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MacGyver - Children Of The United Nations part 5, Rated R for violence and some language
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Posted: 12 September 2018 - 05:06 AM                                    
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Welcome to chapter five and the first chapter I have fully written since the beginning of this years long hiatus. So this one and everything else that follows is completely new for everyone. It's a long one too, 27 pages. We see MacGyver and Sam return from England and Egypt but their problems are only beginning. Also Nikki might be on to something. And speaking of Nikki... Since MacGyver and Nikki are in a relationship together, this chapter contains a brief moment of sex. Feel free to skip it but it really was a spur of the moment thing. I never planned to write a sex scene in it but it came real spontaneous like. It was just so fitting, I had to write it, so I just went along with it. Those are mostly the moments what makes writing so fun, if something unexpected pops up. Anyway, enough talking, enjoy chapter 5 of my story.

You can find the previous chapter here.

(Typical MacGyver-coming-home music is heard)
Chapter V
Back at the Camp
The following day

MacGyver and Sam arrived back at Camp United. The place looked deserted and the sky was grey. No sunshine in sight but it was warm. MacGyver and Sam shared a look when they got off the airstrip and observed the area. They walked around the lake to the little bridge that would lead them back to the main Phoenix building.
Despite the change in the island's atmosphere people were still working there and preparing the outside wall to hang up the Phoenix Foundation logo on the side. (The music stops here)
Before going any further Sam stopped his father. 'Dad, why don't you go on without me? I'm beat.'
'I'm tired too, Sam,' MacGyver said.
'You mind?'
'No. Go ahead. I'm going to go brief Pete and Nikki on our findings, then I'll be hitting the sack too.'
Sam left when MacGyver opened the door of the main Phoenix building. He was about to go in when his eye caught Nigel wandering down the path towards the lake. The boy seemed totally oblivious of his surroundings and had an uninterested look in his eyes that worried MacGyver. MacGyver walked up to him: 'Hey, Nigel.'
The boy looked up to him. 'What do you want?' he asked.
'Well, I'm back from England. I visited your parents.'
'My parents?' the boy asked.
'I saw your father at least, thanks to an old friend of mine.'
'Elise Moran?'
'That's right. You do know her,' MacGyver nodded and continued. 'She brought me to your father and he told me your favorite toy is a Guy Fawkes doll, right?'
'So, I went to pick it for you. I hope it makes you feel a little less homesick.' MacGyver took the doll out of his bag. 'You hid it really well since you didn't want it burned as all the other kids do on November the 5th. Ironically,' MacGyver grinned, 'you hid it behind the open fireplace of all places. Here.' MacGyver gave him the doll. Nigel took the doll and looked at it as if he never saw it before and then he glanced at MacGyver. His eyes darted between the doll and MacGyver. Finally Nigel asked why he didn't want the doll to be burned. MacGyver explained he loved the doll.
'That's like the stupidest reason, I've ever heard,' Nigel cried out.
MacGyver raised his eyebrows as if he was to say: 'Really?'
'You know what I'll do to this stupid doll?'
MacGyver gave him a questioned look and before he knew Nigel struck on a match and burned the doll. MacGyver's mouth fell open. 'What the...'
'It's a stupid doll and I hate this camp and I hate you,' Nigel yelled and ran away leaving MacGyver in shock. He still stood there when Pete came out of the Phoenix building.
'MacGyver, you're back,' he said.
'Huh?' MacGyver mumbled.
Pete walked up to him. 'I said, you're back.'
'No, I'm shocked, Pete.'
'What? What happened?'
'I ran into Nigel when I was on my way in, so I gave him the Guy Fawkes doll from home and he just burned it.'
'He just lit up a match and *woof*... Guy Fawkes became toast.'
Pete groaned. 'The kids are acting all very strange since the day you left for England. Something is very wrong here. The rations have nearly been depleted and lots of the logistics too. We've send a message to the mainland for a food order. Jack and James are on their way. Otherwise we're not going to last long.'
'What about the supplies in the basement?'
'Corn in a can, won't feed us all.'
'Yeah,' MacGyver said and stretched out a bit.
'So, where's Sam?'
'To his cabin. He was beat and so am I. I'm ready for a long snooze.'
'Well, you'll get it, but first we're going to go to the conference room. Nikki is waiting for you there.'
'Alright then.'

MacGyver and Pete went into the main building to the conference room. Nikki was indeed waiting for him there. 'MacGyver, you're back,' she said and they hugged. 'So what did you find out?'
'For starters, I found this postcard in England,' MacGyver said while taking it out of his bag. 'It's signed by Nigel but the spelling is just terrible for his doing.'
'You're right,' Nikki said and handed the postcard to Pete.
'Yeah, and look at the post stamp,' Pete noticed. 'It's dated from before the camp was open.'
'Exactly,' MacGyver said. 'Then when I went to Egypt, I got this little note from Cheone. She writes that she likes it here.'
Pete and Nikki shared a look.
'Yeah, a postcard from Nigel who doesn't like it here and a note from Cheone who does like it here.'
'Two contradicting notes,' Nikki said.
'Yeah,' MacGyver said, 'and besides that I ran into our HIT-friends in England. They wanted the doll for some reason.'
'What doll?' Nikki asked.
'You know I went to England to get some toys for Nigel, right? Well, I made contact with Elise Moran, remember her?'
'You told me about her.'
'The daughter of that friend of yours, who got killed a few years ago?' Pete asked.
'That's her. She brought us to Nigel's family in London after she told me what his favorite toy was.'
'The Guy Fawkes doll,' Pete realized.
'Yep. He just burned it in front of me.'
'What?' Nikki asked. 'Why?'
'Well, it is tradition that all the Guy Fawkes dolls get burned on November the 5th since the conspiracy in the early 17th century. Only Nigel didn't want his to get burned so he hid it behind an open fireplace of all places.'
'That was smart,' Nikki said. 'They wouldn't look for it there.'
'Then what happened?' Pete asked.
'Well, on our way out we bumped into Murdoc and Sonya and Nicholas. They took the doll and ran for it. We chased them, they chased us, there was a fight and a freak accident.'
'What accident?' Pete and Nikki asked at the same time.
MacGyver saw they were getting intrigued and decided to spice the story by saying: 'This is the fun part. I ended up on the hood of the car and Sam came along on a motorcycle. He managed to get into the speeding car from the motorcycle and take the doll back. After he jumped out, Murdoc lost control of the car and I lost my grip so I fell off. Not long after, the car hit a tree. Bang! That was the last time we saw them.'
'We haven't heard from them either,' Pete said. 'But clearly we haven't seen the last of them.'
'Afraid not. They hit a tree, but I don't think they're dead. We gotta keep our eyes open.'
'Then what happened in Egypt?' Nikki wanted to know.
'You never guess, who I ran into there, Pete.'
Pete thought for a moment. 'Hakim?'
'Can't be. He's dead,' MacGyver said. 'No, I ran into his buddy Tarik.'
'Wait, who's Tarik?' Nikki wanted to know.
'Tarik was that bastard who threw me off the parking building, seven years ago.'
'The coma thing?'
'So what happened?' Pete wondered.
'Let's just call it poetic justice,' MacGyver said gloating.
'Fell of a building?'
'Let's leave it at, yeah,' MacGyver said and made a whistling sound while he lift up his hand and made it smack on the table.
'Did you kill him?' Nikki asked.
'He fell off the roof, that's the truth.'
'But not an answer to my question.'
'My last move got him off the roof, but I didn't want to kill him. The fact that we were chased in those two countries makes everything kind of sensitive.'
'Yeah, it does,' Pete said. 'I think it's better we keep this to ourselves. MacGyver keep those notes somewhere safe.'
'I think, I know where I'll keep them, Pete.'
'Good, don't tell us just in case HIT might try something.'
'Oh, I know where he's going to put them,' Nikki smiled.
MacGyver raised his eyebrows a couple of times before asking: 'So where is everybody else?'
'Well, like I said, Jack and James are on their way to bring in the food. Cynthia is keeping herself busy with the kids and Eric is around here some place,' Pete explained.
'Don't you think we should notifiy Eric about all this?' Nikki asked.
'Why isn't he here in the first place?' MacGyver asked.
Somebody knocked on the door. It was Eric.
'Oh, here you are,' he said walking in. 'Did I miss anything?'
'You actually did,' MacGyver said. 'We've just finished our briefing.'
'Oh. And?'
'The kids are acting weird.'
'Yeah, no kidding. As if I didn't know that already,' Eric responded a little annoyed.
'Where were you, anyway?' MacGyver asked while putting away his findings without Eric noticing.
Eric did not like that question at all. 'MacGyver, let's get something straight. I don't answer to you, but in case you want to know where I was, I was finishing up the paper work for that food order we send to the mainland.'
MacGyver's and Eric's eyes locked into a staredown until Pete broke them up.
'Guys, come on, break it up. Eric, MacGyver is here as our island inspector and he has the right to ask those questions. We all answer to him.'
'That's easy for you to say. You're the one who hired him.'
'Oh, Eric, please,' Nikki said.
'This is not Jurassic Park, people,' Eric said. 'This is a safe island for these kids.'
'Safety isn't the problem, Eric, but the kids are. There's something fishy going on here and I like to figure out what. Until I do, you'll answer to me.'
'I'm beginning to believe you don't trust me, MacGyver.'
'I didn't say that, Eric. I was only asking where you were, that's all.'
'I'm sorry,' Eric apologized. 'I'm just a little nervous. Those people from HIT are nosing around, the kids are acting strange, things have been disappearing: the food, those hoverboards... Something tells me this is only the beginning of our problems.'
'That's why we'll get to the bottom of this. But now, I'm tired and I want to sleep.'
'Then go get some, you'll need it,' Eric said and left.
Pete let out some air, while Nikki shook her head and MacGyver raised his eyebrows and relaxed. 'You don't trust him?' Pete asked.
'Can't say I do. Can't say I don't,' MacGyver answered.
'Why?' Nikki asked.
'I don't know yet. You gotta know Eric a little bit.'
'He's a hothead, that's for sure.'
'You think we shouldn't have brought him aboard?' Pete asked.
'After everything I went through with Lisa our relationship turned a little cold, though I still want to consider him as my friend. But he's got his way of doing business. Woodman Steel always bought up companies that were going down the drain and closed it down. That's how he made his entire fortune.'
'It's all about the money, huh?' Nikki said.
'Just keep an eye on him and we'll see afterwards,' MacGyver yawned. 'I'm going to my cabin if you need me. I really need to sleep.'
MacGyver left the duo and walked back outside.

The sky was still thick and grey and it looked like it was going to rain soon. Everybody else was gone now. He'd better hurry to the supplies basement and hide the evidence he found on Nigel and Cheone. He pushed down the code to open the doors and walked down the wooden stairs, turning on the light. Down the stairs he looked for the board he worked on a couple of days earlier and opened it again. The hole was still there and he took out the two letters he had but before he put him in there a thought occured in his mind and looked around. Near the canned corn he found a little plastic bag and placed the letters in there before placing them under the floor. He placed the board back in the floor and was about to go back outside when he heard a voice. A child's voice to be exact. 'Hey, Mr. MacGyver, what'cha doing down there?'
MacGyver looked up and saw Kumoken standing there. 'Nothing,' he replied. 'What are you doing out there?'
'Nothing,' the boy said.
'I'm bored. I want to play a game.'
'What game?'
The boy grinned. 'It's called... escape or die.'
'Escape or die?'
'Yeah, and it goes like this...' Kumoken slammed the doors shut and placed the lock back on. 'Slam-O!' (Tense music comes up)
'Hey! Kumoken!' MacGyver ran up the stairs and heard Kumoken running away laughing. 'Kumoken! Get back here. Kumoken! Damn!' He looked between the cracks of the door but no one was to be seen. MacGyver banged his hands against the door which moved but didn't open. He was going to have to open the doors one way or another. MacGyver went back down the stairs and stood in the middle of basement looking around. There were no grenades this time to tape them at the door. His eye caught the lawnmower, the fishing hook, the electrical cable and the sockets. His lightbulb went on. He moved the lawnmower to the middle of the room where there was the most light and turned it upside down. The blades were a little rusty but still razor sharp. With his Swiss Army Knife he started to take the lawnmower apart until he got to the motor and took it out. The motor was heavy and the blades were attached to it. Pull the cord and it would still work fine... hopefully. MacGyver already had his doubts about the thing but mowing his way out seemed the only way out, if it would start. MacGyver opened the gasoline cap and went with his finger in.
'Empty. Of course,' he sighed.
MacGyver looked at the same spot where the lawnmower stood. Tucked away in the dark corner there, he saw a damaged jerrycan of gasoline. The steel nozzle was bended but the can was still half full. He fiddled with the nozzle a bit to see if he could get it straight but no such luck. Instead he stabbed the can repeatedly with his knife to make a hole up top. The smell of gasoline reached his nose. He wriggled the knife in the hole and made it big enough so he could pour the gasoline in the lawnmower's motor and closed the cap.
'Now, that's that,' he said but then he saw another problem.
There was no cord to start the motor!
'I don't believe it!'
His finger went over the hole were the cord should've been. He took the plastic top of the motor with his knife and looked on the inside. He saw the switch where the cord had been attached to to start the motor but the cord has totally been cut off. He looked up and saw the fishing hook on the back wall. He took it and pulled the hook. The line gave in and rolled over the floor. With his knife he cut off a piece of the line, long enough to replace the cord. He made a nooze on one end of the line and attached it to the switch inside of the motor. The fishhook went through the hole of the plastic top of the motor where the original cord was and he placed the plastic top back on the motor. He took the electrical cable and attached one end into the feeder of the motor and placed the other end in the electrical socket in the wall. He carried the motor up the stairs and set it on the last step. Now he had to figure a way of how he would be able to press the motor against the door. He observed the door and noticed that the edges of the plastic top would fit right in the cracks of the door. All he had to do was to start the motor and fit the plastic top in the cracks and push so the blades would cut through the wood. He pulled the fishline to start the motor. The motor roared but didn't start. He pulled the line again and again and again until the motor groaned and started up. Carefully he took the sides of the motor so he wouldn't cut off his own fingers and placed the motor against the door. The blades were going like a propeller now against the wood that began to desintigrate. MacGyver kept pushing while the motor cut his way through the door. The door gave in and MacGyver felt it. He was out! He turned off the motor and placed it outside. MacGyver removed the electrical cable and threw it back in the supplies basement. (The music becomes uplifting and fades away)
'Next time, I'll use a chainsaw.'
'MacGyver, what happened?' Nikki asked when she came outside.
'Kumoken locked me up in there.'
'Yeah, I was down below hiding the evidence and he showed up saying he wanted to play a game and the next thing I knew he locked the doors.'
'How did you got out?'
'Fishinghook and lawnmower.'
'A lawnmower?' she asked baffled.
'Yeah, it's what they use to mow the lawn, Nikki,' he said sarcastic.
'I know that,' she laughed and hit him on his arm.
'I used the motor against the door to mow my way out.'
'And where does the fishinghook come in?'
'The line I used as a replacement for the cord which was missing to start it up.'
'Well, that was inventive.'
MacGyver nodded.
'So now what? You want to find Kumoken?'
MacGyver shook his head. 'No. I just want to sleep.'
'MacGyver, he locked you up. We can't tolerate that kind of behaviour.'
'If you want to go talk to him, talk to him, but take Cynthia with you. Tell her and Pete. I'm going to my cabin now. I haven't had a good sleep since I left for England.'
MacGyver and Nikki parted ways. Raindrops began falling and MacGyver hurried to his cabin. Dead-tired he fell on his bed into a deep sleep when it started to pour outside. The rain was ticking against the windows making a soothing sound.

Nikki came near the door of Pete's office and knocked.
'Come in,' he said.
Nikki entered the office that looked similar to Pete's office at the Phoenix Foundation. He was sitting behind his desk, looking at a couple of files.
'Nikki, what's up?'
'Kumoken had MacGyver locked up in the supplies basement.'
'What? How?'
'Well, he was hiding the evidence like we agreed and Kumoken must've seen him there. Probably thought it was fun to lock him up there.'
'Did he got out?'
'Pete...,' Nikki rolled her eyes.
'Dumb question,' he said. 'How?'
'With a fishinghook and a lawnmower.'
Pete gave her a puzzled look.
'I was baffled myself.'
'I don't want to know,' Pete said remembering all the times MacGyver made an escape in the most impossible ways. 'Where is he now?'
'He's gone to his cabin, trying to get some sleep.'
'Good. Let him be for now.'
'I think we need to talk to Kumoken about this. This kind of behaviour should not go unpunished.'
'All the kids are acting weird right now, Nikki. If we punish one, we should punish them all. But things are already enough out of control as it is. We don't want to lose this island to the hands of HIT.'
'You're right, Pete.'
'If it makes you feel any better, talk to Cynthia and let her talk to Kumoken.'
'That's what MacGyver said and that's why I'm here. Do you know where she is?'
'She was setting up one of the classrooms where they were going to have peace talks.'
'Guess, I'll find her there then. Thanks, Pete,' she said and left.
Nikki walked through the hallway and passed by Eric's office who was on the phone. She stopped and began to eavesdrop.
'Yes,' Eric said. 'No. If anything bad happens here, the island will go to HIT. I'll make sure of that. Yes. Oh, yes. No. MacGyver won't be a problem.'
Nikki frowned when she heard that.
'No. I don't want him dead, only out of the way. Despite our past differences, he was always good to my daughter.'
Whoever was on the other end of the line insisted on killing MacGyver.
No!' Eric yelled and got up from his chair. 'I said: I don't want him dead or our deal is off. Can't get that through your thick skull? If you don't like my way of doing business, get someone else. I'll handle MacGyver. When he is away next time, we can start our negotiations. A deal with an amount of this kind of money is not done with simple signature. A little scribble won't do. This will take months to be arranged. Yes. Good. We'll keep in touch.' Frustrated he hung up the phone.
Nikki let everything she heard get through to her. Eric was not to be trusted after all. He was going to mess things up so the island will be going to HIT and he was going to betray MacGyver.
'Not on my watch,' she whispered and raised her fist to knock on the door when she heard him coming. He came near the door and took his vest from the hanger. If he only turned around he would've seen her. Nikki changed her mind and continued walking down the hall. She made it to the door of another office when she heard Eric coming out of his and walking in the other direction. Not knowing what to do or where Eric was going, she would go find Cynthia first to talk about Kumoken before she would notify Pete and MacGyver on what she had find out about Eric. She decided she would keep an eye on him.

A few hours later MacGyver was still in a deep sleep when suddenly a rock was thrown in his window. The shattering glass woke him with such a shock that he fell out of his bed. He quickly oriented himself of his surroundings and saw the rock and the broken glass. He looked outside. It was almost nightfall. The sky was dark and the rain has become a full blown storm. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled, wind was blowing, rain was pouring. He turned on the lights. 'Aw, man!'
MacGyver began picking up the pieces. He placed the shards on the table and looked at the rock. It was just a rock. There was nothing on it, no note or anything. Puzzled he looked at it and lifted his shoulders. He had no explanation for it. He looked through the window again and for moment he thought he heard a children's laughter but it could've been the wind too. This was no weather for children to be playing outside. It was raining inside now. He looked around to see what could help to cover the hole in the window. He saw a small cabinet underneath the desk and opened it. The cabinet door was attached with screws that he could unscrew with his knife and so he did. He unscrewed the door and placed it against the hole in the window. It would have to do for now.
'Can I come in?' a voice said and MacGyver turned around and saw Nikki. She was soaked from the rain.
'If you scrub off your feet,' he said and gave her a towel from the closet.
She dried off her face and head, messing up her hair. 'It's raining outside.'
'No!' MacGyver joked.
'What happened here?' she asked.
'Well,' he said and picked up the rock that was thrown in, 'this was thrown through the window while I was asleep.'
MacGyver tossed the rock up and down in his hand a few times.
'You know who it was?' she asked while putting the towel down.
'That, I don't.'
'You think it was Kumoken again?'
MacGyver lifted his shoulders. 'Could've been anyone. Did you talk to Cynthia?'
'She would talk to Kumoken about what he did today.'
'Than, I don't think he did this. It would only make things worse.'
'Can't imagine you're being hunted by a kid.'
'Everyone always wants me away. Even kids apparently.'
'Talking about getting out of the way. I think Eric is up to something and wants you out of the way.'
'What else is new?' he said dryly.
'MacGyver, I'm serious. I heard him talking on the phone.'
'Have you been eavesdropping?' he asked squinting his eyes.
'Yes, I did and will you let me finish? I was on my way to Cynthia when I passed his office. He was on the phone saying that you wouldn't be a problem and that he would make sure the island would go to HIT.'
'Of course he would,' MacGyver said.
'You knew?'
'No, but that's the way he does business.'
'He also said the next time you're away he will start negotiatons.'
MacGyver thought for a moment. 'I think we better keep this for ourselves.'
'I agree.'
'Just tell Pete and tell him to keep the property papers out of Eric's hands.'
'Got it. But what will you do if you have to leave again?'
'Depending on the needs of the kids, I think it's better we try to save what still can be saved. This project is too important to fall in the wrong hands. If it means I have to leave the island again, so be it. Eric does not know we know and we have to keep it that way. That's why we have to keep the property papers out of his hands. He's nothing without it. If that buys us time to get everything back on track, that's how we'll play.'
There was a moment of silence.
'Was there anything else why you came for?' he asked.
'Yeah,' she said and took his hand. 'To see if you were awake.'
'Well, I am now. Thanks to my little friend here,' he said and showed her the rock. He placed it on the table and caressed her face. (The track The Wedding Night from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein starts playing here)

'I missed you,' she said quietly.
'I missed you too,' he said equally quiet.
Their faces came closer and their lips gently touched each other. She placed her arms around his neck, while he placed his on her hips. Their mouths opened and they began kissing more intensely. MacGyver moved his head down and kissed Nikki's neck. She closed her eyes as she enjoyed. He came back up and they stared in each others eyes. His hands moved to her blouse and unbuttoned the first two top buttons, revealing more cleavage. A black bra became visible. He moved to her chest and kissed it. She caressed his head while he was busy. She was aroused and wanted more. They shared one more kiss before she removed his T-shirt. Now she was touching his chest and felt his muscles reflex. She took his hand again and pulled him towards the bed. They sat down as he completely unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. He gently pushed her on the bed while they kept kissing. They were slithering over each other while more clothes came off and they got tangled in the sheets. She sat on top of him when he unhooked her bra and revealed her breasts. She started to ride on him and worked her way to her climax. Her breathing became more intense with every second. Also MacGyver was about to reach his climax and looked at her intensely while she was enjoying with her eyes closed. He started to breath heavier and so did she. She opened her eyes and looked straight in his dark eyes. They felt the connection they had been looking for for so long. She was his and he was hers. She bit her lip as they kept going and going until at last they both had an orgasm. Nikki bended over and kissed him. She placed her head on his chest to recuperate from the effort. MacGyver closed his arms around her and kissed her head. (The music ends here)

About an hour later MacGyver woke up again. Nikki was vast asleep. Outside the storm was still going. Lightning flashed, thunder rumbled and the rain was still ticking on the windows. MacGyver felt pretty good after what happened an hour earlier. Frankly, he hasn't felt this good in seven months. The recovery, the surgeries... he had such a hard time and it was from long before the school drama he had been together with Nikki like this. When they got to know each other their relationship was a little on the rocky side but eventually they found one another, even if it took a couple of years. They've been through a lot together. They met when her brother was killed by Amir Sumal and had to catch him redhanded with his hand in the cookie jar. After that they went to East Germany as a married couple to find a crashed airplane that was also looked after by the then Soviets. They met a man named Starkoss who was a psychic. He told MacGyver he would love Nikki some day. Who knew?
When MacGyver's friend Mike Forrester died, MacGyver hit a lowpoint in his life. Depressed over her demise and after Pete's attempt to bring him back, she looked him up in Pete's cabin. Her direct approach didn't sit well with him at first but when Murdoc chased them down the mountain, he was able to get rid of him and save Nikki from falling off the mountain. When that adventure was over Nikki officially joined the Phoenix Foundation. They bickered over working methods but when Nikki witnessed a bombing on her first day, her life became threatened by the bomber. MacGyver had to dig in her past to find connections. Something she didn't like even after she came to him for help. She cried when he found out she lied about her divorce and that her husband was killed in a car bomb and she feared something might happen to him as well if he interfered. The bomber got killed by the men who hired him and MacGyver, Pete and Nikki had the men arrested before they were able to bomb their next target.
Little while later, Nikki met Matt Webber at Phoenix while MacGyver and Pete were in the nuclear disarming project. During that project a massive explosion happened involving three deaths and eight wounded. Pete took full responsibility and retired from Phoenix and appointed Matt as his successor. But from as soon as he took Pete's position he started to shove everything around including Nikki. MacGyver started to snoop around for Pete to Nikki's dismay but together they stumbled on Matt's motives to have Pete removed from Phoenix while they were getting close to solidify their relationships with the president of Sambaka. After undoing Matt's doings, MacGyver, Nikki and Pete took on an environmental study on the building of a new marina. MacGyver was concerned about the environmental impact on the location of the marina and asked the judge for a 3 week study followed by a possible 18 month study. The project developers had other plans and tried several things to make him change his mind. In the end they send Deborah, a negotiator to do whatever it takes to change his mind. They had a brief relationship. One that Nikki seemed to approve. Before she attempted to kill MacGyver, she paid Nikki a visit who wasn't home at the time but killed the dog she was babysitting. Horrified she called MacGyver to tell him what happened. The next day it was MacGyver's turn as he got blown off the boat he was on. The explosion blinded him for a while but Deborah still had plans for him and tried to kill him in an abandoned warehouse during a storm. He zapped Deborah and got her arrested. Eventually she confessed everything and the project was stopped. He met Deborah two years later when she died in their final confrontation. Nikki then moved to the background in MacGyver's life but they always stayed in touch, working together every now and then. MacGyver still had several women in his life afterwards but nothing too serious. Nothing like Nikki. It wasn't until the last three years or so, they started to grow closer and eventually and carefully made the commitment. She understood him better then anyone before and respected his wishes about keeping the relationship a secret. He already sacrificed his fear of commitment for her, the least she could do was honor his wish to keep it a secret. She was fine with it and she knew it was only going to be the two of them. She didn't want children and Sam was about twenty-seven. She was sure he wasn't waiting for a little brother or sister. She loved them both and the idea of having a secretive relationship excited her even though with Murdoc around she knew they were in danger but the man lying next to her, wouldn't let anything happen to her.
MacGyver caressed her head while he was looking outside to the lightning. A blue flash lit up the sky and thunder struck while the rain tapped the windows. Nikki moaned a bit in her sleep. MacGyver looked at her while he fondled with her hair. MacGyver looked up just when lightning flashed again and saw... Murdoc looking through the windows. (The track Roof Intruder of Signs starts here)

Thunder struck again. Startled he jumped up without making a sound. Nikki barely noticed anything in her sleep. 'What?' she whispered sleepy.
'Nothing,' he whispered back. 'Go back to sleep.'
Nikki turned over to lay on her other side and this gave MacGyver the chance to get out of bed and to quickly get dressed.
'Don't be too long,' Nikki mumbled before she fell back asleep.
MacGyver didn't even hear it. He ran back outside in the pouring rain. He was immediately drenched and looked around. He knew he saw Murdoc but nobody was there. Did he dream it? MacGyver looked around and hoped each lightning flash would give away Murdoc's hiding place, wherever he is hiding.
MacGyver was about to go back in his cabin when he heard a branch snap. It seemed to have come from behind his cabin. He walked to the corner of the cabin and waited before making his next move. Murdoc's evil laughter was heard. When MacGyver turned around the corner, he came to a part of the island he was never been before. It was an open storage area behind the main Phoenix building and his cabin. There were a couple of Phoenix-tents installed there and also a couple of SUV's were parked there with big tanks of gasoline stashed against the wall.
Behind the main Phoenix building there was scaffolding. On top of the scaffolding was the large Phoenix Foundation logo that was meant to be installed on the side. MacGyver walked forward past the tents and noticed the area ended near a cliff. He walked to the edge of the cliff and looked into it. The lightning lit up the cliff a bit but he couldn't see the bottom. On the left there seemed to be a path going down the cliff. MacGyver heard Murdoc's laugh again. It seemed to have come from the tents. MacGyver slowly moved towards the tent. The entrance flap was waving in the wind. He reached out his hand and carefully moved the flap aside and stuck his head in. The tent was dark and deserted. There was just some equipment in there like generators. The tent wasn't that big either. Maybe it came from the other tent, he figured. He also went to the other tent but it was pretty much the same. Dark, deserted with some equipment. MacGyver walked back outside and was about to go back to his cabin when he heard the laugh again. Now it came from behind him. MacGyver walked back to the edge of the cliff. Did it came from back there? He found the path leading the down the cliff and walked it all the way down. Then he ran deeper into the jungle, just straight ahead. He ran further away from the path when he heard Murdoc laughing again. It echoed through the jungle. MacGyver stopped in his tracks to see where it came from but there was nothing but trees. Frustrated he threw his head back and screamed: 'Murdoc!!!'
Lightning flashed again and thunder struck when the name echoed through the trees. (The music fades away here) MacGyver rubbed over his face, turned around and walked back into the direction of the path. Meanwhile the wind stuck up. It was blowing the trees back and forth. He reached the path and began climbing. Then he heard something fall on top of the cliff. Something fell over followed by ripping sound. Faint voices came closer that erupted in panicking tones. He hurried up the path and saw some workers trying to hold the tents down.
'Forget it. That's not going to work. Take them apart instead,' one of them said. (The track The Crane from The Abyss begins here)

When MacGyver reached the top again, a blinding lightningbolt flashed and hit the Phoenix Foundation logo on top of the scaffolding. The logo catapulted away.
'Hey, look out!' MacGyver yelled.
The logo crashed on top of the tents and some of the workers. The following thunderstrike sounded like an exploding bomb over the entire island. The sound exploded and then rolled through the sky like drums. Through the force of the lightning bolt the scaffolding began to wobble. 'Get out of the way!'
The scaffolding began to wobble even harder until it tipped over and crashed on the ground. MacGyver took a couple of steps backwards when the whole thing came down. As if it wasn't bad enough already, more then half of the scaffolding ended up over the cliff. It slowly slid over and dragged the destroyed tent with it. It fell with a creaky metallic sound and a loud clang followed when it hit the ground below. (The music ends here) MacGyver raised his eyebrows in amazement and whistled when he looked into the cliff.
'Is everybody alright?'
'No, we're not,' the worker said.
MacGyver went to assess to situation when Pete, Nikki, Sam, Eric and Cynthia appeared.
'MacGyver, are you alright? What happened?' Pete asked.
'I'm fine. The wind blew one of the tents away and lightning struck the Phoenix logo. Then the scaffolding went over the cliff.'
'What?' Pete was shocked.
'Yes, and let me tell you something else, Mr. Thornton,' the worker said, 'I did not sign up for this.'
'Yeah, none of us did,' another one said.
'The kids are going crazy, those people of HIT are snooping around, than this weather and now three of our men are injured. What have you got to say for yourself Mr. Thornton?'
'Well, I...,' he stammered.
'So I figured. You can't even guarantee our safety here on the island.'
'Now, wait a minute...'
'No, Mr. Thornton. We're through. We want our pay and we want to go home.'
'Like hell you will,' Eric said. 'You've all signed contracts that you will have to remain here until all work is done. This means until the island officially opens. You will abide by those contracts.'
'Mr. Woodman, look around you. Does this place looks like it's going to open anytime soon?'
'What I see here is a mutiny and a couple of months delay. If we all work together, we'll get this place up and running in no time.'
MacGyver shook his head.
'Mr. MacGyver, what do you think?' the worker asked.
'I think you're right,' MacGyver said.
'What?' Eric asked sharply and glanced at him angry. 'Do you know how much this'll cost?'
'It's always about money with you,' MacGyver spat back. 'Clearly you still don't care what happens to somebody else. We all know there's something very wrong here and we have to get back to the drawingboard fast. The behaviour of the kids are inexplicable and I just saw Murdoc running into the jungle.'
'What?' Sam asked.
'Yeah. I don't know how they did it, but they're back. We haven't seen them since we left England.'
It started to sink in, in what kind of mess they were in. Nikki took hold of Cynthia, who was on the verge of tears.
'Now listen to me,' MacGyver said. 'This is neither the time nor place to be talking about this. We've got to take care of the wounded. We'll probably need a medevac. Pete, you go to the control tower on the airstrip. Tell them to call Jack and James to see where they are. We're going to need our pilots. Nikki, take Cynthia inside and check on the kids. Eric, you will make sure these men get paid. Their full salary. Sam, you'll help me out here.'
'Got it.'
'From as soon, we get a hang on our pilots, you all will be on the plane to the mainland,' MacGyver reassured them.
'Thank you, Mr. MacGyver,' the worker said.
'Now, help me to get them up and we'll bring them up to the infirmary.'

The following morning, MacGyver, Pete, Sam, Nikki, Cynthia and Eric sat in the conference room. They were having a meeting on what happened the previous night. Everybody was worried about what happened. Three of their men were injured, the Phoenix Foundation logo, the scaffolding and two of their tents were destroyed. The storm was over now but left the island drenched behind. The swimming lake flooded and the whole place was muddy. The meeting was now intended to figure out the next move.
'I can't believe you let those people go, Pete. I really can't,' Eric said clearly annoyed.
'Eric,' Pete started and rubbed his hand over his fist while leaning on the table, 'these people had the right to go. We can't keep them against their will. We have to be sensible right now if we want to save this project.'
'What's left to save?' Eric asked. 'We might as well hand the island over to HIT.'
'Oh, you'd really like that, don't you?' Nikki said firmly.
'What's that supposed to mean?'
'You damn well know, what it means.'
'Let me tell you something, Ms. Carpenter. I always supported this project. From the start. But now... I don't know.'
MacGyver sighed. 'What is it with you, Eric? First you can't have it that we send our workers home and now you're willing to give up? Whose side are you on anyway?'
'Look, MacGyver, I understand we don't always see eye-to-eye. That's business. But you have my full support in this. What happened last night was terrible and you're right. You're right. Those people have the right to go home. We're lucky nobody died last night.'
'Yeah, the chairman would've loved that,' Pete said. 'It would've meant the end of everything. Boy, I can't even imagine what will happen if the parents find out.'
'Maybe we've chosen the wrong location,' Sam hinted. 'With an island in a more stable and maybe a somewhat colder climate, this sort of thing would've never happened.'
'I'm not sure, Sam,' MacGyver said. 'We chose this island because it's so isolated from the rest of the world, so the kids can talk about political matters in their own way. The fact we're in a tropical climate is something that comes with the package, including the weather. If it isn't the weather, we still have Murdoc creeping around.'
'You saw him last night, didn't you?' Pete asked.
'He's here somewhere.'
'I'm glad the kids didn't see him,' Cynthia said.
'I wouldn't worry about that. They'll leave the kids alone. How are the kids doing?'
'Despite what happened, fine.'
'Did you talk to Kumoken yet?'
'Yes, and he understands he was out of line.'
'And do you know what Nigel did?'
'Yeah, he set his doll on fire. What's that all about?'
'An old English tradition.'
'Booker and I have helped many children, kids, teenagers but what's happening here, I can not explain,' Cynthia said. 'I have never seen or heard of such erratic behaviour amongst kids. Not where they came from. Not in any book of psychology or whatever.'
'I hear you. I think the best thing to do now is trying to keep up with the children's needs.'
'You're right. You might wanna go talk to Yung Li later on. He was a little upset of what happened last night and now refuses to talk English.'
'Well, my Chinese is a little rusty but I'll see what I can do.'
'Is there anything else that we need to discuss?' Pete asked.
'Yeah,' MacGyver said. 'Before the storm destroyed the storage area, this came through my window.' MacGyver grabbed the rock from out of his pocket and placed it on the table. Everybody looked at the rock and than at him with questioned faces.
'That's right,' Nikki says. 'He was fixing the window when I came in.'
'Murdoc?' Pete asked.
'No. Not his style,' MacGyver answered.
'One of the kids?' Cynthia asked a little baffled.
'Maybe. Probably. Most likely.'
'But who?'
'You were with the kids last night, right?'
'That's right, I put them to bed and then I went to bed myself.'
'Maybe one of them got up and snuck out.'
'I don't know,' Cynthia said doubting.
'Think about it, Cynthia. These kids got their own cabins. We can't lock their doors, they go in and out as they please. Even after bedtime.'
'He's right,' Pete said. 'We should have video surveillance. We got to install security camera's in their cabins. Everywhere to be exact.'
'What about these kids privacy?' Nikki asked.
'It's either that or one big dormitory,' MacGyver figured.
'If one of them snuck out, who do you think it was?' Cynthia asked.
MacGyver lifted his shoulders. 'You did had all the children last night?'
MacGyver remembered Cheone was missing when he was in England. 'Then where did you find Cheone, when I was in England?'
'Right!' Pete said. 'I almost forgot to tell you.'
'We found her in one of the planes. She wanted to fly back to Egypt as a stow-away. A couple of days before you came back.'
'We had all six of them last night,' Cynthia said.
'Except for one,' MacGyver said.
'You think, she did it?' Sam asked.
'No, I don't think so. I remember hearing a vague children's laughter after the rock flew in but it could've been anyone.'
'Well, Nigel has calmed down, Cheone didn't make a fuss either and I had talked to Kumoken. So that leaves Yung Li, Endrani and Anonda,' Cynthia explained. 'We haven't had any trouble with Endrani and Anonda so far, so that leaves...'
'Yung Li,' MacGyver said. 'I'll go talk to him.'
'He should be in his cabin. They were told to stay there until the meeting was over.'
'Dad, wait, I'm coming with you,' Sam said and got up as well.
'Looks like we're done here,' Pete said.

MacGyver and Sam walked outside together to Yung Li's cabin. They walked over the little bridge when Sam asked: 'So, how are you going to play this? He only wants to talk Chinese.'
'For starters, I'm going to ask him why he threw that rock through my window.'
'Then what?'
'We'll see. My Chinese is a little rusty but I can speak Mandarine and understand Cantonese.'
'I can't wait to hear you speak Chinese.'
'I'm sure you can't,' MacGyver said and patted Sam on his shoulder.
They walked up to Yung Li's cabin. Yung Li was there making a mess. His bed was turned upside down, his desk was pushed over and his closet was missing a door.
'Hey, Yung Li, what's going on here?' MacGyver asked.
Yung Li responded in Chinese: 'Oh, great. What do you want?'
MacGyver repeated himself in Chinese. 'I said: What's going on here?'
'And I said: What do you want?'
'I came to ask you something.'
'Do you know anything of this?'
MacGyver showed him the rock. Yung Li's face became tense.
'I thought so.'
Yung Li tried to run but Sam blocked the door.
'I don't think so, buddy. You're staying right here.'
Hearing Sam speak Chinese surprised MacGyver.
'Hey, I travelled through China, remember?'
MacGyver nodded smiling and then his face became serious towards Yung Li. 'Now, Yung Li, I don't have time for this. I know you can understand me and I know you speak English. What do you know of this rock?'
Yung Li defied MacGyver by staring at him.
'Oh, come on! You threw this rock, didn't you? Why?'
'You want to know why?' Yung Li just became more angry and suddenly yanked the rock out of MacGyver's hands and threw it through his own window. 'That's why.'
MacGyver and Sam were shocked.
'What is your problem?' Sam asked.
'I hate you guys and I hate this stupid camp.'
'Oh, great, another one, dad.'
'I'm so angry, I could kill.'
MacGyver and Sam shared a look.
'Those are pretty harsh words, Yung Li,' Sam said.
'I mean every word of them. I know karate, you know.'
'Yes, well it takes a while before you can actually hurt somebody with martial-arts and that is not what it's meant for. You're not homesick. You're just angry,' MacGyver said. 'It's interesting that your file didn't say anything about anger issues.'
Yung Li looked confused at him: 'What's a file?'
MacGyver and Sam shared a look and held back a laugh.
'A file is a bunch of papers that explains who you are, but that's not important right now,' MacGyver explained and placed the desk back and sat on it. 'Yung Li, we're not angry with you. We just want to know what's going on. Are you not glad to be here? Do you want to go home? Is there any way we can help you?'
Yung Li started to ramble fast in Chinese making it impossible for MacGyver and Sam to understand. MacGyver shook his head and sighed.
'This is pointless, dad.'
'Yeah,' he said and got up from the desk. 'Let's go.'
They walked back outside to the lake.
'So, where do we go from here?' Sam asked.
'I don't know. His file didn't say anything about anger issues.'
'Maybe his parents forgot to mention that when they registered him.'
'Would you?'
Sam frowned his face thinking. 'Probably not.'
'Why wouldn't you? If there is something wrong with your kid, you'd think they would mention that.'
'But why didn't they?'
'I don't know. I think the only way to find out is by going to China.'
'To China?'
'Yeah. You feel up to it?'
'You damn straight, I am,' Sam said. 'It's been fifteen years since I've been there. Besides, mom died there.'
'That's why I ask if you're up to it.'
'I thought you we're going to let me stay here.'
'Yeah, right. Like you would let me,' MacGyver smiled. 'Come on, let's tell the others and get on our way.'

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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(The track Ancient China of The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor begins here)

Beijing, China
Tienanmen Square

MacGyver and Sam were on the Tienanmen Square, where eight years earlier the massacre occured and MacGyver's foster daughter Su Ling got killed. Her friend Mei Jan filmed everything that night on how the soldiers began shooting protesters and destroyed the Goddess of Democracy. Mei Jan later used Su Ling's visa to travel to America and find MacGyver to help her reveal the world what happened at the square. She was followed by the Chinese government and captured in the consulate. MacGyver was caught himself while trying to get in but escaped from the Chinese consulate's roof by using an antenna. Three years laters they reunited when MacGyver met Sam. They met when MacGyver was set up to meet Tan Yee, a friend of Mei Jan who wanted to proof that a Chinese company called Globewide was importing banned goods that were made in a prison camp called Camp Zero. Tan Yee was able to give MacGyver the videotape but got killed in an ambush by two Asian men. MacGyver took one of the men out but when he got caught by the second man, Sam barged in on his motorcycle and took MacGyver with him by driving his motorcycle through a big window. They rode into freedom to Mei Jan's hiding place where they introduced themselves. MacGyver delivered the videotape to Mei Jan and told her Tan Yee died. Inside they descrambled the videotape showing footage of forced slave labour by political prisoners, who are making the goods for Globewide. Camp Zero was only one of probably one thousand camps and they were holding millions of people, including the people who were present during the massacre. The Chinese government denied such things but the video proved otherwise. After they saw a woman getting killed on the video, Sam explains what he was doing at the warehouse. He was following the two Asian men hoping they would lead him to a man named Chung, whom he tried to expose as murderer since Chung shot his mother in China when he was a little boy. MacGyver said he knew a woman that got killed there. As it turns out, it was his former love interest Katherine 'Kate' Malloy. Sam says his mother gave him a locket that held pictures of her and his father who appeared to be MacGyver. That's how he found out he had son. When the next day the warehouse they met appeared to be empty and Mei Jan was kidnapped MacGyver and Sam traced her back to a freighter ship and went after them on their bikes. After MacGyver is shot and ended up in the cargo hold, Sam is locked up with him. They escaped, rescued Mei Jan and are able to have Chung taken in.
That was about the last time they saw Mei Jan and now five years later, MacGyver and Sam were walking on the Tienanmen Square together. Sam was as usual taking pictures of the sights. The view was panoramic. The square was wide open, it was crowded and there were important buildings build around it like: the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong. The Tienanmen Gate was also known as Gate of Heavenly Peace. There was a portrait of Mao Zedong hanging above the gate that would lead into the Forbidden City. (The music ends here)
'Dad, I can't believe we're actually here,' Sam said while taking pictures.
'You better believe it,' MacGyver said.
'You've ever been here before?'
'No. I've been in Vietnam, Thailand and Burma. But never in China itself. Phoenix arranges the relations with this country for the government. When I had to deal with the Chinese, they mostly came over the United States. Like when they brought over the Ming Dragon or how I met Mei Jan.'
'I can't believe it's been fifteen years since I've been here.'
'It's a long time. Did it change much?'
'I can't remember. I was only nine at the time. It still looks the same though.'
'Well, they usually don't change historical places like this much. Just think of the Red Square in Russia.'
'You're right. Just let me get this shot.'
Sam made another picture.
'Got it?'
'Got it,' Sam said and put his camera away. 'So what's the plan?'
'I send a message to Mei Jan. She said she would meet us at the Great Hall of the People. It's right up ahead.'
'It would be so great to see her again after all these years.'
'Yeah. It's been way too long.'
'You think she can help us?'
'I sure hope so.'
They came at the Great Hall and started to wait near the entrance. People were walking in and out of there.
'What if she doesn't show?'
'I doubt it,' MacGyver said and checked his watch. 'We're a little early. She would meet us at noon.'
'What makes you so sure she can help us?'
'I don't know. She's pretty much the only one I could reach personally in China.'
'What about the guy you told me about? The one she contacted when she met you.'
'Wing Lee? He lives in the States.'
'And that commissioner from the exposition. The one who brought the Ming Dragon.'
'Commissioner Chu? I think he's retired by now. No, let's just wait here and see if Mei Jan shows up. She never let me down before.'
'OK, dad,' Sam said and took his camera again. 'Now, gimme a smile.'
'No,' he said and looked rather serious in the lens.
'Oh, that's going to look good in the album,' Sam smiled.
'Leave me alone,' MacGyver said a little annoyed and folded his arms.
'I'm serious.'
'So am I. Now let's just wait for Mei Jan, alright?'
About five minutes later Mei Jan showed up.
'There she is,' MacGyver said and waved at her.
Mei Jan waved back and walked up to them.
'MacGyver!' she said and smiling shook her head in delight.
'How are you, Mei Jan?'
'I'm good,' she said and they hugged. 'It's so good to see you after all these years.'
'You too.'
'Hello, Mei Jan,' Sam said and they also hugged.
'I can't believe it.'
'Neither can we, actually,' MacGyver said. 'Out of all places, we meet each other here.'
'Yes,' she said. 'It's been eight years since the massacre.'
'How has everything evolved since then?'
'Slowly. Since the Soviet Union collapsed, we thought everything was going to get better but we're still as isolated as ever. We and some of our neighboring countries still fall under communism.'
'That's too bad.'
'Yes, it is. But I don't think that's why you came for. I was surprised when I received your message. What are you doing in China?'
'We're actually on assignment,' Sam said.
'That sounds exciting. Is it for Phoenix?'
'Yes, it is,' MacGyver said.
'I thought you quit after you met Sam.'
'I did. We spend some time travelling on our bikes. I've been to Europe. London, Greece, the Balkan. I got bored, so I reassigned.'
'Dad missed everything. He just hates it to admit that.'
MacGyver groaned and rolled his eyes.
'So, what are you doing here?'
'Let's talk about that over a cup of tea, shall we?'
'Great. I know a couple of great tea houses.'
MacGyver laid his arm around Mei Jan's shoulders and the three of them walked over the Tienanmen Square to a tea house while catching up on the past few years.

A waitress placed the cups of tea and a small plate of Chinese biscuits on the table before she made a slight bow. Mei Jan thanked her in Chinese and the waitress left.
'Careful, it's hot,' she said and she gave MacGyver and Sam a little spoon.
There was a little moment of silence when they prepped their teas with sweets and swizzled their spoons in it. They all took a sip of their tea.
'It's good,' MacGyver said while putting his cup down.
'Chinese tea is always good. Makes you relaxed and sleep better,' Mei Jan said and took another sip. 'Are you going to tell why you're here?'
'Yeah, we're on assignment for Phoenix.'
'Well, Phoenix has been developing a special project for the past few years. Last year the final touches were made and now we've gone into an experimental phase.'
'What project?'
'The Phoenix Foundation along with a few other companies like Woodman Steel, Hamilton Plaza and the Challenger's Club bought an island in the South Pacific.'
Mei Jan swallowed with her eyes wide open. 'Wow. To do what?'
'The idea of the concept is,' Sam continued, 'to give kids the chance to talk about politics in their own way like they do in United Nations.'
'Children of the United Nations,' MacGyver said.
'That's a great idea,' Mei Jan said.
'Yes, it is and it is outrageously expensive too. That's why four companies got their heads together to make it a reality.'
'Only there are other competitors on the horizon,' Sam said and took another sip of his tea.
'How's that?' Mei Jan asked and looked back at MacGyver.
'HIT has set it's sights on the island.'
'Homicide International Trust. An organization that trains hitmen, hence the name.'
'They've been after my father and Phoenix for years.'
'Why do they want the island?' Mei Jan asked.
'For their own goals.'
'Yeah. You see, they wanted the island as a new training facility,' MacGyver explained. 'But we got there first. They've been bugging us ever since.'
'Even now they're trying to get rid of us as we speak,' Sam added.
'So how can I help?' Mei Jan asked.
'On that part of the problem, you can't,' MacGyver said. 'As I said, we've gone into an experimental phase. The first group of kids has arrived a couple of weeks ago. For now, these are kids from good descend. All sorts of family's who work in high places. When I arrived there, I was supposed to inspect the island on safety measures. Were all precautions taken and so on. Before I could start however the kids began to act strange.'
'Strange? How's that?'
'Simply stated: they're not behaving,' Sam said.
Mei Jan looked confused.
'There was a boy who felt homesick. A girl went missing for a while. We thought she went home on her own.' MacGyver said.
'From an island?' Mei Jan asked.
'Yeah, all the way back to Egypt,' Sam said.
'Currently, we haven't got a clue about their behaviour,' MacGyver added and took a sip from his tea.
'If that girl is from Egypt, I take it you have kids from all around world?'
'That's right. The boy, I mentioned, is from England, the girl is from Egypt. We have another boy from Buthan and Australia, another girl from India and a boy from...'
'Bingo!' Sam said.
'So what's the boy's problem then?'
'He threw a rock through my window.'
'Yeah. When we confronted him with that, we found him in a state of rage. He was ruining his cabin, threw the same rock through his own window and cried out he was angry enough to kill.'
'So the kid has anger issues.'
'Indeed and we're trying to find out why the parents didn't mention that on his registration letter.'
'That's why you're here? To find his parents?'
MacGyver nodded.
'MacGyver, do you know how many peoples live here in Beijing?' Mei Jan asked.
'A lot.'
'It's even more then a lot. Over fifteen million peoples.'
'I know, it's a long shot but you're the only one I know who can help me.'
'How can I possibly help? It's like finding a needle in haystack.'
'Well, I found needles in haystacks before.'
Mei Jan giggled on that remarked.
'You never give up, do you?'
MacGyver shook his head. 'Nope, never.'
'What's the boy's name?'
'Yung Li.'
'That's a common name in these parts.'
'Well, if he is the son of a political big shot, like a minister or something, maybe we've come to the right place after all. How many Li's are there in the Chinese parliament for example?'
Mei Jan raised her shoulders and shook his head. 'Unless...'
MacGyver looked at Sam. 'Unless what?'
'Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is called Li. It might be his son.'
'Great. That's great. Where can we find him?'
'Probably at the Great Hall of the People.'
'Then let's go. What are we waiting for?' Sam asked.
'Now, wait a minute, you just can't go in the Hall and speak to him like that. You need an appointment for that.'
'Can you arrange that for us, please?' MacGyver asked politely.
Mei Jan smiled. 'Fine. I'll see what I can do, but no promisses.'
'Thank you, Mei Jan,' MacGyver and Sam said in unison.

MacGyver, Sam and Mei Jan walked back over Tienanmen Square to the Great Hall of the People. That hall actually was great. It was 171,801 square metres, 356 metres in length and 206.5 metres wide. The centre's highest point reaches 46,5 metres. The Great Hall of the People consists of three sections. In the central section the Great and Main Auditorium are located along with the Congress and Central Hall. The northern section consists of the State Banquet Hall, the Salute State Guest Hall, the North, East and West Hall. The Southern part is the office building of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of China. Each province, special administrative and autonomous region of China has it's own hall in the Great Hall, such as Beijing Hall and Hong Kong Hall with their unique characteristics of the province and is furnished according the local style. The Great Hall is China's largest auditorium. The ceiling is decorated with a galaxy of light, with a large red star at the centre of the ceiling, and a pattern of water waves nearby represents of the people.
'This is great stuff,' Sam said while taking photographs.
'Yeah, the building is nice,' MacGyver agreed.
'The build started in 1958,' Mei Jan explained, 'and the building itself was opened in September 1959, as one of the Ten Great Constructions and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Nearly 7,800 people worked on this building using military-like strategies that emulated the Great Leap Forward. The building was completed in hardly ten months.'
'Ten months?' MacGyver asked. 'That was fast.'
'Yes, it was. Now if you just wait here, I'll go see if I can make an appoint at the reception.'
'Sure, go ahead.'
Mei Jan walked up to the reception as MacGyver kept watching her as she went. He heard her say "Ni Hao" but couldn't hear more.
'What do you think of that light on the ceiling, dad?'
MacGyver quickly looked up before looking back at Mei Jan and responded with: 'Real nice.'
'I thought so too and the star in the middle.'
Sam kept making shots. 'You think, we'll get to see his dad?'
'I sure hope so.'
Mei Jan came back to them.
'And?' MacGyver asked.
'Good news. His father is indeed working here. They're going to try to reach him.'
'That's good.'
'We just have to wait here.'
A couple of minutes later Yung Li's father appeared. Mei Jan greeted him in Chinese and explained in their language who MacGyver and Sam were and who they work for.
'Aah, Phoenix Foundation,' minister Li said in English. 'I know your organization very well. Our nation has worked with them before. The Exposition of '87.'
'That's right.' MacGyver said. 'The Ming Dragon.'
'The one you stole.'
'And switched it for a fake. I only did it to get my friend back.'
'I heard about that long before my tenure as a minister. Than you are MacGyver?'
'That's right,' he said and made a polite bow. The minister bowed back.
'You dealt with a lot of Chinese matters back in the States.'
'The Ming Dragon for one, the Tiananmen Square Massacre for another, Camp Zero.'
'It's strange how a country like ours can create something beautiful as the Ming Dragon and then commit such crimes against humanity like the massacre or have these forced labor camps like Camp Zero.'
'Nobody is perfect, minister.'
'Mm,' the minister nodded. 'So how I can help you?'
'Well, as you know, my son and I work for the Phoenix Foundation. In the South Pacific we've bought this island where kids can talk about political matters. It is to my understanding, that you're one of the fathers of the kids there?'
'That's right. My son Yung Li is there. He left a couple of weeks ago. Why? Is something wrong with him?'
MacGyver looked at Sam before he looked back at the minister. 'Not exactly. We've talked to Yung Li before we came here and he seemed very angry.'
'Angry?' the minister asked and thought for moment. 'My son, angry? That doesn't sound like him at all.'
'It doesn't?' Sam asked.
'You see, Mr. MacGyver, my son is very clever. He can live in both our worlds. I send him to Camp United where he could meet other kids and speak their languages and talk about the future.'
'How many languages does he speak?' MacGyver asked.
'Mandarine, English, Russian and a little bit of Hebrew. He's the best at English. He went to an English school and even had an English-speaking nanny. He wants to become an important Chinese diplomat.'
'And he doesn't have any anger issues whatsoever?' Sam asked.
'No, my son hardly gets angry ever.'
'The reason, we're asking this, minister, is that Yung Li threw a rock through my cabin window and later threw the same rock through his own window.'
'My son would never do such foolishness,' minister Li said firmly.
'And I do believe you, minister,' MacGyver said reassuring. 'It only confirms my concerns.'
'What concerns?'
'You do have to understand we're in an experimental phase of the project. Not everything is on point yet. You said that you're son never did such foolishness, maybe he's doing it now because he misses home.'
'That is understandable. He is a long way from home and for a long time too. Maybe I need to send him some money.'
'With all due respect, sir. The kids don't need money on the island. They can't buy anything there, yet.'
'Than what do you suggest I do?'
'Write him a letter and have it send by airmail. Let him know that you're thinking of him, maybe that calms him down.'
'That is good idea.'
'Minister, we're sorry if we alarmed you, but Yung Li really was angry when we left and at one moment he only wanted to speak Chinese. He reacted quite violently, tore down his cabin and threw rocks through windows, that made us worried. Especially when he said that he was angry enough to kill.'
'That's not what my son sounds like, Mr. MacGyver. It is as you said, he probably misses home. I'll write him a letter to calm him down and you'll see, everything will be just fine.'
'Thank you.'
'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to do. Give Yung Li my regards when you return to the island.'
'I will, sir.'
The minister bowed at MacGyver, Sam and Mei Jan and then left.
'I guess that's it, than?' Sam said. 'We're done.'
'Uh-huh,' MacGyver said.
'You came all the way here for that?' Mei Jan asked.
'I guess so and to see an old friend again,' MacGyver said and took Mei Jan under his arm.
'But what does this solve?'
'Not much, that's for sure,' Sam said.
'There is something going on there, that we can't explain right now, but we're going to get to the bottom of this,' MacGyver said.
A beeping noise came out of MacGyver's pocket.
'What's that noise?' Mei Jan asked.
'It's the PDA,' he said.
'What's a PDA?'
'Personal Digital Assistant,' Sam explained. 'We can look up information on where we are and we can also have communication with the camp.'
Mei Jan looked confused at MacGyver who said: 'I know, it's kinda hi-tech.'
'It sure is,' she said.
MacGyver pressed transmit and Pete became visible.
'Hey, Pete,' MacGyver said.
'Mac, how are you doing?' he asked.
'Good. Guess who I found.'
MacGyver turned the PDA around a bit to Mei Jan.
'Hello, Pete,' she said.
'Mei Jan! How long has it been?'
'Eight years. Well... actually five since I've been in the States.'
'It's been too long.'
'Yes, it is.'
'What's up with the call, Pete?'
'For starters, what have you found out about Yung Li's parents?'
'His dad is the minister of Foreign Affairs of China. We just talked to him.'
'He said Yung Li never had any anger issues whatsoever and that he speaks four languages and especially English.'
'That's good. Anyway, I called you to tell you he finally calmed down. Cynthia is with him now. But another problem has occured.'
'Oh, great. What is it now?'
'Endrani wants to talk to you.'
'Give me that thing,' Endrani said and yanked Pete's PDA out of his hands and pushed him aside.
'Easy, Endrani, easy,' MacGyver said.
Endrani kept the PDA in front of her face. She was clearly distraught, just holding back her tears. 'Mr. MacGyver, before I came to the island, I intended to bring marigold to my grandfather's grave. Only my plane was too early to pick me up. Please, he's buried in my hometown Varanasi. Can you bring him flowers? If you don't, I'll do it myself.'
'Endrani, I'll...'
'Now! Do it now. Or I will tell my parents that you couldn't indulge this little favor and you can forget about your job here.'
'Endrani, I don't like being blackmailed into doing something.'
'Please? And take your time.'
MacGyver thought for a moment. 'Alright, put Pete back on.'
Endrani gave Pete the PDA back. 'If I spoke like that to a grown up, my father would've put me over his knee,' he said.
'Like I have to worry about my job,' MacGyver scoffed. 'It looks like we're going to Varanasi, Pete.'
'You might also know it as Benares. It's a city in India. One of the oldest cities in the world even.'
'Yeah, I guess I won't be back for another few days.'
'I guess so,' Pete said and thought for a moment. 'Alright, I'll send Jack with a plane as soon as possible. With a little luck you might be on your way to India tomorrow.'
'Good, I'll send you the coordinates of where he should pick us up and tell Nikki where I went off to.'
'OK, I'll be waiting on your coordinates and send Jack there.'
'Got it,' MacGyver said and turned the PDA off. He looked at Sam and said: 'We're going to India.'
'Alright, dad,' he said and they high-fived.
'Jack should be here tomorrow, so we still have a little time.'
'Good. You know what I want to do?'
'I want to see that Ming Dragon.'
'I can arrange that,' Mei Jan said. 'The Ming Dragon is on display in the National Museum of China. It's our national treasure and the museum is on the other side of the square.'
'Why not,' MacGyver said, 'I haven't seen the old sucker in ten years either.'
'Than if the gentlemen would like to follow me.'
'Lead the way,' MacGyver said extending his arm.
The trio left the Great Hall of the People to see the Ming Dragon in the National Museum of China. Sam surely wasn't disappointed and took a couple of pictures while MacGyver told him the story on how he and Jack were supposed to steal it for general Racoubian if he ever wanted to see Lisa Kohler again. Only MacGyver had switched it for a fake and tried to save Lisa otherwise but it turned out the joke was on him instead. He did manage to escape with Jack Dalton but Lisa got shot in the process. Later he returned the Ming Dragon to commissioner Chu who was more then happy to have it back unharmed.

Rice Fields

The following day MacGyver and Sam were on a path near the rice fields. They turned around and waved one more time to Mei Jan who waved back and left. They walked up ahead to the coordinates MacGyver had send Pete who told Jack where to meet.
'Out of places, why near a rice field?' Sam asked.
'I don't know,' MacGyver. 'It seemed better to leave from here then in a over-crowded airport, wouldn't you say?'
'Maybe. You think he would be here by now?'
MacGyver lifted his shoulders. 'We'll see if we're there. It's just up the hill.'
'It was good to see Mei Jan again, wasn't it?'
'Yeah, it was. She hasn't changed a bit.'
'Well, neither did you, dad.'
MacGyver smiled.
'I, for one, am happy I got to see the Ming Dragon and that we didn't got chased this time around.'
'Shh,' MacGyver said, 'don't jinx it.'
'Dad, what could possibly happen now? We're on our way out of here.'
A plane zoomed right over their heads.
'Wow,' MacGyver exclaimed. 'Jack is up to his old tricks again.'
'He always likes to make an entrance.'
The plane landed up ahead and the engines slowed down. MacGyver and Sam shared a look before they approached the plane.
The door went open and MacGyver and Sam went aboard. They walked into the cockpit.
'Hey, Jack,' MacGyver said and tapped Jack's shoulder when he sat down next to him. Sam sat down behind Jack.
'Mac. Sam,' Jack greeted them back a tad nervously.
MacGyver looked at him. 'You alright, Jack?'
'Me?' Jack asked. 'Of course, why wouldn't I be?'
'I don't know you seem nervous to me.'
'He's right, Jack. You look a little pale,' Sam said.
'That's just from going up and down all the time. Too many flighthours,' he smiled and covered up his eye twitch.
'Are you sure?' MacGyver asked.
'Yeah, I'm sure.'
'Jack, what's wrong?'
'Nothing's wrong,' Jack said forcing a smile. 'Honest.'
MacGyver came closer to him, squinting his eyes to see if he saw the twitch.
'If you're too tired to fly, you should've told Pete and send James instead.'
'The trip to the mainland we did for the supplies was exhausting, that's all and James brought you here so it was my turn anyway. Now buckle up. We're going to take off.'
MacGyver and Sam buckled up and the engines started up again. MacGyver couldn't let it to give Jack a somewhat concerned look. He felt something was amiss. The plane started to gain up speed as Jack pressed the gas pedals and took off by pulling the steering wheel closer to him. He took the plane to an altitude of forty-two thousand feet. 'Alright, that's it. We're up,' he said.
MacGyver and Sam unbuckled themselves. MacGyver looked around outside and then at the instruments in the cockpit before he looked at Jack again. Jack was unusually tense for his doing. Cramped up he was holding the steering wheel.
(The track No Parachute from Point Break starts playing here)

Jack looked back at MacGyver and then darted his eyes to fuel dump. MacGyver followed Jack's eyes.
'What's going on, Jack?'
'I'm sorry, Mac,' Jack said.
'About what?'
'About us!' a voice said from behind.
MacGyver looked behind him and saw Murdoc, Nicholas and Sonya cocking their guns.
'Should've kept my mouth shut,' Sam said.
'Yeah, you should've,' Murdoc said and grabbed Sam's collar, pushing his gun under Sam's chin.
'Hey, let go of my son,' MacGyver said while getting up.
'Sit down,' Nicholas said and pushed him back in his seat.
'I'm sorry, Mac. They were already on board when I flew this way. I didn't know.'
'It's alright, Jack,' MacGyver said and looked back at the trio. 'I was wondering what kept you guys or how you got even back to the island after we left England.'
'It doesn't matter,' Nicholas said. 'It matters that we've got you this time and you're going to turn this plane around and fly us back to the island.'
'Well, actually, that might be a problem,' MacGyver said. 'We're on our way to India as a favor to Endrani.'
'We're going to put flowers on her grandfather's grave,' Sam said.
'I'm touched,' Murdoc said, 'but we're going back or you can say goodbye to daddy.'
'Jack, what was it you said about the fuel dump?' MacGyver asked.
'You mean this?' Jack asked and pushed the fuel dump button.
The fuel was being dumped in the air and Jack brutally pushed the steering wheel down making the plane going into a nose-dive. MacGyver was thrown backwards against the instruments, Nicholas almost fell on him. Sonya screamed and Sam saw his chance to push Murdoc against the other side of the cockpit. He grabbed Murdoc's wrist to keep the gun away from him. In the shock Murdoc fired his gun and made a hole in the windshield. The pressure in the cabin dropped. The gunshot startled Jack and pulled the steering wheel back up. The nose of the plane shot back up. Sonya tumbled backwards back in the fuselage. Sam was able to hit Murdoc with a right hook and pushed him out of the cockpit past Sonya in the fuselage. In the cockpit, MacGyver used his own right hand to punch Nicholas of off him. He kicked him in the chest sending Nicholas in the fuselage as well.
'MacGyver, take the chutes,' Jack yelled trying to keep control of the plane.
'Where are they?'
'Under the chairs.'
MacGyver took his chute from underneath his chair and quickly put it on. Jack took his own and did the same thing. 'There's one for Sam too.'
MacGyver took Sam's chute as well and they both left the cockpit. The plane took another nosedive and started to shake. In the fuselage, Sam was struggling with Murdoc while Sonya was trying to hold on. Nicholas was a little dazed from MacGyver's fist and tried to hold on as well.
Murdoc kicked Sam away from him.
'Put this on,' MacGyver said.
Jack opened the door and the loss of pressure became heavier.
'Come on, Mac. We gotta jump. Let blow this popstand,' Jack screamed.
'Dad, come on!'
'Jump!' MacGyver ordered them and Sam and Jack bailed.
MacGyver looked back at Murdoc. 'I told you to stay off my son.'
He walked up to Murdoc swung his fist and hit Murdoc hard against his mouth. Murdoc held his hand against his bleeding lower lip.
'Goodbye, Murdoc!' MacGyver said and jumped out of the plane himself.
Murdoc got up to the door and hit the sides of the door in anger. (3:20)
'They're gone!' Sonya screamed. 'They're gone and we're crashing!'
'Shut up, Sonya,' he said and walked to the cockpit.
'What are we going to do, Murdoc?' Nicholas asked. 'Can you fly a plane?'
'No, but I can try. Sit down.'
Murdoc took place at the pilot's seat while Nicholas sat besides him.
'Oh my God, oh my God. I'm gonna faint, I'm gonna faint,' Sonya panicked.
'Would you slap her already?' Murdoc said.
'Right,' Nicholas said and got up again. 'I'm sorry, my dear.'
He slapped her flat out in her face and her lights went out. Nicholas placed her in the seat where Sam sat and buckled her seatbelts before going back to his place.
'Never thought I would say this, Nicholas, but thanks.'
'You're welcome. But now land this plane.'
Murdoc took a firm grip on the steering wheel trying to get plane steady.
'We're losing altitude,' he said. The meter was going around in circles. 'Alright, let's try this.' Murdoc pulled the steering wheel closer. The plane seemed to be going up again.
'Good, good, Murdoc,' Nicholas said.
'But we're not down yet.'
The plane shook again and with a buzzing sound that died out the motors stopped working. 'We lost the engines,' he said.
'We lost the engines.'
'That's it. We're going to die,' Nicholas started the panick.
'No, we're not going to die.'
Murdoc tried buttons, switches and levers but nothing worked. He pulled the steering wheel again.
'Murdoc, I think we have a bigger problem,' Nicholas said and pointed out the window. Nicholas was pointing at the Himalayas.
'Alright, I got it. See that over there?'
'What? Where?'
'Right there, there's a lower edge on the mountain in that crevice. If we can get there, I might be able to land this plane.'
Murdoc tried to steer the plane to the lower edge on the mountain.
'Careful, Murdoc, careful.'
'I got this.'
The plane flew in the direction of the lower edge and an increasing speed. The plane kept shaking over and over again. Focusing hard on whatever was still working on the instruments and looking in front of him, Murdoc did his best to get the plane closer to the direction of the lower edge. It started to look like they were too low.
'Murdoc, we're not going to make it!'
'Yes, we are.'
Murdoc pulled one more time at the steering while, the nose went up and they barely made it. The plane hopped on the mountain causing the snow to fly up and slid forward at great speed. The crevice was too small for the wings and they broke off in a small explosion. Murdoc pushed the steering wheel down trying to stop the plane. The plane kept going in a straight line over the mountain. Murdoc pushed as hard as he could on the steering wheel.
'Aaaaaah, come oooon!'
The plane started to lose speed and became slower and slower until it finally stopped way ahead on the mountain. Murdoc and Nicholas looked at each other.
'We made it,' Nicholas said.
Murdoc nodded and hit his fists against the steering wheel in frustration. 'MacGyver!!!!'
'Where?' Sonya asked when she gained consciousness startling Murdoc and Nicholas.
They both looked at her squinting their eyes. Murdoc turned back looking at the steeringwheel and placed his hands on his head.
(The music slowly dies out and we fade out here)

I think the poison that was used was applied to this knife, passed to the mutton when it was cut and then activated by the wine. - MacGyver.
Sometimes you just have to die a little inside to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and wiser version of you.
It's better to be a little sad than to be fake content.

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