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Posted: 24 September 2017 - 04:56 AM                                    
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So, here we are, after two years of work, it's finally here: The MacGyver Timeline. Or The MacGyver Chronicle, if you will. The idea was to sort out every event that ever took place in the MacVerse and put them chronologically on the timeline. I do have to say that sometimes that requiered rearranging the order of the episodes or else it wouldn't make sense. This is mostly during season 2, 3 and in small amount season 4 but the timeline mostly pulls itself straight. More is explained below in the introduction on how and why I made this timeline. The second post will be the table of contents and the third post will be our first flight through time. I hope you enjoy this ride, so fasten your seatbelts because we're in for a long one. biggrin.gif *Back To The Future Theme.*

The MacGyver Timeline


Two years ago I started on this timeline project because I was curious how MacGyver's day by day life would look like. Starting from the Pilot episode all the way to Trail To Doomsday, I worked out the entire timeline from the beginning of time throughout the centuries to see how everything in the MacGyver Universe affects him and everyone he has been in contact during his life.

Another reason why I started this project was after I read an article about Tommy Westphall. Tommy Westphall was a character on the show St. Elsewhere. An autistic boy from which is believed the entire St. Elsewhere storyline exist only in his head. Characters of St. Elsewhere have appeared on many other shows as well so it is believed those others shows also takes place inside the imagination of Tommy Westphall. The article then listed every show (over 400) that might take place inside Tommy Westphall's imagination. Some really old ones, some very new ones. I did notice MacGyver was not one of them. Pretty much every other show I know or have seen was in the list except MacGyver. Maybe that's what makes MacGyver so unique, because there is no connection with any other show at all. Yet, I did find a connection with two movie franchises that connects with a third. Which ones those are I'll reveal them when we get at their point in the timeline. I don't know if it's enough evidence to assume their universes run parallel with MacGyver but I think a date and a place is pretty solid stuff. Besides that I did not find any other connection at all with anything. So in that view MacGyver still is pretty unique.

And lastly and maybe even the most important reason was to straighten out all the continuity errors and to find out where all those college (girl)friends came from for example and where they fit in. I tried to smooth out everything as possible even if it meant bending a few things so it would fit anyway. But sometimes there are such obvious errors like MacGyver's yearbook in Jerico Games saying clearly 1968. If that's true a lot of other stuff no longer adds up. Who knows, maybe whatever I came up with causes new inconsistencies but there was mostly plenty of room to juggle a bit with everything. So one way or another the pieces of the puzzle will fall in their places. It's just up to you to think what's acceptable. This is how I see it.

So in order to set this timeline, I'm going off on assumptions, theories, facts, legends and mentions that come straight from the show. I will assume that every assignment takes at least a week, unless he says otherwise. Flightplans are being calculated from LAX unless seen otherwise. I'll always try to conclude that the last scene takes place on the day of the airing, so that we sort of caught up with MacGyver's life and that everything else took place in the past week or the past few days. It might not always be the case, it might happen the last scene takes place after the day of the airing, it depends on how things turn out. With every episode that is set only during the day, I will assume that that day coincides with the airdate. There will be conflicts that shakes up the timeline so much an entire adjusting of the events is requiered but usually it pulls itself straight. MacGyver also seems to be working a lot on weekends.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
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Posted: 24 September 2017 - 05:09 AM                                    
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Season: season 5
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Below you see the table of contents. The idea is to have a new weekly discussion, so I'll try to be posting every Sunday for the next 25 weeks. Yes, that's right, you heard me. 25 weeks. I will keep everything in one topic though, or else we would have like 25 seperate topics in here and that's not the idea. The idea is to talk about the timespan of the week. Therefore this is the discussion topic. I might also post the timeline in the fanfiction subfora for just those who simply wants to read it in it's entirety but that's for later. Below you can read the table of contents in which order the timeline will be posted.

Table of contents

The timeline will be posted as the following:

1. MacGyver prehistoric and ancient times: 1498011 B.C.-1789. From the first appearance of the African animal species until the Brotherhood of Hashishim starts believing in the occult.

2. MacGyver 19th century: 1824-1894. From the day Baba is born in Ammukash until the year a map is drawn according to the treaty that Bitter Flats is part of the reservation.

3. MacGyver 20th century: 1904-1951. From the day Horton Mining Co. prospects the area of Bitter Flats until the day Ellen MacGyver becomes pregnant.

4. MacGyver's childhood years: 1952-1962. From the day he is born until the day his father and grandmother dies in the car accident.

5. MacGyver's teen and high school years: 1963-1970. From the day MacGyver, Chuck, Neill and Jesse bury their time capsule and vows to return 25 years later until high school graduation.

6. MacGyver's college years: 1970-1973. From the day MacGyver goes to college and studies at Western Tech until the day Sam Malloy is born.

7. MacGyver's adolescent years: 1974-1979. From the day Tony Milani is born until and MacGyver joins the Vietnam war as part of the bombs disposal to until he meets Tony Sullivan as a guns runner in Afghanistan and his mother dies on Christmas.

8. MacGyver's adult years: 1980-1985. From the day Jill Ludlum got her PhD in system design until Harry finds out Cody has robbed the jewellery store.

9. MacGyver season 1 part 1: 1985. From the week his mission starts in Mongolia from the Pilot episode until his assignment in East Germany in Nightmares and Dr. Millhouse smuggles out the Dutch Elm decease out through her dogs bladder.

10. MacGyver season 1 part 2: 1986. From the day the Phoenix Foundation plays an important role to maintain connections between their government and the Republic of Sambaka until the day MacGyver catches Piedra.

11. MacGyver season 2 part 1: 1986. From the events taking place in the summer between season 1 and 2 until the day MacGyver helps Carrie Linden.

12. MacGyver season 2 part 2: 1986-1987. From the events taking place in Three For The Road in the adjusted timeline until the anniversary of their friendship.

13. MacGyver season 2 part 3: 1987. From the day of the rescue mission in San Perez until his birthday in the adjusted timeline.

14. MacGyver season 3 part 1: 1987. From the day the Ming Dragon arrives in America until the major assignment in Early Retirement in the adjusted timeline.

15. MacGyver season 3 part 2: 1987. From the major assignment in Early Retirement in the adjusted timeline until Turk Donner is hospitalized in Thin Ice.

16. MacGyver season 3 part 3: 1988. From the disaster in Kill Zone until the day Luke takes over Jade Shipping Company.

17. MacGyver season 4 part 1: 1988. From the summer of 1988 and the adjusted timeline until the day MacGyver wins the race against Hans Visser.

18. MacGyver season 4 part 2: 1989. From the day Dr. Cromwell writes his book on terrorism until the day Deborah dies.

19. MacGyver season 5 part 1: 1989. From the day MacGyver goes to see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade until Christmas Day.

20. MacGyver season 5 part 2: 1990. From the day Nelson Richardson give Samantha Lora the dove pin unti they day MacGyver recovers from his coma.

21. MacGyver season 6 part 1: 1990. From the day Dent is released from prison until the day he helps out Novis Reilly.

22. MacGyver season 6 part 2: 1991. From the day MacGyver and Ellen reunite until the day Pete goes into surgery.

23. MacGyver season 7 part 1: 1991. From the day MacGyver's houseboat burns down until the day he finds out about his roots.

24. MacGyver season 7 part 2: 1991-1992. From the day MacGyver helps out Pinky until the day he leaves with his son to somewhere else.

25. MacGyver the tv-movies: 1994. From the day Atticus gives his lecture to the board until the day he rescues Elise.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Posted: 24 September 2017 - 05:51 AM                                    
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Season: season 5
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*Electrical buzzes* and we arrive 15 million years into the past. From here on our time travel starts in the year 1498011 B.C. We immediately start with a major timespan from the dawn of time all the way to 1789. This is in order to keep the history class to a minimum and to cover all the legends at once. These dates are not randomly choosen but were calculated from the information I have found in the episodes that addresses them or with whatever I found on Wikipedia. So enjoy and next week we are going to the 19th century.

Black Rhino: 1498011 B.C.
Some of the first African animal species appear and go on to survive 15 million years to be observed by MacGyver in 1989 while in Kambezi.

Mountain of Youth: 998009 B.C.
Life springs at Ammukash near the Fountain of Youth. The people of Ammukash starts to govern themselves.

(Note: Maybe a reason to believe that the Fountain of Youth is the source of all life in that part of the MacGyver Universe?)

Lost Treasure of Atlantis: 8573 B.C.
Atlantis possibly originates in this time period. The city is thought of as great and dedicated to art and science. The Atlanteans build their city at the foot of a volcano which they used to make and heat and power. They worshipped a mysterious object called the Torch of Truth which was said to possess the light of universal wisdom. For centuries Atlantis was the centre of the world in a time of peace. The city was alloted to Poseidon, God of the Sea. These were times when people didn't live by war and conquest but worshipped peace and knowledge.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 3011 B.C.
According to what Zoe Ryan believes the human race takes a wrong turn around this point in time. She believes the human race was living together peacefully, men and women as equals, caring for each other and nature, living without war.

Eye of Osiris: Between 3009 B.C. and 2009 B.C.
The legend of the Eye of Osiris begins and blows into a full-scale religion. A heavenly battle between Osiris and the evil god Set takes place. Osiris is killed and than reborn. He throws his Eye down from the sky bringing light into the world. According the legend when the Eye fell, the earth sang (natural disaster; a meteorite impact creating tektites: fused rocks created by entry burn and impact velocity) and the mountains danced (an explosion caused by seismic shocks).

Ancient peoples sees a meteorite as the sign of the gods. The crater pinpoints the location of Alexander the Great's tomb. In the legend the mountains becomes the Pillars of Osiris. The eye itself was blue, but no one knows why. The eye is held in a sun symbol called an Aton. To enter the tomb you must pay tribute to Anubis. To find the Eye of Osiris, you must find the Keys of Life. But beware of the Curse of the Eye. Woe to all but the pure of heart who pass through the Maze of the Eye for they shall be cursed to wander blind in the world of the dead forever. No one shall enter the tomb of Alexander without the favour of Re. Re is the Egyptian Sun god.

Passages: Between 2040 B.C. and 1783 B.C.
In the Middle Kingdom during the Period of Reunification, the Sun Boat is being carved. Most likely based on an actual Sun Boat. According to the legend of Osiris the pharaohs believed that the Sun Boat was a boat that was used by Osiris to guide the dead to meet Anubis, judge of the netherworld. Osiris would carry a staff with a symbol on it called Ka. Ka stands for the Egyptian concept of life and that it would protect a man's spirit in this world and the next.

Silent World: Between 1600 B.C. and 1501 B.C.
The Egyptians invent the simplest form of the water clock.

Lost Treasure of Atlantis: Between 1642 B.C. and 1540 B.C.
In Atlantis the volcano that heated their homes and powered their machines erupted. The citizens flee the ruined city but a few survivors gathered the great wealth of Atlantis. They hid it in a place they called the Tower of Fear and wrote their story in a book made out of platinum pages. One way or another the platinum book and the Torch of Truth end up in Egypt. Maybe around this time the Copernican model of the solar system has been created as well.

(Note: this was actually the Minoan Eruption that devastated the island of Thera which was believed to be Atlantis. Ironically the survivors of Atlantis would hide their wealth in the very same volcano that destroyed their homes. What better place to hide your wealth in than the one that destroyed it? Nobody is going to look for it there. According to some theories Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean beyond the Pillars of Hercules also known as the Strait of Gibraltar.)

638 B.C.-590 B.C.
Solon, a Greek scholar born in Anthens is born. In 590 B.C. he travels to Egypt where he discovers two relics of Atlantis in the city of Sais where he visited the temple of Neith and received an account of the history of Atlantis by two priests. One of them was the platinum book, the other was the Torch of Truth.

Before he left he told his disciples to run out of Athens and set sail to England and find refuge in caves near Exeter. Over generations they formed a religion called the Cult of Solon, who will carve Solon's riddle on an altar in the caves.

Solon later gathered his disciples and presented them with an ark which he made around turn of the century during the Iron Age in Athens and in which he locked the Torch of Truth and a platinum page inside the lid of the ark from the Book of Atlantis and designs one key in the shape of medal that says: Atlantis anaduotai meaning Atlantis rises.

Solon brought the ark to Exeter and a tin tool was used in order to try and pry open the lid but caused a deep green scratch instead. Probably the Torch of Truth was taking out of the ark when Solon showed it to them and the ark was closed before they placed it back inside and Solon had already left with the medallion. Unable to reopen the ark they must've tried to pry it open. The cult lived peacefully in England for hundreds of years, until the Romans invaded and then they were hunted down and slaughtered. But a few survivors escaped with the ark and the torch and sailed from England and went to the catacombs in Bosnia where they hid the Ark of Solon but left the Torch of Truth hidden in Exeter thinking Solon might come back for it someday and hid it where they thought only he can find it.

Through the ages Solon and the key vanishes without a trace. But since they key ends up in the ruins of Thera, it is considered as proof that Solon was at Thera looking for the Treasure of Atlantis. In Thera Solon is caught in a volcanic eruption and gets covered in hot ash, preserving him like the bodies in Pompeii for centuries to come.

427 B.C.-360B.C.
A Greek philosopher and writer called Plato is born. He will write the Timaeus dialogue in 360 B.C. followed by Critias that recounts the story of Atlantis, 9000 years before his time and Solon's journey to Egypt.

Eye of Osiris: July 21 356 B.C.
Alexander the Great is born in Pella, captial of Macedonia. He would become King of Macedonia and conquer Persia and most of the ancient world making one of the greatest empire of the Ancient Times. Alexander had Ptolemy one of his most trusted generals bury a piece of a medallion that would show the place of his tomb and the Eye of Osiris. The last time the three pieces of the medallion were together was when three of his most trusted generals has sealed the tomb of Alexandra with the Eye of Osiris in it. In his last will and testament it is written that the oracle of Siwa confirmed he was a god and entrusted him with the Eye which he took on his march to Persia. Later Alexander ordered his generals to build a tomb in all secrecy using Egyptian workers in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey to keep the Eye for Eternity. The mountains are considered to be the birthplace of the Gods where the Eye fell to Earth, in the shadow of the Pillars of Osiris.

Cleo Rocks/Black Corsage: January 69 B.C.
Cleopatra is born. Between her birth and her death on August 12 30 B.C. she owns the Black Corsage. One of the largest black pearls in the world set in 3,000 blue and yellow diamonds exactly. Murdoc later makes a musical about her with Penny Parker cast as Cleopatra in order to get to MacGyver. The Corsage is later stolen by Deegan, March, Reynolds and Simms by getting passed a computerised security system better than Fort Knox. Simms hid it in Expo Park before he got killed.

Legend of the Holy Rose/Lost Treasure of Atlantis: 57 B.C.-March 15 44 B.C.
Julius Caesar conquers Venelli and the surrounding areas in the Roman Empire. Venelli will later be known as Caesar's Camp, Kasarasburgus and Cherbourg. In 55 B.C. Julius Caesars and his Romans invade Britain and slaughters most followers of the Cult of Solon. Some however flee to Bosnia where they hide the Ark of Solon. Julius Caesar will be killed on the Ides of March on March 15 44 B.C.

Good Knight MacGyver: 7th Century between 601-700.
The earliest records of MacGyver's family tree can be dated back to this century.

The area Camelot was once domain of the dragon Bog, a horrible beast who died in the cave that leads to Morgana land as it is told by Merlin. The vapours are forever marking the site with his demise.

Somewhere in this century the Northmen invade. Merlin the Magician dreams of a slaughter so terrible, he openly opposes King Arthur's battle plan, in front of all his knights, calling in question his very ability to lead. This puts Arthur's and Merlin's friendship to the test but eventually they make their peace.

MacGyver's ancestor Iain M'Iver lives in Scotland then known as Caledonia. He was captured along with Cecilia when King Arthur and his knights fell into an ambush set by Queen Morgana and brought to the Highlands, in Camelot. He has a son named Angus. Why he was captured is unknown, presumably he was asked to rescue Cecilia, the fiancé of Galahad. King Arthur was hurt blinded by the ambush and left for dead. Iain M'Iver dies in the dungeons of Queen Morgana from exhaustion. His captivity and fate will be recored in the poems for centuries to come and form the foundations of the MacGyver family.

The Wish Child: 8th Century: Between the year 701-800.
The legend of the Wish Child is born in China.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 11th Century: 1078.
The Brotherhood of Hashishim is established. Their cult leader Hasan al-Sabah gives his followers hashish. A drug that cause hallucinations. They used to take this drug before performing robberies. They call themselves Fedajien but are later known as Hashishim. Which is the origin of the word Assassin.

(Note: The Brotherhood of Hashishim actually exists.)

12th/13th century between 1189-1220.
Ambrose one the greatest alchemists creates Diana's Mirror. He protected the artefacts and the grail of all the female deities from destruction by the Church by building a secret temple. The temple is called the Temple of the Holy Rose. The temple is a hundred fathoms in diameter and surrounded by 72 chapels made of blue sapphires and emeralds. Under the dome of the temple the holy vessel is being kept. The Mirror is later located in Greece. He also created three scepters, the scepters of the Triple Deity that symbolizes the Mother Goddess and are found in London in an abbey called St. Acerinus. The abby becomes over 800 years old. He himself gave a hint in Latin: 'And once there, exorcise thee thou unclean spirit.' The temple itself is in Cherbourg, France. He hides the Holy Rose under a British rock in Cherbourg which serves as key element. In front of the cave he placed the sacred tree with a puzzling message and reference to the sun. The temple, he hid it behind a wall in a cave that is covered with gunpowder. In order to gain entrance to the cave you have to make an optical pump or a laser. Diana was a goddess in Greek Mythology.

Good Knight MacGyver: 14th Century between 1301-1400.
The Iain M'Iver of this century is the first recorded leader of the M'Iver clan and he will have son named Angus M'Iver. A tradition that started way back in the 7th Century. It must be this Iain M'Iver who traced everything back to the 7th Century. That's 700 years of history of the MacGyver family. At some point in time the M'Iver name turned into it's current pronounciation and written version 'MacGyver.' How, why, when or where that happened is unknown.

Mask of the Wolf/Trail of Tears: 15th century: 1492.
The Kaqwani Tribe are the keepers of the Mask of the Illehkam from before the white man came. Which means by the time MacGyver and Jack are going the look for it, it has been in the possession of the tribe for at least 500 years or more. It is the most sacred object to the Kaqwani people AKA Tribe of the Wolf. The mask was carved out of cedar and adorned with gold as all with Kaqwani representations of the Illehkam figures.

Around this time when Columbus had discovered America the Indians were being fought of their lands and a time of signing treaties begins or they end up being exterminated as said by Whitecloud.

The Treasure of Manco: 16th Century: 1540.
The Peruvian Andes. A young Inca man becomes the new protector of the Garden of Gold and the treasure of the Inca's known as Manco's treasure. The conquistadores later pillage Peru, killing the protector and make a camp there where a Spanish general dies and is buried with the headpiece from the protector. According to the legend the Great Chief Manco presented the headpiece symbolising the Garden of Gold to the chosen one as its protector. In the area an Inca place will be called Sarra Yatha.

The Wish Child: 1572-1586.
The Wish Child is reborn as a warlord's son. After a battle the whole family is killed the Wish Child is wandering around the mountains zonked out with no memory of the attack with the excepton of a patch of his hair that turned white. A bandit finds him a tries to sell him. According to the legend if you link your soul to the Wish Child's soul, you'd have immortality. There is also a handprint of the Wish Child on wall from a temple 400 years old so this means the Wish Child would've been alive in 1586. The hand seemed to fit Paul Chan's hand. So maybe the last Wish Child was about his age at the time so the Wish Child would've been reborn in 1572.

Gold Rush: 1589.
A Spanish galleon sinks at the Grand Keys. MacGyver wanted to go look for it 400 years later. The Grand Keys appears to be a fictional place.

Trail of Tears: 1591.
For Whitecloud's Indian tribe a time of nearly 400 years of signing treaties begins but almost none of these treaties were complety honoured.

Good Knight MacGyver: 17th Century between 1601-1700.
Somewhere in this century the MacGyver name disappears though it's unknown how or why. Maybe the name stayed in use but was no longer recorded in the registers. The Iain MacGyver of this century names his son also Angus. It is believed they are related to the M'Iver clan who lived 300 years before them. Both leaders are named Iain MacGyver or M'Iver and both their sons have the same name: Angus MacGyver or M'Iver.

The Ten Percent Solution: 1625.
Peter Paul Rubens paints The Hills North of Antwerp. A painting bought by Sam Bolinski's family that would be stolen by the Nazis in 1940 and retrieved in 1989.

The Lost Amadeus: 1644.
Antonio Stradivari is born in Italy. He will be known as the Rembrandt of violin makers, crafting the best instruments of his time. He will make a violin called The Amadeus. His oldest surviving violin dates back till 1666. Probably within that year and 1690 he crafted the violin, Mozart owned and Izzy buys in Salzburg which later will be known as The Lost Amadeus. His tomb was enquired in 1729 and dies on Wednesday December 18 1737.

Pirates: 18th Century: 1737.
The Nuestra Señora sinks killing it's captain and taking their treasure to the bottom of the sea. Dr. Barbara Ortega dated the death 250 years back in time. If it's actually 250 years is uncertain, probably she meant it roughly. A golden cob dated from 1712 was back on it's way to Spain on the ship. There were also government papers out of Monterey on board of the ship and the ship's log.

The Lost Amadeus: Friday January 27 1756.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is born in Salzburg as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He would later become a prolific and influential composer of classical music. According to Lulu he was writing concertos at the age of 5 in 1761.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 1789.
An Indian village is located on the place that will become a college football field in 1989. Also in 1789 the Brotherhood of Hashishim starts believing in the occult such as the philosopher's stone, the red earth as the elexir of life and any other elexir of life.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Season: season 5
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Welcome in the second week of our time travel adventure. This week we visit the 19th century of the MacGyver timeline. We see the births of a holy man and a great-grandfather and meet MacGyver's counterpart in this century. Even though he only dreamed about the Old West, I like to think that this was MacGyver's previous life. Also we have a quick look on what happened in Bitter Flats. Next week we go to the first half of the 20th century and have a look at events there that will lead up to MacGyver's birth.

Mountain of Youth: 19th Century: 1824-1825.
Baba is born in Ammukash after Thursday March 4 1824 since he will be 36 when Abraham Lincoln is elected president. Baba will become a holy man in Ammukash.

Faith, Hope and Charity: 1837.
Merely speculating but this might by the year of birth Jonathan Lacey. Faith and Hope's great-grandfather. So he would be at least 22 years old when he starts building Lacey House and becomes a doctor in the Civil War at the age of 24.

Mountain of Youth: 1841-1866.
A lot of the people of Ammukash are born that are still alive by the time MacGyver and Jack Dalton are in the country.

Halloween Knights: 1842.
Henry Johnston Ascott is born. The name can be seen above the coffin in the cemetary in this episode. Only a name on a wall but interesting info nonetheless.

Faith, Hope and Charity: 1859-1865.
The Bed and Breakfast Lacey House is build by great-grandpa Jonathan who becomes a doctor and abolitionist before the Civil War and one of the first the help runaway slaves. He makes a barn with a trapdoor leading to an underground room to pose as a storeroom, where he can help the slaves. He also dug a tunnel from the house to the burn in case the authorities came. Later he tells Faith and Hope about it and uses it as a punishment if they don't eat their oatmeal.

Mountain of Youth: Monday March 4 1861.
Abraham 'Abe' Lincoln is elected president. Baba is 36 years old.

Serenity: 1862.
Billy Colton escaped from slavery in Dixon Holding Alabama and taught himself to read and write and becomes a schoolteacher.

The 19th Century MacGyver serves in the army during the Civil War and moves to a town called Serenity after the Civil War. It's unknown from where he began his journey. He even carried a gun for four years while serving under Sherman in the Civil War and the Ninth Cavalry in Texas.

Saturday July 21 1866.
The Ninth Cavalry is established in Texas.

March 1867.
The Cavalry goes to Texas for military training and maintain law and order in the West and Southwest part of the state. MacGyver left from Texas and travelled through all of America to finally settle in Montana. MacGyver gives the gun he carried for four year to the driver as a way to thank for taking him to Serenity. In Serenity he buys Big Springs Ranch from Jack Dalton but Pete Thornton from the Fire Eagle Ranch wants him of the lands and hires Murdoc to help him. Murdoc kills Billy when he asked for MacGyver and than kidnaps Penny to lure him into town. Murdoc shoots him but MacGyver survives.

(Note: Serenity is a dream episode and I think in dreams anything is possible, even though, MacGyver said he carried his gun for four years, it's easy to assume it might be 1865, since the American Civil War lasted four years. But given the information he gives to Billy Colton about serving under Sherman and the Ninth Cavalry it's more likely the year is 1867. You might wonder how he did on the battlefield not liking guns but still had to carry one and why he joined up halfway the war.)

MacGyver's Women: Sunday November 11 1877.
MacGyver received the name: The Man Who Carries No Gun and protects two mail-order brides from the man whose woman Kate Murphy arranged the marriages. Jennifer "Jenny" Reiner and Maria Romburg were bought by the Bozers with gold they found on a guy who met a grizzly and took his gold, pretending they found it. They refuse the Bozers and MacGyver decides to take them to Last Chance Gulch, where they can take the train back. It's a two day trip. They camp at Stoney Creek.

Monday November 12 1877.
They are still on the way to Last Chance Gulch when the Bozers are following them and are caught up with Kid Curry and Sundance. They find MacGyver and the ladies and it turns out Maria is on the run from the law after she took the blame for killing the husband by her sister in New York who was a violent man and attacked her. Curry and Sundance take Kate and Jennifer hostage and leave MacGyver to die by hanging on a wobbly signpost. He escapes and runs into Maria again who tells him the whole story of why she's on the run and he believes her. Together they ride to rescue Kate, Jennifer and the Bozers but they are caught and MacGyver is locked up with the Bozers at Hole In The Wall. He escapes again and rescues the Bozer and the women.

(Note: this episode shows Billy The Kid and Sundance Kid. I set this episode ten years later after Serenity because otherwise Billy The Kid would've been 8 years old and Sundance would've been a mere infant because he was born in 1867 unless this is not Sundance Kid. If I set it passed 1881, Billy would've been dead already and MacGyver too old.)

Halloween Knights: 1889.
A rich industrialist builds a hideaway under the cemetary. People were afraid of being buried alive at this time. According to Murdoc this chap was trying to make himself as comfortable as possible in case he came inconviently back to life.

The Ten Percent Solution: Saturday April 20 1889.
Adolf Hitler is born. He will become the most evil dictator of all time when he starts World War II. During the war his Nazi party will establish many organisations including the ERR. An organisation specialized in art thefts.

Lesson In Evil: 1890.
In asylums a certain device is build to restrain violent prisoners. It has the form of helmet with a clamp to prevent the prisoners to bite of their tongues. Very humane.

Trail of Tears: 1891.
No Indian has law degrees to ferret out the scams in treaties. As it goes throughout all of history of lying, cheating, stealing, slaughtering innocent women and children.

A map is drawn up according to the treaty that shows Bitter Flats is part of the reservation. Black Stream is also drawn east of Bitter Flats, not west.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Change of plans, guys. I've decided to speed things up a bit or else it simply might just take way too long before we get to the good stuff. So from now on, depending on the discussion, I'll post another bit of the timeline on Wednesdays, just to get things moving a bit or else it will take about half a year before it's fully posted. So hereby I post the next bit of the timeline, the first half of the 20th century in which we see the births of some of the oldest characters in MacGyver, the career of an actor, the rise of an organization and the devastating World War II. So next Sunday we will witness the birth of our hero and follow his childhood years.

Trail of Tears: 1904.
Horton Mining Co. is prospecting the area of Bitter Flats. They pay off some government official to redraw the map of the area.

The Secret of Parker House: 1910-1913.
The Parker House is being constructed.

Halloween Knights: 1911.
Henry Johnston Ascott dies. The name can be seen above the coffin in the cemetary in this episode. He was 79 years old.

Trail of Tears: 1911.
A map of Bitter Flats is drawn up with the stream running five miles west of where it should be.

Deadly Silents: 1917.
Pinky Burnett stars in The Hobo with Violet Meredith in which he gets chained up on the track and saves her by kicking a switch to a side track.

(Note: The actual movie stars Oliver Hardy and Billy West. Billy West is a hobo who hang around the train tracks and causes disruption at the station's, ticket office, lunch counter and lives of costumers. In the MacGyver Universe Pinky Burnett acted in The Hobo.)

Faith, Hope and Charity: Friday February 21 1919.
Faith Lacey is born. She is the great-granddaughter of Jonathan Lacey.

(Note: This is the actual birthday of the actress.)

Trail of Tears: Between 1920 and 1930.
Horton Mining merge with an electrical company called New Plains Electric.

The Secret of Parker House: Between 1920 and 1933.
Betty Parker's father becomes a bootlegger making the best white lightning in the state of Minnesota. MacGyver's family and Penny's family lived in the same area.

Halloween Knights: 1921.
The Helman Club is established. Probably established by Nicholas' father. It is used as front to cover up HIT's activities.

Faith, Hope and Charity: Saturday December 27 1924.
Hope Lacey is born. She is the younger sister of Faith Lacey. Great-grandfather Jonathan who build Lacey house was still alive at this point aged 87. He still goes to live on for a while since both Faith and Hope remembers the story of the tunnel that leads from the house to the barn and that he would put them there if they didn't finish their oatmeal. He must've been at least in his late 90's or nearly 100 years old before he died considering he was a grown man in the Civil War and to have seen and known his great-grandchildren long enough to scare them with stories over a tunnel that they would remember.

(Note: This is the actual birthday of the actress but six years earlier. I've set it six years earlier because there would be no way Hope would've known her great-grandfather and his stories about a tunnel otherwise)

Deadly Silents: 1926.
When the sound film is being developed silent moviestar Violet Meredith disappears. That same year The Black Pirate with Douglas Fairbanks is released.

The Coltons: Tuesday July 6 1926.
Mama Colton is born. She would later open up a restaurant and become head of the family when her sons Frank and Jesse become bounty hunters and are helped by their youngest brother Billy.

(Note: the actress is actually born on that day in 1931. Assuming that Jesse Colton is born on the same day as the actor that portray him and Frank says he's three years, eight months and six days older than Jesse this would mean Mama Colton would become pregnant with Frank at the age of 13. So I added five years to her age which means she would be 18 years old than when she got pregnant with Frank Colton and be 65 years old in 1991.)

Twice Stung: Sunday October 3 1926.
Kelly Sutton, a friend of MacGyver, is born.

The Eraser: 1928.
James Thomas Kendall AKA Jimmy 'The Eraser' Kendall is born in Jersey City.

Lost Love: Tuesday September 10 1929.
Arnold Palmer, Pete's hero is born. Arnold Palmer is a very famous golf player and Pete loves to play golf.

Deadly Silents: 1931.
Pinky must've had his last most exhilarating day somewhere this year until the day he and MacGyver are looking for his movies.

Three For The Road: December Thursday 3 1931.
Andy Williams is born who will dub Lauren Bacalls voice in the 1945 movie To Have And To Have Not.

(Note: the real Andy Williams was born on Saturday December 3 1927. The movie To Have And To Have Not was actually released in 1944.)

The Secret of Parker House: 1933.
Aunt Betty's father moves into the gambling racket after they repeal prohibition.

Lost Love: Monday December 18 1933.
Peter Thornton is born. He would later become a DXS agent and Director of Field Operations for the Phoenix Foundation.

Ma Dalton: 1934.
Somewhere in this year Francine Leyland, Jack Dalton's mother is born.

Faith, Hope and Charity 1934-1937.
Somewhere in this time period, great-grandpa Jonathan must've passed away.

Hell Week: Thursday March 11 1937.
Julian Ryman is born. He would later become Professor Ryman at Western Tech and win the first annual barricade contest.

The Odd Triple: 1939-1945.
A German ship carrying fifty million dollars in Nazi gold sinks after being torpedoed during World War II. Jack Dalton finds out about the ship and wants to go look for it. It is unknown exactly when and where the ship sank. According the Jack the ship sank in front of the coast. This is probably the French coast.

Humanity: 1939-1945.
According to what Major Krik tells Victor, Ceausescu has helped his mother and father escape from the Nazis in Bucharest.

(Note: in reality Ceausescu spend most of the war in internment camps. However it could be possible this was near the end of the war.)

The Ten Percent Solution: 1940.
Alfred Rosenberg is made head of the Einsatzstab Rosenberg Reichminister (Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg to be precise). Hitler's organisation of art thieves.

Saturday October 12 1940-1944.
After the invasion of Poland, Sam Bolinski and his family were sent to Sobibór during Yom Kippur. His father got immediately killed the rest of the family were gassed within an hour and a valuable painting was stolen by the Nazis. Also other paintings from Renoir, Monet and Rembrandt are stolen and reported to be destroyed. According to a forged document the Nazis claims the painting was stolen in 1932. Sam Bolinski was the only survivor. He managed to stay alive by volunteering as a clerk working for the ERR in Auschwitz for four years. He found the pages of where the art of his family was catalogued and kept the original ERR documents. Later he was send back to Sobibór. During the war Sam notices a woman by the name of Frau Brandenberg. She and the wives of the other officers pick through the valuables of the dead like vultures in Sobibór.

The Eraser: 1941.
Jimmy's first arrest is on the age of 13.

The Widowmaker: Between Thursday June 4 1942 and Sunday June 7 1942.
Ellard from Ellard store is in the navy as signalman on a destroyer that goes down during the Battle of Midway and loses some good buddies but never forgets them. He's active service runs for twenty years until at least 1962.

Harry's Will/High Control/Split Decision: Wednesday December 9 1942.
Earl Dent is born to mother Veronica.

(Note: this is the actor's actual birthday.)

The Coltons: Saturday July 1 1944.
Frank Colton is born to Mama Colton. His father is unknown.

(Note: this date is calculated from the day Jesse Colton is born as Frank claims how many years older than he is.)

Humanity: August 1944.
Nicolae Ceausescu becomes secretary of the Communist Youth Movement in Romania. It is possible it was around this time Ceausescu rescued Major Kriks mother and father from the Nazis.

Gold Rush: Saturday December 2 1944.
A military airplane full of gold bars crashes in the Artic Circle above Alaska during a blizzard. The gold belongs to Russia and is worth 100 million dollars. They also carried a load of white lightning and a dictaphone. There was only one survivor; Lieutenant Turk West. The mission was also led by Air Marshall Sergei Barinov. Lieutenant West bailed out when the number one engine failed as the plane crashed. It would take him 45 years to find the gold. He even stayed with the reserves to find the plane. During the war it was common to interrogate German prisoners and have their interrogations taped and written. They were later send to Washington D.C. for study. The crew made a recording after they crashed in which it seems Lieutenant West was corrupt. During the following years West worked himself up to colonel.

Three For The Road: 1945.
Andy Williams dubs Lauren Bacall's voice in the film To Have And To Have Not.

(Note: the real movie was released on Tuesday October 3 1944.)

The Ten Percent Solution: Monday April 30 1945.
Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his bunker in Germany.

Tuesday May 1 1945.
World War II is over. Germany is later divided into four zones belonging to the United States, United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union. The Cold War begins and will reach a highlight by building the Iron Curtain.

Target MacGyver/Black Corsage: 1946.
Harry's black Chevy pick-up truck is manufactured. The original color is black. MacGyver has it later washed and repainted in yellow and brown.

Humanity: Saturday June 8 1946.
Major Krik is born in Romania. He would become highest ranking officer in the K-Force.

(Note: this the actor's actual birthday.)

The Eraser: 1947-1950.
Jimmy Kendall spends two weeks with the Boston Braves baseball team as a reserve and drove the team bus. Afterwards he spend another three years with organization.

The Coltons: Friday March 7 1947.
Jesse Colton is born to Mama Colton and brother Frank Colton. Their father is unknown. Jesse claims that chronological age and wisdom catch up at some point and that happened when Frank was about four years meaning that when he was born wisdom caught up with Frank.

(Note: This is actor Richard Lawson's actual birthday.)

Mask of the Wolf: 1948.
Though assuming Two Eagles and the actor are of the same age (52 at the time even though he looks at least 20 years older, this could've been in 1928 as well), I'd take it when Two Eagles talks to Jack about his grandfather and the old ways of the Illehkam it would've been in 1948 when Two Eagles' grandfather gave him the necklace of the two eagles and took him to the sacred place of the Kaqwani, to visit the House of the Wolf and see the Mask of Illehkam. In The House of the Wolf the ways of the Kaqwani people were born.

The Secret of Parker House: 1948.
Virgil Lang is born. Sylvia Lang is his older sister.

(Note: this is merely an estimation.)

Mountain of Youth: 1949.
In Ammukash valley, Mukti is born. She lives in a village near the fountain of youth. She has one twin brother called Samad, who will join the army of Kabulstan in order to take over Ammukash.

Rush To Judgment: 1950.
Belinda Jones aka the Bird Lady moves to 500 Olive Boulevard Apartment 2B in Greenwood Heights.

Lesson In Evil: 1950.
The Health Department shuts down an old asylum out on River Road. Before it became an asylum it was used as monastary.

Squeeze Play: 1950-1960.
Frank Colton starts his collection of baseball cards.

Ma Dalton/Jack In The Box: Monday January 8 1951.
Jack Dalton Sr's plane gets shot down over Kimpo Airfield during the Korean War. Jack Dalton Sr. was assigned to the Fifth Air Force's 67th Flight Squadron. He was later posthumously awarded with the Distinguished Flying Cross after he stayed at the controls of the plane so that his fellow soldiers could bail out.

Saturday February 3 1951.
Jack Dalton Jr. is born. Francine Leyland is his mother at the age of 17. Jack Dalton Sr. is his father. He has an Uncle Charlie. Probably Jack Dalton Sr's brother. So his name must be Charlie (or Charles) Dalton who seemed to be after Jack Jr's piggy bank and also conning other people. He was close friends with B.B. Bartel, the bankrobber.

Passages/Friends: July 1951.
Ellen MacGyver becomes pregnant with MacGyver.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Very good info MG. I appreciate all of your hard work on this.

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Good lord, you are amazing. And this is astounding.

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Thank you. Remember to tune in tomorrow as we visit MacGyver's childhood years.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Season: season 5
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So, we're now exactly nine months further on our timeline since Ellen's pregnancy. All the major time jumps are behind us now and we finally made it to MacGyver's birth. From here on out we'll begin examining every stage of MacGyver's life beginning with his childhood years followed by his teen and college years, his adolescent years and his adult years prior to the Pilot episode. We also see the beginning of the Vietnam war and where Pete has started his career and we also get a closer look on Penny Parker's family history and the births of several other characters.

Passages/Friends: Sunday March 23 1952.
Angus MacGyver is born to James and Ellen MacGyver in Minnesota. Grandparents are Harry and Celia Jackson. MacGyver has one cousin Allie who had a dog.

(Note: On the contrary on what is shown and even confirmed on his passport in Every Time She Smiles that he is born on Tuesday January 23 1951, the later episode Friends confirms his date of birth as March 23. Most future events all lead back to 1952. MacGyver's first name remains a mystery even to himself until Good Knight MacGyver, yet his future girlfriend Kate Malloy seems to love his first name so much she uses it as middle name for their son. Originally his first name was supposed to be Stace. If it was, his full name could've been Stace Angus MacGyver. S-A-M.)

Jerico Games: 1952.
Ellen Stewart is born in the same year, presumably a few months later after MacGyver's birth. They graduate from high school the same year.

Three For The Road: Friday December 12 1952.
Guy Roberts and his wife June Roberts attend a dinner party at the Cornfields after finishing the movie The Duelling Swashbuckler.

Second Chance: 1953.
Wanda Trie Tran, Jesse Colton's future girlfriend is born.

Trail To Doomsday: Friday November 12 1954.
Paul Moran is born and has an older brother Frederick Moran.

The Human Factor: 1955-1975.
Pete Thornton and Colonel Scott Woodward served in Vietnam together. The war lasted twenty years so somewhere in that time period Pete and Woodward worked together. Woodward had a relationship with a woman named Louise as Pete recalls later. It is unknown how, when and where their relation started let alone how long it lasted. They split up over the years. In one of their operations they lost three good men after waiting for a decision from headquarters. Woodward was under orders to spot enemy troop movement. Pete argued they didn't had to be so close to the enemy and knew what they had to do. He always resented the death of those three men to Woodward afterwards because the decision was theirs to make not headquarters.

Tough Boys: 1955-1975.
R.T. Hines and Anthony M. Lopez better known as Manny serves as marines in Vietnam war. A picture is taken of them holding the Vietnamese flag. When exactly during the war is uncertain but it has to be in the twenty year war.

Trail of Tears: 1955-1975.
It's probably in the last years of the war that Whitecloud and Phil Crow has joined the Marine Corps and to go to Vietnam. Crow was specialised in booby traps and said he could hear the beginning of man's scream before the explosion.

The Prometheus Syndrome: 1955-1975.
Ralph Boardman spends three years stationed in Vietnam with the 2nd company in chemical warfare as a specialist in five demolitions.

The Eraser: 1955-1976.
Jimmy has been associated with Papa Chuck's crime family and works as a hitman for twenty-one years mainly on the East Coast but also ventured west. He got arrested in 1976 for extortion.

The Secret Of Parker House: 1956.
Around 1956 Betty Parker's father gets gunned down by gangster friends for his trouble. Betty went over the edge afterwards, locked herself up in the Parker House and disappeared a couple of years later. No one knows for sure where she went.

Harry's Will/Squeeze Play: 1957.
Harry's Nomad is manufactured. A car of interest to Reggie Jackson.

Legend of the Holy Rose: Wednesday July 31 1957.
Zoe Ryan is born. She would live next door to MacGyver when they were kids.

Hell Week: 1958.
The first annual Barricade Contest at Western Tech is being held and won by Julian Ryman, MacGyver's mentor at college. He barricaded the lab in the physics building in his senior year. Later he became professor and Nobel Prize Winner.

(Note: The years are shown on the pictures as seen in the episode. 1958 for Professor Ryman and 1973 for MacGyver. It is never made clear in which year of college this is. For reasons explained in MacGyver's college years, I think this was in their third year.)

The Secret of Parker House: 1958.
Cloverton reaches a highlight in it's history with a big tourist industry until they moved the highway. Sylvia Lang's father runs the Cloverton Echo paper at the time. Betty Parker starts writing a diary called A Penny For Your Thoughts.

September 1958.
Cliff Howels becomes sheriff of the town as an inheritence of his father.

Friday October 31 1958.
Betty Parker disappears from Cloverton. It appears to be that Cliff and Betty were having a relationship at the time. She became pregnant with his illegitimate child and Cliff who was just elected sheriff could not permit such a scandal and tried to make her go to Dr. Simms who was caught performing abortions. It turns out Betty went crazy from lead poisoning that ended up in the moonshine. They got into a fight and Cliff pushed her out of the window, Virgil tried to save her and got the blame, only a ten year old kid at the time.

The Survivors: 1958.
Pete aces the survival courses for being a field operative. This could be most likely by for the DXS or the military. He even enjoyed it.

Everytime She Smiles: 1958-1959.
Mac goes on the merry go around for the very first time at the age of 6-7.

The Madonna: 1958-1964.
MacGyver used to wrap his Christmas gifts in old comicbook pages. Along with his mother he took a liking to the song I'll Be Home For Christmas. This is probably also the time MacGyver learned to play the guitar. He played at recitals but got nervous. His mother came up with a secret word to make everything better: ice cream.

(Note: It is unknown when exactly he did that and for how long. To my estimation it seems like something a six year old would do and maybe he did it every year until he was old enough to realise it wasn't fun anymore.)

Hind-Sight: Saturday May 24 1958?
Irene Zulio? AKA Maria Nikkos or Nillos is born. Her picture comes up in a file Willis is researching in order to find a woman who might be harrassing Pete.

Three For The Road: 1959.
Guy Roberts' Caddilac is being made.

Hind-Sight: Saturday May 9 1959.
Stephanie Zale is born AKA Catherine Smith. Her name comes up in a file Willis and MacGyver are looking through to find a woman who might be harrasing Pete.

Blow Out: Saturday May 30 1959.
Nicole 'Nikki' Ann (Barrett) Carpenter is born in Washington D.C. After her parents divorce she moves in with her father in Georgetown while her brother Danny Barrett stays with his mother in Minnesota.

The Gauntlet: 1959-1960.
MacGyver was 7 or 8 when he and his dad takes a truckload of apples to a market in another town where the lynching of an innocent man took place. As a kid MacGyver had a Cub Scout den mother called Mrs. Fryfogel who taught him backwood common sense like don't drop crumbs on trail because you never know what kind of critter might right behind you picking them up.

Rush To Judgement: 1960.
The judge starts his career in court.

Humanity: 1960.
Though it's just a mere guessing, Victor is most likely born in Romania in this year.

Thin Ice: February 19 1960.
Turk Donner and Team USA wins the gold medal on the Olympic Winter Games of 1960 in Squaw Valley beating the Czechs with a 7-5 score. MacGyver later recalls seeing this as an 8 year old kid.

(Note: This was actually one month before his birthday so he was still 7 years old. This was the first Olympic gold medal for the United States and their second World Championship.)

Collision Course: Wednesday March 23 1960.
For his 8th birthday Harry takes MacGyver into his blue pickup to the straightaway behind the Clemens' farm puts his arms on the steering wheel and slammed his foot into the gas. The wind rushed past his ears, the steering wheel was shaking his hands and how the red needle trembled past 90. It was the most exciting thing MacGyver had been through upon till then. Ever since then he had a love for racing.

The Wish Child: 1960-1961.
Lisa Chan is born.

The Outsiders: 1960-1961.
MacGyver's in the third grade with Mr. Simpson who makes him stand in the corner a lot due to mischief.

Eye of Osiris: 1960-1961.
Professor Axford starts his search for the keys to Alexander the Great's tomb. He believes the tomb holds the Eye of Osiris. An artefact he believes that no one has proved it doesn't exist. One of the clues is a Syrian medallion, a Greek artefact found by a Lord Keene and a third piece Axford found. During his thirty year search he wrote an essay about not being interested in finding treasures and artefacts but in finding the truth. It's possible MacGyver read that essay during his studies in London with Professor Atticus.

Hind-Sight: On Wednesday July 13 1960?
Frederica Zimmerman AKA Mary Hannah (?) is born. Her picture comes up in a file Willis is looking through to find a possible female suspect who might be harrassing Pete. The picture shows a woman in her late 20's early 30's. She would become a suggested member of the Red October terrorist organisation in 1984.

Phoenix Under Siege: 1960-1962?
Harry teaches MacGyver to iceskate backwards.

Passages/There But For The Grace: 1960-1962?
MacGyver and Harry are going on their first camping trip. They almost didn't make it because Harry's truck got stuck in deep washout. They fixed it by taking a tyre of the back wheel and putting a rope around the hub while MacGyver tied the other end of the rope on the tree up the hill. Harry put her in gear and that truck just winched herself up. It is unknown if MacGyver was referring to the same camping trip in There But For The Grace or if it happened afterwards but on one of the camping trips a bear eats all of their food in which Harry told MacGyver they would just go grazing and learned him how to forage food. If it was all in the same camping trip, it must've been one hell of an adventure.

The Coltons: 1960-1969.
Loretta Woo becomes a popular model in Taiwan. She would later marry G. Irwin Fielding who works at Wall Street and later owns a bank. He however will get sued for ripping of deposits of his clients. They would get a daughter named of Patricia Fielding who will witness gang killing in Chinatown.

The 'Hood: 1960-1989.
Melvin Krasney becomes a lawyer as a one-man revolution standing between de innocent people and a political machine and he kept doing that during the '70s. But in the '80s he found himself defending drug lords and gun runners so he quit. Later he becomes MacGyver's new landlord and goes into sculpturing and taking care of the people in his neighborhood.

The Wasteland: 1961.
Laura and Scott Bartlett are born to father Andrew Bartlett. Andrew Bartlett owns a big construction company and is going to build Bartlett City. He is a firm father, threatening to cut off his kids if they don't become someone, a cut above. He is very strict to his son Scott in the upbringing.

Pilot: 1961-1962.
At the age of 9 or 10 MacGyver wants to ride a golden palomino from Old Man McGinty who got him from a trade. Probably before his dad and grandmother died.

Blood Brothers: 1962.
Assuming they were all the same age. Neil put his fake spider on top of his tenth birthday cake, freaking out his mother who ended up beating the cake to death.

Hind-Sight: Tuesday February 6 1962.
Mary Zamora is born. Her name comes up in a file MacGyver and Willlis are looking through in order to find the woman who might be harrassing Pete. The file also says she was arrested at some point on information that was provided by MacGyver.

Phoenix Under Siege: Friday December 14 1962.
About ten years old MacGyver got his first chemistry set and a subscription to Popular Mechanics from Harry. MacGyver probably also made a magnet during the summer of that year, which Harry used to pick up shoeing nails out of the horse stalls. MacGyver's father James MacGyver and grandmother Celia Jackson dies in a car accident. Probably around this time MacGyver started have nightmares in which Harry tells him it's a lot worse to feel scared when he's alone.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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I wasn't able to make it on Wednesday so here it is for today then. This week we'll be seeing MacGyver continue to grow up and go to high school. We discover why MacGyver hates guns, his first experience with alcohol, the births of Penny Parker, Michael Thornton and Maria Romburg amongst others, the rise of the Phoenix Foundation building, the beginning of The Gun's life and of course MacGyver's high school graduation. Next week we'll have a look at MacGyver's college life.

Blood Brothers: 1963.
MacGyver and his friends Neil, Chuck and Jesse buries a time capsule with personal belongings and vows to return 25 years later to dig it back up. MacGyver puts a selfmade mousetrap in it, Neill puts a fake spider in it, Chuck a baseball, he wanted to play for the Twins with his mean slider, and Jesse places a picture of the four of them in the time capsule. Not long after Jesse dies by a gunshot when MacGyver and his friends are playing with the gun of his father. MacGyver tries to save his life by making a cart of his bike and take him to the hospital. MacGyver seemed pretty well known in the neighborhood. He helped out Sergeant Olson to mow his lawn once by rigging something up. Either by fixing the lawnmower or by simply making a whole new thing. Neil was interested in Dragnet a cop show from the 50's.

Twenty Questions: 1963.
MacGyver and his friend Freddy Mapes drank a sixpack in less than one hour at the age 11. MacGyver got drunk and told himself it tasted great but didn't know what he was doing. He couldn't walk straight, he couldn't talk straight. There was nothing for him to like about, but Freddy kept drinking afterwards that it costed them their friendship.

The Coltons: 1963.
Jesse Colton plays baseball in high school where shows he's got a mean fastball according to Johnny Denmark.

The Secret of Parker House: Thursday October 31 1963.
Penny Parker is born. On the contrary to what is seen and even confirmed on her passport in Every Time She Smiles that she is born on Tuesday February 20 1962. But as it appears in the later episode The Secret of Parker House October 31 seems a date of bigger importance considering Aunt Betty died exactly five years before Penny was born. There is also an Uncle Fred and Cousin Malcolm.

(Special note: On this night in Haddonfield, Illinois, 6 year old Michael Myers kills his older sister Judith Myers with a kitchen knife. It is quite remarkable that Penny's birth and Michael Myers his first kill takes place on the exact same day. To me this is a connection that the Halloween franchise runs parallel with that of MacGyver.)

Passages: 1963-1964.
MacGyver decides to take his bicycle to ride it off the barn roof with Ellen's best bedsheets wearing it as a parachute on his back. This could also be later but definitely after his father's death.

Out In The Cold: 1963-1970.
Probably during this time MacGyver breaks a couple of arms, three fingers and a toe.

The Eraser: 1964.
A picture is taken from Jimmy and his nephew Frankie before the casinos in Atlantic City.

Partners: Monday May 25 1964.
Geoffrey Stuart has died. His name appeared in a newspaper clip. It is unknown how old or how he died.

Final Approach/Fire and Ice/Blood Brothers/Ma Dalton/Legend of the Holy Rose/Two Times Trouble/Jerico Games: 1964-1970.
MacGyver goes to Eyrie M.C.H.S. Mission City High School with Andy Jarrett, Danny Barrett, Chuck, Neil Ryder, Jack Dalton, Zoe Ryan, Carla and Roxy Yates, Ellen Stewart, Boneless Barton. Jack lives with foster parents.

Final Approach: 1964-1970.
MacGyver is in high school and finds out his Swiss Army Knife had disappeared from his locker. He suspects a kid by the name of Andy Jarrett, a junior safecrack who kept bragging he could break into anything if he really wanted to. Things started disappearing from lockers. Everyone knew it was Andy but nobody could prove it. So he waited for him after school and busted his nose. When MacGyver comes home that night, he finds his knife exactly where he a left it, sitting on his desk.

Two Times Trouble: 1964-1970.
MacGyver is in high school with twin sisters Roxy and Carla. Somewhere in that time period Roxy tries to impress MacGyver. Eventually they went on a date. Roxy later became a well known Rock singer who got addicted to drugs. They also meet with Sammy Caruso whom he tried to convice to play in her key along with his band. He tried to get Carla on-stage to play a set. He could never tell Roxy and Carla apart. Also at one point they went climbing on Lost Arrow.

Silent World: 1965.
David Crane and his class, the Littleton Panthers becomes State Champions in football. Ten wins and zero losses. He was a quarterback and had the best arm in the league.

Family Matter: 1965.
Pete and Connie spend time in New Orleans and travelled through Cajun Country. It is unknown when this happened though. Possible honeymoon? Assuming they left from L.A. to New Orleans they had a flight of 03 hours and 38 minutes over a distance of 1667,1 miles (2683 km). Their marriage didn't work out. They divorced six years later.

The Secret of Parker House: 1965.
Betty Parker is declared dead after been missing for seven years.

Harry's Will: 1965.
MacGyver plays for the Minnesota Pee Wees as a kid. Harry takes MacGyver to his hockey match which is the Division Championship of the State Finales and let him drive the Nomad. During the match MacGyver trips another boy which Harry saw telling him is no winner. MacGyver tells this to the referee who discounts the goal and so they lose the match. That was his lesson at centre.

Humanity: 1965.
Victor is found in the streets of Bucharest unclothed and hungry. His parents most likely died. He is taken in by Major Krik to join the K-Force.

Obsessed: 1965-1991.
A mere speculation but it could be possible Pete meets with Jake Gibbs while working for the DXS around this time since he has known him longer than twenty years. He will always remember him as a good man.

Twice Stung: 1966.
The evidence room guard from Twice Stung starts his career on the force.

Phoenix Under Siege: 1966.
MacGyver and Harry sees a hockey game for the last time. Harry has been working on the farm ever since.

Hell Week: Monday June 6 1966.
David, son of Professor Ryman is born. He shares a birthday with Major Krik.

Family Matter: 1967.
Michael Thornton is born to Pete and Connie Thornton.

Lost Love: 1967.
Jack Dalton was into learning magic tricks while selling magazines in the tenth grade and tried to pull a silk scarf out of the principal's ear and got his toupee instead.

Thin Ice: 1967.
Derek Kirby is born to Walt Kirby.

Children of Light: 1967.
Su Ling and Mei Jan are born.

The Wall: 1967.
Maria Romburg is born in East Germany. Her parents are unknown. Her mother had to sew her doll's arm back on with an orange thread after their dog Valdi bit it off. Valdi was allowed to sleep in her room by her grandfather when her parents were away on holiday. Her grandfather is named Otto who will escape to the United States and open a toy shop.

Target MacGyver: 1967-1969.
Harry leaves without saying goodbye. Harry takes a construction job in Alaska. Assuming he took a plane, he flew for 04 hours and 05 minutes over a distance of 1889.9 miles (3041 km).

(Note: MacGyver says he hasn't seen Harry since he was ten which is impossible. Even earlier in the same episode MacGyver says it has been 16-17-18 years.)

The Secret of Parker House: 1968.
An unknown and most likely family member of the Parkers spends one night in the Parker House. Because of the haunted reputation of the house and the stories in the town she leaves the next day. It is unknown who it was but there appears to be an Uncle Fred and Cousin Malcolm.

Collision Course: 1968.
Jake O' Malley better known as Shawn Douglas McDowel delivers a package for the IRA that appeared to be a bomb killing a security guard.

The Gun: 1968.
Senator David R. Harrison, a presidential candidate is being killed by Doman Yashir. Officer Frank Fowler and Dr. Lloyd Fisher from the forensics team are involved in the investigation that follows. Frank was very fond of Senator Harrison that it felt like losing a member of the family when he died. He worked 24 hours a day to get Doman Yashir convicted. It became so personal. When the gun was made is unknown but it appears to be a very rare Czechoslovakian seven-shot Rupper. 7,5 millimetre. The gun was sold at an auction after the trial of Doman Yashir. The gun was sold to Philip Orwell and stolen a few weeks after the auction.

Twenty Questions: 1968.
Freddy Mapes dies of drunk driving, wrapping his dad's car around a tree at the age of 16, assuming they were the same age. His girlfriend is now paraplegic.

Off The Wall: 1968-1969.
Lawton Enterprises under supervision of Andrew Lawton the construction of the Phoenix Foundation building begins and is completed a year later. The building exists out of 15 floors with the 4th floor being demographics and MacGyver working on the 8th floor. It appears to be one of the most earthquake-resistant structures in L.A. If Lawton Enterprises constructed the main Phoenix-building it's quite possible they also build their Western Division Secure Research Facility with complete underground laboratories.

Jerico Games: 1968-1970.
Ellen Stewart becomes Head Cheerleader of her year.

(Note: The yearbook clearly says 1968. This causes a big bump in the timeline. MacGyver himself explicitly says they were both 18 and the yearbook he takes out is from 1968. This would mean MacGyver is born 1950. This also means Ellen is born in 1950. However a lot of future events won't make sense that made sense earlier in the show, like the 25th anniversary of the death of Celia and James MacGyver or MacGyver being 8 years old at the time when Turk Donner brough gold to the USA.)

Ugly Duckling: 1969-1971.
Kate Lafferty is born. Estimating her being 15-16-17 years old at the time of the episode. Probably around the same time MacGyver was following Professor Willis' classes.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 1969-1970.
MacGyver is in his senior year in high school. Zoe Ryan is in the seventh grade. She moves next door to him. Jack Dalton later tells her that if she wants MacGyver's help, she should get his full and undivided attention. MacGyver however takes a disliking towards because she was always a pest. She laters become a full associate professor in archaeology.

Off The Wall: 1969-1975.
On a rough estimation, I take it Antonio Lobo was born in 1969. Making him 22 years old in 1991. His mother is a hairstylist who dies when he is three years old and his father he never knew because he got killed in Vietnam. Lobo and his family lives in the apartment building his grandmother moved into after she got married and raises five children there including Lobo's mother. Lobo grows up in the building and his grandmother becomes the last remaining tenant of the building.

The Madonna: Thursday December 25 1969.
Vincent Battaglia donates the Madonna to the St. Mary's Church.

Jerico Games: 1970.
High School Graduation Day. MacGyver and Ellen Stewart sees each other for the last time. They were friends during their senior year and everybody said they were the perfect couple. It was her speciality to turn his life upside down. Eventually they became a couple for a while but they broke up leaving Ellen heartbroken for months. Though it's unspecified when and how long they were a couple. During their time they became Students for Gun Control. Boneless Barton was a classmate, who could walk with his legs wrapped around his neck during gymclass, giving Ellen the willies but MacGyver liked him.

(Note: The yearbook says 1968. This probably means they took the year actor Richard Dean Anderson graduated from high school since he was born in 1950. In the shows universe this is an inconsistency because a lot of events won't add up anymore otherwise like MacGyver couldn't have been 8 years old in 1960 when Turk Donner wins the gold medal and MacGyver couldn't have been ten years old when his dad died. He would've been twelve by than. If he was ten it would've happened in 1960 and it would've been 26-27 years by the time Harry would mention it in Phoenix Under Siege and he clearly says 25 years.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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In the following week, we'll be going to MacGyver's college years. So we finally figure out where all his college girlfriends came from. Though there are not as many as you might think. We see MacGyver go through college and the further course of the Vietnam war and his relationship with Kate Malloy while Pete meets Samantha Lora. Since college takes four years, I take it MacGyver graduates in 1974 and Kate was one year older than he was and graduated a year earlier than he did. Next week we'll see MacGyver in his adolescent years after college graduation.

Flame's End/Jack of Lies/Thin Ice/The Endangered/On A Wing And A Prayer/Collision Course/The Madonna/There But For The Grace/Log Jam/Treasure of Manco/Squeeze Play/Honest Abe/The Stringer: 1970-1974.
MacGyver goes to college at Western Tech and meets with Amy Austin, Tim Wexler, Toby Jenson, Jack Dalton, Michelle 'Mike' Forrester, Karen Miller, Jeff Stone, Father Patrick Lafferty, Father Jim, Amy Chandler, Maria, Enrique, Philip Sherman and Katherine 'Kate' Malloy. He probably met with Michelle 'Mike' Forrester as well as she will be travelling with him and Jack through Europe and the rest of the world.

Flame's End: 1970-1974.
MacGyver, Amy Diane Austin, Tim Wexler and Toby Jenson are studying at Western Tech. Amy has an aunt Min. MacGyver, Amy and Tim are also known as "Science Club Officers". They probably led the science club. It was said of Tim that he was "Most Likely To Succeed" and it was said of MacGyver that he "Already Has It". MacGyver and Amy are dating and they used to be one word. They have their beach which had palm trees. Before summerbreak MacGyver has some big news. He arranged that he can become a cook on a freighter ship in the Adriatic Sea and can take Amy with him. They've talked about travelling but she wonders how he will get his degree. She however intends to go and work in the nuclear processing plant they're building ten miles down the coastline saying they will need people with science degrees saying they could have a real future there together. But MacGyver says his motivations to study physics was because he thought it was interesting and excited him not to buy himself a job. She prefers a life she can count on. So does he but on them together and different than everyone else. She didn't knew he was serious about going to Adriatic Sea. He wonders if it's crazy to finding out who he is. She tell him that he just ought to go. After that they break up.

Thin Ice: 1970-1974.
MacGyver plays ice hockey tasting the Olympics and a pro career in hockey. But due playing hard and stupid and getting busted up he convinced himself that his injuries were bad enough that it just wasn't worth it and quits.

The Endangered: 1970-1974.
MacGyver meets Karen Miller. They have thing for each other but Karen was willing to settle down after a few years, he kept moving on. She enjoyed French drapes and swimming pools until she got converted by one of those nature nuts. During college MacGyver talks her about camping and being independent, wanting to become a park ranger and a pilot and going to Africa. But each time he changed his mind when she tried to be a part of it.

On A Wing And A Prayer: 1970-1974.
Jack Dalton studied Business major in the University of Southern California (USC). This could've been part of Jack's cover however. Commander Rafael studied Political Science in Berkeley before the revolution in Barraca.

Collision Course: 1970-1974.
In college MacGyver meets Jeff Stone. Jeff Stone loves racing and later they work together to build an environmental efficient all plastic engine for racing. Jeff meets someone named Meg whom he marries. It is unknown from where he meets her, could be in college but their marriage doesn't hold because of his racing career. She's afraid he might get killed in crash. They get a daughter named Charlie.

The Madonna/There But For The Grace: 1970-1974.
MacGyver plays hockey with Patrick Lafferty and Jim, both men become priests and Mac later recalls their hockey days. Though unknown when they played, I assume it must've been during their college years. According to MacGyver, Patrick used to push him against the boards, while he thinks it happened the other way. It's also likely they came up with the code black and blue that Jim uses when he couldn't reach MacGyver to talk him about something.

Log Jam: 1970-1974.
During college summers MacGyver works in Oregon with Amy Chandler whom he knows from school. MacGyver worked as a rigging slinger. She later stay in Oregon and falls in love with Jack Chandler.

The Treasure Of Manco: 1970-1974.
MacGyver, Maria and Enrique all went to school together. I take it was university and also studied archeology together probably at Western Tech or maybe it was in Peru itself at the San Marcos University. They also went skiing together. MacGyver, Enrique and their ski coach Gene Quintano from Mammoth went skiing once up the Cornice in front of avalanche. They almost got killed trying to outrun it. Enrique later because a mountain rebel fighting the revolution in Peru.

Squeeze Play: 1970-1974.
In college MacGyver becomes an usher at Met Stadium once in a while. During his time as an usher he sees Novis Reilly playing for his team and learns about his nervous thing he has that when each time he thinks he could steal second base, he'd rub his nose backhanded-like. It was a dead giveaway.

Honest Abe: 1970-1974.
At the age of 18, MacGyver meets Philip Sherman. They studied together at Western Tech. Philip's father Abe Sherman was never around for his son. Not even on his bar mitzvah. Philip was seeing a psychologist at the time. Abe was also a liar to boot coming up with the most insane excuses when missing the important events like being chased by a rhinoceros in Bangkok and a monsoon in the Sahara. He told everyone he worked as a tuba salesman. But he did made the graduation. Philip will have a son later in life called Jeffrey and asks MacGyver to become his godfather.

Trail To Doomsday: 1970-1982.
Though never specified, I assumed these are the twelve years Tony Graves worked in U.S. Intelligence stationed in England before he buys Carcroft Castle. During those years he meets Capshaw who attends a questioning of a terrorist as a young officer. The terrorist however dies during questioning and Capshaw hates Tony ever since.

Blood Brothers: 1971.
Danny and Sean are born in Minnesota. Chuck and Neil are their fathers.

Humanity: 1971.
Victor becomes friends with Nicolae. They start hanging out despite friendship is forbidden in the barracks. They sneak out at night to go fishing but are eventually caught. Major Krik orders the boys to fight with knives to the death in which Victor wins. He held him for a long time until he was pulled away.

Jerico Games: 1971.
Ellen's father leaves his family marrying a blonde who was only five years older than she was. Making the girl 23 years old. She was expensive too because she needed all of Ellen's college money. In the years following she married three times: the first one had a drinking problem and bought a motorcycle. The second one was a stockbroker. One day she found out that he left her taking everything but the debts. It is unknown when she married the first two or how long they lasted.

Blind Faith: 1971.
Pete is divorcing Connie while he's an operative in the field in San Pablo helping Samantha Lora's father Guillermo Lora's rise to power as President of San Pablo. Going through a rough time in his life he finds comfort and support with Samantha as she is a good listener. He on the other had could make her feel better about herself when he didn't want to talk about himself. They shared everything and everything was so vibrant and alive. They had the happiest times of their lives. One day they spend a whole morning looking at a rainbow. Guillermo was able to stabelize the country and have peace for a while but he is followed up by a dictator who will murder 200 political prisoners. It is possible that Pete and Paul Stams cross paths here.

Off The Wall: 1971-1972.
Lobo's mother dreams of a house of her own while working as a hair stylist. She dies a year later when Lobo is 3 years old.

Countdown: 1971-1973.
Mike Donahue ran the 227 bomb squad out of Da Nang and led the entire sabotage group in Cam Rahn Bay which resulted in losing his leg. Couple of years before MacGyver's and Charlie's time in Vietnam.

The Wish Child: 1972.
Paul Chan, Lisa Chan's brother is born.

There But For The Grace: 1972.
I think this year included the birth of Doc's daughter Allison. Who seems at least 19 years old in 1991.

The Stringer: 1972-1973.
MacGyver is in a relationship with Kate Malloy during her final year of college. She ends up pregnant by him and must've known it by the last time they see each other, yet she decided not to tell him about it.

Hell Week: 1973.
MacGyver wins the 17th barricade contest of Western Tech.

(Note: even though MacGyver won the 17th contest in 1973, the contest could not have been held yearly since Julian Ryman won the first one in 1958 only 15 years have passed. So maybe there was a year with two winners or two competitions.)

The Spoilers: 1973.
Daniel 'Earthquake' Toberman is fighting in the Vietnam war. During the war he used a landslide once to get out of trouble which earned him the nickname Earthquake with his outfit. He won a Broze Star and three commendations for bravery. However he got shipped out by his Captain because he wanted to marry Tai Minh. Later he found out she got killed in a crossfire in Saigon while he was on a mission in Cambodia. He broke the captains nose and got court-martialed for it. During the court-martial Toberman attacked his Captain in rage which resulted in a 18 month prison sentence and was described as borderline psychotic. After the war, it is unknown when, Toberman worked with a Vietnam buddy in a restaurant trying to forget all the killing but kids playing with fire crackers almost made him snap, he left for the hills later on.

Runners: 1973.
Jennifer Reiner is born. Her father is Jim Reiner, her mother is unknown.

The Coltons: 1973.
Billy Colton is born to Mama Colton and brothers Frank and Jesse Colton. They become a family of bounty hunters. Frank was already 29 at this point and Jesse was 26. His father is unknown but obviously he and Mama Colton were still together. What happened to him is unknown. Maybe he died afterwards. This would mean Mama Colton must've been well into her forties when she got pregnant with Billy.

The Stringer: February/March 1973.
Around this time period Kate Malloy must've gotten pregnant by MacGyver. This is like the last probable moment in which Sam could've been conceived if he was to be born in 1973. So his birth must've taken place in November or December that year.

(Note: Though it's quite hard to believe she would've kept her pregnancy a secret into at least the fourth or fifth month, while still in college. So I take she was in her senior year with MacGyver in his third year and therefore graduated earlier than he did and left for Brazil. I can not imagine her keeping a baby a secret if she still had a year to go. If they graduated at the same time in 1973, MacGyver would've missed a year of college.)

Harry's Will: Wednesday July 18 1973.
MacGyver sees Cody for the last time. They are playing a card game in which the dealer's got a six and MacGyver is holding twelve. Hit or stand pat? Harry was most likely not around since he left a few years earlier without saying goodbye but he must've kept in touch with Cody. Cody went to jail after robbing a jewellery store. He was hired by the owner of the store, a guy named Biff Arnold, who wanted to collect the insurance money and keep all the jewels while the diamond pendant was for Cody. Biff Arnold had a difficult youth trying to start up his own business. The insurance company went out of business and Biff Arnold was never paid. Even though Harry was furious of the robbery, he visited Cody when he was in jail.

The Stringer: November/December 1973.
Sean A. Malloy is born. Son of Kate Malloy and MacGyver. MacGyver however does not know about this as Kate never told him about her pregnancy when she left to cover a story in Brazil. This might make it possible that while Kate is covering the story in Brazil that Sam is born there, though not necessarily. Kate names him Sean Angus Malloy, Sam for short.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Why keep eluding to the idea that Mac didn't know his first name? He obviously knew his own name. It was even printed on his driver license in "The Lost Amadeus" when Lulu took it from him to look at it and she told him "I'll just call you MacGyver". In"Good Knight MacGyver" he was looking for validation of the family connections through the passing down of the name Angus through the generations. He just didn't like his first name and chose not to use it.


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I've edited it the last line out.

I always understood it as the following.

Just like the audience, MacGyver himself doesn't know his first name. Even though Lulu saw his first name (yet we didn't see it), Mr. Newberry says he couldn't find his first name anywhere to which MacGyver said it's just MacGyver. Then in Good Knight MacGyver he finds out Iain's son has the same first name as he does but when Iain dies he says he will never know his son's name. I would've asked him if they shared names: MacGyver, what is your first name then? If he did know his first name, he had his lead. All MacGyver had to do was walk out the castle, go to the forest and find the man with the same name. Of course the dream would've taken a different course than what we saw. But at that point I always understood he didn't know his own name and finds out about it through the message on the wall. Of course he does say that Malcolm was right about everything and that they do share their first name. So he did know it all along... but yeah, there you have it. See, I keep learning every day.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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So here we are. We've reached the years in which MacGyver has became a young adult, who is about to graduate college and will be sent to the Vietnam war and goes out to discover the world with Jack and Mike. We also see the birth of Lisa Woodman, the rise of the Challenger's Club, how Dent's life took a bad turn and some of MacGyver's earliest assignments before beginning his studies in London and taking on several odd jobs like hellfighting while Pete reaches the point of his career in hunting down Murdoc. Next week we'll be viewing MacGyver's adult years before the start of the first season.

Live and Learn: Between Monday January 15 and Sunday January 21 1974.
Tony Milani is born to Nick and Sophie Milani.

Murderers' Sky: 1974.
Luke Chung, Adam's Chung grandson is born.

The Challenge: 1974.
The Challengers Club is founded by Booker and Cynthia Wilson to give stray teens a new chance in life. Booker has been studying for law along with Cynthia's help but Booker always said: 'By the time a kid needs a lawyer, it's already too late.' MacGyver has been volunteering at the Challenger's Club ever since whenever he could. He even worked there full time.

Second Chance: 1974.
Jesse Colton is stationed in Vietnam. His unit is about to be pulled out when he has an affair with Wanda Tran. They lose track of each other. Unbeknownst to him she was pregrant and gave birth to a boy named Willie. During the war Jesse befriends a man named George who remains in Thailand after the war.

The Madonna: 1974.
Vincent Battaglia stops going to church after his wife passed away. They prayed there religiously hoping his wife would be cured.

Hearts Of Steel: 1974.
A kid named Todd Williams is born. He is mentioned by Lisa Woodman when she goes shopping with Ingrid.

Countdown/Honest Abe/The Stringer: June 1974.
MacGyver and Philip graduates from college. This would be the last time MacGyver would see Abe Sherman. Probably almost immediately after MacGyver enlists in the army to go to the Vietnam war.

Countdown: 1974-1975.
MacGyver and Charlie were enlisted in the Vietnam war as a bomb disposal team taking on the Ling Chow bomber. Together they disarmed 51 bombs. This was probably during the last year of the war 1974-1975 since Mac won the barricade contest of 1973 at Western Tech (See Hell Week). If so and MacGyver shipped out from Los Angeles assuming it was on a (military) plane probably to Da Nang airport it took him 15 hours and 43 minutes to get their over a distance of 7819.3 miles (12584 km).

(Note: Since the American troops were largely retreating since 1973, it might seem a little strange that MacGyver and Charlie were still sent to Vietnam at this point. Maybe they got sent because of their bomb disposal skills. Charlie Robinson also confirms that Mike Donahue was in Vietnam a couple of years before them. I take it a couple of years are 2 years, 3 at the most and that largely fits in with their stationing period of 1974-1975. If it was earlier MacGyver would have his college education interrupted.)

Countdown/Jack of Lies: 1975-1977.
After the Vietnam war MacGyver, Jack Dalton and Mike Forrester travelled through Europe and the rest of the world. They visited Paplanta in Mexico north of Veracruz. A flight that would take 03 hours and 43 minutes over a distance of 1705.7 miles (2745 km). They attended the festival of Corpus Christi while they were there, which is a Christian feast day that honors the Body of Christ. They also went to Martinique in Forte de France, the Lesser Antilles. I assume they left from Mexico so that would be 04 hours and 58 minutes flight over a distance of 2343.8 miles (3772 km). They went diving into the coral reef. Thanks to Jack Dalton a shark feeding frenzy accord causing MacGyver to cut his air hose on the coral. Jack saved his life. Afterwards they went to Barbados in the same area. It's a little island in the Lesser Antilles. Only a short flight of 0 hours and 32 minutes and 145.40 miles (234 km). After that they travelled to Singapore and probably to their biggest international airport. A flight that would last 21 hours and 49 minutes over a distance of 10929 miles (17588 km). And they also visited Fresno. Fresno is however in California. So they probably went there after they came back. In flight it would only be 43 minutes over a distance of 209.40 miles (337 km) from LAX. I'd take it this was a road trip by car. According to mapquest this would take 03 hours and 35 minutes over a distances of 217.39 miles (349.86) if you take the CA-99 N.

Back From The Dead: 1975.
Taking a rough estimation from his age, I'd guess Brian is about twelve years old in this episode.

Thin Ice: 1975.
Kirby takes a frozen puck into his face while his father holds his hand when they are sewing up his chin. Kirby also attends the hockey clinics every summer.

Live and Learn: 1975.
Vicki is born. Vicki is the girl the Principal Juarez talks to. Vicki becomes pregnant at the age of 15.

The Treasure of Manco: 1975-1989.
Maria's father starts chasing his dream to find the Treasure of Manco. It will cost him his life in the end when he's killed by the Peruvian army.

The Wall: 1975.
Maria Romburg becomes ward of the state at the age of 8. Maria, her father and her grandfather Otto tried to escape from East Germany. She insisted on taking her doll Birgit with her. Otto hid the doll under his sweater and took the doll with him to America. Her father was killed during the escape and she was taken captive and educated. She was taught how to speak English. Otto escapes to the United States and opens a toyshop. He will be forced to cooperate with the Stasi if he wants to see his granddaughter again by using his shop for a courier drop to exchange papers, microfilm and tapes.

There But For The Grace: 1975.
Though it is a mere guess, I take it Doc started his teaching career in this year as an English teacher for the next 15 years.

Trail To Doomsday: 1975.
Elise Moran is born to parents Paul and Elizabeth Moran, her uncle is Frederik Moran. The Morans are very wealthy people in London and do a lot a scientific research.

Deathlock: 1975-1979.
MacGyver runs into Quayle while doing an assignment. Quayle is working for the British but sold them out to the Russians and double-crossed the Russians for the ayatollah. MacGyver ran into him when Quayle was moving planeload of stolen military computers. MacGyver stole the plane back causing Quayle's people not being too happy with him. Quayle got punished for it. MacGyver could've been working for the government even before he met Pete or it happened during his Vietnam days.

Partners: 1975-1980.
Pete Thornton and Murdoc meets each other for the first time. Pete is hunting him down. Somewhere in that time periode Pete chases Murdoc all the way to Lisbon where he almost had him. If Pete travelled to Lisbon from Los Angeles it would've taken him 11 hours and 31 minutes to get their by plane over a distance of 5677.5 miles (9137 km).

(Note: Murdoc claims in 1980, he and Pete have been playing their game for 10-15 years, but since Murdoc can't be much older or younger then MacGyver there is no way Pete could've been hunting him since the 60's.)

Pirates: 1975-1987.
Barbara Ortega and her father are starting their search for a sunken Spanish treasure fleet. Her father drowned after finding pieces of one ship. Got caught in the wreckage.

The Madonna: Wednesday December 24 1975.
The Challenger's Club has their first annual Christmas show.

Eagles: 1976.
Darin Cooper is born.

Cease Fire/Hearts of Steel/Twenty Questions: 1976.
Ingrid Goldberg is born to mother Greta, her father is unkown. She's a friend of Lisa who gets kidnapped when she is mistaken for the latter. Ingrid must be of German descend considering her mother speaks with a German accent. Greta must've worked with Eric Woodman in his office in Zurich or his house there. It is possible Lisa is born in the same year considering she's in the 9th grade.

The Gun: 1976.
The beige Dodge, Rudy and his friend escapes in after shooting the cop is being manufactured.

Off The Wall: 1976.
At the age of 7 Lobo draws vegetables on the inside of closet door saying vegetables suck. He realizes by this art is his life.

The Eraser: 1976-1986.
Jimmy Kendall spends ten years in prison for extortion.

Gunz 'N Boyz: 1976-1987.
Minton starts working as a cop in areas like South Central L.A.

Hell Week: 1977.
MacGyver starts wearing his brown bomber jacket. MacGyver is at this point in Minnesota. It's probable he bought it there.

Squeeze Play: 1977.
Reggie Jackson scores his third consecutive home run in one game during Game Six of the World Series. He hit the ball with such power that it made a towering drive into the black-painted batter's eye seats 475 feet away. During the World Series Reggie received the nickname Mr. October.

Lost Treasure Of Atlantis/Trail To Doomsday/The Human Factor: 1977-1979.
Assuming his travels with Jack and Mike are over by now and after his military service in Vietnam, MacGyver at some point decides to continue his studies (loose courses perhaps since Atticus says he didn't apply to university) at the Royal Academy of Archaeological Science in London with professor Atticus in archaeology and the Greek language. Atticus gets to know MacGyver as an eager young student eager so anxious to explore ancient ruins and solve the mysteries of the ages. He considers MacGyver as his brightest student. Atticus teaches him the search for truth is never easy. Atticus is obsessed in finding the treasure of Atlantis, earning him the nickname Atlantis Atticus, and often takes MacGyver along on his expeditions. He probably read Professor Axford's essay about his interest in finding the truth and not treasure.

During his studies there he also meets Paul Moran, a very wealthy man, whom he becomes real close friends with. At some point MacGyver rolled one of his cars. Together they exchange many ideas to change the world. In 1979 they go skiing together in which MacGyver saves Paul's life when they end up on the side of the mountain. MacGyver also probably meets Paul's future wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth however dies at some point in time and MacGyver writes Paul to support him with his loss. Maybe he even meets Dr. Jill Ludlum around this time since she was born there and he seems to know pretty well what she has done in her life.

After his studies MacGyver and Atticus must have stayed in touch over the years as they both go to Thera in 1989 to find Solon's medallion that opens his ark that according to the legend holds the Torch of Truth that needs to offered at the Temple of Ages that will cause the treasure of Atlantis to rise.

Split Decision: 1977-1984.
Veronica 'Ronnie' Dent is born to Earl Dent. Mother is unknown. She was named after Dent's mother Veronica. One might wonder what happened to Earl Dent who seemed to have a woman he loved, married and got a child with and was ranked fifth in the world of heavyweight boxing. Sounds like a case of dealing with the wrong people at the wrong time. Whatever happened, Dent was definitely a boxer before his bikergang days, maybe made a wrong choice or had a string of bad luck that cost him his marriage and his kid, joins a gang and ends up in jail. During his boxing career, under the name Rocketman because of his short fuse and lots of power, he met Bart Riggins, a bookie who ruined his career since he refused to listen to him. In five of those seven years Riggins has trained him and together they won 27 out 38 fights. They reunite years later when Dent has to fight Crazy Eddie Johnson in a set-up match.

On A Wing And A Prayer: 1978.
The revolution starts in Barraca. Rafael becomes commander in the revolution with Santina who becomes captain and Enrique Salizar who becomes Rafael's chief of staff. Enrique gets killed ten years later trying to defect to the other side after he finds out what kind of person Rafael is and gets shot in the back.

Bitter Harvest: 1978.
Natalie Garcia is born to parents Tony and Carmen Garcia. Alex Silva, Carmen's brother is her uncle. When she was born her leg was not formed properly due to the use of illegal pesticides as Carmen kept working in the grapefields until her seventh month of pregnancy. She was often sick but she thought it was the pregnancy.

Honest Abe: Between Thursday September 7 and Thursday September 14 1978.
Jeffrey Sherman is born to father Philip Sherman, mother Carol and grandfather Abe Sherman. His grandmother is unknown. MacGyver is asked to become his godfather.

The Road Not Taken: 1978-1980.
Pete mentions in the episode he hasn't seen Sister Margaret in at least six to eight years. The last time he saw her she was being chased across the Sahara with 15 children and a goat. MacGyver himself hasn't seen Debra in 8 years since 1978. She left him when was about to ask her to get married.

Murderers' Sky: 1978-1980.
Adam Chung's son dies down south.

Hellfire: 1979.
It is a mere guess but it is possible since Bill says that it's 'been a while' since he had seen MacGyver that at least 6 years (most likely after MacGyver's studies in England) could've passed since their hellfighting days. I take it they did some hellfighting in Sumatra where Bill arrived from Texas with his hat and his ten gallon boots to put up a party not even knowing where Sumatra was. They probably meet Laura there as well. Some time later after MacGyver and Bill part ways Billy marries Laura. Before their reunion with MacGyver Bill gets hurt during hellfighting in which three of his men dies. Bill ends up for three months in the burn ward. He gives up hellfighting for Laura and they would buy land in Wyoming and drill it looking for oil, putting all the money in it but if it doesn't work out Bill goes back hellfighting.

The Wish Child: 1979.
Paul and Lisa Chan's parents dies in car accident. They were going to visit Lisa at her college. So this means Lisa must be 18 or 19 years old at the time. So she should be 25-26 in 1986. The car slipped in the mountains on twisty roads full of rocks. The car hit the fence and went over and down. His father yelled and Paul heard his mother but can't remember the rest. He wandered into the mountains as the Wish Child and a patch of his hair turned white.

The 'Hood: 1979.
Molly Densmore, a young aspiring actress is born. She will become best friends with Kelly Dobbs who will become her roommate. It's likely Kelly is about the same age. She would also become an actress and write her own play called Red White and Blood.

Trail To Doomsday: 1979.
When MacGyver and Paul Moran go skiing some sort of accident or fall happens. Though it's unclear how or what happened but MacGyver has to carry Paul fully packed on his back and climb back up the mountain. MacGyver promisses no one is going to die. One way or another he succeeds in saving Paul and himself.

Partners: September 1979.
Pete Thornton is placed on Murdoc's case for investigation while working for the DXS. However they go years back.

Three For The Road/Runners/The Madonna: Christmas 1979-1986.
MacGyver meets Tony Sullivan as a guns runner in Afghanistan. I take it was during the early years of the Russian-Afghan war. In one week time he saved MacGyver's life twice. This could've been the assignment when MacGyver's mother died. He didn't hear about it until the day of the funeral and didn't got a chance to say goodbye. He called her on Christmas Tuesday December 25 1979 or in one of the possible following years. Ellen MacGyver suffered a stroke on Wednesday December 26 1979 or in the years after. Father Pat Lafferty was with her when it happened.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Hey guys, due to real life priorities, I haven't been able to post this week yet. But since the week is not over yet, I'll post it for this week. We have reached the 80's in MacGyver's life now and we all know what an important year 1980 was for MacGyver, Jack and Pete as the three of them met each other for the first time, though it won't have to mean the camel smuggler assignment never took place. We also see how MacGyver and Su Ling started to write each other and how Sam witnesses the death of his mother. This and many other events and pre-series assignments will be seen here right until the beginning of the series. Starting next week (hopefully), we'll begin on the timeline starting from the Pilot episode and go through the seven season run.

Back From The Dead: 1980.
MacGyver's houseboat is build.

Collision Course: 1980.
MacGyver meets Hans Visser on the Formula 1 racing circuit in Europe. Hans clips MacGyver from behind making him crash into another car, getting the driver killed. Hans however won that race and got a ring with a diamond to proof it. MacGyver quits racing afterwards and never talked about it.

The Battle Of Tommy Giordano: 1980.
Mary Ruth and Richard Giordano meet each other. Nine months later their son Tommy Giordano is born. Mary Ruth is working for the Phoenix Foundation, while Richard is a surgeon.

Children of Light: 1980.
MacGyver and Su Ling are writing to each other. She bought a backscratcher for a camping trip she was going to do at the age of 13. MacGyver's writing to her he was testing some kind of night goggles and couldn't tell the difference between a blueberry bush and poison ivy.

The Wall: 1980.
Kurt moves to America to work undercover for the Stasi agency.

Partners: Saturday March 1 1980.
MacGyver, Peter Thornton and Jack Dalton meet each other for the first time thanks to Murdoc. Meanwhile Jack Dalton owned a taxicab business which MacGyver fell in for after he broke his legs rollerskating down the Santa Monica Pier looking at a blond. MacGyver shows Pete his improvisations skills when they face two guys with bazookas and takes them out with a selfmade cruise control. That night MacGyver and Pete seal their partner and friendship after Pete pulled MacGyver of Jack's wired bed.

Sunday March 2 1980.
They have a confrontation with Murdoc, who is dressed as a nurse where Jack is healing from his broken legs and runs into a demolition zone and apparently died in the collapsing building.

(Note: Maybe we can assume MacGyver and Pete met each other on assignment in the Nafud desert later. If MacGyver and Pete were working on the same assignment, or maybe a different assignment but in the same area, without knowing that from each other, it is perfectly possible this assignment takes place after they met. MacGyver is smuggling camels and helps out a man in need, being stuck in a quicksand. MacGyver helps the man out who turns out to be Pete. After pulling Pete out of the quicksand, MacGyver puts him on a camel on and gives it a gigantic swat, riding out for six day causing Pete not being able to sit easy for a week. Maybe it's not exactly as he says to Karen Blake that it was the first time he met MacGyver but than it will be a reference to one of their first meetings together.)

The Human Factor: 1980-1982.
Jill Melissa Ludlum, born in London. In 1980 she got her Ph.D. in systems design at the Oxford University. Then she worked two years designing the Ludlum cybernetic circuit.

Flame's End: 1981.
Amy Austin's aunt Min moves out of Minnesota.

The Escape: 1981.
François Villar is arrested for not bribing a judge.

Jack of Lies: 1981.
MacGyver and Jack Dalton has seen each other for the last time. They would reunite five years later.

Thin Ice: 1981.
Kirby won a medal at the age of 14 as the most valuable player with 97 goals and 112 assists in that year.

Children of Light: 1981.
MacGyver hears from the last time of Mei Jan at the age of 14. He became part of the foster child program for Asian orphans. It is unknown when he joined the program. Well before this, that is certain and has told Pete about it who claimed he read regular reports about her ever since MacGyver decided to sponsor her. Their correspondence stopped after she was reunited with her grandmother. Her grandmother however feared the government would accuse her of being a spy for writing to America.

The Coltons: 1981.
The restaurant of the Coltons is closing down for an uncertain amount of time as Frank and Jesse become bounty hunters for a living. It will serve as a fall back for Mama Colton.

Jack of Lies: 1982.
MacGyver sees Mike Forrester for the last time. They would reunite four years later.

The Negotiator: 1982.
Pete recalls the murder of Joey Tartanna who was killed by a woman after he read to autopsy report on the dog who got killed by Deborah.

(Note: This would be in 1982 in the adjusted timeline since Deborah spend two years in prison. Originally in the airing of the episode this would've been in 1983. This will become more clear once we're in season 3.)

Blood Brothers: 1982.
MacGyver meets Chuck and his son Danny in L.A. MacGyver and Danny makes a homemade volcano together which Danny used at home causing his parent to repaint the kitchen.

The Stringer: 1982.
Chung Tai Shen is or becomes Colonel Chung in the Red Chinese Army. Kate Malloy and her son Sam are in China where she is working as photojournalist on a story about the democratic movement. They were staying in small village near Beijing. One night there was meeting and the soldiers came. Kate makes Sam hide but she is captured by the soldiers. Chung accuses her of being a spy. He pulls out his gun and shoots her in the head while Sam at the age of 9 sees the whole thing. By the next day he returns to Beijing on his own. He meets friends of his mother who also works as reporters in Beijing and makes sure he gets out of China safely. Since Kate had no other relatives left, her friends took care of Sam until he could make it on his own. Sam could not find MacGyver since Kate never told him his name but she told him he moved around a lot helping people all over the world and that she would introduce them when they both grow up. She told him one time they were both like discoverers and that most people could be happy living in one place all their lives but that the two of them could only be happy if they were on the road to somewhere else and that runs in the family. She explained to Sam his father was pretty good at getting out of jams.

The Human Factor: 1982-1983.
Jill Ludlum takes a year of for personal reasons.

Jerico Games: 1982-1990.
Ellen Stewart starts working with Jerico Broadcasting News Studios. Starting in the Makeup Department moving to Merchandising, Business Affairs and Public Relations through the years. Through those years she probably met Ralph Jerico the big boss of Jerico Broadcasting. They fell in love and got married. Ralph however always treated her badly. He abused her physically by choking her and liked young blondes. She couldn't divorce him because of the pre-nuptial agreement. She would end with nothing again.

Fraternity of Thieves: 1983.
David Edwards sets up the Computer Club at the State University in L.A.

Black Rhino: 1983.
A Russian man named Romanov escapes prison with a bunch of Fabergé eggs. This appears to be another case Frank and Jesse could never solve. Billy wanted to after he got a tip Romanov was in Russia but MacGyver talked him out of it with Billy saying it was a crazy idea but it won't mean the case is not authentic.

The Wall: 1983.
When Maria Romburg becomes 16 years old she is no longer allowed to stay at the orphanage. She gets chosen to become a sparrow. The boys were known as hawks. She receives special training how to manipulate people, to spy on her friends and how to kill.

Trail To Doomsday: 1983.
Anthony "Tony" Graves buys Carcroft Castle in Sussex, England through his trading company Lyndover Limited. You might wonder where he got the money from because I don't think you would make so much money by working in intelligence to buy a castle. He will also start funding Paul Moran's lab and work. Frederick Moran however uses the castle to start building a nuclear power plant underneath it without detection. This is presumably after Graves' twelve years he worked for British Intelligence in American Intelligence stationed in the U.K.

Family Matter: 1983.
In the summer Michael graduates from high school. Pete is absent because he and Frank Bonner are on assignment in Yemen. MacGyver is probably part of the assignment too since Frank remembers him. Frank was Pete's point man in the field. He moved his family to Yemen along with three other agents. They were sent there to keep to peace but ended up in tribal war because Frank was embezzeling agency funds to were meant to maintain the peace. The Sharit attacked without warning and killed Frank's family. He blames Pete for that. Pete got hit in the attack.

Back From The Dead: July 1983.
MacGyver's houseboat is registered.

The Human Factor: 1983-1986.
Jill immersed in the STRADA Project and hasn't come up for air yet. She turned out to be a premier technocrat.

For Love Or Money: 1984.
MacGyver and Diana meet for the first time working together on embassy deal. In which MacGyver needed to retrieve documents but Diana stole the documents along with money from the embassy safe. She later send the documents to the Pentagon after she killed a man in Europe who tried to kill her over the documents.

Gold Rush: 1984.
MacGyver and Dr. Natalia Velskaja from the Ministry of Economics in Russia work together on an assignment in Helsinki, Finland. She told him her uncle wanted to defect but the KGB found out. She had to steal the documents he was carrying with him or the KGB would throw her uncle in prison. They stayed at the Ambassador Hotel. It was a flight of 11 hours and 22 minutes over a distance of 5606 miles (9022 km).

Deep Cover: 1984.
Dr. Gwen Carpenter's husband dies. It is unknown in which circumstances and or if her husband was related to Adam Carpenter (Nikki's husband). Or that if Gwen is related to Adam assuming Carpenter is her maiden name.

The Gun: 1984.
Mrs. Mary Dryden was killed from a stray bullet by the Harrison gun in a drive-by shooting. This is probably the incident Laura refers to when she said her father started to believe everything was over, the gun pops up again and killed somebody else. This would mean Frank Fowler probably worked 18 years on the murder of senator Harrison. The gun was later released and sold at auction again by a man named Marty Jenkins.

Harry's Will/High Control/Split Decision: 1984.
Dent is send to jail along with his bikergang for seven years after a guy named Hinkley ratted them out. Jerry Kluge the gang leader has a scar over his right eye but it's unknown where and how he got it. Dent spends the next six years in a cell next to Cody, an old friend of MacGyver and Harry. He hears Cody talking in his sleep about a diamond pendant that Harry was keeping for him. Dent is released after six years and he hooks up with Big Mama to follow Cody and find the pendant Harry kept safe. During his time in jail Dent keeps on boxing in prison matches and fights with Crazy Eddie Johnson for the first time. Riggins remembers this as if Dent almost murdered Eddie with his patented rocket punch.

Hind-Sight: 1984.
Frederica Zimmer becomes a suspected member of the Red October terrorist organization under the name Mary Hannah (?).

Flame's End: 1985.
Amy Austin's parents die in a plane crash. Tim Wexler and Toby Jensen sees each other for the last time.

The Enemy Within: 1985.
A man named Brudin from Belgrade died from an injection of air bubbles into the arteries. It is unknown if this has anything to do with the assignment in Belgrade mentioned by MacGyver in A Prisoner Of Conscience and if this was an assignment at all. Still, I think it was an assignment on which MacGyver, Pete and Bannister worked together before, since they seem to know each other well. Also during on of their assignments MacGyver covered Bannister somewhere in Burma where they ran the Panjuk together.

Slow Death: 1985.
Dr. James Grant is working in a hospital in London as a surgeon and a was a very good one when a wild-eyed man drugged out of his mind bursts into his operating room carrying a sawed-off shotgun. Trying to calm the man down and extending his arm to take the sawed-off shotgun away, the man fires it, disintegrating James' arm completely. Since it still bothers him on the train this must have been a recent injury.

The Assassin: 1985.
Piedra has killed an government minister in Central America using curare.

The Human Factor: 1985.
MacGyver was involved in a big fire at Brookhurst Chemical. He used the elevator shaft to escape. Pete however remembers it otherwise and claims MacGyver used the exhaust system to escape as he would do in STRADA. MacGyver says he didn't use the exhaust system which Pete thinks he couldn't have but did.

Birthday: 1985.
Elaine meets Andrew Harryman in Soledad and falls in love. She was a social worker and he was a convict. They set up a halfway house that became a reality a year later.

Lost Love: 1985.
MacGyver meets Lisa Kohler doing an assignment in the Baltic Coast. She was his contact to an underground resistance group. They fell in love at the worst possible time but it happened while they had to do a mission to blow up a secret weapons facility. He tried to stop her from coming along but she insisted because it was her information and her last job so she could come with him. She was supposed the take the exhaust and MacGyver was supposed to take the intake pipe. Something went wrong and while running for their lives Lisa got shot in the back. Probably the day before MacGyver and Lisa share a romantic moment in bed in which he slips a ring around her finger.

The Endangered: 1985.
MacGyver spends time with Karen Miller. They reunite three years later.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 1985.
Zoe Ryan starts the search for Diana's Mirror. It'll take her about four years to find it through thirteen digs in an Ottoman ruin in Greece.

Deep Cover: 1985.
Nick Landis and a Colombian druglord name of Sanchez starts doing business together. Nick studies the market in submarines and builds his own business called Shark Submarines Incorporated.

Hearts of Steel: 1985.
Kirk Delaney, one of Mike Travers henchmen is arrested for assault during a steelworkers strike.

The Wall: 1985.
Maria Romburg is on assignment in London. During her assignment she ended up in accident breaking her jaw in three places. There are hospital records of the reconstructive surgery.

Deadly Dreams/Lesson In Evil: 1985.
Dr. Zito murders nine peoples in his cellar. He let himself declare insane to escape deathrow. He gets arrested by Lt. Murphy who worked at Homicide at the time. She studied his crimes like other looks at a painting. After she brought him down, she spend three months in therapy.

Harry's Will: 1985.
Cody finds out that the insurance company who was supposed to pay out Biff Arnold went out of business. Cody calls Harry and told him everything, infuriating Harry. When Cody tried to cut him in for half, Harry refused and lectured Cody about immorality of theft. Harry agreed to keep the pendant safe. He hid in a secret compartment at the back seat of the Nomad. But later removed it himself and placed a note inside containing a riddle.

Blow Out: Thursday March 14 1985.
Adam Carpenter, Nikki's husband gets killed in mob hit with a car bomb that was meant for her while she's investigating five mob families with Senator Tagney in West-Virginia.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Season: season 5
Episode:Serenity, Passages, Humanity
Vehicle: Jeep
Jacket:  Black/Navy flight
House:  House boat

Starting from today, we have finally reached the point in time where the series takes off. With exception of season 2 and 3, I'll be cutting the seasons in half so with each post we'll have a view on half a season. Starting from here on out, some events of later episodes might occur. The dates are mostly rough estimations. To my guess, I'd take it his assignments take up at least a week, especially when he is overseas and flights are calculated from LAX if not from elsewhere. I try to keep the airdates in account where possible but it might differ here or there.

Pilot: Between Monday September 23 and Saturday September 28 1985.
MacGyver travels to Mongolia to save pilot Jim Taylor and disables a rocket. MacGyver's flight takes 12 hours and 24 minutes and 6077 miles (9781 km).

Sunday September 29 1985.
Mac travels to Bannon, New Mexico to rescue survivors from an underground lab. Bannon is a fictitous location. So taking a flight from L.A. to the capital of New Mexico takes 1 hour and 46 minutes and 708.4 miles (1140 km). So it's quite possible for Mac to go out and get back in one day in flight.

The Golden Triangle: Between Monday September 30 1985 and Saturday October 5 1985.
MacGyver retrieves stolen documents from a car wrecking yard.

Sunday October 6 1985.
Mac retrieves a cannister of dangerous chemicals and saves a village in Burma whose people are enslaved by the local druglord. Let's assume Mac took a flight to Yangon Ragoon. The largest city in Burma. The flight lasted 16 hours and 01 minutes and was 7976.5 miles (12837 km) long.

Thief of Budapest: Between Monday October 7 1985 and Sunday October 13 1985.
MacGyver travels to North-Africa probably Tunisia to retrieve a stolen horse by helicopter. It takes 13 hours and 12 minutes and 6533.7 miles (10515 km) to get there.

Saturday October 12 1985.
MacGyver must've travelled immediately to Budapest after returning the horse. So he probably left from Tunis to Budapest. A short plane trip from 2 hours and 04 minutes and 864.3 miles (1391 km). He was supposed to meet Nicolai Grodsky, a Russian double-agent, who wants to give him secret information hidden in a watch. The watch however gets stolen by Yanna a gypsy girl and whose family sells it to Reena. MacGyver meets Reena who gives him the watch back.

Sunday October 13 1985.
After he retrieves the watch he helps Yanna and her family defect by causing a major traffic jam and stealing rally cars from the rally race. He manages to get Yanna and her family into Austria and gives her his Swiss Army Knife as a souvenir.

They escaped Major Kossov, who got punished over his failure and was sent to the Gulag where he met Lisa Kohler, a former love of MacGyver.

The Gauntlet: Between Monday October 14 and Saturday October 19 1985.
MacGyver steal a map back in the Middle-East. The name is never mentioned so it's probably Saudi-Arabia. The flight takes 16 hours and 34 minutes and is 8251 miles long (13279 km).

Sunday October 20 1985.
MacGyver meets Kate Connolly. A photo journalist working in San Sebastian whom he needs to bring back to the United States. Together they start running from the military. The flight lasts 04 hours and 41 minutes and is 2194 miles (3531 km).

Monday October 21 1985.
MacGyver and Kate are running from San Sebastian, Guatemala for the Mexican border.

The Heist: Between Monday October 28 1985 and Wednesday October 30 1985.
Daniel Sims, the account of U.S. senator Rhodes and Jack Catlin steals 60 millions dollars worth of diamonds that was raised by the senator who is chairman of the Famine Aid Committee to help people in Africa that are starving.

Thursday October 31 1985.
MacGyver meets the senator who explains his daughter flew back from Africa after she heard about it and is the Virgin Islands now trying to find a way to get to Catlin. MacGyver leaves from Washington D.C. to the Virgin Islands and the flight take 03 hours and 33 minutes and is 1617 miles (2602 km) long.

Friday November 1 1985.
MacGyver arrives on The Virgin Islands and meets Chris Rhodes there. They come up with a plan to steal the diamonds back and checks out the casino. MacGyver gains success by cheating but is found out.

Saturday November 2 1985.
MacGyver breaks inside the casino vault to steal back the diamonds but Chris is caught.

Sunday November 3 1985.
MacGyver and Chris are taken on a plane with diamonds inside of the car. By attaching a parachute to the car, they escape with the diamonds.

Trumbo's World: Between Monday November 4 1985 and Thursday November 7 1985.
MacGyver goes to the Pyrenees to rescue a scientist. A trip taking 11 hours and 48 minutes and is 5819.8 miles long (9366 km).

Friday November 8 1985.
MacGyver reunites with Charles Alden, an ornithologist, who wants to know what's going on in the Amazon when a dozen of bird species are spotted flying in desperation. He is very happy MacGyver was able to arrange the expedition but this must've been at least two weeks earlier.

Saturday November 9 1985.
After spending a night going down the Amazon river they arrive at Lucien Trumbo's plantation, who seems not very welcoming. MacGyver helps around a bit in order to get a guide deeper into the jungle. Even though Trumbo says he will not endanger his people, he goes himself.

Sunday November 10 1985.
In the jungle a village is attacked by soldiers ants. MacGyver and Trumbo rescues a woman who is trapped under a canoe. Charlie dies when he's taking pictures of the ants. After the attack they return to the plantation where MacGyver figures out a final plan to destroy the ants.

(Note: It is never mentioned where exactly in the Amazon Trumbo's plantation is. MacGyver later revisits the area a lot. I estimate the closest is Chocò, Colombia. So I think he travels to there and takes a smaller aircraft to where he meets Charlie. So I guess he went from L.A. to Colombia, Bogota in a 7 hour and 12 minutes flight and is 3480.3 miles (5601 km) long. Assuming from there it wouldn't take long to get in the jungle.)

Last Stand: Sunday November 17 1985.
MacGyver wants to go fishing in an old place his dad used to take him, Sparrow Lake. At Sparrow Ridge Airport he asks directions. He was there by car. A ride that would last 7 hours and 15 minutes over a distance of 275.86 miles (714,47 km). I think we can assume MacGyver left the day before since the whole episode is set during the morning. However he didn't got to too much fishing as he walked straight into a hostage situation.

The Prodigal: Between Monday November 18 1985 and Sunday November 24 1985.
A kid in Frank Bennett's offices dies from drugs his brother Joey sells.

Hellfire: Friday November 22 1985.
MacGyver is visiting his friends Bill and Laura Farren, who struck oil over the weekend. Apparenty Bill and Laura are drilling in Wyoming. But because of a blown light bulb their entire drill tower caught on fire and the explosions destroys most of their belongings. MacGyver arrives by helicopter in a 02 hour and 08 minute flight over 894.77 miles (1440 km). There is a mention that Bill and MacGyver has seen each other in Sumatra years before, probably on a hellfighting mission.

Saturday November 23 1985.
MacGyver and Bill ride to an old mine to get dynamite in order to put out the fire.

Sunday November 24 1985.
MacGyver and Bill return with the dynamite and together they hellfight the fire.

(Note: this episode's airdate is Wednesday November 27 1985.)

The Prodigal: Saturday December 7 1985.
When MacGyver is in Wyoming Frank Bennett visits his mother in the hospital. MacGyver meets Frank Bennett who will testify against his brother Joey and MacGyver has to take care of his security. Frank gets kidnapped by Joey and his men, when Frank doesn't returns Joey's calls. Joey wants to know why Frank turned his back on him. Frank tells him a kid died in his office because of the drugs he's been selling. Joey says it happens but Frank wants him to shut it down and says he's ashamed. Joey doesn't take it lightly and scoffs him for talking to a marshall. He says they can't trust him and can't let him go. Frank dares him to kill him. Joey keeps taunting him on how Frank never wanted to know anything or where all the money came from. Joey says it came from their father and is ready to kill him when MacGyver comes out to get Frank.

Back home Frank is picked up by Wylie to testify. Frank asks MacGyver to visit his sick mother in the hospital, in which he inclines. He visits Frank's mother and she asks him to bring Frank to her. The marshall however does not want to let Frank go so MacGyver creates a diversion to get Frank out and bring him to his mother. He sabotages one of their cars and makes a smoke screen with dry ice, then he rents a tow-truck and follows the sabotaged car. He takes Frank to his mother. When they return to the hospital they find out, Joey has taken her home to die. They go to Joey's home where they find their way in. Frank goes in willingly to say goodbye to his mother. When she died Frank signals MacGyver to come in the house and get him out of there which he does, together they escape the attic when the cops arrive. MacGyver later arranges that Frank can go into the witness relocation programme.

(Note: the episode aired on Sunday December 8 1985. I take it was the day before since MacGyver was able to rent a tow truck.)

Target MacGyver: Between Monday December 9 1985 and Thursday December 19 1985.
MacGyver rescues a lady general and takes out a nuclear power plant in the Middle-East. It's unknown where in the Middle-East.

Friday December 20 1985.
MacGyver visits his grandfather over the weekend before Christmas. At that point he lives in Colorado, Montana. MacGyver takes the bus for that.

Saturday December 21 1985.
MacGyver and Harry go fishing the next day and are hunted down by Axminster. They spend a night in a deserted town called Evermore.

Sunday December 22 1985.
They deal with Axminster and cohorts. MacGyver leaves later that day.

(Note: MacGyver claims he hasn't seen his grandfather since he was 10 and 16-17-18 years has passed. That would make MacGyver 26-27-28 years old which is impossible in 1985 if he was born in 1952. Harry appears to be living in Colorado, Montana as in Phoenix Under Siege he says he's been working the land in Minnesota for over twenty years. Also around this time agents from the DXS starts disappearing that will lead into MacGyver's assignment in The Enemy Within. It is possible that within this time periode Craig Bannister is getting brainwashed during his honeymoon with Ingrid.)

Off The Wall: Saturday December 28 1985.
Rose Magruta's grandson is born.

Kill Zone: Late 1985 or early 1986.
Dr. Sandra Millhouse smuggles the Dutch Elm Tree disease out of the Phoenix labs using her dog's bladder.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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I'm really enjoying this! Thank you for all of your hard work putting this together! Amazing stuff!!

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Your attention to detail is astounding. And I just want you to know that your timeline is going to be my go-to reference for all my MacGyver stories from now until the end of time. Thanks so much for doing this. duct.gif

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Thanks, the next part is coming soon.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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With this post I'm finishing up the first season's timeline. You might notice the descriptions are getting larger on some episodes. It all depends a bit on how many days pass during the episode. I'll try to edit where I can but there is still so much to go through. We're not even halfway yet and the big timeline shake-up is still coming. Maybe I'll revise the whole thing at some point in the future. Anyway, right now, we'll see what the timeline for the second half of the season brings.

Early Retirement: 1986.
The Phoenix Foundation starts playing an important role between their goverment and the government of the Republic of Sambaka.

The Outsiders: 1986.
Wrightman's Construction is asked to build an entire interchange through the land of an Amish family. It takes them two years to get the project of the ground because the Amish family is refusing to leave the land.

Ma Dalton: 1986.
Jack Dalton receives his pilot cap that belonged to his father. Probably this happens when his mother Francine Leyland Dalton becomes of fugitive of justice after she got arrested with Arthur Bandel who is a kingping of a multimillion-dollar stock swindle. She was charged as co-conspirator and jumped bail after arraignment.

Children of Light: 1986.
Student Wing Lee flies to Los Angeles from Beijing to study at the university.

The Gun: 1986.
Marty Jenkins, the man who was sold the gun to two years ago is killed in a car crash. His wife said he sold the gun but there's no record of who bought it.

Split Decision: 1986.
Dent's wife or maybe even ex-wife at this point and Veronica's mother dies of unknown reasons.

Deep Cover: 1986-1989.
Joe Banniker commits a few crimes like intercepting modem transactions that was meant for the Consolidated Bank of Zurich. It took him seven months to crack the code. The money from that he used to make big drug buy in Miami. He was arrested than and did three years in the federal pen in Tallahassee. Though unspecified this is presumably the time it happened in.

Nightmares: Between Monday December 23 and Sunday January 5 1986.
MacGyver travelled from Los Angeles to East Berlin to retrieve a list of information. A flight taking 11 hours and 46 minutes over a distance of 5806,7 miles (9345 km).

Monday January 6 1986 until Wednesday January 15 1986.
MacGyver spends ten days on a ship from East Germany to the San Pedro Harbor in Los Angeles. He gets captured and drugged by the East Germans and given 6 hours to return the information.

Deathlock: Between Thursday January 16 1986 and Tuesday January 21 1986.
MacGyver travels to East Germany to reunite a family and to be bring back a microfilm. Somewhere in that week Quayle asks to nail MacGyver and sets up the safe house when he returns on Wednesday January 22 1986. Pete became Deputy Chief of the Department. MacGyver's contact Karen Blake's brother works for Pete, he had an assignment in Czechoslovakia but was captured and they threatened to kill him unless she cooperates with Quayle. MacGyver and Quayle met each other before when Quayle worked for the British but sold them out to the Russians and double-crossed the Russians for the Ayatollah. MacGyver ran into him when tried to move a planeload of stolen military computers. MacGyver stole the plane back. Quayle had been severly punished for that and was looking for revenge. Pete however does not seem to know Quayle let alone what happened so it's probable MacGyver and Quayle go back before he met Pete.

(Note: You gotta give to him. MacGyver sure has guts to go back to East Germany so soon after being drugged by East Germans after his last assignment.)

Flame's End: Thursday January 23 1986.
Amy Austin now director of research at the Westport Nuclear Processing plan finds out somebody had messed with the records to cover up the theft of enough uranium to build a nuclear bomb. She tells her boss about this and they search everything from top to bottom but find nothing.

Friday January 24 1986.
Amy calls MacGyver at night about her being followed, thinking somebody wants to kill her after she hears her boss was killed. She hides the records in the waste disposal chamber. MacGyver takes the plane that night to Westport Beach.

Saturday January 25 1986.
MacGyver sees how Amy's car is blown up in front of his eyes and reunites with Tim Wexler, a college friend. MacGyver hears about the death of her boss.

Sunday January 26 1986.
MacGyver attends Amy's funeral but is shocked when he finds her hiding in his car. She asks him to drive to her dad's old place and tells him everything about the theft. They go to the plant the find the records and the uranium. They find out who the thief is and that their friend Tim Wexler was in on it. The thief causes a meltdown that MacGyver and Amy have to stop after the thief himself got exposed to nuclear material.

Monday January 27 1986.
MacGyver and Amy Austin say goodbye.

(Note: Concluding MacGyver takes the plane and Amy's boss was on a plane to New York and on his way to Washington, I assume Westport Beach is a fictional place and there for I take it is in Minnesota, it would take him 03 hours and 07 minutes over a distance of 1403.7 (2259 km). This also seems the fastest way to get there. Other times MacGyver goes home, he usually goes by car. I take it when MacGyver returns home he slowly starts to pack everything up for his move.)

Countdown: Wednesday February 5 1986.
MacGyver reunites with Vietnam buddy Charlie Robinson. They travel to a cruise in the pacific to disarm bombs. They take a plane to Midway which lasts 5 hours and then a helicopter (Huey Chopper) to the cruise which takes 2 hours. 3 hours remain to disarm the bomb. It was a seven hour trip over a ? distance.

The Enemy Within: Between Thursday February 6 1986 and Sunday February 9 1986.
MacGyver travels to East Germany again. While he is in East Berlin he visits Fritz's sister, the security guard at the Federal Building and takes a letter and pictures with him to show how his family is been doing. Craig Bannister, a colleague and was already there for a month. MacGyver has been three times in East Germany in hardly a month himself. Again this is about information that needs to be taken to the United States. Bannister helps MacGyver who is being hunted down by guards.

Monday February 10 1986.
Four agents also disappeared in seven weeks, since the holidays of 1985. MacGyver is also in the middle of a move. To get as far as he is in the episode in moving he should've at least started packing when he came back from Minnesota in Flame's End. Pete has made promotion as the new executive director. Pete asks him to attend a party in order to set up a trap to catch the mole. He has a Russian defector who worked for the GRU and can identify the Russian agents by sight. But MacGyver stubbornly refuses because he is moving out. Despite the defector Pete takes his precautions and wants MacGyver, someone he can trust to stay on top of it. MacGyver keeps refusing when Viktoria Tomanova walks in saying he's wasting his time and hers and that she has no interest to work in someone who has to be begged to do his duty. MacGyver tells Pete he can't turn that woman into a human target. Pete says he don't got a choice and Viktoria says it is her choice to make it. MacGyver says to Pete he did a lot for him and is more than willing to do more but risking that woman's life is not one of them. Viktoria says it is useless to talk to him and wants to go, that's when Pete asks him about the party the next night. MacGyver says he will give it some thought.

Tuesday February 11 1986.
At the party, Viktoria recognizes a GRU agent named Lem and when MacGyver tries to take her to safety Reverend Mather begins to speech but he is controlled by the GRU agent. When the Reverend pulls out a gun and starts shooting, MacGyver takes him out but when he tries to ask him who told him to shoot, the reverend dies of heart attack.

Wednesday February 12 1986.
MacGyver and Bannister are with the medical examiner checking Mather's body, the next day, MacGyver concludes the heart attack was very convenient MacGyver mentions the death of Brudin in Belgrade. Pete remembers it as it was the man who got air bubbles injected into the arteries even though Bannister says no one injected anything into Mather. All of them agree there is a security leak and somebody set her up. Pete decides to put Viktoria in a safe house but she says she would not be able to remember anything and goes to MacGyver to apologize for her rudeness and he tells her he figured out how Reverend Mather was killed. It turns out Bannister's wife has her husband under total control as she makes him believe MacGyver and Viktoria are behind the murder of Reverend Mather. MacGyver and Viktoria are at the science fair reception hall as MacGyver tries to make her remember anyone else beside Lem at the party. She recognises Bannister's wife Ingrid as someone who worked at GRU Headquarters as a young girl. Bannister, Ingrid and Lem walk in saying Bannister is the mole without knowing and that MacGyver will become the mole once he's dead. MacGyver takes out Lem while Viktoria attacks Ingrid. MacGyver tries to persuade Craig that he is not the mole but Ingrid and reminds him of all the assignments they did together. When Bannister is about to lower his gun Ingrid induces a heart attack on him. Viktoria hits her out cold and MacGyver manages to revive Craig with a selfmade defibrillator.

Every Time She Smiles: Between Thursday February 13 1986 and Monday February 17 1986.
MacGyver broke his hand when skiing in the Swiss Alps. Probably Sankt Moritz (St. Moritz). It would take him 12 hours and 10 minutes to get there over a distance of 6014.3 miles (9679.0 km).

(Note: I concluded this to be Sankt Moritz, since that's where all winter tourism has started and also because it's the nearest to Bulgaria. So it seems all the more fitting for him to pass through Bulgaria to pick up a microfilm on his way home. It does seems indeed a bit illogical to go skiing on the other side of the world while he was in the middle of moving out.)

Tuesday February 18 1986.
On the way home MacGyver is in Bulgaria doing a little errand, picking up a microfilm and meets Penny Parker at the airport. Probably he left from St. Moritz to Bulgaria. A flight lasting 01 hours and 46 minutes over a distance of 714.58 miles (1150 km). She hides the jewelry she took from her ex-boyfriend and hides them in his pocket. As a result he is caught by the Bulgarian police and followed by her ex-boyfriend who wants the jewelry back.

Wednesday February 19 1986.
MacGyver, Penny Parker and Stephan escape to Greece.

(Note: According to this episode and as shown on their passports MacGyver is born on Tuesday January 23 1951. Penny is born on Tuesday February 20 1962. Penny was about to celebrate her 24th birthday. This is in conflict with the later permanently established dates for both characters. MacGyver being born on March 23 1952 and Penny Parker being born on October 31 1963.)

To Be A Man: Sunday March 2 1986-Monday March 3 1986.
MacGyver is flying military aircraft above the Afghanistan/Pakstani border to retrieve documents from a fallen sattelite. It is unknown from where he took off but if it was from L.A. it would take him at least 15 hours and 26 minutes over a distance of 7677.7 miles (12356 km). Since it was a military aircraft he could've gotten their sooner, all depending from where he left. This is besides the ETA from Los Angeles to Kabul. Considering it's earlier on the west coast than in the Middle East, I take it Pete was monitoring MacGyver on Sunday March 2 1986, while it could've been almost morning the next day in Afghanistan on Monday March 3 1986. MacGyver however gets shot down by the Soviets and finds refugee from the troops with an Afghan mother and her son. MacGyver takes care of an Afghan man harrassing the woman, who ends up killing himself.

Tuesday March 4 1986.
MacGyver is staying with the woman and the son who has taken care of his wound and helps around on the farm. She says he had a slept whole night again and that his wound is no longer infected.

Wednesday March 5 1986.
MacGyver is found by the Soviet troops and decides to leave and to take the mother and her son with him.

Ugly Duckling: Monday March 10 1986.
MacGyver reunites with Professor Willis who found a glitch in a missile from the Defense Department. The missile gets stolen and professor Willis killed.

Tuesday March 11 1986.
MacGyver finds Kate who was working on the missile with professor Willis. She is not very cooperative until she explains her self-confidence issues. She gets kidnapped by the people who stole the missile and wants to use it on a bridge on the moment of the local marathon.

Wednesday March 12 1986.
MacGyver sees Kate back in the club, who did some changes and tells her what happened to thieves and that she'll be rewarded for her services.

Slow Death: Between Wednesday March 26 1986 and Tuesday April 1 1986.
MacGyver is trying to intercept plans for a guerrila raid in India. If he travelled to Delhi it took him 16 hours and 04 minutes over a distance of 8000 miles (12875 km). He has to take the train on his way to Rajamehar to get home but it is hijacked by a man named Hassan who is looking for two westerners who sold poisonous medicines to his village.

Wednesday April 2 1986.
MacGyver starts questioning the passengers with a homemade lie detector to find out who sold the bad medicine to Hassan's village.

The Escape: Between Thursday April 3 1986 and Monday April 14 1986.
An earthquake hits North Africa. MacGyver is send there to bring medicines to Sister Ann at the orphanage.

(Note: It is unknown where MacGyver is in North Africa. This could either be Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morroco, Sudan, Tunisia or Western Sahara. My guess would be Algeria, Libya, Morroco or Sudan. No earthquakes took place there in the 1980's. So it could be about a fictional earthquake. The only activity there in 1986 was that America attacked Tripoli, the day before. So it's probably not Libya either. I assume it's Algiers (who knows might makes sense to meet a Frenchman there since it's the only country in North Africa where they speak French) and took 12 hours and 42 minutes over a distance of 6278.3 miles (10104 km).)

Tuesday April 15 1986.
MacGyver meets Sara Ashford who wants to hire him to break her brother out of Harosh Prison. MacGyver finds a way to be arrested and in prison he meets François Villar.

Wednesday April 16 1986.
MacGyver breaks out Brian Ashford out of Harosh Prison. Only nothing is what it seems. When he finds out he was double-crossed by Sara Ashford, he tells her she can make it right by helping him to take down Brian. Later they return to the orphanage.

A Prisoner Of Conscience: Monday April 28 1986.
MacGyver claims he travelled 10,000 miles (16093.40 km) to see Pete. That means he travelled from Los Angeles to Moscow, Domodedovo in 12 hours and 21 minutes which is actually 6106.6 miles far (9827.59 km).

Tuesday April 29 1986.
MacGyver meets Pete in Russia, who tries to help a friend's daughter. When they meet his daughter, Maria Karsov, a speedboat chase follows in Moscow. She tells them her father who was told to be dead is still alive in an insane asylum in Leningrad. It takes 9 hours and 53 minutes to drive from Moscow to Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and is a distance of 472.32 miles. (760.13 km) MacGyver, Pete and Maria infiltrate as a patient, a doctor and a maid. MacGyver also remembers Belgrade again. Don't change the timing during an assignment. This could be the same assignment remembered in The Enemy Within.

Wednesday April 30 1986.
MacGyver comes up with a plan to break out of the asylum and rescue Maria's father.

The Assassin: Tuesday May 6 1986.
An assassin called Piedra who did 14 assassinations in eight different countries kills a girl named Lila who worked as a callgirl. Her sister Terry finds her dying and becomes a callgirl herself to find her killer.

Wednesday May 7 1986.
The next day Piedra goes to a clock store where MacGyver is waiting for him. Piedra ordered a timer and comes to collect. MacGyver says, he can help him, curious what's he going to use it for. He says it makes no different. When Mac is making adjustments, Piedra tries to kill him. MacGyver has the upperhand in the fight but when Piedra kicks him through a clock, it looks bad for moment until Pete walks in hitting Piedra unconscious. They hold Piedra for a while in his hotelroom where they're conducting a search for all his weapons.

Terry receives a number from the Madame to call for the escort service which is the number of the hotelroom. She makes the call and MacGyver answers taking in Piedra's place and they set up a meet. Piedra used callgirls to do his pickups and then he kills them. Terry thinks however MacGyver is Piedra and tries to kill him. He stops her telling her Piedra is in a cell, but finds out later that he escaped and killed all the agents. He's about to assassinate an arch-bishop.

When MacGyver arrives they think he's the killer and needs to convince them otherwise. Piedra is however disguised but so is Mac as the arch-bishop. Piedra attacks him again and MacGyver chases him down. Piedra blows a dart at him. They have a brief fight but when MacGyver uses a hose to trip Piedra, Piedra falls on the dart he blew at MacGyver and dies himself. MacGyver wonders if he was ever able to catch him.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Can't believe it's been over a month now since my last post on the timeline. Now, we'll first have a short look in the time period between season 1 and 2, to have some idea what MacGyver has been doing in the meantime before we continue into season 2. This first section of the season 2 timeline is still pretty straight forward until Silent World. Starting from the Three For The Road due to it's airdate and the date seen in Phoenix Under Siege the timeline has to be reconstructed in an attempt to keep it coherent. Yet the major assignment of Early Retirement affects many episodes in season 2 and the majority of the third season run. Anyway that's for later, right now let's have a look at the first 9 episodes of season 2.

The Human Factor/Phoenix Under Siege/Obsessed: Between Thursday May 7 1986 and Saturday September 20 1986.
There's a gap of 3,5 months. MacGyver probably enjoyed some time off and kept working with Pete Thornton. In the meantime both men transferred over to the Phoenix Foundation when Pete became new Director of Field Operations. Pete also brought a man over from the DXS named of Jake Gibbs. Maybe The Phoenix Foundation was already working with STRADA when Pete came onboard and took the assignment. MacGyver also stopped a Liberation Front assassination attempt in Kuwait.

Hind-Sight: Between 1986 and Monday May 6 1991.
MacGyver helped in arresting a woman named Mary Zamora based on information that was provided by him. She has a scar on her left arm.

Birthday: June 1986.
Elaine becomes pregant of Andrew Harryman.

Eagles: Between Saturday June 21 1986 and Sunday September 21 1986.
MacGyver travels to Monument Valley to ensure the survival of two eagles. This takes place over a course of four days and since Darren didn't go to school this had to be in at least July or August.

The first day.
MacGyver meets Susan and Darin Cooper.

The second day.
MacGyver climbs up the mountain to find the male eagle.

The third day.
MacGyver returns and takes out the bad guys and flies out to find the nest. He returns the same day and the following night the eggs hatch.

The fourth day.
MacGyver takes Darin up in his hang glider.

D.O.A. MacGyver: Unspecified date.
MacGyver had an assignment in Morocco somewhere in this time period where Anthony Braddock saved his life with one of his bombs and Pete had an assignment in Marseilles covering Sam Taylor's tail about some pictures.

For Love Or Money: Unspecified date in 1986.
MacGyver breaks a man out of a metal state hospital in Czechoslovakia. Despite it is probably meant as a reference to A Prisoner of Conscience there is one problem. It can't be the same hospital since A Prisoner of Conscience was set in Leningrad, Russia. This was probably another assignment.

Family Matter: August 1986.
Two agents who were on assignment with MacGyver, Pete and Frank Bonner in Yemen were released after being imprisoned for 31 months.

Lost Love/Jerico Games: 1986.
MacGyver mentions glasnost in both episodes. Once to smooth General Racoubian out in order to make a deal and in Jerico Games when he reunited with his Russian friend Sergei. It is possible MacGyver spend some time in Russia during this time period in which he and Sergei 'invented' or at least supported glasnost.

The Human Factor: Sunday September 21 1986.
MacGyver's 80 miles (128,75 km) in the middle of nowhere from Los Angeles near a town in a valley to test out the security system of STRADA: Strategic Research And Development Administration. Run by Colonel Scott Woodward an old acquintance of Pete during their military days. It seems Colonel Woodward was in a relationship with a woman named Louise. It is unknown how long their relationship lasted because they split up. Still Pete remembers her so it could've been from their days in the war. There he meets an old friend Dr. Jill Melissa Ludlum. The following night the security systems gets out of control trapping them inside the mountain. MacGyver remembers loving the circus as a kid when they didn't use a safety net.

Monday September 22 1986.
MacGyver and Pete leaves STRADA.

The Eraser: Between Tuesday September 23 and Sunday September 28 1986.
MacGyver meets Jimmy 'The Eraser' Kendall a former hitman after he was playing hockey with the Squires. As a kid he was known as rink rat. First one to get one, last one the get off. Despite MacGyver and Pete agreed on no assignments for a week, Pete asked Mac to check out a guy named Simmons. I think we can conclude that the security system test at STRADA was MacGyver's final assignment before taking time off.

When MacGyver meets Jimmy, Jimmy claims Simmons is his son. MacGyver and Jimmy seems to be getting along pretty well after. MacGyver takes Jimmy to his place and claims he has been living there for about six months. It's a close estimation. MacGyver is able to find Simmons but finds out Jimmy lied to him about being his father. MacGyver digs in the computer and finds out more about Jimmy's past as a hitman for Papa Chuck. Later they outrun the henchmen who sold him out to Papa Chuck and fakes Jimmy's death so he could go into the witness relocation programme as a baseball coach in Florida.

Monday September 29 1986.
Jimmy's funeral takes place.

(Note: This episode airs exactly one year after the start of the show.)

Silent World: Between Wednesday October 1 1986 and Wednesday October 31 1986.
David Crane steals ammunition in Cairo. Meanwhile MacGyver meets Carrie Linden a teacher for the deaf. They are working on a project to make people hear again. A part of the Moloch missile could make that happen.

Twice Stung: Friday October 3 1986.
MacGyver returns home a day early from a quick assigment on a military flight to celebrate Kelly's 60th birthday who tries to take his own life. They find out about James Crowe who's into betting on horse tracks.

Saturday October 4 1986.
Pete and Crowe meet and they set up a coke deal later that night in ah hotel.

Sunday October 5 1986.
They meet Crowe again on the dam arranging another deal but Crowe kidnaps Joanne.

Monday October 6 1986.
They close the deal, saves Joanne, the money and the day. The evidence room guard says he's been twenty years on the force.

The Wish Child: Monday October 20 1986.
Lisa Chan asks MacGyver to pick her brother Paul up from a birthday party in China Town. People believe he is the Wish Child because of the patch of white hair on his head.

Final Approach: Tuesday October 21 1986.
For an assignment with the pilot program of National Youth Authorities, MacGyver flies to the mountains to keep an eye on a few kids. It's unknown where exactly. As Pete told him he would leave the next day.

Wednesday October 22 1986 and Thursday October 23 1986.
He's being flown to the location and lures the teens to him with brownies. However, Cavanaugh the guy who was with the kids before MacGyver wasn't happy with him coming and leaves telling him he would send the pilot back on Friday. That was two days from Wednesday. So he spend another day there.

Friday October 24th 1986.
They return home but thanks to Ramon who couldn't leave the pilot alone they crash and the pilot dies of a heart attack. MacGyver lands but damages the plane. They spend another night in the wilderness.

Saturday October 25th 1986.
They find out Ramon gotten seriously injured during the crash and that he will die if they don't get him back to civilization. They fix the plane, get Ramon to hospital and the same day the gang returns. MacGyver also explains he once busted someone's nose (Andy Jarett) whom he suspected from stealing his Swiss Army Knife in school as more things happened to disappear. This was probably high school. MacGyver's bonus on this one was going to the kayak race shooting the rapids on the Colorado River with Pete. This probably took place in the upcoming week.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday October 27 1986.)

Phoenix Under Siege: Between Saturday November 1 1986 and Sunday November 30 1986.
Harry was ploughing and couldn't find his way back to the barn. He says he has been working that same piece of land for 20 years. That's at least as long as the last time they've seen a match together.

Jack of Lies: Friday October 31 1986.
MacGyver meets Jack Dalton after five years. Jack asks him to save a botanist in Central America, Dinoto. A fictitious country between Mexico and Panama near San Sebastian. I assume it's about the same distance as to San Sebastian 04 hours and 41 minutes and is 2194 miles (3531 km) long. It's estimation but they're probably in Guatemala.

Saturday November 1 1986.
After Jack had himself caught, MacGyver goes after him the next day.

Sunday November 2 1986.
They escape but are caught again so Jack Dalton sacrifices himself to save Mac and Mike.

Monday November 3 1986.
They return home and bring back MacGyver stuff that Jack had lifted from his home with MacGyver convinced that Jack had saved him with a plan.

The Road Not Taken: Saturday November 8 1986.
MacGyver and Pete have travelled to Southeast Asia to help out Sister Margaret an old friend of Pete at an orphanage. Recently (it is unknown when) Sister Margaret saved a villager from being beaten to death by the soldier by covering the man with her body. MacGyver meets an old girlfried by the name of Debra. During a rescue mission Debra falls out of a helicopter and MacGyver jumps after her. Despite it had been 8 years, MacGyver and Debra had contact after MacGyver wrote her letter when she was in Kenya. He got her in touch with Sister Margaret but never thought she would stay in Southeast Asia.

Sunday November 9 1986.
MacGyver and Debra are saved. Pete says at the beginning of their mission they had just left Thailand. So I assumed that's where the refugee camp is and by helicopter they go to one of it's bordering countries. This could be either Burma, Cambodia or Laos. The refugee camp is in Thailand as Pete said it's ten miles from the border of whatever country it is they're in. My vote would be Cambodia, probably during the war with Vietnam. I assume they flew to Bangkok since it's unknown where exactly in Thailand they are so it was probably a 16 hour 34 minute flight over a distance of 8251 miles (13280 km). Pete also mentions the time later in the episode as being 09:20 am. So he had forty minutes to get back to the rendezvous point to pick up MacGyver and Debra.

Monday November 10 1986.
MacGyver, Debra, Pete and Sister Margaret say their goodbyes.

Silent World: Monday November 17 1986.
Over the course of several days or even weeks David Crane is attempting to assemble a missile with parts that are scattered all over the United States. He meets up with a terror organization in Paris, France for the assignment. He stole munition in Caïro somewhere in October. Meanwhile MacGyver and Pete are testing a translation project for the army to steer missiles. If that works they could use the translation device for the hearing-impaired. Later that night Carrie has her nightmare.

Tuesday November 18 1986.
Carrie meets MacGyver to tell him about her dream and Crane has travelled from Paris, France to Battle County South Carolina. Probably the capital airport in Columbia South Carolina, the Columbia Metropolitan airport. A flight that would take 08 hours and 40 minutes over a distance of 4229.7 miles (6807 km). Crane's estimation was they still had to go 4000 miles (6437 km) to California.

Wednesday November 19 1986.
From South Carolina to the Veteran's, Military Museum in Indiana (how long and how far is currently unknown) where an exhibit opened that Wednesday on November 19 1986. They fit the pieces of the dream to get Crane.

Thursday November 20 1986.
The children of the deaf school thanks MacGyver for being able to make them hear through the translation device.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 24 1986.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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And I thought I was good at paying attention to detail! You've done great work, MG!

"If at first you don't succeed, get a bigger hammer" - Hank The Cowdog

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Wow, it's been nearly two months now and finally I have some time again for the next post. To make it up I'll post the rest of the second season timeline at once. Due to a lot of elements in the show (the airing of Three For The Road and MacGyver's calender) I was forced to rearrange the order of the episodes to find some chronology in the events that would make sense. See explanation below. And in this bit I also try to explain a major mistake in Black Rhino where Pete claims they had sent Frank and Jesse Colton to find Ladysmith two years before they even showed in the show. I hope it makes a little sense but otherwise the timeline no longer added up. It really is a busy time periode for MacGyver rolling from one adventure into another.

(Note: Starting from the episode Phoenix Under Siege until Out In The Cold there is a calender hanging on MacGyver's door stating it's December 1986. With Harry stating it's another December 14 and marking the 25th anniversary of the deaths of James MacGyver and Celia Jackson and MacGyver moving the magnet to December 15 at the end of the episode this conflicts with the episode Three For The Road which was aired that day. The events that happens on Three For The Road can not coincide with the day of it airing since MacGyver was obviously at home on both days.

So Three For The Road takes places at an earlier time. The calender is than featured in the episodes Phoenix Under Siege, Family Matter, Soft Touch and Out In The Cold. Birthday and Pirates do not feature his home, but I will have to reorder the episodes for the timeline to make sense as seen below. This is just one theory I've written out, there might be other ways to have it make sense.)

Three For The Road: Wednesday November 26 1986.
MacGyver meets an elder couple after his contact Tony Sullivan got killed by the mob over a matter of counterfeit money. They meet in Albuquerque. A flight that would take 01 hour and 42 minutes over a distance of 676.05 miles (1088 km). MacGyver says he met Tony in Afghanistan (during the Russian-Afghan war) as a guns runner and MacGyver was running for his life. In one week time, Tony saved MacGyver's life twice.

Thursday November 27 1986.
The mob are on to MacGyver and the older couple trying to get their money back. In a lengthy chase they escape to a deserted town where they take out their followers. The '59 caddy from Guy Roberts takes quite an amount of damage in the chase and MacGyver uses a lot of parts to slow down their followers. I'm not really sure the car could be fixed the next day so probably somewhere...

Friday November 28 1986.
Considering the damage the car took in the chase, I figure it must've taken at least a day to tow the car back to L.A. and start having it fixed there.

(Note: Presumably around this time Connie and Michael Thornton are kidnapped and Frank Bonner had set up camp in Gator Camp.)

Saturday November 29 1986.
MacGyver has the old couple's car fixed.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday December 15 1986.)

Family Matter/Hind-Sight: Sunday November 30 1986.
MacGyver travels to Lousiana to rescue Pete's ex-wife Connie and son Michael Thornton after they received a videotape. Pete was supposed to go to Sherman Parish Airport (fictional airport?). For the sake of the travel let's say he went to Baton Rouge. A flight of 03 hours and 31 minutes over a distance of 1605,6 miles (2584 km).

Monday December 1 1986.
MacGyver and Pete arrive in Louisiana to rescue Michael and Connie. MacGyver arrives earlier to rent a bike and attaches a tracking device to the car Pete has been taking in. Even though he loses them, he finds them back near the river and meets Obadahia Moss who claims he had 'seen' Frank and his henchmen a week earlier in Gator Camp and that Pete indeed was there. Moss sends MacGyver down the river in order to be found. Frank and his men try to kill MacGyver in which they fail and MacGyver manages to rescue Michael. MacGyver and Michael get to know each other a bit and Michael says he graduates from college in two years so he must be about 19 years old. Later that night they rescue Pete and Connie.

Tuesday December 2 1986.
MacGyver is having a dinner for Pete, Connie and Michael.

(Note: Between this episode and Hind-Sight Connie starts her own travel agency. This episode aired on Monday January 12 1987.)

Soft Touch: Between Monday December 8 1986 and Thursday December 11 1986.
MacGyver travels to Siberia, Russia to rescue Yuri Demetri. When he gets home Penny is staying with him who discover an assassination plot. It's a little hard to find out how long MacGyver's flight was as Siberia cover a big part of the country let alone the distance he travelled. So I'd say he travelled via Moscow as he did in A Prisoner of Conscience and did the same distance. This was supposed to be his last assignment before going on vacation. When he gets home he reunites with Penny Parker who uncovers an assassination plot against an Colombian official.

Friday December 12 1986.
They prevent the assassination during a press conference in city hall. I take it MacGyver's vacation starts afterwards, but probably the next day MacGyver is at the Phoenix Foundation talking to Pete in the computerbay about the Tompkins file and forgetting his hockey tickets that will lead into the events of...

(Note: this episode aired on Monday January 19 1987.)

Phoenix Under Siege: Sunday December 14 1986.
Harry travels to L.A. to visit his grandson on a bus to see a hockey game on stormy Sunday night. It would take him 31 (?!) hrs and 7 mins over a 1962 miles (3157,5 km). MacGyver is wearing a band aid around his finger, claiming it were the perils of science. This could've happened earlier that day. MacGyver and Harry remember the deaths of James MacGyver and Celia Jackson, 25 years ago. MacGyver realizes he left the tickets at Phoenix and drive around to get them. When they arrive, terrorists have taken over the building. MacGyver mentions that it has been at least 20 years since they've seen a game together. Harry asks if MacGyver remembers the winter he taught him to iceskate backwards. MacGyver says he can't forget spending a whole winter on his butt. When they arrive terrorists have taken over the building and are planning to blow it up. Victoria James the leader ran into the Phoenix Foundation before when her previous bomb attack at the airport failed this plot might as well be her revenge.

Monday December 15 1986.
MacGyver asks if Harry has to leave so soon and if he can't stay a little longer. Harry says he's gotta get home and fix the leak on the roof. MacGyver changes the date on the calender and takes his back. Harry asks where he is going and Macgyver says he's coming with him back to Minnesota to spend some time with his grandfather. After all the holidays were coming. I take it he was at least gone till after Christmas.

(Note: This episode airs on Monday January 5 1987.)

Out in the Cold: Saturday December 27 1986.
MacGyver and Pete are skiing in the mountains when another skier bumps into MacGyver. The skier apologizes and introduces himself as Phil and unseen switches skipoles. When Phil is later killed by a hitman of the mob an avalanche hits and buries MacGyver. MacGyver manages to send out a signal. Pete breaks his leg after the rescue mission and MacGyver takes him to the hospital.

Sunday December 28 1986.
MacGyver is cooking while Pete annoys him and sends him out to get Chinese. MacGyver ends up taken away by the mob but escapes. When he gets home Pete is kidnapped because the mob thinks they have a microfilm they want back. MacGyver saves Pete later that night who ends up breaking his other leg.

Monday December 29 1986.
They come back home with Pete in a wheelchair, who craves for some ice cream. MacGyver gets the message but Pete says he doesn't have to bother just because of him. MacGyver still has a calendar on his door stating it's still December. This is the last time we see the calendar.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday February 16 1987.)

Rock The Cradle: Late 1986 or early 1987.
Jack Dalton meets Katie at the Officers' Club where he has lots of mescal. They had a great time on the Strand under the moon and more mescal. He also had a gig as the mad rover. It only lasted a week when she dumped him for Carlo. Later it appears she's pregnant with Jack Jr.

Jack In The Box: 1987.
B.B. Bartel the bank robber, pulls of an armoured car heist and takes off with 5 million dollars. He hid the money in a zinc mine in Arkansas and are arrested shortly after. The money was never found by Bartel was arrested couple of months later in Nebraska. He wouldn't talk so they threw the book them and died in a penitentiary. Since Bartel knew Jack's uncle Charlie and were close, Bartel told him where the money was hidden before he died. Charlie was supposed to meet Jack in the prison camp in Arkansas but never shows. It is unknown if Charlie was involved during the robbery but it is likely.

Black Rhino: 1987.
The Phoenix Foundation hired Frank and Jesse Colton to find Ladysmith who deals in rhino horns. A reward was established but Frank and Jesse never solved the case. Two years later their younger brother Billy tracks Ladysmith down in Kambezi, Africa to solve the case on his own. MacGyver is send after him to help him with the case.

(Note: This however doesn't make any sense. I'll try explain.

If Phoenix did set out a reward and hired the Colton brothers how come MacGyver and Pete don't know them after the establishment of the reward?

MacGyver meets Jesse Colton in Ma Dalton for the very first time, two years after Phoenix hired them. Pete doesn't know Frank Colton in Black Corsage also two years after the hire. Pete does seem to know what he's talking about yet he has no recollection of Frank in Black Corsage at all.

The only explanation is considering it was a confidential case file in association with the Phoenix Foundation endangered-species program, MacGyver didn't know about it until he got the file.

In order the keep Jack Dalton's history intact and Pete not knowing Frank in Black Corsage, I think the only further explanation is that Phoenix hired them when MacGyver and Pete were working on the nuclear disarming project of Early Retirement and without them knowing or maybe discussed it only briefly with Pete without mentioning names until he found out the hired bounty hunters were actually Frank and Jesse Colton.)

Hind-Sight: 1987.
Stephanie Zale aka Catherine Smith ends up in a car accident during a high-speed chase resulting in walk with a slight limp.

Birthday: Monday February 2 1987.
MacGyver decides to go fishing one day and meets Elaine, a woman who's about to go into labor. This episode is set during one day. Elaine gives birth to a girl in the end.

Pirates: Thursday February 5 1987.
In the past week Barbara Ortega has been robbed of a treasure she found. She has been looking for it for twelve years. MacGyver is helping to military to figure out sea thefts done by pirates using Navy Seal Tactics. The pirates have their eyes aimed at the treasure of Spanish captain who died in the 18th century.

Friday February 6 1987.
MacGyver meets Barbara Ortega.

Saturday February 7 1987.
The pirates try to drown MacGyver and takes Barbara hostage.

Sunday February 8 1987.
MacGyver rescues Barbara from the island where she is being held.

Monday February 9 1987.
MacGyver tells Barbara 83 divers from the Phoenix Foundation will help her in her search of the treasure.

(Note: What I don't get and would be frankly impossible when MacGyver meets Cristobel that Saturday who was going to operation would be playing soccer so soon. After all his knee was shattered by a bullet.)

Dalton Jack of Spies: Saturday February 21 1987.
Jack Dalton is pretending to be dead trying to outrun double crossing CIA-agents. MacGyver attends to his 'funeral' only to find out he's alive. After he explains how he escaped in Central America by tricking Antunnez into bailing the plane with the drugs he waited until the fuel ran out and crashlanded at the coast near the jungle. After a visting his doctor, Jack found out the dark spot that was going to kill him was gone and gotten a new lease on life. Shortly after he went to work for the CIA, delivering packages. Only someone went bad but nobody knew who. Thinking Jack might be the one, he staged his death. MacGyver came to pay his respects but is soon caught up in the situation. When later Jack's contact is killed both men are framed for the murder. When they meet Jack's other contact they try to receive a package the CIA is after.

Sunday February 22 1987.
MacGyver, Jack and Shadow escape a garbage truck and gets the bad guys arrested.

Monday February 23 1987.
Considering both them wear different clothing Jack drives MacGyver back to his jeep.

Partners: Saturday February 28 1987 and/or Sunday March 1 1987.
Seven years ago MacGyver, Pete and Jack met each other for the first time thanks to Murdoc. Murdoc came back to kill MacGyver and Pete. In MacGyver's introduction of the episode he says it's a Saturday. Jack Dalton in the end says it's a Sunday however. If it's a Saturday, it's February 28 1987. If it's a Sunday, it's March 01 1987. MacGyver says however explicitly he met Pete seven years earlier to it's day twice. So he met him on Saturday March 1 1980.

(Note: this episode airs on Monday March 2 1987.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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The following bit rounds up everything that belongs to the second season. Due to the rearranging of the episodes the season in the adjusted timeline ends with MacGyver's birthday episode. Also there the date on his resignation letter is clearly visible March 23 which conflicts again with the Bushmaster airdate. MacGyver can not be in Latin America and celebrate his birthday at Phoenix at the same time. Then again, he is MacGyver, maybe he found a way to duplicate himself. Below is also another explanation why I had to rearrange the episodes holding the third season events in mind. One interesting result is that the third season starts almost immediately the day after his birthday even though MacGyver and Jack act they hadn't seen each other in little while. Once we get passed the third season and the early episodes of season 4 the timeline will assume it's natural straight course again for pretty much the remainder of the show.

(Note: Due to a few major assignments in the third season including the nuclear disarming program which lasted three months, MacGyver's three week environmental-impact study on the build of a new marina and Deborah's claim in the fourth season of spending two years in prison, I deemed it necessary to have the majority of third season events to take place during the spring and summer of 1987 and there for overlaps with season 2. So pretty much everything to The Negotiator happens in 1987.)

Bushmaster: Monday March 2 1987.
MacGyver and Pete are competing in the Bushmaster competition when they found out Joe Henderson's plane went down in San Perez near Panama City. They set up a rescue mission.

Tuesday March 3 1987.
MacGyver goes by private plane to San Perez. San Perez is fictitious but let's take it he flew to the Panama City Tocumen International Airport. His flight would take 06 hours and 17 minutes over a distance of 3010.5 miles (4845 km). MacGyver finds out too late that Joe Henderson's daughter, Kelly has followed him. The plan was to get caught to following night and to be put with Joe in his cell in order to escape.

Wednesday March 4 1987.
MacGyver, Joe and Kelly escape with Henderson.

Thursday March 5 1987.
They're back in America going for a dinner with Joe and Kelly.

(Note: this episode originally aired on MacGyver's birthday Monday March 23 1987. Of course that can not coincide because that day he just came back from another assignment and was about to sign his resignation letter)

D.O.A. MacGyver: Sunday March 8 1987.
After going on a secret meeting with Anthony Braddock (a professional chemist, who worked out a career with British Intelligence and into building bombs for money. One time one his bombs got Mac out of prison in Morocco while they were on assignment there. It is unknown how long ago this was.) about a planned terrorist bombing, MacGyver is injured after a bullet grazed him and send him through a window into the ocean. He climbs aboard a trawler called The Damian. It is said this takes place on a Sunday.

Monday March 9 1987.
When MacGyver wakes up the next morning, it appears he has amnesia. Meanwhile Pete is trying to figure out what MacGyver was doing with his connections in Washington. It appears Pete and a man name Sam Taylor were on assignment in Marseille once. It is unknown when this happened. The terrorists are able to get to MacGyver and make him believe Pete Thornton is the real terrorist. Pete however reminds MacGyver of the time he saved him out of the avalanche bringing his memory back. Together they take down the bad guys with their own bomb.

(Note: Anton Dubcek gets arrested in Czechoslovakia. MacGyver's contact, Diana Rogers was already there taking pictures of his arrest.)

Tuesday March 10 1987.
MacGyver delivers a new bike to Carol's nephew.

(Note: this episode airs on Monday April 27 1987.)

For Love Or Money: Friday March 13 1987.
MacGyver reunites with a former partner Diana Rogers to go to Czechoslovakia to rescue Anton Dubcek a human right activist from the GRU after he receive pictures. The activist was being held in a mental state hospital. Pete says MacGyver knows the area and the hospital because he broke a man out of there the year before.

(Note: This could be a reference to A Prisoner Of Conscience. However that hospital was in Leningrad in Russia. If it was they probably had to pass two borders and not one and it would be impossible to achief their mission in one day. Maybe MacGyver had another assignment there we don't know anything about.)

Saturday March 14 1987.
They go by airplane to Vienna and by car to Czechoslovakia. Their trip to Vienna lasted 12 hours and 23 minutes over a distance of 6123 miles (9854 km). After a twelve hour flight and arranging a car, I do like to believe they took some rest and leaves the next day for Czechoslovakia.

Sunday March 15 1987.
The car trip would last 3 hours and 25 minutes over a distance of 207.26 miles, assuming they drove to Prague. They get Anton and his wife Viera out of Czechoslovakia the same day and immediately return back to Austria and the United States.

Monday March 16 1987.
The next day his wife Viera has been kidnapped by the GRU and she turns out to be a traitor. They set up a meet in the Los Angeles Zoo where MacGyver, Pete and Diana take down the bad guys.

Tuesday March 17 1987.
MacGyver and Diana are getting paid for their assignment. MacGyver however donates his share to Anton Dubcek's cause.

(Note: this episodes airs on Monday May 4 1987.)

Friends: Between Wednesday March 18 1987 and Monday March 23 1987.
MacGyver comes home on the day of his 35th birthday from another assignment in Central America claiming he spent twelve hours on a plane. He was looking for evidence against Fernando Marin a major drug dealer that could connect him to the flow of cocaine into the United States and he found it in the jungle hidden by tribesmen who were on Marin's payroll. They weren't happy with it and three times in only one day they managed to almost killing MacGyver, forcing him to review his life and his career. Since he found it in the jungle, you might think it was in the Amazon jungle. Perhaps he visited Trumbo while he was there as he promised in Trumbo's World. Anyway MacGyver returns on his birthday and is lured to his birthday party organised by his friends at the Phoenix Foundation. There he reminisce over past adventures and considers serious resignation. Only he realizes that if he didn't do the things he did, he would've never met the people he knows as friends.

Tuesday March 24 1987.
MacGyver is all alone at the party holding the rocket thruster he made to save Capt. Jim Taylor out of Central Asia.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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Season: season 5
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House:  House boat

This is the beginning of the third season's adjusted timeline. As explained before due to a couple of major assignments I was requiered to rearrange the order of the episodes. MacGyver clearly states he had been on the nuclear disarming project for three months in Early Retirement and was working for three weeks on the environmental impact study in The Negotiator. This caused me to push back most of the episodes (nearly half the season) to earlier dates that overlaps with the last few months of season 2. The exposition of Lost Love takes place immediately after his birthday according to the adjusted timeline. MacGyver suffers a cold in June and The Negotiator takes place in the middle of summer before the nuclear disarming project. So many winter episodes takes place in the summer. While maybe it could've been easier if I had just taken the Nikki episodes to an earlier date instead of half the season. Then Lost Love, Back From The Dead and Ghost Ship could've still taken place in the fall but it seemed like the most logic thing to do it the way I did it at the time. It might make the reunion between MacGyver, Jack and Pete a little strange since it was pretty clear they hadn't seen each other in a while. This was the most challenging and puzzling part of the timeline for me after this part the timeline will automatically correct itself for the most part.

Lost Love: Between Wednesday March 25 1987 and Tuesday March 31 1987.
MacGyver and Pete are preparing for the International Cultural Exposition and are responsible for the Ming Dragon; China's national treasure. MacGyver does a security check for the display case for the Ming Dragon and asks for some security changes. Pete replies that most of the security will be locked down by the time the VIP reception starts tomorrow afternoon. Except for the pressure plate alarm that will be shipped out of New York and will arrive in the evening. It would take whole night to have it installed. MacGyver has his whole week booked with parties on Wednesday and Thursday and dinner on Friday. Also Jack Dalton is there for his magic show on the exposition. While they arrange the last things for the exposition, MacGyver thinks he has seen an old love, whom he presumed dead. Though when he checks her out at the hotel, it appears she is not in the hotel. MacGyver says he was wrong and tells Jack about an assignment he did at the Baltic Coast two years ago, in which he thinks he killed her. Jack tells him to get some rest and expects to see him at the party.

Wednesday April 1 1987.
The VIP reception takes place and he reunites with Lisa in the morning. She tells him she was send to the Gulag where she met Major Nikolai Kossov and married him. She tells MacGyver they want to defect and need his help.

Thursday April 2 1987.
The exposition opens and MacGyver plans the escape for Lisa and Kossov through a disappearing act in Jack's magic show. Kossov has been taken and MacGyver and Lisa escape by bike, driving through almost all of the town. MacGyver and Lisa are eventually caught. Lisa is taken hostage with a bomb around her neck. MacGyver has to agree to steal the Ming Dragon, if he ever wants to see her again. For once MacGyver has to call in the help of Jack Dalton. They agree to steal the Ming Dragon.

Friday April 3 1987.
MacGyver and Jack succeed in stealing the Dragon and want to exchange Lisa for the dragon at the Bayside generating plant later that night at 10 pm. It was believed Kossov was dead but Lisa says this isn't true and ask MacGyver to save him.

Saturday April 4 1987.
They agree to rescue Nikolai but it appears to be a setup to kill MacGyver so that the Russians could return the Dragon to China. MacGyver and Jack are captured. Unfortunately for the Soviets, MacGyver switched the Dragon by a plaster imitation, the day before. During their escape, Lisa helps them out but gets shot in the back again. It is uncertain if she died from the shot. I'd think not since Mac and Jack returned to the shop apparently the same day.

(Note: this two-parter aired on Monday September 21 1987 and Monday September 28 1987.)

Hell Week: Monday April 6 1987.
MacGyver meets David Ryman. Professor Ryman's son, David recognizes MacGyver's bomber jacket and says it's the same jacket from ten years ago. MacGyver is supposed to be the referee on the next barricade contest. This is set during the week since everybody is at school. So this probably takes place before the weekend. David has been working on his barricades for months while the others only started a week or two weeks ago.

Tuesday April 7 1987.
The contest takes place on. MacGyver finds out one of the students has cheated so David Ryman would lose and nearly kills himself over it.

(Note: this episode or on Monday November 23 1987.)

Back From Dead: Between Wednesday April 8 1987 and Friday April 10 1987.
MacGyver moves into the houseboat. I know, it's a little short notice perhaps but currently the only available free time there is for MacGyver, even to get fully installed.

Saturday April 11 1987.
MacGyver and Jimmy The Eraser reunites after his picture got into the newspaper and making him a target again. It appears Jimmy has a daughter and a grandson. All this takes places in one day.

Sunday April 12 1987.
MacGyver and Jimmy are recovering from their gunshot wounds.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday October 5 1987.)

Ghost Ship: Monday April 13 1987.
MacGyver travels to Alaska, arriving by helicopter but assuming he went by plane so he travelled for 03 hours and 59 minutes over a distance of 1844,9 miles (2969 km). to set survey markers when he finds a ghost ship with a stow away and Bigfoot.

Tuesday April 14 1987.
MacGyver brings Karin to safety. Since MacGyver had to start over, I think we can say he remained in Alaska for the rest of the week to set the markers.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday October 19 1987. In this episode and The Widowmaker, Pete says he has known MacGyver for eighth years. This probably means their friendship is going to their 8th year. It is 1987, so technically their friendship is seven years old.)

Fire and Ice: Monday April 20 1987.
MacGyver meets Danny Barrett a friend from high school who's investigating a case on jewel heists with the same MO as other heists in Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago. MacGyver and Danny spend their senior year together in high school and Danny was voted as the most reckless and irrisponsible but everyone loved him. Danny followed the thief who has diplomatic immunity half around the country. The thief's origins lies in Ganubia (a fictional country). MacGyver knows about computer hacking. Danny gets killed for the information he gathered.

Tuesday April 21 1987.
The funeral takes place and MacGyver swears to nail the thief.

Wednesday April 22 1987.
The day after the funeral MacGyver sneaks in on a party of Amir Sumal, the thief. He meets Nikki Carpenter, Danny's sister. They kept bumping in on each other but she has him arrested for a so called car theft.

Thursday April 23 1987.
The next day she asks if he is still mad about the car. It appears that Danny's and Nikki's parents were divorced and she lived with her father in Georgetown while Danny probably grew up with his mother in Minnesota. Nikki went to law school and worked for a subcommittee in Washington. Her heart wasn't in it anymore and travelled to L.A. to see her brother. They decide to work together on taking Amir Sumal down. They arrange a setup at a diamonds exposition and the Racquette Club. Nikki meets him at his restaurant and than join him to the Racquette Club where she has to steal his key from the consulate. In the late afternoon they go to the consulate's reception to steal the diamonds. When it appears that Nikki couldn't be trusted, Amir and his accomplice kidnap them later that night to steal his own diamonds back. Later that night they set him up in front of the ambassador of Ganubia.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday October 26 1987. Nikki Carpenter's maiden name is actually Nicole Ann Barrett.)

GX-1: Between Monday April 27 1987 and Thursday April 30 1987.
MacGyver finishes an assignment in Zurich, Switzerland. He travelled 12 hours and 00 minutes sharp over a distance of 5924,2 miles (9534 km). It's unknown what kind of mission it was but Phoenix was happy enough to give him a bonus. A first class trip to anywhere he liked. So he choose for a balloon rally above the Alps. When a top secret military plane crashes in East Germany, he is send along with Nikki to find the crashsite and destroy it before the Soviets find it. They are using a psychic to find it.

Friday May 1 1987.
MacGyver and Nikki travelled by car to the Aspenhouse Munich in East Germany from Zurich. They would've drive for 3 hours and 18 minutes if they had taken the A1 to A96 road over a distance of 195.97 miles (315.38 km). MacGyver leaves for the mountains while Nikki stays behind but she follows him anyway when she sees Starkoss and the Russians. The following evening she meets MacGyver at his campsite, telling him what she saw which was very important to him.

Saturday May 2 1987.
They destroyed the aircraft so it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. During the destruction they meet Starkoss, a psychich who guided the troops into the mountains and asks MacGyver to help him defect. When the final explosion happens MacGyver, Nikki and Starkoss get seperated and they meet at night at the crashsite. Starkoss brings up an old guilt in MacGyver from when his mother died.

Sunday May 3 1987.
MacGyver, Nikki and Starkoss make there escape out of East Germany after making their own balloon they escape in across the mountains. MacGyver forces Nikki to jump out of the balloon with a parachute as he and Starkoss land the balloon. Starkoss says his goodbye when Nikki finds MacGyver and swears to tell Pete everything.

(Note: this episode originally aired on Monday November 2 1987.)

Blow Out: Between Friday May 1 1987 and Sunday May 31 1987.
A cruise ship got attacked by terrorist in the Mediterranean. Somewhere in that month Pete helped the Feds taking down a terrorist called Markus.

Two Times Trouble: Between Friday May 1 1987 and Sunday May 31 1987.
Carla Yeats is admitted in the Pine Valley Hospital in Chicago after suffering a nervous breakdown and severe mentale depression. Roxy visited her almost religiously according to doctor Farrell.

Jack In The Box: Between Thursday May 7 1987 and Sunday May 10 1987.
MacGyver went fishing with Pete for four days. Probably taking some time off after the East German assignment. Jack Dalton calls for MacGyver's help to find 5 million dollars from B.B. Bartel in Smiley Bayonne County Arkansas. He pulled of a armoured car heist at the airport (LAX?), a few months ago. From there he took a flight to Deep South (Arkansas). Bartell got arrested in Nebraska a few months later but died in the penitentiary. Bartell was home in Bayonne. Bartell apparently knew Jack's uncle Charlie. Charlie robbed his piggybank and is an ex-con. Bartell and Charlie were cellmates in Leavenworth and Bartell told Charlie where the money was before he died. Later it appears Charlie is dead too.

Monday May 11 1987.
MacGyver leaves for Arkansas the next day. I assume MacGyver flew there since a car trip would last like 25 hours. If he went by plane he'd have a flight lasting 03 hours and 18 minutes over a distance of 1490.7 miles (2399 km) and than he would be able to rent the car. He also gets thrown in the prison camp after 'resisting arrest'. He meets up with Jack and later that day they are brought to the mine to find the money. Their first attempt to get to the money fails and Jack's friend from the camp dies. Jack gets severely punished.

Tuesday May 12 1987.
MacGyver figures a way out of the jail but they are recaptured. They find the money and take out the sheriff, the warden, the banker and Louella later that night.

(Note this episode originally airs Monday November 9 1987.)

The Widowmaker: Between Saturday May 16 1987 and Saturday May 30 1987.
MacGyver meets Mike to go mountain climbing together. When she tries to get closer to him, he holds off the boat and with hurt feelings she continues the climb but slips and falls. MacGyver goes into deep depression. Days, maybe a week passes and MacGyver misses the funeral. During his grief Pete visits him one night and says he's been at the cabin for more than a week. Murdoc breaks in the houseboat, one night or the same night. Nikki calls and she says he has been gone for almost two weeks now. This is in Ridgemont where Ellard has his store and Pete has his cabin there. Murdoc visits him there with a flamethrower and mines and hunts MacGyver and Nikki down the woods to The Widowmaker mountain were Mike died.

(Note: this episode originally airs Monday November 16 1987. In this episode and Ghost Ship Pete says he has known MacGyver for eight years. This probably means their friendship is going into their 8th year. This is still 1987, so technically their friendship is still seven years old.)

Blow Out: Between Sunday May 24 1987 and Sunday June 7 1987.
A major inventory loss was reported at Webber Pyrotechnics. Pete is working on this case while MacGyver still is in the mountain.

Monday June 8 1987.
Nikki joins the Phoenix Foundation while MacGyver with a cold comes back from a grocery shop robbery. Nikki witnesses a terrorist bombing and becomes a target for murder. The terrorists are henchmen of Markus, a terrorist Pete helped the Feds with catching him. In her file it is stated Nikki was investigating five families while she was working with Senator Tagney. Not happy with how MacGyver knows that she says it is because of the investigations her husband is dead now.

Tuesday June 9 1987.
The next day they find the peoples who are after her, planning another terrorist attack with a bomb hidden in a truck. They manage to get Major and his man arrested. MacGyver drives the truck intending to drive it off the pier but there is not enough time so he fills it with cement preventing the bomb from serious damage.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday December 21 1987. Maybe indeed it's a weird time to have a cold while in the original airing it does make sense.)

The Negotiator: Between Monday June 15 1987 and Sunday July 5 1987.
MacGyver starts working on an environmental-impact study when the builder Mr. Knapp wants to start a marina project.

Monday July 6 1987.
MacGyver is working on the assignment for three weeks when he tells Remick he is going to ask the board for another three weeks. Remick is not happy and warns him. On his way back MacGyver is nearly run of the road by a mysterious truck driver.

Between Tuesday July 7 1987 and Thursday July 23 1987.
In the following three weeks MacGyver meets Deborah, a negotiator, who was send out to take care of him. They start a relationship after meeting in painting class. MacGyver belongs to Darwin Association.

Friday July 24 1987.
Deborah meets Nikki and breaks in Nikki's apartment. She kills the dog she was taking care of for her neighbors.

Saturday July 25 1987.
Deborah tries to kill MacGyver on a boat by remote. He is blinded but only temporary with no other injuries or complications.

Sunday July 26 1987.
Deborah tries to kill MacGyver in the abandoned warehouse during a storm. MacGyver takes her out by electrocuting her.

Monday July 27 1987.
Deborah is brought in on the hearing and Knapp's and Remick's plan falls apart.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday March 7 1988. In the episode Unfinished Business which airs on Monday May 15 1989, Deborah claims she spend two years in prison, which is impossible considering the airdates, there for The Negotiator must've been set in 1987.)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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So here we are for another double feature of the MacGyver timeline. Since the following bit is rather short, I decided to post the remainder of the third season's timeline. After the beginning of the next season the timeline will pull itself straight again and remain so for the most part of the postings. Now we'll see MacGyver working on his biggest project ever. The disarming of nuclear weapons, an assignment that took him three months.

Early Retirement: Between Monday August 3 1987 and Monday November 2 1987.
MacGyver starts training and working on a program for disarming nuclear weapons in the past three months. The first phase of the disarming starts on Monday November 2. The previous weekend Pete beat chairman of the board Ed Farrell at the golf tournament by five strokes. At the board meeting they announce President Yaman Amunde from Sambaka will visit America for the first time in ten days. Later that day MacGyver and Pete go play some hockey, where Pete stops three great shots of MacGyver.

Tuesday November 3 1987.
During the defuelling phase an explosion happens in which three peoples got killed and eight others gotten injured.

Between Wednesday November 4 1987 and Friday November 6 1987.
Another board meeting takes places where Pete takes full responsibility and retires. Matt Webber (possible relation to Webber Pyrotechnics?) the man who replaces him starts to hire and fire peoples and takes on the security of President Yaman Amunde.

Between Saturday November 7 1987 and Tuesday November 10 1987.
After the explosion Pete takes four days off a long weekend. MacGyver takes care of Pete's plants in the meantime and also clears out the science projects he had growing in his fridge.

Wednesday November 11 1987.
Pete also asks him to bring his security pass. MacGyver refuses to deal with Webber who had assignments with the DXS in Vietnam, Nicaragua, the Middle East, Afghanistan, all nervous places with nervous situations while President Amunde arrives in the United States. MacGyver, Pete and Nikki rescue Amunde from Webber, when they find out he sabotaged the defuelling phase and clears Pete's name.

Thursday November 12 1987.
Pete gets his old job back and says he's going to take some time off to go back to karate school after his fight with Webber.

(Note: this episodes originally airs of Monday January 18 1988. In this episode there is a character called Sam, who is a security guard at Phoenix. The character is played by actor Jackson Davies who later stars as police officer Mike Kiley. Though no last name was given to Sam, but it might as well by Sam Kiley, Mike's twin brother and they're pretty much in the same line of work, so it stays in the family.)

Thin Ice: Monday December 21 1987.
MacGyver's hockey trainer Turk Donner is hospitalized due to health problems. Probably he suffered a mild stroke or heart attack and no excitement is allowed. He will later call in the help of MacGyver to train his team for the State Championships.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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QUOTE (MacGyverGod @ 1 April 2018 - 09:35 AM)
(Note: this episodes originally airs of Monday January 18 1988. In this episode there is a character called Sam, who is a security guard at Phoenix. The character is played by actor Jackson Davies who later stars as police officer Mike Kiley. Though no last name was given to Sam, but it might as well by Sam Kiley, Mike's twin brother and they're pretty much in the same line of work, so it stays in the family.)


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1988 starts rather explosive for MacGyver with the Kill Zone disaster. Even though this episode is only set during one day, I though it was easier to leave it where it was but only set it two days earlier then the original airdate. Still it could've been set later too but also in the following weeks MacGyver does a couple of long assignments, including training the Raiders for a couple of weeks and going to France with Jack after another three-week assignment. Well, anyway, here goes the finale of the third season's timeline.

Kill Zone: Friday January 2 1988.
MacGyver is asked to retrieve a mutating organism that fell out of a sattelite to prevent it from outbreaking which could speed up the aging process. The organism was hid in the sattelite by Dr. Sandra Millhouse. Pete says their personnel got a few days off after being told there was unscheduled maintenance until after the weekend. MacGyver also mentions what an out of control experiment can do. It is unknown to what he's referring to but maybe the artificial intelligence incident at STRADA.

(Note this episode originally airs on Monday January 4 1988.)

Runners: 1988.
Jennifer's mom died in a car accident after having a big fight with her father.

Brainwashed: 1988.
The nation of Kimbala is struck by a crippling drought. Phoenix will develop a major irrigation project to fight the drought. MacGyver and Jack Dalton will take this assignment.

Legend of the Holy Rose: 1988.
Alexander Shannon writes a book on the inner workings of the Medellín cartel which will be published in that year.

The Wall: 1988.
Maria Romburg becomes a teacher in Leipzig in an orphanage as part of her cover.

Hind-Sight: 1988.
Irene Zulio AKA Mary Nikkos or Nillos is wounded in a gun battle following an attempted theft of a diamond. Her file at Phoenix say which diamond but it's too unclear what the name is.

Gunz 'N Boys: 1988.
Minton AKA the Gunman arrives in Los Angeles. He starts hanging around working in beverages, vending machines and eventually turns to dealing weapons with gangmembers.

Trail To Doomsday: 1988-1989.
Dr. Massey and Paul Moran starts working together. Massey says he has worked for over five years with Paul and has access to almost all of his research.

Thin Ice: Between Monday January 4 1988 and Monday February 1 1988.
MacGyver is back in Minnesota falling in for his old coach training them for state championship play offs. Coach Turk Donner has been hospitalized for six weeks. Derek Kirby joined the team after he was expelled from Team USA for banging heads on a game in Finland which appeared to be the Winter Olympic Games in Finland.

Wednesday January 27 1988.
The Raiders play their first game out of three with MacGyver as their coach, which they loses thanks to Derek Kirby.

Thursday January 28 1988.
A practice follows at two o' clock sharp.

Friday January 29 1988.
The second game takes place and a fight breaks out on the ice, nearly killing a player of the other team

Saturday January 30 1988.
Kirby wants to quit the team, MacGyver persuades him not.

Sunday January 31 1988.
They play and win the State Championship.

(Note: This Winter Olymic Games in Finland is fictional and/or a recent event. The last real Winter Olympic Games goes back to 1984 in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia and the next Games were set in Canada three weeks later after the airing of this episode. Kirby would've been way too young to participate on the Olympic's considering his age.)

The Endangered: Between Tuesday February 2 1988 and Tuesday February 9 1988.
Two guys are solliciting clerk jobs with a government contractor. A week later they were stealing top secret documents keeping them in limos, parties and very mean company.

The Odd Triple: Between Thursday February 4 1988 and Sunday February 28 1988.
MacGyver returns home after three and half weeks. Five countries, two continents, one island and 9000 miles (14484 km). Jack Dalton however awaits him to help him pilot a woman back to France with priceless jewels. They leave for Toulon France and arrive there the next morning on

Monday February 29 1988-Tuesday March 1 1988.
They leave for Toulon France and arrive there the next morning on but once they land they are arrested for theft of jewellery. They use her private jet to get there. I can't find the correct flight time so I calculated the flight time to Toulouse instead which lasts 11 hours and 54 minutes over a distance of 5929.1 miles (9542 km). From Toulouse and Toulon by car it would last 4 hours and 3 minutes. I think by plane it would only last half that much or even shorter so my estimation would be 12 or 13 hours and 57 minutes plus the distance which is 291.69 miles (469,43 km). In total 6230,70 miles (10026 km). Considering the length of the flight and MacGyver's and Jack's arrest and Pete flying after them, I'd say they are at least two days in Toulon. Or at least they should be. Unless Pete took the Concorde. Pete finds Jack and has him slugged and together they device a plan to rescue MacGyver and the woman who stole the jewels.

The Spoilers: Monday March 7 1988.
MacGyver is investigating the pollution of water close to the city. A man who lives in the mountains witnesses the dumping of toxic waste that kills his dog. They need his testimony to shut the wasting down but his violent past might ruin their case.

Tuesday March 8 1988.
MacGyver and Toberman check out Chemco Waste Disposal and ends up in a fight.

Wednesday March 9 1988.
The hearing takes places in which the people of Chemco tried to discredit Toberman. The following evening MacGyver and Toberman go back to Chemco and have their people arrested.

Thursday March 10 1988.
MacGyver brings Toberman a new dog.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday March 14 1988.)

Rock the Cradle: Saturday March 26 1988.
An inside man at the Treasury department in D.C. made off with currency plates.

Mask of the Wolf: Saturday March 26 1988.
Jacks asks MacGyver to help him and Two Eagles find the Mask of the Illehkam. In order to do so they drive up the Kaqwani Reservation about 400 miles (643,74 km) away. According to Jack and would take about a six hour drive. On their way they meet Anna Lightfoot who met Two Eagles once as young girl but it's unknown when exactly.

Sunday March 27 1988.
MacGyver and Jack find the Mask on Saturday March 26 1988.

(Note: this episode aired on Monday March 28 1988.)

Blood Brothers: April-May 1988.
Spider arrives in Minnesota and sets up shop with the local kids to sell crack.

Rock the Cradle: Sunday April 10 1988.
The inside man who stole currency plates from the Treasury department is found at the coast murdered.

Friday April 15 1988.
Jack bought a plane at a drug-enforcement auction in Mexico at a bargain basement price. MacGyver and Jack find a baby in the plane. The baby's mother is on the run for the killers of her boyfriend after leaving him and counterfeit money behind.

Saturday April 16 1988.
They are looking for Katie to reunite her with Jack Jr.

Sunday April 17 1988.
MacGyver and Pete capture the counterfeiters in their base of operations while Jack stays with Katie and thinks the baby is his.

Monday April 18 1988.
Jack takes Katie out for a last date showing her Dalton Air.

The Endangered: Friday April 22 1988 to Friday April 29 1988.
MacGyver has been following two guys for a week. He follows them into a dancing but is caught. MacGyver faces death when they take a shot at him at close range but still they miss and he takes his chance to punch them out.

Saturday April 30 1988.
After facing death MacGyver travels to Chinook National Park to reunite with Karen an old college girlfriend. He flew there but it's unknown how far and how long he was on the way. He probably arrived there for the weekend.

Sunday May 1 1988.
MacGyver and Karen catch up and MacGyver sees a wild bear. When they hear poachers are around, they go after them. MacGyver thinks Karen is shooting at them at pushes her away, which she not appreciates and says she was going for the tires and wants him to leave. On his way the airplane, he goes for a lunch but finds the poachers again and goes after them alone. When he meets Karen again in the woods, she gets shot and helps her in getting the poachers.

Monday May 2 1988.
MacGyver and Karen say goodbye.

Murderers' Sky: Friday May 6 1988.
Chen, the wealthy Chinese shipping magnate of Jade Shipping Company has been hit.

Saturday May 7 1988.
MacGyver must find the grandson of wealthy Chinese shipping magnate to take over the company. To do so he goes to San Francisco to find him in the Bai Li Monastery. He probably went by car so it would take 6 hours and 31 minutes over a distance of 381.91 miles (614.62 km).

Sunday May 8 1988.
MacGyver and Luke are captured in Chinatown but they escape and capture the people involved.

Monday May 9 1988.
Luke has taken over Jade Shipping Company in cooperation with Phoenix.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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It's been another month again and we have ended up in the fourth season timeline now. The following part of the timeline is the last part of the adjusted timeline which will correct itself again starting with the events of The Secret of Parker House. Keep an eye out on the notes. Season 4 also deals with a couple of long and major assignments which had me to rearrange the episode order again. Therefore The Survivors becomes the first episode of the season followed by The Outsiders, Ma Dalton and Blood Brothers and On A Wing And A Prayer takes place immediately after The Secret of Parker House.

Between Monday May 9 1988 and Monday October 31 1988.
There is a gap of 5,5 months. Plenty of time to slide with assignments or to go on vacation.

Renegade: unspecified date.
MacGyver meets Steve Morrison on assignment in Germany. Steve saved MacGyver life during that mission by taking a shrapnel to the head of a terrorist bomb doing it. MacGyver spend days with Steve's wife in the hospital. Later it seems Steve was part of the anthrax-detection program up until his discharge. His entire personality changed after the mission in Germany, was emotionally volatile and mentally unstable even he was recovered 100%. His change of personality was due to posttraumatic shock according to his superiors.

The Gun: Summer 1988-1989.
Breeze and Rudy Gibbs are sent on camp together. Though it is unknown when exactly it took place since they know each other all their lives. They were send to camp on the country for two weeks. Rudy was crippled from the pavement and the ghetto and hard on in the inside, possibly due to a difficult childhood. Breeze however discovered air and water and green grass and started to care about the planet, but it took a while for him to get fully integrated in society. Before Booker's death he was still dealing drugs, but it might as well be possible this camp took place in the summer of 1988 when Booker died early 1989.

Off The Wall: Monday June 6 1988.
Inspector Miller is fired from the Building and Safety Department and takes the clerk's favourite stapler.

(Note: Due to again a few major assignments, including a four week assignment in a space simulator, the seven week assignment testing Phoenix field agents in the woods, the date of the newspaper in On A Wing And A Prayer and a three week assignment in the Artic Circle in Ma Dalton the timeline has been adjusted in order to fit in with all the information. There for season 4 starts with the episode The Survivors and is followed by The Outsiders.)

The Survivors: Between Monday June 13 1988 and Friday August 5 1988.
MacGyver is testing Phoenix agents in the wilderness. Pete receives word that he has to participate in survival courses for Phoenix agents. No exemptions from recertification. MacGyver has to take Pete to the test and judge him on his skills.

Saturday August 6 1988.
After their tests while looking for firewood, they find a downed DEA plane that had crashed in the woods.

Sunday August 7 1988.
They find the storage cave in which they get stuck and have to climb their way out of.
MacGyver takes one of them out. Pete got into their plan to send out a distress call but gets shot by the other one and falls into the river. The bullet grazed him the head. When the other pilot holds MacGyver at gunpoint, Pete comes out of the water and knocks him out saving MacGyver's life and there for passing the course.

(Note: MacGyver mentions a Crystal Lake in this episode as being the only lake in the surrounding area. It may not be much but I think when you mention Crystal Lake peoples will think of Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th movies. This was actually a connection I found. If the summer camp and the lake mentioned in MacGyver are the same, their universes might be running parallel and if that's true so might be the Nightmare On Elm Street movies since Freddy and Jason fought each other. But it might be a stretch as well and are the names purely coincidental. This episode originally airs on Monday January 9 1989.)

The Outsiders: Between Monday August 8 1988 and Sunday September 4 1988.
MacGyver spends four weeks crammed inside a stuffy space simulator.

Monday September 5 1988.
MacGyver leaves for the East Coast because he needed to get back in touch with nature.

Tuesday September 6 1988.
MacGyver drove all the way to Pennsylvania which would last 40 hours and 4 mins over a distance of 2577.47 miles (4148,1 km). MacGyver is almost two days straight or even longer on the road to ride from L.A. to Pennsylvania and ends up having his car accident after his tire blew. The family is being disowned by the government so a construction company can build a highway through their land. However they refuse to leave their lands. MacGyver is nursed to health by the family.

Wednesday September 7 1988.
The family recovers MacGyver jeep from the crash site and he starts fixing his car. MacGyver finds out Elizabeth's brother is being avoided because he spended two months in Philadelphia living the western way of life without telling them. It is unknown when the happened and for how long he was already being avoided for. Elizabeth says it could take two years before they accept him again in the family. Later that night their well gets destroyed.

Thursday September 8 1988.
The construction company arrives to demolish the farm but the construction boss's daughter Christy falls into the destroyed well. They work out a plan to get her and her friend Jacob out of the well. It takes all afternoon and evening to rescue the kids.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 28 1988.)

Ma Dalton: Between Saturday September 24 1988 and Saturday October 15 1988.
MacGyver spent three weeks in the Arctic Circle monitoring whale migration. When MacGyver comes home, Jack is in his houseboat making a plane. He's been receiving packages in the past ten days between that involves memorabilia of his deceased father. He thinks they're coming from his mother. It turns out Jack was living foster parents while in high school. It turns out Jack is 37 years old. Pete checks out a few things on Jack's mother and father who died in the Korean War and learns Jack's mother Francine is a wanted fellon chased down by bounty hunter Jesse Colton and that her case is going to trial next Monday so that Marty Ricco the guy who bailed her out will lose his bail permanently.

On Sunday October 16 1988.
They are able to capture Arthur Bandel.

Monday October 17 1988.
Francine Leyland's case goes to trial.

Between Tuesday October 18 and Sunday October 23 1988.
They received a card of Jesse Colton who went to Hawaii. Probably Honolulu, a flight that would take 5 hours and 23 minutes over a distance of 4108 miles (6611.2 km).

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday January 23 1989.)

Blood Brothers: Friday October 28 1988.
MacGyver arrives back home in Minnesota after a 29 hour and 43 minute drive over a distance of 1920.15 miles (3090.3 km) after he send his friends Chuck and Neill a letter. MacGyver meets the kids of his friends who are in trouble with local gangmembers and got Sean, Neil's son, on crack. He also reunited with Danny whom he met six years earlier. Later MacGyver reunites Neil who became a cop after he didn't get into the army but according to MacGyver it was because of Dragnet. Spider is expecting a deal with his contact from L.A. on Tuesday. When Danny helps out Sean out of trouble his destroys Spider's windshield. Sean advices him to go to Bell Lake and go in hiding. Sean eventually sells Danny out for crack and MacGyver goes after him when history seems to repeat itself.

Saturday October 29 1988.
MacGyver, Chuck and Neill digs up the time capsule, they buried 25 years ago.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday November 21 1988.)

The Secret of Parker House: Sunday October 30 1988.
MacGyver meets Penny Parker later that day in Minnesota so he has the chance to bake Penny's birthday cake with chocolate mint and banana icing. Penny inherited the Parker House of her Aunt Betty Parker.

Monday October 31 1988.
MacGyver and Penny pay a visit to the house in Cloverton. She tells MacGyver the entire history of the house while driving there. She also mentions she spend a weekend in Aspen but it is unknown when this was and a person called Penbrook who said the house was haunted. It would take them from Mission City about 5 hours and 14 minutes to get there over a distance of 282.21 miles (454,17 km). During the storm, when lightning strikes the gazebo they find Aunt Betty's skull.

Tuesday November 1 1988.
MacGyver goes into town to pick up some stuff to reconstruct the face on the skull which is going to take all night.

Wednesday November 2 1988.
The whole story around Betty unfolds and is known what happened to her. Penny is caught by Virgil who thought Betty has came back to town and it turns out Sheriff Howels killed Aunt Betty trying to blame Virgil for it. Virgil is Sylvia Lang's brother who took care of him after her father died. Virgil is a big strong man who don't know his own strength. It turns out Betty went crazy from lead poisoning that ended up in the moonshine probably done by howels. Betty was pregnant at the time just when Cliff was elected as sheriff. He tried to make her go to Dr. Simms who was caught performing abortions. The scandal made front page for months. It is unknown if Penny remains at the house or not. She reunites with MacGyver a few months later.

The Invisible Killer: November 1988.
Forrest Service Ranger Liz is divorcing her husband. She works as a secretary in the city before recovering in the woods.

On A Wing And A Prayer: Between Friday November 4 1988 and Wednesday November 9 1988.
When MacGyver returns home, Pete has gone to Central America working with the Church underground there along with Sister Clara and Sister Margaret. Sister Clara tried to save Enrique's life. Pete and Sister Clara gets captured a few days after an urgent message was send to the Phoenix Foundation probably by Sister Margaret, who saw them get captured. MacGyver goes to Jack for help since the government can't do anything before the State Department meet President Montayo for the peace talks that would start the next day in the evening. The rebels had placed a bomb in the presidential palace which was set to go off then. With Jack's plane they fly to Barraca which lasts 5 hours and 3 minutes over a distance of 2384.20 miles (3837 km). Jack however made an extra stop in Cancun, Mexico to fill up the plane after a 4 hours and 31 minute flight and a distance of 2117 miles (3407km). So the remainder of the flight from Cancun, Mexico to Barraca would last 1 hour and 19 minutes over a distance over 482.18 miles (776 km.)

Thursday November 10 1988.
Pete and Sister Clara meet Rafael the leader of the rebels. Rafael shoots Pete when MacGyver and Jack arrive who are posing as gundealers to infiltrate in the camp. They manage to rescue Pete and Sister Clara but the plane is damaged during the escape. With the help fo the Viper rockets they manage to escape thanks to a jet assisted take-off with MacGyver hanging on the plane.

November 14 1988.
Pete sits in his office reading the newspaper on the recent changes in Barraca. Pete is nearly if not fully recovered, so at least four days must've passed to heal that well. Jack however still has one little surprise for him. Namely: the bill.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday December 5 1988. Barraca is also a fictional country. According the worldmap on the forums Barraca was originally pinpointed as a country in Brazil, where Algodões is located which is South America while the episode clearly states it's in Central America. There for Honduras was pointed out as Barraca and their flightplan was calculated from Los Angeles to Cancun, Mexico for Jack's extra stop and from Cancun to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. A rather short flight of hardly five hours, yet MacGyver and Jack pulls an all-nighter on that one.)

Renegade: December 1988.
Navy Seal Steve Morrison is reassigned to non-operational status after being mentally unstable.

The Treasure of Manco: December 1988.
Maria's father begins an expedition to a 16th-century site of a conquistador's encampment where a Spanish general's grave had been uncovered by a landslide after heavy rain. He had the protector's headpiece and a bunch of other Incan artefacts. He believed it was real and made diagrams in his journal. He considers it the key to find the treasure of Manco.

Collision Course: Thursday December 8 1988.
MacGyver is testing out a new engine for the racing circuit he developed with Jeff Stone. Jeff however lost his car to the Strickland team just before the championship race so Phoenix had to bail him out with a new car and MacGyver got to test it. Jeff is divorced and drags his daughter to all the racing circuits feeling bad over it. His ex-wife Meg send her birthday card from Wisconsin. It is unknown when exactly Charlie's birthday is. That night there is a press conference.

Friday December 9 1988.
Jeff crashes with the car ending up blind and with a broken leg in the hospital and MacGyver and Pete finds it was sabotage later that night.

Saturday December 10 1988.
They ask for a delay in the race but they only get 24 hours to find a replacement car and driver. They find the car but it needs a lot of work.

Sunday December 11 1988.
The race is coming closer but the drive they called couldn't get his flight so MacGyver has to race after 8 years. After facing his fears and coming to terms with the past, MacGyver race and wins it.

Monday December 12 1988.
At the hospital Jeff has to try if he can see again and sees his daughter holding the cup. When Pete walks in Hans Visser turned on Strickland and are facing the charges the next day. Also the Phoenix engine gained popularity among the manufacturers who all start to bid on it.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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I just can't seem to be posting more then once a month. Anyway, with this post we'll be going through the second half of the fourth season timeline. This covers about the first five months of the year before going into the fifth season. We see first what a few smaller characters are doing before we get into MacGyver's first adventure of the year which is his first meeting with Dr. Zito in Deadly Dreams. We also see the historic moment of the student protests in China that will set the events in motion for Children of Light.

Easy Target: 1989.
Dr. Cromwell writes the book The Terrorist Game which involves detailed information on the activities of the Black Dove Front in the Mediterranean last year.

Hearts of Steel: 1989.
Eric Woodman shuts down Breeland Steel through a leverage buyout with even setting a foot in the place, causing 400 people losing their jobs. The chairman of the board Mike Travers wasn't happy with it and was to be removed of the plant a couple of times. He founded the mill but according to Woodman Breeland Steel was a dog he put out of it's misery. Good business.

The Gun: 1989.
Frank Fowler the police officer in charge of the Harrison assassination passes away. He survived by his kids Laura and Todd Fowler. He was the one who bought the gun from Marty Jenkins and kept it in a glass display case, so he could keep an eye of the gun, believing they were cursed and as long as he saw them, nothing could happen.

Harry's Will: 1989.
Harry starts to make arrangements on his will and wrote Cody he'd put the Nomad on storage at Mel's Auto Storage. Harry wrote a note to Mel, left a note in the Nomad for Cody, to MacGyver and Sister Robin. Harry also made a switch of the pendant replacing it with a piece of costume jewellery and hit the real one someplace safe.

The Prometheus Syndrome: 1989.
Earl Stringer is promoted to inspector of the arson squad after putting out a fire in a café. Rachel Bradley does not take it a well and it places a restraint on their friendship. After Earl takes command, he ends up in a disagreement with Rachel on the procedure of the fire. Earl tries an unorthodox rescue attempt and she pays for it. When she went in she burned her hands and completely changed her attitude towards him. Shortly after Prometheus starts the cause several fire over a time period of two years.

Gunz 'N Boys: 1989.
Minton starts working in beverages after his career as a cop.

The Wasteland: 1989-1991.
Willis begins his research on the wasteland. Bartlett City Development is a future project to will take over Maple Ridge. It worries Willis that the same thing will happen to Maple Ridge as what happened on the wasteland. Even though this research takes at least two years, Willis returns for a short period of time to do other work in 1990 when MacGyver returns from Leipzig.

Renegade: January 1989.
Steve Morrison was honourably discharged from the Navy Seals.

Deadly Dreams: Saturday January 14 1989.
MacGyver and Pete are working with the police to try out new equipment that is to be used on drug busts. Though not working correctly, MacGyver manages to take down the drugdealers. While the arrest takes place Eric Cross escapes thanks to Dr. Zito. Zito tries to use him to get his target, Lt. Murphy who now works with MacGyver.

Sunday January 15 1989.
Eric Cross, a violent patient who relaxes under the influence of Dr. Zito, got him to read books and draw artwork of the Viking age. Telling him Odin would wait for him if he performed a human sacrifice. This being Lt. Murphy. MacGyver tries to figure out with Zito is up to and how he uses Cross by searching through Cross' cell. MacGyver does figure out what he is up to and saves Murphy from sacrifice.

Monday January 16 1988.
Lt. Murphy manages to look at Dr. Zito again. Around the same time Zito starts his therapy with Dr. Skinner and begins plotting his revenge for the next two years. He takes on reading books as one step of his plan. Cross hangs himself in his cell after being brought in again probably thanks to Dr. Zito.

Cleo Rocks: Monday January 30 1989.
MacGyver meets Penny again who landed a role in a musical that is about to open Friday night. Since rehearsing began a lot of strange freak accidents seems to be happening around the theatre and Penny has been getting strange gifts.

Tuesday January 31 1989.
Penny as well as Pete are lured to theatre while MacGyver finds out Murdoc is behind all of it and goes after him. Murdoc has more suprises for MacGyver. First he locks up Pete in a cage over a fiery pool and sets up a trap for MacGyver. When MacGyver approaches a door a laser shuts down the entrance and sees that a cable is attached from the door to Pete's cage. If he opens the door, Pete will drown, but if he don't open the door he will die. MacGyver is able to free himself, Pete and rescue Penny from Murdoc in a fight.

Wednesday February 1 1989.
MacGyver brings back Penny's star from the theatre.

(Note: this episode originally airs Monday February 6 1989.)

Runners: February 1989.
Jennifer Reiner runs away from home and becomes a hooker for a pimp named Snakeskin.

Fraternity of Thieves: Saturday February 4 1989.
MacGyver is following Dave Edwards who got killed in a dancing. MacGyver finds a butterfly he was carrying with him. The butterfly was used to transport classified information.

Sunday February 5 1989.
MacGyver takes the butterfly to Pete the next day at the Foundation. Michael is there too planning to catch the game he bet money on in the afternoon.

Monday February 6 1989.
MacGyver is trying to find the files of Dave Edwards with no luck. Later that night they catch Michael stealing documents from Phoenix after he made a copy of Pete's card when he gave him a new jacket.

Tuesday February 7 1989.
They set up a meet in a mall to capture Papillion at noon but it goes wrong and Pete gets poisoned and Michael is taken hostage. MacGyver gives Pete an antidote and later they manage to foil Papillion's plans but Michael gets shot.

Between Wednesday February 8 1989 and Monday February 13 1989.
Michael is walking on crutches and says he will get a reduced sentence for his cooperation but will have to serve time. Pete tells him he will help him no matter what.

The Battle of Tommy Giordano: Saturday February 18 1989.
MacGyver helps out a colleague from the Phoenix Foundation getting her 8-year old son back from her ex-husband, Richard Giordano. MacGyver considers her son as a good friend of his since he gave him a bath and got wetter than Tommy. Tommy was supposed to live with his mother after she divorced his father, but Richard has other plans and kidnaps Tommy to stay with him. They run to Canada.

Sunday February 19 1989.
MacGyver and Mary Ruth travel to Canada to bring Tommy back. At night they manage to get Tommy out after they find out another crime family has made the Catano's their target, including Tommy after both families got into trouble in the past few months. They travel to Alberta Canada probably to the Edmonton International Airport. A flight that would take 03 hours and 02 minutes over a distance of 1358,9 miles (2187 km).

Monday February 20 1989.
MacGyver, Mary Ruth and Tommy are back in Pete's office playing with the car MacGyver made for him.

The Challenge: Wednesday February 23 1989.
MacGyver is working at the Challenger's Club when Ray one of the kids there is accused of stealing a van of a white supremacist who wants the Club shut down. When Ray is believed by the city council Larson goes after Booker the club's owner and kills him blaming one of the gang for it.

Thursday February 24 1989.
MacGyver and Ray figure out Larson killed him. MacGyver confronts Larson in a severe fight over his crime and has him arrested.

Between Friday February 25 1989 and Monday February 27 1989.
Booker has his funeral, Ray convinced Breeze to join the Challenger's Club. MacGyver arranged a pool table to be delivered after he just happened to be in the neighborhood. Cynthia seems at peace with Booker's passing.

Two Times Trouble: March 1989.
Carla is released after spending more than a year in Pine Valley after her nervous breakdown. After her release the girls goes climbing together on Last Arrow. Roxy was in the lead but she fell. Carla called out to get to the ledge but Roxy couldn't reach it. When she tried to reach it, Carla would be dragged along, so Roxy cut her own ropes to save Carla.

Runners: Thursday March 9 1989.
MacGyver meets Crystal, whose real name is actually Jennifer Reiner. She's whoring for a guy named Snakeskin. MacGyver takes her to the Challenger's Club, where she steals his wallet and goes back to Snakeskin. MacGyver gets her away from him and takes her to the police station for stealing his wallet but she wants to stay with him. They get to know each other and tell each other stories on their past. MacGyver tells about the car accident his father and grandmother were in.

Friday March 10 1989.
They meet Jennifer's father, Jim. In an argument he hits his daughter and she runs away again. MacGyver goes after her to get her out once more and Jennifer stops her father from shooting Snakeskin.

Between Saturday March 11 and Monday March 13 1989.
After getting her and her father's counselling and supervised visitations arranged MacGyver and Jennifer say goodbye.

(Note: MacGyver says he was 7 at the time when his father and grandmother died which is impossible. They died in 1962. If he was 7 at the time he would've been born in 1955. There is a lot more proof he was older, since he was 8 in 1960 and in a later, more important episode Passages, he says he was ten, which adds up a lot more to it.)

Renegade: Thursday March 16 1989.
Marie Morrison tries to reach Commander Hilliard to help Steve but he kissed her off with a standard form letter. One of those letters was sent to the Morrisons' on that day.

Gold Rush: Between Monday March 20 1989 and Monday March 27 1989.
MacGyver had a week of vacation but he was send to Alaska instead to lead an US/Soviet expedition to find a cargo of gold that went lost in World War II. The two pilots froze to the death as they remained with the gold. The cave they hid the gold in was set full of traps. The gold was found to support the children of Armenia. If it took as long as in Ghost Ship to get there it was a flight 03 hours and 59 minutes over a distance of 1844,9 miles (2969 km).

The Invisible Killer: Monday April 3 1989.
MacGyver is supposed to lead a team of Phoenix-employees on a five-day hike through the wilderness in a stress-relief program. The day the program begins a prison bus crashed on the road in the area. Two of them infiltrated in the team posing as Phoenix employees. On their hike they meet Liz, a forest ranger.

Tuesday April 4 1989.
It becomes clear who the escaped convicts are. MacGyver rescues Liz and together they makes sure the escaped convicts are arrested again. The stress-relief program would've been restarted in name of the people who got killed.

Brainwashed: Between Monday April 10 1989 and Friday April 14 1989.
MacGyver and Jack Dalton are being honoured for helping Kimbala out with an irregationproject to battle the drought in the country. MacGyver discovered a way to divert a mountain runoff to the drought area. Their flight would take 17 hours and 29 minutes over a distance of 8722.2 miles (14037 km).

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday April 15 1989.
The student protests in China on the Tianamen Square begins after the General Secretary of the Communist Party Hu Yaobang dies of a heart attack. The protests would last almost seven weeks. It starts quite small but students kept gathering from all over China and everything became more serious.

Brainwashed: Saturday April 15 1989 and Sunday April 16 1989.
After they come back from Kimbala, Pete and Jack takes a weekend off.

Monday April 17 1989.
President Dakra arrives in Los Angeles to honour MacGyver and Jack for their work in Kimbala.

Tuesday April 18 1989.
A ceremony will be held for MacGyver and Jack Dalton. It turns out Jack and Pete were pawns to kill President Dakra.

Wednesday April 19 1989.
Pete is deprogrammed from his brainwashing.

(Note: this episode originally airs on Monday April 24 1989.)

Off The Wall: Sunday April 23 1989.
Inspector Gladston is fired from the Building and Safety Department.

Easy Target: Saturday April 29 1989.
MacGyver and Pete are on a ski trip. Pete was asked to fill up the Jeep when he goes for pizza that night.

Sunday April 30 1989.
Coming back a little cranky from the ski trip, MacGyver and Pete are being held hostage by terrorists who tried to take down a whole city with an EMP-weapon. Their group is called the Black Dove Front and they want their leader General Shakti released.

(Note: this episode airs on May 1 1989.)

Renegade: Tuesday May 2 1989.
Steve Morrison, a man who once saved MacGyver's life during an assignment in Germany steals anthrax from the Phoenix Labs to sell it for money. MacGyver meets Pete who was reviewing reasearch and development funding proposal for the board meeting that was set on coming Thursday May 4 1989.

Wednesday May 3 1989.
Steve is about to move away with his wife. MacGyver is coming after him to get the anthrax back. Steve gets shot in the shoulder during the sell. Marie later says she wrote the commander to talk Steve into surgery.

Monday May 8 1989.
MacGyver picks up Steve and his wife from the hospital after his surgery.

Children of Light/The Stringer: Saturday May 13 1989.
The Chinese students starts a hunger strike on the Tienamen Square. Mikhail Gorbachev would arrive on Monday May 15 1989.

Unfinished Business: Monday May 15 1989.
While following Jack Dalton into a goldmining expedition, MacGyver, Pete and Jack recall old adventures they have been through. But once Pete gets kidnapped by a stalker they go down some memorable villains they ran into in the past year including Matt Webber, Murdoc and Deborah.

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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