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 MacGyver - Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Confirmed






MacGyver - Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Confirmed

 February 03, 2017

Entertainment Weekly has confirmed today that the two CBS hit shows, MacGyver and Hawaii-FIve-0, will crossover in the March 10 episode of MacGyver titled 'Flashlight', which will be shot in both Oahu and Atlanta with production already started on the episode.

“This crossover has almost seemed inevitable since the day MacGyver premiered,” says Peter Lenkov, executive producer on both MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0. “We have always envisioned that our H50 ohana and the Phoenix team live in the same universe and it was about time that Mac and Jack had a case in Hawaii.”
(This would mean that that MacGyver exists in the same universe as NCIS since Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles crossed over years ago. (Scorpion also falls within the shared universe, given LA boss Hetty’s October 2014 visit.)

The idea of the two shows crossing over was first floated during an interview with Peter Lenkov at the San Diego’s Comic-Con International where he said he was hoping they would be able to do a crossover at some point.

In a later interview Lenkov said they were actively working on plans for a crossover but the actors scheduling was proving to be a hurdle. “On Five-0, we’re in season 7,” he said. “All the actors have these crazy schedules where not everybody works every day, so the logistics of getting the people we need to get in those scenes is just becoming very difficult, so we’re trying to do it. It’s just a matter of when.”

CBS say the episode will see Mac and the team travel to the big Island of Hawaii to aid in earthquake-relief efforts. When there, Mac and Jack (George Eads) team with Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua from the Five-0 Task Force to rescue a group of government scientists trapped in a building on the verge of collapse. However, as they work on the complicated rescue, a dangerous group using the earthquake chaos as a distraction aim to steal the top-secret weaponry the scientists were working on.


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