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Posted by: MacGyverGod 5 September 2018 - 03:28 AM
Welcome to chapter three of the story. After his arrival on the island, we see now how MacGyver gets further involved in Phoenix's pet project and how difficulties with the camp starts to arise. Enjoy!

You can find the previous chapter here.

(We fade in with soft but ominous music on the background)
Chapter III
The Games Begin

The following morning MacGyver woke up alone though Nikki had spend the night with him. He rubbed through his hair with his hand making it look more messed up than it already was. Every morning for the past seven months has became a bit difficult. Groaning he sat up in the bunk bed and noticed a note on the desk. It was a note of Nikki that said she had already gone to the office. MacGyver briefly smiled about the note and than he looked out of the window. (The music becomes more creepy) His eyes darted from left to right and this creepy feeling something happened overnight overwhelmed him. Something changed. Something about the island has changed. It was an overcast day. The sky was completely gray. Not a single touch of blue sky or the least sunshine could’ve been seen. MacGyver quickly freshened up, changed his clothing into his jeans and his white T-shirt with his walking shoes under it and went out to investigate. The island was quite, it was also still morning. The island felt like a swimming pool at a hotel in the morning light and the sunbathers were still asleep from the party of the night before. MacGyver walked down the path to the lake when he noticed the doors of the supplies basement were open. He looked around but he was all alone. Curiously he went down the flight of stairs again to see if anybody was down there. At touchdown on the wooden floor, he saw nothing has changed since the day before. Except maybe that mechanical arm that was laying on the floor. (The music becomes more mysterious)
‘Huh? That thing wasn’t here yesterday.’
The mechanical arm began moving and crawled away from itself.
‘Hey, where do you think you’re going?’
MacGyver followed the arm and caught it. He placed it under the hollow board in the floor.
‘Strange happening.’ (The music fades away here)
MacGyver left the supplies basement again and once he was upstairs he bumped into Nikki.
‘Hey!’ she said.
‘Hey,’ he replied back.
‘Are you alright?’
‘What were you doing down there?’
‘Something’s weird here.’
‘Yeah, tell me about it. I was just coming to get you.’
‘What for? What’s wrong?’
‘It’s Nigel. He’s completely upset.’
‘Upset? About what?’
‘I don’t know. He doesn’t want to say.’
Nikki brought MacGyver to Nigel’s cabin. The cabin looked like his except Nigel had a few objects directly from his country and he had a UK flag above his doorway. Nigel was indeed upset about something. He was on the verge of tears and hitting his pillow. Cynthia was there trying to calm him down.
‘Nigel, sweetheart, take it easy,’ Cynthia said. ‘I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what the problem is.’
‘What’s wrong?’ MacGyver asked.
‘I don’t know. I heard him screaming and came to see what the problem was but I don’t know anything else so far.’
Nigel was hitting his pillow repeatedly.
‘Hey, Nigel come on, champ. What’s the problem? Can’t you tell us? What has made you so upset?’ MacGyver asked.
‘Shut up! I want to go back home. I want to go to England. England rules.’
‘Sure it does, but…’
‘Oh, shut up. I hate it here and I hate you guys. It’s such a boring place. Do you hear me? B-o-r-g-n. And now leave me alone. I hate you.’
‘What do you think his problem is?’ Nikki asked.
‘Well, for starters there’s definitely something wrong with his spelling. Nigel is known to be a real spellings champ.’
‘Besides that what else can you make up from his behavior.’
‘He’s clearly homesick.’
‘Yeah, he wants to go home. A remote island somewhere in the South Pacific is indeed very far away from home. Especially for an eleven-year-old kid.’
‘But we can’t send him home,’ Cynthia said. ‘That’s bad for the program.’
‘Yeah, I know.’
There was a silent moment of desperation.
‘Alright,’ MacGyver said. ‘The only solution I can see right now is that I take off to England and pick up some toys for him from home. Maybe that’s going to make him feel less homesick.’
‘You think that’s a good idea?’ Nikki asked.
‘I don’t see any other solution. Do you?’
Nikki shook her head.
‘Let’s do that than.’
‘Look, I’ll leave right away. Tell Pete where I went off to and tell him I’ll be back in a few days, alright?’
‘I’ll go and see if I can find James around here somewhere.’
‘Check and good luck,’ Nikki said.
MacGyver left Nigel’s cabin and went on his way to the airfield. On his way he bumped in on Pete and Sam.
‘MacGyver, good morning,’ Pete said.
‘Morning, dad.’
‘Hey, morning. Um… have you guys seen James around?’
‘Captain Holland? No, why?’ Pete asked.
‘Nigel’s quite upset. He’s feeling homesick.’
‘That bad, huh?’
‘Yeah, I was thinking to fly to England and pick some stuff up for him from home.’
‘That’s a great idea, mind if I go with you?’ Sam asked. ‘It’s the land of Lara Croft.’
‘Well, uh…,’ MacGyver stammered but raised his hand in permission.
‘Great, there’s not much to do here for me anyway. And I’ve never been in England before.’
‘Alright guys, you can go ahead,’ Pete said. ‘But be careful and take this.’
‘We’ll be back in a few days,’ MacGyver said putting a device away without looking at it.
‘Alright, see you than.’

(The theme of Trail To Doomsday starts playing here)
London, England
Parliament Square

After a fifteen hour flight they arrived in London and by the next day MacGyver and Sam stood on London’s most popular square: Parliament Square. (The music fades away here)
‘Dad, I can’t believe we’re here,’ Sam said enthusiast and began taking photos.
‘Well, you better believe it,’ MacGyver said while studying the device Pete gave him before he left the camp.
‘So you’ve been here before, huh?’
‘So you know your way around?’
‘Tell me.’
‘First time I was looking for the Legend of the Holy Rose.’
‘With Zoe Ryan?’
‘Yeah. She asked me to help her out. I also met Erich Von Leer than. He tried to kill me in that torture chamber. You know the story on that. With good footwork I escaped. Than five years later I went on another expedition with Professor Atticus and my old flame Kelly to find the Lost Treasure of Atlantis.’
‘And did you find it?’
‘In Greece. Not much later I was invited to a birthday party of my friend Paul Moran. He got killed and I got caught in a massive web of crime.’
‘Right, you told me that. You found that nuclear weapons facility.’
‘That’s right.’
Sam took some more snapshots.
‘What do you got there, anyway?’
‘Pete gave me a PDA. It’s a small computer that contains information of where we are. I think you can also have video contact with this. I just have to figure out how.’
‘You think we’ll bump into Lara Croft around here?’
‘Sam, I hate to burst your bubble but Lara Croft is not real. She’s a game character.’
‘Not real, huh? Game character?’
‘Yeah, she’s just like Mario and the Sega Sonic Hedgehog.
‘If she’s not real, than who the hell is that?’ Sam said pointing to a young woman looking exactly like Lara Croft. Sam immediately started to take photos.
The young woman was dressed like Lara Croft, the brown shorts, the green top, the ponytail, the gun holsters, the finger gloves and the boots. She walked up to her motorbike and got up. Than she caught Mac’s and Sam’s eye. She looked over the top of her sunglasses and grinned when Sam took another shot. She started up her bike, looked at Sam again, raised her eyebrows once in challenge before placing her sunglasses back and than took off with thundering loud noise at an incredible speed. MacGyver and Sam shared a baffled look.
‘Must’ve been a look-a-like,’ MacGyver said.
‘Must’ve been. But I’m going to stay close to these snapshots and develop them later to make sure for myself.
‘Whatever. She’s not real, I tell you.’
‘Well, neither is Indiana Jones.’
‘I like him better, he’s not such a loose cannon as she is.’
‘Hey, don’t you dare say anything bad about her or the Tomb Raider games.’
MacGyver stuck his tongue out.
‘So what’s the plan, now?’ Sam asked while taking another one.
‘I called Elise. She’s Paul’s daughter. She knows her way around in the higher circles of the British society and she knows Nigel’s family. She might get us to his parents.’
‘Sounds great.’
‘But we have to go now to the pub where we were supposed to meet.’
‘Alright, dad, just let me get this final shot of the Big Ben.’
‘OK, come on,’ Mac said.
MacGyver and Sam crossed the road and on the corner of the street they saw the pub.
‘The Stuffed Duck?’ Sam asked.
‘Today’s special,’ Mac joked.
‘With bangers and mash, I hope.’
‘Of course,’ Mac smiled and opened the door for his son.
Sam entered the pub and Mac followed him. The pub was full at the this time of day. The most workers went there to take their midday break from work. Mac turned his head in all the possible directions it could to locate Elise. He saw her sitting in the farthest corner of the pub.
‘There she is,’ he said and walked up to her table. ‘Elise?’
The young woman looked up and smiled.
‘MacGyver, hey!’ she said.
She stood up and gave him a big hug.
‘How you doin’, baby?’
‘I can manage,’ she said while letting him go.
‘You still look like your mum.’
‘Thank you.’
‘This is my son, Sam,’ Mac said introducing Sam.
‘Hello,’ she said.
‘Hi,’ Sam greeted her back.
‘I didn’t know, you had a son.’
‘Neither did I, till he showed up,’ MacGyver said.
‘He looks like you.’
‘That proves he’s not from the milkman.’
Elise laughed. ‘Let’s sit down.’
The threesome sat down and the bartender lady came to take their orders. MacGyver ordered orange juice, Sam had the same and Elise ordered another glass of water.
‘So why did you call me? You said you needed my help on something?’ Elise said coming down to business.
‘Yeah, you remember the Phoenix Foundation?’
‘That’s the company you work for sometimes.’
‘Yeah, well along with a few other big shot companies we bought an island in the South Pacific to start up a project for kids to talk about all the world problems.’
‘Sound like a great initiative.’
‘Yeah, but there’s a problem with one of the kids.’
‘What is it?’ she asked when the bartender lady brought the orders.
‘Couple of days ago, everything seemed alright but one morning the kids were acting strange,’ Sam continued.
‘One in particular,’ MacGyver added.
‘Who?’ Elise asked again.
‘Nigel Manly. I was wondering, since you know your way around in the British upper class, if you know him and might get us to his parents.’
‘I know the Manly family pretty well and I truly adore Nigel. They took care of me after you left to the States again when my father died.’
‘Than we’ve come to the right person,’ Sam cheered.
‘But what’s his problem?’
‘We’re pretty sure he’s just homesick and we were actually dropping by to pick up some of his favorite toys.’
‘The little boy is in trouble,’ Elise said desperate.
‘Not really. But he was crying his heart out that he wanted to go home.’
‘Do you know something that can help him out?’ Sam asked.
‘Well, maybe,’ Elise said.
‘Like what?’ MacGyver asked.
Elise bended closer to Mac and Sam and whispered: ‘His Guy.’
‘His Guy?’ both men asked at the same time.
‘What guy?’ Sam wondered.
‘Do you know anything of British history?’
‘Miss, I’ve never been here before so I don’t know that much.’
‘You’re talking about Guy Fawkes, right?’ MacGyver said.
‘Yes,’ Elise said
‘And he is…?’
‘Guy Fawkes was a British military in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. He knew a lot of explosives and gained recognition of his involvement in the Gunpowder Plot.’
‘Gunpowder Plot?’
‘Guy Fawkes was a member of the Roman Catholic restorationists from England that planned the Gunpowder plot. That aim of the plot was to kill King James I of England, his family, and most of the aristocracy by blowing up the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster during the State Opening of Parliament on the fifth of November 1605. Because of his knowledge of explosives and his military career Fawkes was the chosen one to execute the plot.’
Elise paused and took a sip of water than she continued. ‘Unfortunately for them the plot got uncovered and Fawkes got busted in the cellars of the palace on the moment he was about to ignite the gunpowder. They prevented it on time and arrested him along with the other conspirators. On January 31 the conspirators were tried in Westminster Hall and convicted to the death penalty. Fawkes, though weakened by torture, cheated the executioners. When he was to be hanged until almost dead, he jumped from the gallows, so his neck broke and he died, thus avoiding the gruesome later part of this form of execution.’
‘Wow!’ Sam exclaimed.
‘Now, it comes down to this; because of the prevention November 5th became a day of reminding the event in celebration. That’s why kids from England burn Guy Fawkes dolls on Guy Fawkes Night. Everybody has been doing that for nearly four hundred years, except for Nigel. He doesn’t want to burn it. You might say, he’s even a little bit attached to it.’
‘Than that might be thing to cheer him up,’ MacGyver said. ‘Where can we get it?’
‘At his place.’
‘Can you take us there?’
‘Sure, we’ll take a taxi, it’s not so far from here.’
‘Alright.’ (Slow tense music comes up again)
The threesome got up and MacGyver paid the bill in British pounds. Than they left the pub. From another distant corner in the pub from behind a newspaper, Murdoc’s face appeared.
‘Alright, come on,’ he said to Sonya who sat at the table next to him. Sonya on her turn notified Nicholas.
They got up and tailed Mac, Sam and Elise to…

Nigel’s Mansion

Twenty minutes later they arrived at Nigel’s Mansion. It was a massive mansion just like the one of Paul Moran. Everything was in there more than twice. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, libraries, personnel. There was a butler, gardeners, housekeepers, cooks and servants. (The music fades away here)
‘This is it,’ Elise said while getting out of the cab.
‘Wow,’ MacGyver exclaimed.
‘Yes, I know. Nigel’s parents really are wealthy. Their mansion is bigger than my father’s.’
‘You can say that again.’
‘Wow,’ Sam said when he got out.
‘My word exactly.’
Elise paid for the taxi and than it took off.
‘Now what?’ MacGyver asked.
‘Let’s see if we can get inside, shall we?’ Elise said.
MacGyver and Sam followed Elise down a long path in the beautiful front yard. There were bushes and hedges cut in the forms of human beings and animals giving this extra avant-garde look to the territory.
‘Those hedges look nice, don’t they, dad?’
‘Hmm, real nice.’
They continued down the path until they reached the door and Elise knocked on the door. Moments passed.
‘Are you sure somebody’s home?’ MacGyver asked.
‘The butler should always be home,’ Elise answered.
‘Unless it’s his day off,’ Sam said.
‘It’s Wednesday. He’s always here on Wednesdays. Besides it’s noon, then there is a lot of activity inside the house.’
Elise knocked again. Than finally somebody opened the door.
‘Yes?’ the butler said.
The butler was an older man, well trained in the etiquette.
‘Miss Elise Moran to see Lord Manly.’
‘And who are your associates if I may ask?’
‘Lord MacGyver and lord uh…,’ Elise stuttered. ‘Hey, Sam, what’s your last name?’ she asked from out her mouth corner.
‘Malloy,’ he said from out his mouth corner.
‘And lord Malloy.’
The butler observed MacGyver and Sam with rich and stiff politeness.
‘With the way you dress, gentlemen, you don’t strike me as the type of lords.’
‘We’re undercover,’ Sam said between his teeth knowing the façade wasn’t working.
‘Look, we’re not lords and we’re most certainly not from the upper class,’ MacGyver said.
‘That, I can see, sir,’ the butler said.
‘But I do believe you know Ms. Moran.’
‘I know her, yes, sir.’
‘We’re here to talk with Lord Manly about his son Nigel.’
‘Oh, you know, young master Nigel?’
‘In that case, do come in.’
‘Thank you.’
The trio entered the mansion.
‘Lord MacGyver?’ Mac asked while going in.
‘Can’t blame me for trying,’ Elise smiled.
‘No, that I can’t.’
‘Besides he does this every time. Asking who it is and what you want with who or else you don’t come in.’
‘Isn’t that like everywhere?’ Sam asked.
‘Yeah, but in the upper class everything passes by the butler first.’
The mansion on the inside looked even more huge than on the outside. The butler guided our trio to lord Manly’s office.
‘Wow,’ Sam said while he saw the office. ‘This office’s bigger than Pete’s at Phoenix.’
‘Now, gentlemen, milady, lord Manly is doing his daily horseback riding in one of the mansion’s gardens. Please wait here, while I go fetch him.’
‘Thanks, Jackson,’ Elise said.
‘Dad, just look at all this stuff.’
‘Yeah, ain’t it something?’
When you entered the office, you could find the desk on your right with golden pens in penholders of the same color and a burning open fireplace on the left. There were two couches installed besides the desk and the walls were covered with portraits and bookshelves. Sam took one of the books off the shelf.
‘Wow, this guy’s interested in photography, just like I am.’
‘Great,’ Mac said while studying the portraits. ‘What’s that?’
‘That’s the family coat of arms,’ Elise said. ‘The white unicorn belongs to Nigel. That’s his part of the coat of arms.’
‘And what is that?’ Sam asked point to another portrait in the left corner above the fireplace.
‘That is Stonehenge,’ Elise explained.
‘It’s a megalithic monument near Wiltshire and between six thousand five hundred and eight thousand years old. One of the most famous prehistoric sites on the planet.’
‘How come these stones are standing in a perfect circle?’
‘Nobody actually knows. Some say supernatural forces did this, others say giants build it.’
‘And what was it used for?’
‘Stonehenge was once used as a burial ground, since human remains were found there. Again others say it was a place of healing like a primeval equivalent Lourdes. It is argued that these accounts for the high number of burials in the area and for the evidence of trauma deformity in some of the graves. However they do concede that the site was probably multifunctional and used for ancestor worship as well. They say the sun rises directly above of the stones in the middle of the summer.’
‘Interesting. I might hit the library to learn more on this, when I get back home,’ Sam said.
Passed the window a man on a horse arrived. MacGyver observed how the man came off the horse and gave the horse to one of his lackeys. He saw the butler talking to the man. The man had to be Nigel’s father.
‘That must be him,’ Mac said.
‘Yeah, that’s him,’ Elise said.
Lord Manly followed the butler back to his office.
‘Ms. Moran, Mr. MacGyver, Mr. Malloy. Lord Manly.’
‘Elise, my dear,’ lord Manly said to Elise. ‘How good to see you again.’
‘Same here, lord Manly.’
‘To what do I owe this great pleasure of seeing you again?’
‘Well, these gentlemen, Mr. MacGyver and Mr. Malloy would like to talk about Nigel.’
‘I see,’ lord Manly said becoming serious. ‘Gentlemen, take your seats, please.’
MacGyver and Sam took their seats as well as Elise did.
‘Jackson, can you provide us some tea, please?’
‘Yes, right away, sir.’
Jackson left for tea and lord Manly took a seat himself.
‘So you wanted to talk about my son, is that right?’
‘Yes, you see we’ve come from the camp, you send him to for the summer,’ MacGyver said.
‘Camp United, yes. Is there a problem with my son?’
‘Not really, but he feels homesick.’
‘Homesick?’ lord Manly said. ‘He’s indeed very far away from home. Flying from England to an island in the South Pacific.’
Jackson came back with the tea.
‘The tea, sir.’
‘Thank you, Jackson.’
‘I’ve also brought you today’s mail, sir.’
‘Put them on my desk, Jackson.’
‘Yes, sir.’
Jackson placed the mail on the desk after he poured everyone a cup of tea and was about to leave but lord Manly put him at a stop.
‘Before you leave, Jackson, I’d like some music for atmosphere.’
‘Yes, sir.’
Jackson opened a door at the bookshelves where in a stereo installation was installed and pressed on the play button. Some sweet violin music began playing. (The track Venice Violins from the game Tomb Raider II starts playing here)

‘So what do you think about doing about it? You know, my son being homesick?’
‘We actually flew over here, to pick up some of his toys,’ MacGyver said.
‘One toy in particular,’ Sam added to that.
Lord Manly nodded, knowing which toy they were referring about.
‘His Guy,’ he said while nipping his tea.
‘Do you know, where we can find it?’ Elise asked.
‘Gentlemen, do you know the history of Guy Fawkes?’
‘Elise filled us in, yes,’ MacGyver said.
‘Than you know Nigel didn’t want his Guy incinerated?’
‘The point is; he’s afraid it might happen so he hid it somewhere in the mansion. Only none of us know where he hid it.’
‘Would you mind, if we searched through the mansion?’
‘To what purpose, if you don’t know where to start looking? My lackeys and servants has searched everywhere already.’
‘Have you checked his bedroom?’
‘The library? Assuming, you’d have one.’
‘Yes. We’ve checked everywhere possible.’
‘Absolutely everywhere?’
‘Than we’re going back empty handed, Sam.’
Lord Manly sighed. ‘All right. If I can do you this favor of searching down the house, be my guest. After all I do this for my son.’
‘Thank you.’
‘Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a very important meeting to attend to at two o’ clock at the Parliament. If you need anything, Jackson will be at your service. Good day, gentlemen. Elise,’ lord Manly greeted them and then left.
‘I think he was about to get angry,’ Sam said.
‘Yeah, well, it’s not fun to ask these questions, but I had to,’ MacGyver said.
‘But you got what you wanted now, dad. We can search the house. Where do we start?’
‘Sam, you can start to check out his bedroom again. Elise, I want you to do library. I’m going to stay here and check around the office.’
‘And where do you even think, I can find his bedroom, dad? It’s the first time, I’m here, remember?’
‘Elise will take you there, right, Elise?’
‘Alright, come on, I’ll show you where it is,’ she said.
Sam and Elise left lord Manly’s office, leaving MacGyver on his own. (The music intensifies) It gave him the chance to search everything thoroughly. MacGyver walked up to the desk and began searching through the letters.
‘Bills, bills, bills and more bills. Glad I don’t have to pay for those.’
Behind the last letter there was a postcard of Nigel.
‘It says: “Dear mom and dad,
It is here not niece and I am boared stiffless. I don’t lick it here and wants to com home. Pliese com and pic mie up.”
Yoarse troely,

MacGyver shook his head on the many spellings mistakes there were on the postcard. Something was definitely wrong at the camp with Nigel, but what? Just homesick? MacGyver looked at the doorway and stuck the postcard in his pocket inside his jacket. When he placed the other letters back he accidently hit one of the golden pens that were standing straight up in their pen holders. One of the pens wasn’t real but served as a lever of some sort.
‘What the…?’
On the side of the desk a click was heard and a secret drawer opened and a blue piece of paper rolled out of it. MacGyver’s face turned into a frown and examined the blue print. He rolled it open and his face cleared up. ‘It’s a map of the room!’
He was right. On the blue paper white lines were drawn in the form of the room. According to the blue print the Guy Fawkes doll was supposed to be in that room.
‘So you’re behind the open fireplace, huh?’
MacGyver placed the blue print back in the secret drawer and closed it again. He walked up to the fireplace that was burning. How was he going to get behind it there? He couldn’t wait until the fire doused out, could he?
Yes, he could, but that would take way too long. Or maybe he should just douse the fire himself? He stared into the dancing flames. Unfortunately he couldn’t see anything except for the background of the fireplace. He took the poker of the fireplace and started poking in the flames until he touched the back. He poked the back couple of times. It sounded hollow. Not knowing yet how to get there, he looked up at the bishops portrait hanging directly above the fireplace. He carefully touched the golden frame with his fingers. Than he noticed how he could remove the frame of portrait. Behind the portrait there was a metal print of the family’s coat of arms hidden like some peoples hides safes in their homes. MacGyver reached up with his hand to feel the metal print. When he touched it, it appeared to be a button. A soft rumble was heard and than the open fireplace moved to it’s left and behind it sat the Guy Fawkes doll.
‘Hmm, Mr. Guy Fawkes, I presume?’
MacGyver took the doll and saw Sam and Elise come back and hid the doll behind his back. (The music fades away here)
‘We didn’t find anything, dad. How about you?’
‘Tadaa!’ Mac said getting the doll from behind his back.
‘You did!’
‘I think we can go back to the camp, now, Sam.’
‘Nigel, will be so glad,’ Elise said.
‘I hope so too.’
‘Come on, let’s go,’ Sam said.
MacGyver, Sam and Elise walked back to the front door. The butler was waiting for them.
‘Did you find what you were looking for?’ he asked stiffly.
‘Yes,’ MacGyver said showing him the doll.
‘Jolly good. Master Nigel will be so happy about his.’ (Tense music comes up again)
The butler opened the door and MacGyver, Sam and Elise looked straight into three gun barrels. Murdoc stood at the centre of the three.
‘Alright, give us the doll,’ he said.
‘Like hell we will,’ Sam scoffed back.
‘What is going on here?’ the butler demanded. ‘This is lord Manly’s mansion and you’re trespassing here.’
‘Trespass this,’ Helman said and hit the butler out cold with the barrel of his gun.
Elise gasped girlish and went out to help him.
Murdoc yoinked the doll out of Mac’s hands and kicked him the chest sending him tumbling backwards. When Murdoc tried to hit Sam, he ducked and launched his own right into Murdoc’s nose. (The track African Rundown from the movie Casino Royale starts playing here)

Murdoc staggered backwards and than they ran away. Sam immediately followed them.
‘Take care of him and thanks for helping us out,’ MacGyver said to Elise in a short goodbye, than he joined Sam in the pursuit.
MacGyver ran down the path back on the streets and he saw Sam sprinting behind the threesome down the road.
‘Sam!’ he yelled to him and ran after him.
Sam was pretty fast but Mac’s condition was still pretty sharp. With long and quick paces, he gained in on Sam. Murdoc suddenly turned around and shot at them.
MacGyver and Sam ducked behind a car. The windows shattered when the bullets hit them.
‘You alright?’ Mac asked.
‘Yeah,’ Sam replied and immediately got up and continued to run after the bad guys.
MacGyver ran after him again.
‘There they are!’
They saw how Murdoc, Helman and Sonya took a right in their run. They took the same turn when they passed the corner. This was a street with a dead end.
When Murdoc saw they were closing in, he took one of the garbage containers on wheels and run them into them in order to keep them off. Sam dodged it with ease, just like Mac did.
‘We got them!’ Sam cheered.
Helman was looking around to get away and he saw a door on his right. He shot the lock off and entered the building. Murdoc got in as last one and closed the door but Sam banged in the door with his shoulder. The door gave in and fell on Murdoc. Sam had Murdoc. Murdoc crawled from underneath the door but Sam grabbed one of his ankles. Murdoc pulled himself loose and kicked Sam in the face than took off again.
‘You alright?’ Mac asked again.
Now Mac took the lead in the run. They continued down the hallway until they reached the stairs. MacGyver followed them eight floors up to the roof with Sam on his tail. MacGyver opened the last door the roof and saw them running across it. Without doubting he ran after them, they were running to the edge of the roof.
‘Oh, sh*t!’ Murdoc yelled. ‘We have to jump!’
‘What?!’ Sonya screamed. ‘Are you kidding? That’s too far!’
‘Come on!’
Murdoc and Helman grabbed Sonya’s wrists and with a hard run all three of them jumped to the next building. Sonya screamed out loud when she jumped.
MacGyver looked astonished when he saw them jump. It reminded him of the time he and Lobo were running away from the building manager and his two henchmen, when they were caught making pictures in the building. They also had to jump from one side of the roof to the other. MacGyver reached the edge of the roof and was surprised how far it was. MacGyver walked back took another run and then jumped to the other roof. Except he didn’t jump far enough. He touched the edge of the roof with the tip of his foot and slid off. MacGyver went down but he managed to hold up on the edge of it. He was now dangling eight floors of the ground trying to get on the roof. While trying to get on the roof, he heard screaming from behind and than a shadow flew over him and a thud in front of him. He got pulled up by somebody. It was Sam who took his jump and was now helping his father getting on the roof.
Sam pulled Mac on the roof.
‘Come on,’ he said. ‘I saw them going through that door into the building.’
On the roof glass windows were installed. When Sam looked through one of the windows, he saw Murdoc, Helman and Sonya running below. They saw him as well and began shooting. Sam went backwards and then he jumped through the windows. Once more he screamed while going through.
‘I’ll take the stairs!’ MacGyver yelled and went through the doors to the stairs.
Sam crash-landed on Murdoc and Helman. He got up and sold them both a left and a right blow. They fell on the ground and like a rabid dog he stormed up to Murdoc trying to get the doll back from him.
MacGyver entered the room and saw Sam taking on Murdoc.
Murdoc’s hand went to Sam’s throat trying to choke him. Sam’s hand went to Murdoc’s. They were trying to choke each other now. Sam tried to get Murdoc’s hand away from him. He tore himself loose from Murdoc’s grip and bit in his wrist. Murdoc tried to scream but it sounded like more choking. Murdoc let go of Sam and Sam hit him three more times. He took the doll from underneath Murdoc’s jacket and threw it to Mac.
‘Catch, dad!’
MacGyver caught the doll.
Sam pulled Murdoc up and pushed him along with Helman against a glass cupboard. He swung another right fist in Murdoc’s face and a left at Helman. Murdoc hit Sam back while Sonya jumped on Mac’s back. MacGyver tried to get Sonya off of him.
‘Give me that doll,’ she yelled.
They started to struggle about the doll. After a couple of swings he managed to throw her off his back. But by throwing her off of his back Sonya yanked the doll out of Mac’s hands. Murdoc caught her.
‘I got the doll back,’ she said.
‘Let’s get out of here.’
Murdoc kicked Sam in the face on his way to the other door to escape. Helman and Sonya followed him. Sam got up again before MacGyver could ask if he was alright. The duo ran after the trio. They followed them down the stairs back into the streets.
‘We need a car!’ Murdoc said.
They ran to a parked car. Murdoc smashed his elbow through the window of it to get in. Murdoc took place at the driver’s side. Helman and Sonya took their places at the back. In his rearview mirror he saw MacGyver and Sam coming. Quickly he hotwired the car to make it start and took off. MacGyver quickened his pace. He passed Sam and with a perfect timed side jump, he jumped on top of the hood. This reminded him of the time, he tried to stop Murdoc for driving away in a red jeep. It resulted with Murdoc driving off a cliff. Also it reminded him on of the last time he was in London trying to stop a thief. Murdoc swung the car from left to right and back trying to get MacGyver of the hood. Firmly he held himself on the windshield wipers.
‘Throw him of the hood!’ Helman yelled.
‘I’m trying!’ Murdoc yelled back.
‘Push the brakes!’
Brutally Murdoc pushed the brakes. MacGyver flew off the hood on the asphalt and rolled over a couple of times. Cars started honking and suddenly chaos erupted when the nearby vehicles had to dodge a human being lying on the road. MacGyver screamed when a car missed him by an inch. The driver lost control and crashed into another car. Another car crashed into the other. It tipped over the other one, swirling through the air and landing back on it’s wheels. Than a London red tour bus crashed into another car, that also flipped over a couple of times and ended upside down. Shocked MacGyver looked around when he got up but than an increasing engine sound got his attention. He looked back at Murdoc’s car and saw him coming down. MacGyver jumped back on the hood.
‘Goddamn it!’ Murdoc swore.
Again he swung the car from left to right, but MacGyver did not wanted to let go.
‘Brake again!’ Helman barked.
‘Screw that. Time to speed things up!’ (5:46)
Murdoc pushed now on the gas pedal. MacGyver looked over his shoulder to see where they were going.
Straight ahead apparently and than he heard a strange honking from behind. Curious he looked behind the car he was on. It was Sam who gotten himself a motorcycle.
‘Dad! Dad!’
‘Murdoc’s got the doll!’ MacGyver yelled.
‘I know!’
‘Try to get it. I can’t do nothing from up here!’
‘I don’t know. You think something for a change. The window’s broken on Murdoc’s side.’
‘They drive on the other side here!’
‘I know.’
Sam slowed down a bit and than sped up again to reach up at Murdoc’s side.
‘What does he think he’s going to do?’ Helman wondered. (6:20)
Questioned looks came from out of the car and than Sam performed his maneuver. He grabbed the steering wheel of the car and than jumped in through the window. The motorcycled crashed against a parked car. Murdoc struggled to keep the car steady and MacGyver was going from left to right again trying to keep himself on the hood. Sonya screamed for a moment when that happened. Sam got himself on the passengers seat and quickly gave Murdoc three elbow blows against his chest. Helman tried to attack Sam but Sam also gave him an elbow blow. He searched for the doll inside Murdoc’s jacket and got it. Than without hesitation he jumped out of the car on his side. Sam rolled over on the street. Murdoc lost control on the vehicle and made a sharp turn to the right. MacGyver turned along in the direction and than fell of the hood on the other side. MacGyver rolled to the sidewalk and than the car crashed against a tree. (The music ends here)
MacGyver got up again hurting, just like Sam who came towards him.
‘Are you alright, dad?’
‘No. But I’ll live. How about you?’
‘I got the doll.’
‘Great. Now let’s get out of here.’
‘What about them?’
‘Call the paramedics and leave them over to them.’
‘Let’s find the next phone booth then.’
‘I saw one when I flew by here.’
Grunting both men walked back to the red phone booth. Sam entered the booth and called for help, while MacGyver remained outside.
‘Hello, operator? Yeah, can you connect me to the nearest hospital?’
MacGyver was leaning against the phone booth. He observed his hands that were grazed a bit and also his knees and tibias hurt. Just minor wounds.
‘And this all for Guy Fawkes doll?’ he wondered.
‘OK, thanks,’ Sam said inside the booth and came back outside.
‘Well?’ MacGyver asked.
‘They’re on the way.’
A beeping noise occurred from inside MacGyver’s jacket pocket. Sam frowned at the noise. MacGyver took out the PDA. It said: ‘Incoming video call. Press transmit.’ MacGyver pressed the transmit button. The screen changed and Pete became visible.
‘It’s Pete,’ Sam said.
‘Hey, Pete,’ MacGyver said.
‘Hey, boys. How are things in London?’
‘Good, we found what we were looking for. How are things at camp?’
‘Not good, I’m afraid.’
‘What happened?’
‘It’s Cheone.’
‘Cheone? The little Egyptian girl?’
‘What about her?’
‘We can’t find her anymore at the camp. She’s missing.’
‘How is that possible?’ Sam asked. ‘She can’t get off the island by herself.’
‘Just like Nigel, she was pretty upset and since we can’t find her we think she went back to Egypt on a hoverboard.’
‘I knew those things were bad news,’ MacGyver said.
‘But can a hoverboard take her that far across the world?’ Sam asked.
‘You better believe it, if you’ve read those prescriptions,’ MacGyver answered.
‘There’s no other way. Her airplane is still stationed at our airstrip,’ Pete said. ‘MacGyver, I want you to go and look for her in Egypt.’
‘Ho! What?’
‘I need you to go to Egypt.’
‘Pete and where do you think I should start looking over there?’
‘Remember what her name meant?’
‘Yeah, Daughter of the Nile.’
‘You can start looking at the Nile.’
‘Pete, the Nile is four thousand and hundred and thirty-two miles long.’
‘To give or take a few miles, Mac.’
‘Ever heard of the words: needle in a haystack?’
‘MacGyver, you’re not going to let me down, are you?’
‘No, I’m not, Pete, but finding a girl at the river banks of one of the longest rivers in the world is going to take a very long time.’
‘Well, according to her file, her parents live in Cairo. Capital of Egypt, you can start there and maybe find her and/or her parents there and than you can carry on from there.’
‘Alright, send Jack or James with her airplane to London than we can fly from here to Egypt.’
‘Will do and thanks a lot again, MacGyver. You too, Sam.’
‘No problem,’ Sam said.
‘Good luck to both of you.’
Pete disconnected the transmitting and the PDA screen faded to black.
‘So now what?’ Sam asked.
‘Let’s go back to the hotel, get our stuff and wait for our flight to Egypt.'
(Music comes up reaches it's peak and we fade out here)

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