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MacGyver - Children Of The United Nations part 4, Rated R for violence and some language
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Posted: 9 September 2018 - 03:44 AM                                    
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Welcome to chapter four. This is the final chapter I wrote about 8 years ago and the final one that had to be revised. Starting from the next chapter everything will be brand new for everyone. Now we follow MacGyver and Sam into Egypt looking for Cheone.

You can find the previous chapter here.

(We fade in with the track Giza Port from The Mummy on the background)

Chapter I
Cairo, Egypt
Two Days Later

MacGyver and Sam arrived on a market place in Cairo, two days later. It was hot as hell, so both men changed their clothing in something lighter. MacGyver was wearing a white shirt and his khaki cargo pants with his walking boots under it while Sam wore a black Phoenix Foundation T-shirt over the same kinda pants as his father with sneakers under it.
‘You know, dad, with that white shirt and pants you almost look like Indiana Jones,’ Sam said while fixing his camera.
‘Except for the hat, the shoulder bag and the whip,’ MacGyver responded.
‘And the gun,’ Sam added to that.
‘Dad, do you think we’ll bump into Indy here?’
‘Sam, he’s not real.’
‘That’s what you said about Lara Croft too.’
MacGyver sighed. ‘Coincidence.’
‘Oh, right,’ Sam said not believing it.
‘We’ll see, when you develop the film.’
‘What about The Mummy?’
‘The chances we’re going to meet Boris Karloff is as small as meeting Indiana Jones, Sam.
The men began walking around the market place and passed by a small alley. (The music grows intense)
There was suddenly a lot of shooting and screaming. MacGyver and Sam took cover behind some crates. There was a man running down the alley wearing a hat and holding a whip and a gun. A shoulder bag over his shoulder. He was being pursuit by a man covered in bandages. MacGyver and Sam looked stunned at each other. Sam took a few pictures when they both passed them by. The two of them ran in the overcrowded market place.
‘Did you see that?’ Sam asked. (The track continues normal and than fades away)
‘I wonder what he did this time to unleash that.’
‘Probably raided the wrong tomb. He should’ve asked your Lara Croft along.’
‘He’d better go and look for the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail.’
‘He already did that. Saves us the trouble.’
‘Still think it’s a coincidence, dad?’
MacGyver sighed again and shook his head.
‘Come on,’ MacGyver said and they continued down the marketplace.
‘It is hot, isn’t it?’ Sam said while taking more snapshots.
‘Can you believe all this stuff they are selling? Carpets, lamps, little statues but no fruit or vegetables.’
‘It’s not because you’re on a market you can only sell fruit or vegetables, Sam.’
‘Yeah, right.’
‘We better find Cheone or her parents. Pete send me some info on the PDA, so we can easily find her or her parents back.’
‘Dad, got any idea how huge this marketplace is and how long this takes?’
‘If it means going down this huge marketplace, I’d say couple of hours.’
After walking around for some time Sam made another conversation with his father.
‘Did you have any assignments here?’
‘No. The only project I was involved with was taking care of the delivery of the Sunboat.’
‘The coma thing?’
‘What did the Sunboat look like anyway?’
‘Just like a boat with Anubis on board, judge of the netherworld. The Egyptians believe he would take them from this world to the next.’
‘Like Charon does according the Greek Mythology?’
‘Yeah and you know the rest of the story.’
‘That guy threw you off the building, you fell to the top of the car and you made it.’
‘Later I’ve met Hakim again in the Taurus mountains where he met his death thanks to Nikolaus Von Leer.’
‘What about that guy that threw you off the building?’
‘Tarik was send to prison when I made Pete clear who was behind my hospitalization. But that was seven years ago. I don’t know where he is now.’
‘Hey, look over there,’ Sam said all of a sudden pointing to a vendors table.
Both of them walked up to the table. The table was filled with all kinds of Egyptian souvenirs.
‘What’s up?’ MacGyver asked.
‘Don’t you think this all looks nice? Maybe you can find something for Nikki.’
‘Nikki’s not interested in that kind of stuff.’
‘How would you know?’
‘I think, I know her long enough to know that.’
‘Ah, salaam, effendis. Interested in Egyptian souvenirs, yes?’ the Egyptian vendor asked.
‘Not really,’ MacGyver responded. ‘Just looking.’
‘Maybe I can interest you in this antique lamp?’
‘Nah, I don’t think so.’
‘You sure?’ the vendor asked. He quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching him and signaled Mac and Sam to come closer. ‘Legends say, this is the one true lamp of Aladdin.’
‘You’re kidding,’ Sam said. ‘Ali Baba’s lamp?’
‘The ghost’s in there, you can make three wishes if you buy this lamp.’
‘Oh, right,’ MacGyver said disbelieving.
‘You don’t believe me, huh?’
MacGyver shook his head.
‘Than rub over the lamp.’
A little uncomfortable Mac looked at Sam and the vendor, than he rubbed the lamp. Smoke came out of the lamp’s funnel.
‘Huh?’ the vendor asked with a grin on his face.
MacGyver squinted his eyes. If he has seen Lara Croft, Indiana Jones and Boris Karloff on this adventure why not the ghost of Ali Baba?
‘He sure takes his time to come out,’ Sam said.
The vendor frowned at the lamp and than smaller smoke puffs came out, until no more smoke came out.
‘That’s odd,’ the vendor said and knocked on the lamp. ‘Oy, in there.’
He took the lid of the lamp and his eyes widened. ‘By Allah’s beard! He fled the nest! The lamp is empty!’
‘Nice try, pal,’ MacGyver said.
‘Wait, there is something in there,’ Sam said. ‘Looks like a note.’
The vendor takes out the note and read it: ‘I’m gone, see ya.’
The vendor gave Mac and Sam a questioned look.
‘Sorry, how about just the lamp without the ghost for half the price?’
Mac and Sam both shook their heads.
‘No? Wait, I have something right for you.’
‘What’s that?’
‘You look like adventurers to me. Adventures comes along with many dangers, yes?’
‘Those dangers are mostly just trouble.’
‘Danger, trouble, evil, it’s all the same. But the Eye of Horus can protect you against evil.’
‘A clear mind too.’
‘Come on, I haven’t sold anything yet today. Give me a break. Forty-five pounds.’
‘See you later, pal.’
‘Wait, wait, please wait. Twenty pounds. That’s less than half.’
‘Come on, dad, humor the guy,’ Sam said.
‘Five pounds,’ MacGyver said.
‘Five pounds? You're crazy. Hardly enough to buy shish kebab. Fifteen pounds.’
‘Ten pounds and that’s my final offer.’
‘Five, and that’s my only offer,’ Mac said over negotiating the vendor.
‘Alright, than, five. Is yours,’ the vendor said giving the Eye of Horus to MacGyver. ‘You at least know how to negotiate hard.’
‘Yeah, well I dated a negotiator once.’
‘What are those things?’ Sam said pointing to little stone creatures.
‘Ah, those are scarabs,’ the vendor said.
‘They belong to the beetle family,’ MacGyver added to that. ‘Dangerous when threatened. They want to be left alone or else they eat you up from the inside out.’
‘Cool! A couple of those, please.’
The vendor gave him a couple of scarabs and charged him also five pounds for it.
‘You happy now?’ Mac asked.
‘Wait, what’s that?’ Sam said pointing to a blue sapphire.
‘Sam, we have to get moving!’
‘I’m just curious.’
‘That blue sapphire is the Eye of Osiris and I can tell it’s not the real one.’
‘How can you tell?’ the vendor asked.
‘Because I’ve seen the real one.’
‘In the tomb of Alexander the Great when I was in Turkey.’
‘And what about that one over there?’ Sam asked pointing to a boat.
‘That’s the Sunboat, Sam, next to the flying carpets. Now, we go!’
‘Salaam, effendis,’ the vendor greeted them.
‘Oh, one more thing,’ Mac said. ‘Do you by any chance know a little girl called Cheone?’
‘Cheone?’ the vendor wondered. ‘Hmm, Cheone? Hmm, no.’
‘Than you don’t know her parents either, do you?’ Sam asked.
‘Can’t help you, effendi.’
‘Alright, thanks.’
MacGyver and Sam proceeded walking around the market.
‘Got any idea, how much time we’ve just wasted?’
‘Sue me,’ Sam muttered.
‘Should be so lucky,’ Mac muttered back.
They smirked and carried on.
‘We better start asking around. It’s much more crowded here than I expected.’
‘What about the info on the PDA, you got from Pete?’
‘Not sufficient enough. It’s like everyone sells the same articles here.’
‘Where do you wanna start asking around?’
‘In that coffee shop over there.’
‘Not on the marketplace?’
‘That’s your start.’
‘Great.’ (Tense music comes up)
Behind Mac two guys with guns appeared cocking it. One of them wore black clothing.
‘Dad?!’ Sam warned him.
‘Yeah, I know. I heard the gun click.’
‘Alright, MacGyver, come along!’ the first man said grabbing his collar.
MacGyver and Sam were brought to an alley, pushed forward. They turned around.
‘You,’ MacGyver said. ‘Tarik.’
‘MacGyver. I see you recovered well from the coma.’
‘So you’re the one who threw my father of that building?’ Sam asked.
‘My boss Hakim ordered me the steal the Sunboat. Your father and his Phoenix Foundation arranged the transfer to the Cairo museum.’
‘Why stealing it in the first place if everything was going by the book?’ MacGyver asked.
‘Personal gain but that don’t matter. I had my orders.’
‘And were those orders killing me as well?’
‘Not at first. That came later at the hospital. Who do you think made your heart stop?’
‘Still, strange you got out of the coma even after your heart stopped.’
‘I’m kinda thickheaded.’
‘So what do you want from us now?’ Sam asked.
‘Rumor has it you’re looking for Cheone.’
‘You know her?’ MacGyver asked.
‘Do you know where we can find her?’ Sam asked on his turn.
‘She’s far away on a distant island.’
‘No, she’s not. She disappeared there and we have reason to believe she came back this way,’ MacGyver said.
‘So that’s why you’re in Egypt,’ Tarik said. ‘Well, I have to kill her parents anyway, might as well kill the both of you too. It’s a nice little extra.’
‘Does that mean we get that clichéd phrase “Goodbye, MacGyver?”’ (The track Fight In Asselar from Sahara creeps up and bursts out)

‘Goodbye, MacGyver!’
Tarik prepared to fire only MacGyver took hold of his wrist and forced him against the wall. In less than a split second Sam knocked the gun out of the other guy’s hand and hit him with a right fist. The guy fell against the other wall. Sam kicked him there. MacGyver still held Tarik’s wrist and launched his fist hard against his lower ribs. And again, than he hit him hard in the face. Tarik fought back and hit MacGyver with the back of his hand. MacGyver stumbled backwards on the ground. Trying to get up Tarik kicked him in the face.
‘Dad!’ Sam yelled distracted. His attacker got his chance and hit Sam with a left uppercut and a right hook. Sam went down near his father.
Tarik and his henchman took off with Mac and Sam getting in another pursuit. Their idea was to lose the both of them in the crowd, but Mac and Sam were persistent enough not to lose track of them. They ran after their attackers but eventually lost each other. MacGyver kept following Tarik as he saw him running into a coffee shop. Tarik ran into a table and fell over it. The customers began to yell in Arabic when Tarik got up and continued his run. MacGyver followed him in there and searched down the shop. Everybody was looking at him as if he was a madman.
‘Where’s that guy that just barged in here?’
There was no decent reply except the Arabic protest.
‘Come on! Where the hell is he?’
‘There! There!’ some of the costumers yelled.
MacGyver saw him running up a flight of stairs and followed him up there. There was a door leading to the roof. But when he got up there Tarik was nowhere in sight. By the time he turned around Tarik attacked him from behind. He pushed MacGyver backwards faster and faster until he fell on his back. They started to roll over each other until MacGyver got on top of him and hit him four times. A struggle started between the two men as they got their both heads locked in each other’s arms. Not wanting to let each other go, they both got up. Tarik kneed MacGyver in the groin paralyzing him. He grabbed Mac’s head with both hands and kneed him the face too. Mac stumbled backwards again and hit the ground. He rubbed out some of the blood coming from his mouth corner. Panting he got up again trying to hit him again but Tarik blocked the punch and returned the favor. Mac got hit in the stomach first and then his face again with a right and left combo. MacGyver growled when he hit Tarik again with a left and right one. Tarik answered that with another hard right. MacGyver hit the ground once more rolling to the edge of the roof. Tarik got up to him and was about to pick him up to finish it off but Mac took a hold of him too as they started to struggle some more. Mac waited down the just moment and kneed Tarik in the groin this time. There was an opening now and Mac placed his foot in Tarik’s stomach and did a stomach throw. Tarik rolled over and fell off the roof. Tarik screamed on his way down and fell through a tent on some boxes. The boxes broke just as his spine. (The music reaches it's peak and than fades away) MacGyver rolled over breathing heavy to see where he has landed. From where he was lying, you could say it was about from three storages up. Grunting he got up and went back down. Pretty soon there was a crowd surrounding the place where Tarik landed.
‘Excuse me,’ Mac said while trying to get through. ‘Excuse me! Coming through.’
MacGyver got upfront and saw Tarik lying there motionless. He got closer and checked his pulse. The guy from the tent looked at MacGyver and said something in Arabic. MacGyver shook his head. Tarik was dead but the fall didn’t kill him, the charts of the boxes did.
‘Don’t you think it’s ironic? You died the way you tried to kill me. It’s not exactly a car but it’ll do,’ MacGyver scoffed. ‘Bastard!’
MacGyver left the “crime scene” and was about to go into the crowds again when he saw the familiar face of his son not so far of him.
‘Sam!’ he yelled. ‘Over here!’
Sam came up to him. ‘What happened?’
MacGyver looked at Tarik’s body and said: ‘Poetic justice.’
‘Died the way he tried to kill you,’ Sam said getting the point.
‘Are you okay?’ Mac asked pointing to a cut on Sam’s left cheek.
‘Did he got away?’
‘What happened?’
‘He shot himself.’
‘At least those two can’t hurt Cheone’s parents anymore.’
Mac blew some air out. ‘Look we have to get going. We still need to find them and with some luck Cheone. Come on.’
Mac and Sam left the crowds and the situation for what it was and continued their search.
They went back to the marketplace. Since a lot of the crowd went to see what happened to Tarik there was more room to walk around.
‘Dad, maybe you gotta check the PDA again. We’re looking for a needle in a haystack, here.’
‘Oh, alright.’
MacGyver took out the PDA. There was a lot of intel on it about Egypt: the population, the habits, the courses, the Egyptian monuments. Also there was intel about Cheone.
‘What does it say?’ Sam asked.
‘Pete send the last known intel about Cheone and her parents.’
‘Hang on,’ Mac said while scrolling down the screen. ‘Her parents are specialized in jewelry and they should be on this marketplace every day.’
‘Good, now we at least know where to look.’
They had to pass by at least four or five stands of jewelries before they found the one that belonged to Cheone’s parents. Her parents were discussing about the little girl.
‘Strange, we haven’t heard anything of Cheone yet,’ her mother said.
MacGyver looked up when he heard the name Cheone.
‘Don’t worry, we’ll hear from her soon, I’m sure,’ her father said reassuring.
‘I would like to send her a little jewel.’
‘You know that is not allowed. Only letters may be send.’
‘Maybe if I put it in an envelope.’
Her parents noticed MacGyver and greeted him: ‘Salaam.’
Sam passed by Mac and he held him back by the elbow. Sam looked up.
‘I found them,’ Mac said.
‘Can we help you?’ the mother asked.
‘Apparently you know Cheone?’
‘Yes, she’s our daughter,’ her father said. ‘Do you know her?’
‘Sort of. Do you know where she is?’
‘She’s on a summer camp far, far away from here. The United Camp or something.’
‘Really?’ Sam asked. ‘Cos over there they said she’s gone…’
Mac hit Sam with his elbow and whispered in his ear: ‘We better not worry these peoples.’
‘Right,’ Sam whispered back.
‘Just out of interest. How would you describe her as a character?’ Mac asked.
‘She’s very demanding. You got your hands full on her,’ her father said.
‘She always want to go to the small countryside in upper Egypt. And she knows she is not allowed. That’s why she always sneak away. How many times haven’t we found her there when she’s gone missing?’ her mother said.
‘Many times.’
Mac and Sam looked at each other, realizing they just got another lead to where they might find Cheone.
‘OK, thanks a lot for the info,’ Mac said.
‘Hey, who are you, anyway?’ her mother asked. ‘Are you from the camp? Is everything alright with Cheone?’
‘She’s fine, ma’am. We are from the camp indeed and we’re investigating some of the backgrounds of the children. It’s just standard procedure.’
‘Oh, that’s a relief.’
‘We have to get going now. Thanks.’
Mac and Sam left the stand.
‘So where do we go from here?’ Sam asked.
‘Well, I like to check out that small countryside. The chances are pretty likely we can find her there, if her parents told us the truth.’
‘Why would they lie?’
‘That’s right. They didn’t seem the realize their daughter’s missing.’
‘Glad, you shut me up at the last moment or they did.’
‘Don’t worry about it.’
‘You want to go to upper Egypt? How do you plan on getting there?’
‘Ever been on the Nile, Sam? (The track Desert Trek from Sahara comes up)

The Countryside
Upper Egypt

After an half an hour walk through the burning desert MacGyver and Sam got a docking place in sight on the Nile. In the distance three pyramids were visible.
‘Man, it’s hot,’ Sam complained.
‘Don’t even tell me about,’ Mac said. ‘We’re almost there.’
‘This was a great idea of you, dad. Why didn’t we borrow a couple of camels?’
‘Cos I like to walk.’
‘I got sand in my mouth.’
‘Me too. We’ll have a drink on the boat.’
They got to the docking place. Mac went out to get their places on the boat arranged while Sam waited taking snapshots of the scenery. He also took one of the pyramids.
‘Great!’ he said smiling.
While he kept his photo camera in front of his face he scanned down the area for another one until he saw something in distance from the way they came.
‘What the hell?’
Sam zoomed in a noticed three men on horses. They were dressed like the man he fought in the alleyway. (The track Mumia Attack from The Mummy comes up)

The three thugs took their rifles and began shooting at the dock. Sam ducked behind a couple of boxes for cover.
Mac heard the shots and in a flash he joined his son behind the boxes.
‘Now what?’
‘I guess we were followed after we left the marketplace.’
‘You think?’
‘Yeah, they’re dressed like the guy I fought.’
Mac’s head popped up behind the boxes to have a look himself. A bullet missed him barely, hitting the box instead.
‘Yes, they are.’
The three men barged in on the dock. MacGyver saw a fishnet hanging on a house.
‘I got an idea.’
Mac ran to the fishnet and cut it loose with his knife. ‘We’ll throw this net over them.’
He gave one end to Sam and when the men came closer the net unfolded itself and they threw it over them. They got caught in the net. The more they tried to get loose, the harder they got caught in it.
‘Go, run to the boat!’ Mac yelled.
Sam took off to the boat. Sam got onboard, Mac was a little bit behind. The plank was getting brought up so Mac had to jump and reach out for it. He was hanging above the Nile now. Sam helped his father getting on the boat. (The music becomes slower and than fades away)
‘Well, that takes care of that.’
‘Now let’s get those drinks.’

MacGyver and Sam arrived on the countryside on the banks of the Nile of upper Egypt about twenty minutes later. It was a piece of land divided by three fields where farmers were working near the banks of the Nile. There was a small house too, probably were the farmers lived all together. Outside the house a little oven was set to bake bread. In front of the oven a plate was set to cover it up with a pick-axe in front of it. A waterwheel was installed near the Nile and was driven by a cow. A couple of palm trees were planted near the edge of the fields to provide shadow for the farmers.
‘This looks like a nice place,’ Sam said.
‘Little paradise on earth, right?’ Mac said.
‘You think, we find Cheone here?’
‘I hope so, Sam. I sure hope so.’
A little girl appears and walks up to the cow taking care of it.
‘Isn’t that her?’ Sam asked.
‘Let’s find out,’ Mac said and the both of them walked to the girl. ‘Cheone?’
‘Nope, that’s not me,’ the girl smiled.
‘I can see that. What are doing?’
‘Taking care of the cow. She made a big mess here.’
‘How can I be of service to you?’ the girl asked while petting the cow.
Before Mac could say anything more a woman appeared carrying a milk jug of some sort on her head.
‘Hello,’ she greeted them friendly, ‘who are you?’
‘Hello, to you too,’ Mac replied. ‘Sorry if we are trespassing on your turf. Are you the country lady?’
‘Yes, I am the country lady and this is my farm indeed. I work at the Egyptian parliament. My star sign is the Aries. I like waterskiing and mint chewing gum. May I ask who I are addressing?’
‘My name is MacGyver. I’m also an Aries and I like hockey and anything else that is healthy. This is my son, Sam.’
‘Hi, there,’ Sam greeted her. ‘I’m a photojournalist and I like fast motorbikes.’
‘We are working for the Phoenix Foundation and we were wondering if you can help us out,’ MacGyver stated.
‘That depends on what you would like to know,’ the woman said.
‘Well, maybe you can…’
The woman interrupted Mac before he could say anything else. ‘Maybe I can help you out, but if you want my help you’ll have to help me out first.’
‘Excuse me?’ Mac said confused.
‘One favor is worth the other, right?’
‘So there for, you will have to help me, before I can help you.’
Mac was confused and Sam stood there, baffled. The woman was amused on how the two men were standing there.
‘What is she on about?’ Sam asked.
‘Beats me,’ Mac replied.
The woman smiled and asked: ‘Can you help me feed my birds in exchange for answers?’
‘Oh, why didn’t you say so?’
‘What? Dad?’
‘Come on, Sam. It’ll only take a second.’
‘Dad, we have to find that girl.’
‘And if we get answers by helping this lady, don’t you think it’ll be worth our while?’
‘You are probably right.’
‘I know I am.’
‘Here,’ the woman said and gave them bird food. ‘The birdcage is right there against the wall.
The birdcage was set up in the farthest corner of the house.
‘Alright, no problem,’ Mac said.
The men walked up to the birdcage and began feeding birds. It was a big birdcage divided in sixteen smaller cages in four rows.
‘If we each do eight cages, it’ll be done in no time.’
‘Yeah, yeah.’
They fed the birds just as the woman asked them to.
‘How is it going?’ the woman asked.
‘Just fine,’ Mac said.
‘Thanks for helping me out,’ the woman said while they were finishing up. ‘Now I’d like to answer all of your questions.’
‘Do you know a little girl Cheone?’ Mac asked.
‘Do you know where she is?’ Sam asked.
‘Do you know where we can find here?’ Mac asked.
‘Thanks, you’ve been a big help,’ Sam said.
‘Nope,’ Mac said.
‘Can I ask you something?’
‘Why are you looking for this girl?’
‘Well, like I said, we’re working for the Phoenix Foundation. We’re running a little project about developing a kind of a United Nations for children from all around the world to discuss world peace.’
‘Yes, and?’
‘That project has the form of a summer camp in the farthest regions of the Pacific. But there are some problems there and one of the girls is missing.’
‘So we figured, maybe she came back this way,’ Sam added.
‘What? A little girl from what? Nine years old? Coming back this way on her own?’ the woman asked
‘Well, anything is possible,’ Sam said.
‘I guess you guys are in big troubles then.’
‘How’s that?’
‘If you lost one of the girls, that’s bad for the camp, right? And you.’
‘Tough for the camp indeed. But we’re trying to solve this.’
‘It’s been quite an expensive project and we can’t afford any mistakes,’ Mac said. ‘So we have to find that girl back.’
‘Can’t help you,’ the woman said.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah, I’m sure.’
‘You see, I don’t get that,’ Sam said.
‘Did you find her parents yet?’ the woman asked.
‘Yeah, they were on market place in Cairo,’ Sam said.
‘They said her daughter liked to come here to the countryside of Egypt,’ Mac added. ‘Mostly when her parents didn’t know about it.’
‘Can’t help you, gentlemen. Sorry if I fooled you into helping me, I thought I could help out.’
The little girl came up to Mac, pulling his sleeve.
‘I think this is for you. This has just been delivered by a messenger. It says: “Camp United”. It might be from the girl you are looking for.’
‘What is it, dad?’
‘It looks like a picture postcard from the camp.’
‘What does it say?’
Mac turned the card around to see what was written on the back.
‘Oh, no. It’s written in hieroglyphics.’
‘Can I see it?’ the woman asked. ‘I can translate it for you.’
‘Oh, may I? May I?’ the little girl chirped.
The woman bended through her knees. ‘Okay, just like I taught you.’
‘She… likes… it… here. She likes it here.’
‘What?’ Mac asked confused.
‘She likes it there.’
‘Something is definitely wrong there,’ Sam said.
‘Yeah. We better go back to the camp.’
The PDA beeped in Mac’s pocket. Mac turned on the machine.
‘Any news on Cheone yet? We can’t find her here.’
‘Yes, we found her and she’s very unhappy.’
‘How are things at the camp?’
‘We’re in a big mess here.’
‘Yeah, no kidding.’
‘Mac, I suggest you get back to the camp right away. We might need you down here.’
‘Alright, send Jack or James with a plane and we’re on our way.’
Mac turned off the PDA. ‘We have to go back.’
‘I got it.’
‘Ma’am thanks for helping us out anyway,’ MacGyver said.
‘You’re very welcome. You can stay here if you like, waiting for your plane.’
‘No thanks, we’ve gotta go back to our hotel. Let’s go Sam.’
(Music comes up, reaches it's peak and we fade out here)

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