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 MacGyver Reboot Casts Murdoc






MacGyver Reboot Casts Murdoc Role

 October 12, 2016

It's a question which has been asked by fans and teased about by the producers since the MacGyver reboot was first announced and now we have an answer.

Murdoc is set to make an appearance in the reboot and will be played by David Dastmalchian.

Talking about the decision to include Murdoc in the reboot, co-creator Peter Lenkov said, “In continuing to honor the original series, we, of course, needed to add Mac’s main nemesis to our show. Murdoc is the ultimate badass and, just like we couldn’t do Hawaii Five-0 without Wo Fat, we are eager to add this essential foe to test our hero.”

Dastmalchian has nearly 50 appearances in film and TV to his credit and is best known for his appearances in The Dark Knight, Ant-man and Animals, but it is his post-college work experience as a circus performer which may prove most useful in his portrayal of the often theatrical antagonist to MacGyver.


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