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MacGyver Premiere Date Set

 June 21, 2016

CBS have announced their fall premiere dates with MacGyver set for Friday September 23rd. The show will campaigning Hawaii Five-0, which will air straight after MacGyver on Friday nights.

Work recently started on refilming the pilot episode with Furious 7's James Wan directing the new cast and crew after the original trailer received scathing criticism from fans. This prompted CBS to ditch the pilot and bring in Peter Lenkov to get the project back on track. Lenkoc was the main force behind the successful reboot of Hawaii Five-0 and is excited about being able to bring a show he was a fan of as a kid back to TV for a new generation.

The announcement was released on social media with a short video giving us our first look at Lucas Till in his new look MacGyver persona since the original trailer last month.

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