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MacGyver - Children Of The United Nations part 8, Rated R for violence and some language
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Posted: 24 September 2018 - 02:53 AM                                    
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Welcome to chapter 8. In today's chapter Nikki and Pete are trying to figure out what Eric's plans are with the island while MacGyver, Sam, Jack and James are on their way back from India. However it seems everything is over the Phoenix-team but will they have to admit defeat and why is MacGyver going to Australia? You will find out below.

Next Sunday: the final chapter.

You can find the previous chapter here.

(We fade in with Carla's Main Theme from the game Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy)

Chapter VIII
Return to the Camp
Eric's plans

It was another cloudy and rainy day at the camp. Nikki was standing in her office looking outside the window to the rain and the damages. The bad weather from the past few days severely damaged the island. Trees fell over, the lake went out of it's banks and three of the children's cabins were completely destroyed. Luckily they weren't in there when it happened. This whole project has become a big failure in her eyes and Phoenix will have to answer for it big time. Not only this bothered her but she was also thinking about MacGyver. He had been gone for about four days now since he left to China. Pete reassured her MacGyver was alright despite of what she heard about what happened on the plane. She knows he always pulls through but she can't help but to think about him. Then there was this other matter that kept bothering her: the deal Eric Woodman made with whoever he was talking to on the phone. Ever since MacGyver left again Eric remained very calm about the situation but she knew she couldn't trust him. If Eric gets his hands on the property papers everything will be over for good. The island will go to HIT then and all their work has been for nothing. But Eric hasn't made a move so far. Somebody knocked on her door. (The music fades out here)
'Come in,' she said.
It was Pete. 'Nikki?'
'Pete. What is it?'
'I just got word from James. Our boys are on the way back here.'
'Well, that's a relief. When will they be back?'
'I don't know, with this weather? Maybe by tonight.'
'Just wanted to let you know.'
'Thanks, Pete.'
Pete noticed a troubled look in her eyes. 'Are you alright?'
Nikki sighed and sat down behind her desk, offering Pete to sit down as well. 'Pete, I don't know how to tell you this but I think Eric might be up to something.'
'How's that?'
'A couple of days ago, I heard him on the phone talking to someone about bringing the island over to HIT.'
'What? Why didn't you say this earlier?'
'Because I can't prove it.'
'You think he has connections to Murdoc?'
'That I doubt but maybe with whoever is running HIT now.'
'Nicholas? Sonya? They were chairman of the board once, now they appear to share that position.'
'Maybe there is someone else? Someone behind the scenes.'
'Who, then?'
'I don't know. But seriously, out here, would you bother to call someone who is at the island with you?'
'We have our phone system for a reason.'
'The island is not that big, Pete. Everything is at walking distance. If you need something of someone, you might as well go there instead of calling.'
'You think he called someone from the mainland? Someone directly from the HIT branch?'
'It's possible.'
'I also heard he wanted MacGyver out of the way but not dead.'
'If he made a deal with HIT, guess how that's going to turn out.'
'They'll kill him.'
'They probably both get killed.'
'Where are the property papers, Pete?'
'In my office.'
'You have them here?'
'That's right.'
'And those are the only copies we have?'
'Yes. Why?'
Nikki started to panic. 'Oh, not good Pete. Not good.'
She stood up and left her office with Pete on her tail.
'Nikki, wait up.'
(The track Dennis Steals The Embryo from Jurassic Park begins here)

At the same time Eric stuck his head outside his office door and looked around. There was nobody in the hallway. He went back inside, kept his fist near his mouth and thought for a moment. Maybe he should wait a little longer until it's dark or maybe he should've acted sooner. There was no point in waiting any longer. He would get the property papers, make a few adjustments and fax them over to HIT with a price of sale. Recent events were bad enough to close the camp so the sale wouldn't be much of a problem. He would sell for the same price Phoenix paid plus his extra fee. Phoenix loses and he will make a quick buck on the side. But then he would have to move fast and now.
'Oh, what the hell,' he figured and quickly went to Pete's office and closed the door behind him.
He began checking Pete's desk and drawers but found nothing there. Then he started to search the file cabinets. He opened the first one. 'Camp United. C, C, C.'
His fingers went past every file with a C on, but he found nothing. He closed the cabinet drawer and opened another one. 'Maybe on Property Papers.' Again he went past the files with the letter P. He found a big file that said: 'Phoenix.' He took it out and placed it on Pete's desk and started to browse through it. It was pretty thick.
'Come on, come on.'
He kept flipping pages until he saw what he was looking for. 'Aha! Phoenix Property Papers. Camp United. That's it.'
Eric took out the pages he needed and placed the file back on his place in the cabinet. He quickly stashed the papers in his vest and went back to the door. The hallway was still empty. He was so lucky that his office wasn't too far away from Pete's and ran back. He shut the door and went to his desk. All he had to do was scan it in, erase a couple of names and signatures and then fax it to HIT. Afterwards he would have to get rid of the original and the island will belong the HIT and Phoenix can start packing.

Nikki and Pete entered the hallway. Pete was a bit out of breath.
'Nikki, will you slow down a bit?'
'No, Pete, I'm sorry.'
'If I was only twenty years younger.'
They entered Pete's office. Pete tried to catch his breath.
'Where do you keep the property papers?'
'In that file cabinet over there.'
'Which one?' she said while going to the cabinets.
'Try the letter P. There's a big file that says "Phoenix".'
Nikki opened the cabinet with the letter P and flipped through the files until she found the one she was looking for.
'Got it.'
She placed it on Pete's desk and flipped the pages pretty quick.
'Can you find it?' Pete asked.
She pulled up her shoulders while she kept flipping the pages. 'Not immediately.'
The file was ordered alphabetically. She was about to reach the letter D in the file when she noticed something. 'Do you keep it under C or U?'
'It's not here.'
'What?' Pete said and went to take a closer look.
'We're too late.'
Nikki left the office again.
'Nikki, wait!'
Nikki went to Eric's office and barged in there, startling Eric.
'Gotcha!' (The music fades away here)
'Didn't you ever heard of knocking, Ms. Carpenter?' he asked.
'You, son of a bitch. You got the papers, didn't you?'
'Papers? What are you talking about?'
'The property papers, damn it. You stole them didn't you, you bastard?'
'Ms. Carpenter, I don't what's gotten into you, but I haven't stolen anything.'
Pete walked in. 'Nikki. Eric?'
'Mr. Thornton, could you please escort Ms. Carpenter out of my office?'
'I heard you talking on the phone the other day. You're going to sell us out to HIT. You, goddamn traitor.'
'Eric, is this true?' Pete asked.
'My dear Ms. Carpenter, I don't know what you think you heard but I was talking on the phone with my daughter.'
'No way. You were on the phone talking about selling us out to HIT and you wanted MacGyver out of the way.'
'Ridiculous, Ms. Carpenter. Despite what you might think, I care about this project as much as you do. I wouldn't benefit at all of selling you out. Now, please, I have work to do.'
'Nikki, come on. Let's go,' Pete said.
'No, Pete. I know he took the papers. You saw the papers were gone.'
'Yes, I did but...'
'The papers are gone, I heard you talking and you want MacGyver out of the way.'
'Honestly, Ms. Carpenter, I've just had about enough of you. Those are serious accusations and I won't stand for them. Leave this office, immediately!'
'Like hell I will...'
'Get out! Now!'
'Nikki,' Pete said and started to pull her with him outside.
They left and Eric slammed the door shut behind them, hard. Pete and Nikki walked back to Pete's office. They both sat down on opposite sides of the desk, sharing a long silenced look. Finally Nikki said: 'He stole them, Pete.'
'I know,' he replied quietly.
'Than why didn't you...?'
Pete raised his hand and said: 'Nikki, you need to calm down first. You can't just barge into somebody's office and accuse them of stealing.'
'Pete, we're almost all that is left on the island and you know MacGyver doesn't fully trust him. Or are you questioning his judgement?'
'No. I don't question his judgement, Nikki. I think we need to be more diplomatic about this, instead of pointing fingers.'
'Diplomatic? If we're not too late now, I don't know it anymore.'
Nikki lowered her head and shook it. 'As far as I'm concerned, it's all over. We can start packing.'
'Maybe not. But I'll go talk with Eric and smooth everything out and try to find out if he stole the papers. Just stay here and calm down.'
'Fine. It's too late anyway.'
Pete sighed and got up from his chair and returned to Eric's office. He knocked on the door.
'Who is it?' Eric said from behind the door.
'It's me, Pete.'
Eric got up and opened the door: 'What do you want, Thornton?'
'To talk about what just happened. Can I come in?'
'If it doesn't take too long,' he said and let Pete in.
'Eric, we're all frustrated here,' Pete began, 'and we're all very worried about the future of this project. The chances it has a future is very slim right now. If we also have to deal with theft the board will shut us down. If you stole those papers at least show the decency to admit that and I'll make sure the consequences will remain limited but if you don't I'll make sure you spend time in jail. Now, what's it going to be?'
'Pete, I'm the biggest investor in this project. I've got most to lose here. If this fails, you and MacGyver and Ms. Carpenter go back to your science labs and high rise building. I will go bankrupt. Do you really think I would let that happen or make some dumb move by stealing something?'
'No. I don't think so.'
'I'm a businessman, Pete. This is what I do.'
'We just have to check out everything. It was nothing personal.'
'I understand that. Ms. Carpenter seems to have it in for me lately. I don't know what has been bothering her but she doesn't like me.'
'Don't let it get to you. I'll take care of Nikki. Besides, MacGyver will be back soon and then we can start thinking about our next move.'
'Very well. Now, Pete, if you'll excuse me, I like to get ahead with my work.'
'Of course.'
Pete left again for his office and Eric closed the door behind him. He had to move fast now after being interrupted twice. He went back to his computer and started to work on the papers he scanned in earlier. He erased a couple of things first like names and company names. Then he scrolled down the screen and removed the signatures. The property papers were now completely blank again in the right places. With his mouse he went to "file" and pressed "print". The printer started to buzz and a couple of seconds later a copy of the papers came out. 'Excellent.'
Eric went to the phone and called the person he was on the phone with earlier.
'It's Woodman. I've got the papers. Give me your fax number and I'll fax it to you.'
The person on the other side gave him the number. 'Thanks, you'll have them in a moment.'
Eric took the copy of the papers, placed them in the fax machine and faxed them to HIT. He succeeded in his little plan and smiled self-conceited. He will sell the island to HIT, earn his share and Phoenix will have to pay the piper. After he faxed the papers, he turned on his shredder and destroyed the original papers. Once the money is made over to his account, he would be an even more richer man then he already is. There was no way out for Phoenix this time.

'What did he say?' Nikki asked.
'He denied everything,' Pete replied.
'And you believe him?'
'I believe him that he has the most to lose here.'
'Nikki, I'm not saying I don't believe you, but this man can go bankrupt if this project doesn't work out. Why would he steal something then?'
'Money, Pete. It's always about the money.'
Pete didn't say anything.
'Pete, I'm sorry for insisting like this. We can keep debating about this but I can prove he stole those papers. If I'm wrong, I'll quit my job then.'
'Nikki, that is not necessary.'
'Will you let me prove it?'
'If that's what it takes to get you off my back, yes, I will let you prove it.'
'Good. Is Eric still in his office?'
'He was there when I left.'
'We wait till he leaves the office and then we'll snoop around.'
'That can take hours.'
'That's why we have to stay here. If he took the papers, he can't bring them back as long we're here ourselves. Eventually he will have to leave his office sooner or later.'
Pete sighed again: 'Fine, Nikki.'
'Good, I'll be on the lookout and will make my move when he leaves.'
Nikki went to the door and began to keep an eye on Eric's door.
'Nikki, what if Eric is planning the exact same thing and waiting on us to leave?'
'That's a good question,' she said. 'Then we can be standing here for a long time.'
However it didn't last a long time. Only a few minutes after Nikki stood by the door, Eric's door opened and she saw him leave. He walked in the other direction with his back to her. He never saw her. She waited until he left the corridor and was out of sight. 'OK, come on.'
Nikki and Pete went back to Eric's office. 'Keep an eye out for him while I look for the papers.'
Pete remained by the door and kept an eye out for Eric while Nikki began searching. She went to his desk and lifted the computer's keyboard. She started to open the drawers but found nothing. During her check of the desk, her hand hit the mouse and the computer screen went on. There was nothing to be seen but the wallpaper. She opened his files but there was nothing out of the ordinary. She checked out the deleted files in the bin pictogram but also there nothing. 'Of course, he deleted everything.' She looked at her right and noticed the file cabinet. She opened those drawers but they were stuffed with pretty much the same files Pete had. She did check the files with the letters C, P and U but there was nothing there either. Next to the file cabinet was the fax machine. There was a little red light blinking.
'Pete, do you see him?'
'No. We're all clear.'
She started to tap the buttons. The display blinked on and then she pressed "last dialled number". A number appeared along with the date and time of use. She checked her watch. It was only ten minutes ago. 'Gotcha.' Then she pressed "print last fax". A paper came out which was the adjusted version of the property papers. 'I knew it.'
'Did you find anything?' Pete asked at the door.
'Oh, yeah. I found something alright.'
'Then come on, let's go.'
She folded the paper up and stuck it in her pocket. When she turned around on her way back to the door, her foot hit the shredder. She looked down and saw something in there. 'Wait. What's this?'
'Nikki, hurry up. I think he's coming back.'
Quickly Nikki opened up the shredder and took out the shredded papers. 'Alright, I got it. Let's go. Come on.'
Pete and Nikki left Eric's office and hurried back to Pete's office just when Eric came back in the corridor.
'That was close,' Pete said.
'So what did you find?'
Nikki placed the shredded papers on Pete's desk and took the fax out her pocket. 'I found this and this.'
'He faxed this, no longer then ten minutes ago. It's a copy of the property papers, but it's blank. He erased whatever we filled in and our signatures. And I think this shredded piece of paper was the original.'
'So he is guilty?'
'I never doubted that, Pete. I know what I've heard that day. This is proof.'
'But even if we can proof it, it still might be too late. If he gets paid, he can still be gone soon.'
'That's why we need to make sure he can't leave this island.'
'I'll call the control tower and have them tell Jack and James they cannot fly Eric out of here.'
'Good. Even if he gets paid then, he can't just simply walk out of here.'
Pete immediately made the call. 'Control tower? This is Pete Thornton. If Eric Woodman attempts to charter a flight out of here, tell our pilots they can't take off until further notice, alright? Alright.'
'Now, all we have to worry about is how we can counteract HIT's claim on the island.'
'I wouldn't worry about that now we have this. If necessary we'll take it out to court. I think we best now wait on MacGyver's return and tell him what happened here.'
'And I think it's best we keep Eric in the dark about this. He doesn't know we can prove it now. All he knows is that we have our suspicions.'
'Great. You did good, Nikki. I'm sorry for doubting you.'
'Thanks, Pete and no apology necessary.'

A couple of hours later MacGyver, Sam, Jack and James arrived back on the island. It was still raining when the plane drove into the hangar.
'Well, we're back, guys,' James said. 'Thank you for flying Camp United Airlines.' 'Oh, man. What a week,' Sam said and stretched out. 'I'm going to take a long nap.'
'That's a good idea, Sam,' MacGyver said. 'We have some catching up to do.'
A loud snoring came out of the fuselage. MacGyver, Sam and James turned their heads to the sound. It was Jack sitting there with his pilot cap over his eyes and fingers clenched on his belly, making snoring and hissing sounds. MacGyver walked up to him and hit his cap of his head. 'Jack, come on. Wake up. We're back.'
'Huh? What? We're back? Already?' he asked sleepy and moaningly he yawned so wide it astonished Sam.
'Yeah, we're back,' MacGyver said. 'Let's go find our beds, huh?'
'Alright,' Jack got up a little creaky and the foursome left the plane.
They left the hangar and as if they were struck by lightning they noticed the destruction that has occured in the past few days.
'What the hell happened here?' MacGyver asked.
'Bad weather,' James said.
'Aw, man.'
'At this point, I just don't care,' Sam said. 'I want to sleep for a few days and that's what I'm gonna do. If you need me, I'll be in my cabin.'
'I'm with you, Sam,' Jack said and left for his own cabin.
'I guess, we all are,' MacGyver said.
'Later, Mac,' James said.
'See ya, James.'
The men parted ways and MacGyver walked around the lake, past the puddles and mud. He reached the little bridge which was now missing a part and jumped over it to the other side. All he cared about now was sleep and went to his own cabin. He went in and saw Nikki sitting at his desk, going through the papers she found earlier.
'Hi, baby,' he said.
She looked up from her papers and smiled. 'MacGyver.'
MacGyver walked up to her when she stood up and they hugged intensely.
'Where have you been? I was so worried about you.'
'Pete didn't tell you?' he asked when he let go of her.
'Yeah, he did, but I was still worried. What happened?'
'After we left China, Murdoc, Nicholas and Sonya were waiting for us. They hijacked Jack's plane. We jumped the plane and lost them somewhere over the Himalayas. We ended up in Bhutan and from there on we went to India. That's the short version. What happened here?'
'The weather here has been just plain awful. That caused most of the damages and I've caught Eric with his hand in the cookie jar.'
Nikki gave him the copy of the paper Eric faxed through. 'Look at this. This is the property papers he faxed to most likely HIT. He sold us out.'
MacGyver quickly glanced at the paper. 'Uh, yeah, look, Nikki. I'm pretty tired right. I've been in three countries in four days and I really need to sleep. Can it wait till morning?'
Nikki sighed. 'Very well. The damage has been done anyway.'
'Hey. I'll look at it in the morning.'
'Fine,' she said. 'I'm just trying to save what's left to save, which isn't much by the way.'
(The Love Theme of Metro begins here)

'Nikki,' he said and placed his hands on her shoulders, 'I'm too tired right now to look at this. Go tell Pete that I'm back and that I will see him tomorrow morning. Then we'll have our briefing and you explain me what you have there. Just you, me and Pete, like before.'
'I'm sorry. I'm just too stressed out at the moment. I really have the feeling we're losing this one, baby.'
'And you can't stand to lose, can you?'
'Just go to Pete, tell him what I said and then I'll hit the sack. Tomorrow is a whole new day with a fresh set of new possibilities.'
They kissed and Nikki left while MacGyver dropped himself onto the bed and dozed off in a deep sleep.

The following morning, MacGyver woke up. He rubbed over his face and yawned while checking his watch. It was eighth-thirty in the morning. He slept for 14 hours straight. His long hair stood up in every direction. Moaning he sat up straight at side of his bed. He was still so tired and the time differences started to take effect on him. Wobbling he stood up and went to the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. He shook his head and turned on the faucets. His hands filled with cold water and splashed himself a couple of times in the face until he was awake. He freshened up and changed his clothes. After he finished tying his shoelaces he went to the Phoenix building and to the briefing room where Pete and Nikki were waiting for him. (The music fades away here)
'MacGyver,' Pete said, 'good morning.'
'Morning Pete,' he said back and they shook hands.
'Glad to see you're alright.'
'Thanks, Pete. It's been an exciting couple of days.'
MacGyver went to the coffee machine and poured himself a cup of coffee before he sat down at the table.
'So,' Pete said as he and Nikki took place, 'fill us in. What have you found out?'
'Well in China, I've met Yung Li's father who said his son never had any anger issues and speaks English very well. Mei Jan says hello.'
'That's it?' Nikki asked.
'Mei Jan arranged everything. Then after I received Endrani's message, we went on our way to India.'
'And that's when you got hijacked?'
'Exactly, Murdoc and company were waiting for us when we took off. A struggle happened on the plane and we had to jump over the Himalayas. We haven't seen or heard them since.'
'Jumped in mid-air?' Pete asked.
'We didn't had much choice. We bailed out with parachutes and we can only assume they crashed in the mountains. But they could very well still be alive.'
'Where did you land?'
'Outside Thimpu in Bhutan, where I met Anonda's mother.'
'The one kid that hasn't caused any troubles so far.'
'Yeah, she's working in the Royal Palace of Bhutan and she told me Anonda suffers from allergies, yet he hasn't been sneezing here at all.
'Then what happened?' Nikki asked.
'The king of the country arranged our transportation to India. But get this: Endrani told me to bring flowers to her grandfather's grave only there are no cemetaries in Varanasi.'
'What?' Pete asked.
'How can she not know that?' Nikki wondered.
'My thoughts exactly. She is from Varanasi herself and doesn't know that?'
'Well, how did you know?' Pete asked.
'Penny Parker says hi.'
'You saw Penny there?'
'Yeah, she lives there now.'
'So what did you do then?' Nikki asked.
'I did what she asked but I threw the flowers in the Ganges as it accustomed there. But the fact Endrani didn't know this, is something that keeps bugging me.'
'Are you saying Endrani may not be who she says she is?' Pete asked.
'I don't know what to make of that, Pete. Having a kid infiltrate on a island like this? For what purpose?'
'So the expression of: "Why send a man to do a woman's job?" has turned into: "Why send a grown-up to do a kid's job?"'
Nikki smirked a little. 'I'll tell Cynthia to talk with Endrani about this.'
'Good. That's about what I had. So what happened here while I was away?'
Nikki and Pete shared a look.
'Like, I told you yesterday, MacGyver,' Nikki started, 'Eric sold us out and we can prove it.' She shoved him the copy of the property papers and shredded papers under his nose. 'I tried to confront him first but that wasn't a good plan. I found this afterwards in his office.'
MacGyver observed the papers. 'These are indeed our property papers. And what is that shredded thing?'
'The originals.'
'Oh yes, I see. He made a copy, erased whatever we filled in and than send a blank copy to HIT. That's how he does business.'
'MacGyver, tell us we aren't doomed,' Pete said.
MacGyver looked at the copy again. 'Well, Pete, from the looks of things, I say we are.'
Nikki and Pete sighed.
'That's it then,' she said. 'It's over. We lost.'
MacGyver surpressed a smile. 'Not quite.'
'What?' Pete asked.
'Eric can try a sell us out as much as he want, he won't get away with it.'
'What do you mean?' Nikki asked.
'Way before the school hostage when we signed these documents, I immediately made a copy of the ones we signed. I've been keeping them ever since in a safe at Phoenix. Eric doesn't know about that.'
Nikki and Pete sighed in relief this time.
'Why didn't you tell us about this?'
'Because it was our insurance. Besides those documents are dated, unless they forge it, they can never get their hands on this island.'
'Well, that's first the good news in weeks,' Pete said.
'Yeah, but we're not out of the woods yet. This place is a giant mess and we still need to figure out what's wrong with children.'
'So what's next?'
'I don't know, Pete,' MacGyver said while putting the copy aside. 'We might wanna keep Eric in check. He still doesn't know about this, does he?'
'No,' Nikki said, 'he doesn't.'
'Good. We want to keep it that way. Make sure he can't leave the island.'
'I already notified the people at the airstrip not to let him get on a plane,' Pete said.
'I can't believe, I'm going to have to turn him in.'
'You don't have much choice, MacGyver,' Nikki said. 'He sold us out, he'll have to suffer the consequences.'
'MacGyver, what about HIT?' Pete asked. 'You're sure Murdoc is not dead?'
'Well, he didn't yell my name yet or I didn't hear it. No, I think Murdoc is still around and we haven't seen the last of him either.'
'What are we going to do about it?'
'I think we're going to have to confront him. Murdoc, Nicholas, Sonya and Eric.'
'How, where, when?'
'Probably here. They're after us, remember? They're bound to catch up on us sooner or later. With the evidence we've got so far, I think I can begin to point out they've been sabotaging us from the start and maybe I can start to figure out what's going on with the kids. If we can connect the children's behaviour with HIT's plans, there might be a shot to solve this whole thing.'
'How are you going to do that?'
'I don't know yet. I got a feeling, I don't know everything yet but I will soon.'
'Was there anything else?' Pete asked Nikki.
'Not that I can think of, no.'
'That's it then for this meeting.'
'Just go about your day and pretend everything is normal. Especially around Eric. We'll solve this thing soon, alright?' MacGyver said and got up, finished his coffee and then left.
(Music comes up here)
MacGyver went back outside and looked around the terrain. He shook his head. He knew they would have to start all over again from the beginning to give this project another chance. Trying to avoid the puddles and mud MacGyver walked back to the supplies basement. Since his escape with the lawnmower, the door was completely gone. The stairs were wet and dirty. Carefully he went back down to look for the loose board in the floor. He found it and couldn't believe it. The mechanical arm and bag with the evidence was still there. Out in the open, yet out of sight. MacGyver picked up the bag and looked at it. Everything was still in there. As far as he knew, nobody didn't know about what he hid underneath the boards. He placed the bag back underneath the board and walked back up outside where he bumped into Sam. (Music fades away)
'Morning, Sam.'
'What were you doing down there?'
'Nothing, just checking. Is there a problem?'
Sam pulled up his shoulders. 'Just want to know what the plans are now?'
'Well, Eric sold us out.'
'Yeah, he tried to sell us out to HIT.'
'What a bozo.'
'I know, right? But he think he sold us out. He did and he didn't actually.'
'What does that mean?'
'When we signed the property papers, I made copies of that and kept them in a safe at Phoenix.'
'That was smart.'
'You mean resourceful.'
Both of them smiled.
'So they can't have the island?' Sam asked.
'We can fight them legally if it comes to that.'
'Now what?'
'I don't know. I'm a bit at a loss here. We have Eric here. He can't leave the island. To get HIT we're going to have to confront Murdoc and company.'
'But we left them over the Himalayas.'
'Yes, but they're bound to show up, like bad pennies.'
'You just want to sit here and wait for them to come to us?'
'I don't think we have much choice on that, Sam.'
'Dad, that can take weeks if they're still alive. What do we do in the meantime?'
'Starting to figure out our story on what's going on with the kids and pinning Eric on his connection with HIT.'
'So, go figure,' Sam said.
'But there is still one thing bothering me.'
'What is it?'
'We never got really into why Kumoken locked me up there.'
'He wanted to play a game. You said it yourself. And he understood he was out of line.'
'I never thought more of it at the time but I do want to know more now.'
'You want to go talk to him?'
'No, I was actually thinking of going to Australia.'
Sam laughed because of the way it sounded but MacGyver's look meant he was serious. 'Oh, you're serious.'
'Yes, I am. It's not that very far from where we are. What do you say, Sam? Are you interested in a trip to kangaroo land?'
'You got that right, mate!' he said while mimicking an Australian accent.
'Good, now let's notify the others and be on our way outta here,' MacGyver said with his own Australian accent.

(The track Nullah Rides To Faraway Downs from the movie Australia begins here)

The Outback

MacGyver, Sam and James were flying over the Australian outback. The outback was a vast territory that covered nearly three quarters of the country. From out of the cockpit they saw several animals running over the plains.
'Wow, this is great,' Sam said and made a snapshot from out of the cockpit.
Kangaroos were jumping all over the place. James took the plane lower to have a closer look. They zoomed over the animals before going back up.
On the plains an Aboriginal man curiously looked up at the metal bird. He was going to keep an eye on it for sure if it was to come back.
James circled the plane around for another round.
'One more round and then we're going to land,' James said.
'Great,' MacGyver said while going through the intel on his PDA. 'We must be near the coordinates Pete gave us.'
'Then we're almost there?' Sam asked.
'Yep. Kumoken's parents must live in the neighborhood here.'
'What? Out here, in the outback?'
'Yeah. I know it's weird. This place is so isolated from the rest of the civilised world. Everything is so far apart from each other. You know that in case of medical emergency people have to fly down here?'
'The Flying Doctors,' Sam said.
'Exactly. Now, look here,' MacGyver said and pointed to a bleeping dot on the screen. 'That's an Aboriginal village. Kumoken's parents are Aborginals and living in the traditional lifestyle.'
'But if the camp only gave access to the kids of bigshots how come Kumoken got in?'
'They have connections within the Australian government. Kumoken's grandparents belonged to the Stolen Generations. They brought his family back together and as a sign of goodwill they allowed Kumoken to come to the island. He was send to tell about his family and preserve his heritage of the Aboriginals.'
'OK, boys, it's time to set her down,' James said. 'Just make sure your seatbelts are fastened and that your tables are back up.'
James landed the plane as a pro and brought it to a stop. 'Thanks again for flying Camp United Airlines.' (The music fades away here)
'The village is not that far from here,' MacGyver said. 'You mind waiting for us here? This shouldn't take long.'
'Sure, I'll be here. I got to go over the checkings list anyway.'
MacGyver patted James on his back when he got up. Sam left the cockpit first followed by his father. MacGyver opened the door and they both got out.
'Wow,' he said both impressed by the landscape and the heat. He put his sunglasses on as did Sam.
'Man, it's hot out here,' Sam said.
'Come to think of it, it's actually winter down here.'
'I prefer snow in the winter.'
'Only it's summer on our half of the world.'
'Yeah. We better get moving.'
'Too bad this is only going to be a quick in-and-out visit. This country looks awesome.'
'Yes it is. This is actually one of the few nations we hardly have any relations with. At least out of Phoenix's point of view.'
'You think we'll see Crocodile Dundee here?'
'Who knows, Sam. Let's get going. The sooner we find Kumoken's parents, the sooner we might be able to solve this whole thing. It's starting to become a drag really.'
MacGyver and Sam hardly left the plane or the Aboriginal man appeared in front of them. Curiously he looked at the plane and at them.
'Howdy,' MacGyver greeted him.
The man stared at him.
'Do you speak English?'
The man kept staring at him.
'I guess not,' Sam said.
'We're looking for an Aboriginal village of our friend Kumoken.'
The man's face cleared up when he heard the name Kumoken.
'Kumoken,' he said.
'That's right. Kumoken. You know him?'
'Kumoken. Village nearby.'
'So he does speak English,' Sam said.
'Kumoken, good friend of mine. I bring you to family.'
'I guess we beter follow him then,' MacGyver said.

After a little walk, MacGyver, Sam and the Aborginal man arrived in the Aboriginal village. Through their walk in the jungle, they noticed a man wrestling a crocodile in a lake and being cheered on by the local natives. Sam quickly took a picture. The village itself was not that big but MacGyver and Sam were greeted peaceful. They felt like they were in this old movie where explorers find these villages in the jungles far away from the civilised world. MacGyver and Sam were brought to the chief of the tribe who turned out to be Kumoken's father. Everyone gathered around the tribesman near the fire in the middle of the village. There was a kangaroo broiling over the fire.
The tribesman raised his hands to get everyone quiet and spoke: 'I was told, you know my son, Kumoken.'
'Yes, that's right,' MacGyver said. 'That's why we're here.'
'My son is far away to a summer camp.'
'We know,' Sam answered. 'That's where we came from.'
'I never agreed for him to go to that camp.'
'Why not?' MacGyver asked.
'The only thing Kumoken knew as a boy was our land, our people and our language. Now he wants to live in urban cities. I don't know why. He hasn't been traditionally initiated into manhood yet and if he never is, he can never carry on his heritage.'
'Traditionally initiated? You mean going on walkabouts?'
'Yes. We have our customs and traditions. You see, a long time ago before Australia was colonized, this country was ours, of the Aboriginees, that was until the white man came.'
'So the same thing happened here as when Columbus discovered America and the colonists took away the Indians their land?' Sam asked.
'Yes. Only one percent is what is left of the Aboriginees in Australia. The colonists murdered our people while we always embraced strangers. We accepted the outcasts of the white people but in return they attempted to exterminate our race like the Tasmanians. Completely extinct.'
'And when your child is away from his homeland...' MacGyver began.
'He's helping to complete the genocide. We must keep our history alive. It was not so long ago the white man tried to take our children away from us...'
'The Stolen Generations.'
'... and forced us to live on reserves.'
'Like the Indians,' Sam added.
'They took us there in chains and beat us for speaking our language and for practising our religions. Infecting us with their deceases broke our spirit.'
MacGyver and Sam shared a look.
'I'm sorry,' MacGyver said.
'For what?' the tribesman asked. 'This was way before your time.'
'So you don't approve of Kumoken being at the summer camp?'
'Not before his initiation. Once he becomes a man, he can do as he pleases.'
'That's understandable,' MacGyver said. 'Sir, how well-behaved is Kumoken?'
'He acts his age but has fairly wild ideas. Why do you ask?'
'In the camp, he locked me up in the supplies basement.'
'Yeah, he wanted to play a game, he said and locked me up in the supplies basement.'
'That doesn't sound like my Kumoken at all.'
'Pretty much every parent we talked to said that,' Sam said.
'Kumoken respects every living creature. He adores the animals from here, takes great pride in his tribe sign the crocodile.'
'Then why did I saw that man wrestling a crocodile back there?'
'Oh, him. Forget him. He does that all the time. But he doesn't kill the crocodile, he does it for sports.'
'Kumoken never did any of that stuff here like pulling pranks on people?' MacGyver asked.
'I don't know how much more unbelievable this can get.'
'Wait,' the tribesman said, 'I'm receiving a message.'
'A message,' MacGyver asked.
The tribesman threw some powder in the fire causing a big flame and looked up at the sparks and into the fire.
'Dad, what's happening?' Sam asked.
'Ssshh. I don't know.'
Almost hypnotised the tribesman looked into the fire. The other natives held their breaths while the tribesman began to nod. 'There is something wrong at the camp. There is danger where Kumoken is and you two are needed there.'
'Kumoken said that?'
'Well, tell him we're on the way,' MacGyver said and stood up.
'Before you do, please, first eat with us. We have kangaroo meat and larvas.'
MacGyver and Sam observed some of the younger tribesmembers eating larvas.
'Mmm, maybe some other time,' Sam said.
'Oh, come on, Sam. I can go for some kangaroo meat. We haven't eaten in a while now either.'
'OK, dad, fine. You're right. I am hungry anyway.' (Music comes up)
MacGyver and Sam stayed with the tribe for about twenty minutes to eat and even took some kangaroo meat for James who was still waiting by the plane. After James finished his kangaroo meat, the three of them took off again to go back to the island.
(The music reaches it's peak and we fade out here)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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