, as he did in the Season 4 premiere — but the fact that he has an aunt comes as a big shock for him.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov explains, "Gwendolyn Hayes is Mac’s aunt, his beloved mother’s sister, and an ex-DXS agent who was presumed dead. Mac never knew she existed but Gwen was always keeping track of her nephew’s life in the shadows. She is now the presumed head of Codex, the organization that the Phoenix has been hunting this season."

Needless to say, Gwen's appearance and her familial connection to Mac will have a ripple effect on both Angus as well as with his team at the Phoenix Foundation.

"[Gwen] reminds him of his mother, and her ideals and science have merit to them. But the way she goes about it goes against everything Mac thinks and is," Lenkov says. "Gwen’s new relationship with Mac will pit his desire for family, his faith in science, and his loyalties to his friends against each other and will make our hero rethink everything. Because of her, we will see Mac like we’ve never seen him before."

Lenkov has been a huge fan of Ryan for some time and says, "I've been trying to find a hole in her schedule to get the opportunity to work with her. I think she brought a real gravitas to the role. Gwen's motivations aren't black-and-white. Her endgame is a noble one (in her mind). So, like Mac, we're conflicted by her actions. That's not an easy role to play. There's so many layers to the character that Jeri delivered on... and then some. Layers that include brains, humanity, warmth, and just the right touch of evil."

Ryan will first appear on the series in the March 27 episode.

Note: There's no episode listd for March 27 due to March Madness. But she will probably appear in Episode 4x08; set for April 10.

Oh for crying out loud!!

Can't we just have some good old fashioned action and adventure without all the Days of Our Lives drama!!


Does anyone on that show even remember what they're rebooting any more?? mad.gif

DashboardOnFire Posted on 20 February 2020 - 10:03 PM
QUOTE (real_ness @ 21 February 2020 - 04:17 AM)
Jeri Ryan as Mac's aunt??? Oh my god, they aged THE hell outta her lol

I don't know the actress. When I saw the photo, I thought she was playing his half-sister or something tongue.gif since I've had that theory about Cage back then.

But apparently, Jeri Ryan is 51 so that would her put around the age of Mac's mom if she was still alive.
real_ness Posted on 20 February 2020 - 06:17 PM
  Jeri Ryan as Mac's aunt??? Oh my god, they aged THE hell outta her lol