MacGyverisms that aren't normally acknowledged.
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Posted: 20 July 2016 - 02:26 PM                                    
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I've looked through some sites that listed all the MacGyverisms in each episode and noticed that a lot of times, there are more simplistic MacGyverisms that are overlooked.

Like in the Widowmaker, MacGyver uses a mattress as a shield against Murdoc's flamethrower and then blocks the door with it to slow Murdoc down. Later, he rigs up harnesses for himself and Nikki with the leftover rope on the side of the mountain, and then uses the bag of climbing powder to temporarily blind Murdoc. Typically, only the arc welder and using the bracelet to send Morse code through the telephone line are listed because they're more science-y.

At times, I think the more simplistic 'isms are more useful than the really complex ones that end up only being noisy distractions.

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