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 Reboot Season One On DVD In U.S.






Reboot Season One On DVD In U.S.

 Feb 19, 2018

U.S. fans of the MacGyver reboot will soon be able to relive season 1 on DVD with the box set due to hit shelves and online stores this Feb 27.

This will be good news for U.S. fans who have continued to be puzzled by the DVD set being released in the U.K on Sept 11 of last year. Fans have also questioned why there is no Blu-Ray release as is common with other CBS hit TV shows.

The UK release was a 5 disc slim-case boxset in wide screen format with all 21 episodes of season 1 as well as special features which include the making of the pilot episode, 'Watch Magazine' photo shoot and an interview with Prop Master Kate Guanci as well as deleted scenes and gag reel. We would assume that the U.S. version would have at least the same as the UK release.

MacGyver 2016 is available for pre-order on amazon now.



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