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Gates, Duct Tape, and Escapes, Prologue
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Posted: 14 August 2011 - 01:13 AM                                    
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****NOTE: In this fanfiction, Mac and Jack are the same person (so original). Neither the SGC or Jack's team know he was MacGyver. Also, this is my first ever MacGyver OR SG-1 fanfiction....EVER....so please be nice. I OWN NOTHING USED IN THE FOLLOWING STORY; I am just the insignificant insect that is a fan biggrin.gif****

Gates, Duct Tape, and Escapes

Colonel Jack O'Niell glared at his reflection in the mirror. Even though he had long since lost the mullet he had in his days as Angus MacGyver, he still had that annoying tuft of hair on the top of his head that stood straight up.

Sighing slightly, he attempted to smooth it down. He could almost hear a sproing noise as it popped right back up. Annoyed by his untamable hair, he yanked on his combat boots, troubled, seemingly for no reason. Something was bothering him, but he just couldn't place it. It was simply a feeling that something was going to go horribly wrong. During his days as MacGyver, that gut feeling usually meant he was going to get poisoned, shot at, betrayed, or his supply of duct tape was going to run out.

Either way, it was bad. One of the reasons he had “become” Jack O'Niell was so that old enemies (especially Murdoc, the man who refused to die) couldn't track him down. The fact that as MacGyver, he hated guns, and now he used them pretty much on a daily basis, deepened his cover. He thought this was a good idea, but he still hated them.

He had to hide most of his intellect so that he wouldn't raise too many questions. Which, quite frankly, drove him nuts. The superior officers would order and expensive piece of machinery to fix another expensive piece of machinery, when all they needed to do was patch up the circuit board.

The one flaw in his plan was the fact that he had fallen for someone—his friend and teammate, Samantha Carter. He hadn't planned on that, knowing that if old enemies tracked him down as Jack, they would try to use her as a bargaining chip.

Of course, he couldn't-wouldn't-let that happen. Sam was his friend, as where his other teammates-Daniel Jackson, and the Jaffa, Teal'c. He hadn't planned on becoming close friends with them, but it happened. Most likely through all their near-death experiences together.

And, it's funny, as MacGyver, he hadn't believed in aliens, but now, he was visiting them on a daily basis, which further deepened his cover. The only things about him he kept the same was his appearance (even though he got rid of the mullet before he joined the SGC), and his sarcasm.

“C'mon Jack, you'll be late.” he muttered, walking out the door. Another normal day at the SGC

It's not very good, I know, but things'll get better next chapter...hopefully.

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