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Virtual Season 10.6 - Umoja
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Posted: 4 December 2019 - 06:32 AM                                    
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Part One

December 15, 1996

Raining. It was raining. Because Los Angeles was too hot for snow. It doesn't snow at 55 degrees Fahrenheit; it rains. She didn't like the rain. Back in Indiana, it snowed. And Mom & Dad would take her to look at the Christmas lights, the lights and trees and tinsel in every storefront and every window…

"Dad?" she said, tugging at her father's coat sleeve as they walked past a line of shops. "Daddy?"

"Hm?" he grunted wearily, just pausing for a second. She could see rainwater dripping from the brim of his brown hat, trickling down the collar of his coat.

She hesitated for a split second, suddenly meek. "Christmas trees. See? They're so pretty."

"Uh-huh," he said again, with another tired nod. He took her hand and continued dragging himself forward, tugging her along with him.

He was tired a lot lately. Ever since…

Well. She didn't like to think about that. But things would get better soon. They had to.

As they started to break off from the main streets, they entered what Mom would've called a "shady part of town." But it was what they could afford now and closer to Daddy's new job. Besides, she had grown up in Indianapolis, so she wasn't afraid of any kind of city. Even one as big as this.

Just before they went inside their apartment building, as Dad pressed the white button on the tan brick wall to get the two of them buzzed in, Kierra Morgan cast a wistful glance at a Christmas tree across the street…


December 16, 1996

MacGyver pushed through the front door of the Challengers Club with a grin on his face. And the grin got even wider when he saw (and more importantly, heard) the enormous strand of silver jingle bells attached to the door.

Before he could even say hello, he was swarmed by three teenage boys in hockey jerseys.

"MacGyver! Great news!" said the tallest one, a high school senior named Darius. "We finally converted Brandon to the Calgary side!" He grabbed the smallest kid, a freshman, around the shoulders.

Brandon grinned self-consciously, a slight blush heating up his freckles as he tugged at his jersey collar. "I guess I knew I couldn't hold out forever!"

MacGyver grinned too. "This calls for a celebration! And speaking of celebrations, this place looks great. Did you guys help decorate?"

"Yeah!" the third boy said. He was another freshman named Curtis, and he was one of the newer members of the club. "And I even put the star on the tree in the window!"

"I bet everyone in the city is happy to see it," MacGyver said, making all of the boys beam with pride.

"Hey, is there any chance that our celebration will involve some street hockey?" Brandon piped up.

"You're on! Hey, is Breeze here? I haven't seen him in a while. I bet we could convince him to join in, too."

"Yeah! Let's get Breeze!" Curtis shouted, making Darius wince.

"I think he was fixing a broken table earlier," Darius said. "We, uh---I mean, somebody kinda bumped into it after a game of pool got a little heated."

"That's 'cause you cheat," Curtis scoffed. "C'mon, let's get him! He's gotta be done by now!"

Shaking his head, Mac followed the three boys further inside just in time to see Breeze decorate the newly-fixed table with some holly garlands and a candle.

"There," Breeze said to himself. "Good as new!"

"And you didn't even have to use duct tape," Mac teased.

"MacGyver!" Breeze said, eyes wide with surprise. "I haven't seen you in forever! Where've you been?"

He grabbed MacGyver in a hug as Mac tried to explain, deciding to go with the short version of a long story: "Phoenix has kept me pretty busy lately, and so has my son Sam. But I've missed all of you. It's good to be back."

Breeze nodded and grinned. "You're just in time, too." He pointed to himself. "Guess who's been appointed as assistant manager to this whole place?"

"Really? That's incredible! Cynthia would be so proud of you."

Breeze stood a little taller. "Thanks, MacGyver. That means a lot to me. Yeah, Mr. Hines has been letting me take charge of a lot of the programs around here. It really makes me feel good. Hey, while you're here, can I get your advice on something?"

"Sure, anything."

"Uh, can it wait until after a hockey game? Or two? Or three?" Curtis asked hopefully, bouncing up and down in his Jordans.

"Only if you're ready for a smackdown!" Breeze retorted, pantomiming the swing of a hockey stick.

"Save it for the ice!" MacGyver teased.


Around half an hour later, the five wanna-be Flames dragged themselves inside, pushing and joking.

"We are the kings of street hockey!" Darius proclaimed.

"That's only because you had MacGyver on your team!" Brandon countered.

"It was three on two!"

"Three of us can't make up for one MacGyver!"

"Oh, I don't know about that," MacGyver said with a smile. "Besides, you'll get the next one. You can't win 'em all."

Darius shook his head and wrapped a sweaty arm around Mac's shoulders. "Man, don't listen to them. They're just jealous. Jealous of our success!"

"You know, there is one good thing about MacGyver being on your team," Curtis said with a smirk.

Darius glanced at him, puzzled. "Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"He makes sure you don't cheat!"

Then Curtis took off running, with Darius giving chase, shouting, "I'll get you for that!"

"Hey! Easy! Don't break the table again!" Breeze called.

MacGyver just shook his head. "There's just something about hockey that turns men into boys. So, what did you want to talk to me about earlier, Breeze?"

Breeze perked up. "Well, I was thinking about an idea and I wanted to run it past you. Thought maybe you could help me, you know, come up with something really good."

"Sure. I'm happy to help if I can. What was your idea?"

At that moment, the immense snake-like band of bells attached to the front door jangled loud enough to be heard across the building.

"Probably Darius chasing Curtis outside," Breeze said. "They do this at least twice a week."

"Somebody's at the door!" Curtis hollered.

"Yeah, it's a little kid!" Darius shouted.

"Or maybe not," Breeze quipped.

MacGyver chuckled. "C'mon, let's go see what's going on."

When Mac and Breeze walked to the door, they found Curtis and Darius standing a short distance away with doubtful expressions, watching the young girl who'd just stepped in and was looking around with sharp brown eyes.

Eventually, her eyes latched on to MacGyver and Breeze.

Swallowing hard, she drew herself up to full height, though she was still less than five feet tall.

She took in a deep breath, like a performer preparing to recite her lines. "Hello. My name is Kierra Morgan, I'm twelve years old, and I would like to join your club."


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