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 James Wan Shares His Vision Of MacGyver Movie






James Wan Shares His Vision Of MacGyver Movie

 March 25, 2015

James Wan has opened up about his ideas and vision for the now defunct New Line Cinema 'MacGyver' movie in an interview with Commingsoon.net.

New Line Cinema had originally be given the rights to produce the movie for MacGyver owner Lee Zlotoff and hired Wan to direct the then unscripted movie, but the company was unable to come up with an acceptable story or script to suit Zlotoff's requirements and the rights were reverted back to him after Wan left to direct Furious 7.

"My initial concept was I wanted to do a young college MacGyver who went to Boston, one of the great universities, who’s really brilliant, right?”, "I wanted to put my MacGyver story around something like a ‘North by Northwest': He gets blamed for something that he had designed, something really big that’s something everyone wanted."

Read the full interview here


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