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MacGyverGod Posted on 2 October 2018 - 11:23 AM
  No doubt. In the original I disliked Thief Of Budapest and it's still one my least favorites and that was only the third episode, not to mention plenty of others like Ugly Ducking, To Be Man, Twice Stung, Jenny's Chance, MacGyver's Women, Split Decision...

Besides I would rename this episode: Hurry Home Sarah.
Miasma Posted on 2 October 2018 - 09:48 AM
  @MacGyverGod-- Thanks for posting these reviews! It's interesting to read your comments about these early episodes now, and to kind of re-watch the series through your eyes. And it's refreshing to read such positive comments. A lot of us were pretty negative about the series, especially at the beginning.

I'm sure there will be some episodes you won't like (as with any show), but overall, I think the series got stronger towards the end of season 1 and throughout season 2. And season 3 is off to a good start. So since you're already liking it now, you're in for a treat.
MacGyverGod Posted on 2 October 2018 - 07:58 AM
  This episode also didn't disappoint. The boat blowing up reminded me of A Prisoner of Conscience but indeed, they killed those guys. That one made me go like: 'in the original they would've gotten off the boat first.'

Again, the MacGyverism moments roared over my screen like a tornado. I don't mind the onscreen texts of the material he uses at all, but I'm not hot on the split-screens of the material. I hardly have time to see everything and whoops a couple of seconds later the ism is done. He made a frigging night goggles, a totally new ism, how cool is that? When it comes to MacGyver thinking ahead in his plans even before he goes in somewhere all I can think of is season's 4 tagline: "He acts fast, he thinks faster."

I also have to agree that Jack is really present and pretty much shadows over MacGyver's presence. But this is still early and this was more of Jack-centric episode. Something we had to wait for till season 2.

The gun-wielding team... I like it that Jack is the muscle and provides back up. Don't forget this is something totally different from the original. Don't compare it with that, because it's not that. The reboot is clearly more military and it didn't seem that long ago. MacGyver was send to Vietnam, yes, so he did his military service at the time. Of Jack, we don't know but probably too but that war was long over before the show started.

Maybe this Mac has less of a problem with guns than the original. He still not using them which I think is good. How, why is as far as I know not revealed yet. But I think they also want to be careful not to make it preachy. Which I think is a valid pitfall. In MacsJeep story Fight Club, I read that Mac had his doubts about children performing karate because basically it's kids fighting... if we start like that everything is a problem. And I don't think it's up to him to tell people what to do simply because he doesn't like it. On the gun use, I can agree but that might have a reason that can be explained later on. I think if Reboot Mac said: 'No guns,' they would laugh their asses off as if he had anything to say in the matter. Mac's the brains, Jack is the muscle. Just don't forget that this Mac doesn't have to have same problem our Mac has.

And when it comes to the things this Mac does: those bombs he threw, the fact he seems to be into basketball... there are lot of things the original did as well.

MacGyver drank wine in The Heist.

MacGyver has a basketball and hoop in season 2 which is seen again in season 7. So he must've had some sort of
interest in the sport or else he wouldn't have had one. MacGyver plays hockey... that guy stands on knives when he does.

MacGyver caused many explosions mainly for distractions but did he ever consider that people might get hurt in the process? So the argument that he throws bombs here is not exactly a valid point. You do know MacGyver threw the bomb out the window in Off The Wall and it took out the bad guys and the car? I was also thinking about the mortar he made in Three For The Road. He didn't seem to be aiming for the hood but straight at the car. The mortar could've gone right through the windshield. If it ended in the driver's face, it could've ended much worse.

And I thought we pretty much agreed that MacGyver actually killed Glass in Log Jam. He deliberately waited long enough to jump off the conveyor belt before Glass had the chance to jump off.

Don't make our original Mac a saint because he did things too the new one is doing.

The score is alright but indeed updated to today's standards. It wouldn't hurt to hear bits of the theme song in it or any other memorable MacGyverism tunes in it. Remember Mac taking out the rocket in the Pilot episode or Strictly Business with getting through the wires?

Anyway this was another good one in my opinion.
DashboardOnFire Posted on 5 September 2018 - 09:13 AM
  Here's the blog post by Rhett Allain - Technical Consultant for the Reboot - about the "MacHacks" used in this episode:
DashboardOnFire Posted on 22 June 2017 - 02:04 PM
  There will be another rerun of this episode on July 14:
Macgyver1985 Posted on 7 October 2016 - 03:06 AM
  This episode was not to my liking since it was to some degree confusing, and throughout a few scenes, I found that it was hard to comprehend what was being said due to the background music being so loud.

I can particularly recall Jack Dalton not consistently being by MacGyvers side in the original series, nevertheless, in this reboot, Jack is given more prominence, rather than the main character "MacGyver." I also disliked the way the MacGyverisms were done; that said I trust they can better this series, and I firmly believe it can turn out to be very successful! biggrin.gif

Voted this episode 2/5. Much improvement is needed!
tvero Posted on 6 October 2016 - 10:24 AM
  I agree.I think that it's too early to focus on another character, I mean Jack.
We aren't even used to the 'new' Mac yet.
DashboardOnFire Posted on 6 October 2016 - 09:32 AM
  I wouldn't mind the team aspect so much - if it wasn't a gun-wielding back-up team. Original MacGyver didn't need one and New MacGyver shouldn't need a gun-wielding back-up team; but apparently he does as in Episode 2 he actually had 3!! gun-wielding team-members (Jack, Sarah Adler, Thornton) protecting him. All he had to do was hide behind them.

With the fast-paced storytelling and the breezing over the MacGyverisms, I can't really "feel" Mac. It's like he's only in the background and not the most important member of the team. Sure, the others can be interesting characters, too and I don't mind if they get their own time to shine - but HE should be the most important member since the show is named after him and all that...

I felt this episode was Jack's episode - I wouldn't mind it so much later in the season, but this felt wrong; like they're trying to force this new Jack Dalton onto us and make us like him.
Macgyver1985 Posted on 6 October 2016 - 05:38 AM
  I agree with you; I too don't admire the whole ''team'' involvement. Furthermore, I haven't seen episode two, so I can't generally comment on how great or terrible it was.

Welcome to the forums! biggrin.gif
Danjo1 Posted on 5 October 2016 - 11:03 AM
  I really dislike the tone and direction of the new show. I miss the way the original show was done. RDA was 35 when the show started (in other words a grown-up), and he had a maturity about him that's completely missing here. I think they have brought in Wilt to try to replicate the chemistry that Mac had with Jack in the original series, since they completely revamped Jack's character in this one. None of it works very well. As others have mentioned, there are too many characters in the show at the same time. It all feels shallow/superficial. The original show wasn't King Lear, but it was true to itself and treated the characters as real people; this one has everyone seeming like caricatures. It's very cartoonish and tries too hard to be hip.