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 MacGyver Reboot Goes To Series






MacGyver Reboot Goes To Series

 May 13, 2016

PHOTO: Mock-up by forum member RDoyleTV

CBS have ordered the MacGyver reboot to series under what would appear to be a cloud of chaos with members of cast and crew being fired and the pilot script apparently being thrown out.

The pilot, which was originally written by R. Scott Gemmill (NCIS: L.A.) and then re-written by Paul Downs Colaizzo (CBS pilot LFE) and Brett Mahoney (Code Black), now appears to be getting replaced as Paul and Brett's future with the series remains in question as  Hawaii Five-0's Peter Lenkov joins the team.

Secondary cast members Addison Timlin, Michelle Krusiec and Joshua Boone are also now off the project confirmed by a post on Addison's twitter account showing and angry child picture with the comment "When you get fired from your TV show."

Peter Lenkov posted a picture on his Instagram account showing a hand written note reading:

"I fully expect you all to go on this journey with me!  #MacGyver

 and was followed up by James Wan on twitter saying:

"Welcome to team-Mac! [sic] I couldn't be more thrilled to have you with us."

Response from industry critics has been scathing with the likes of The Hollywood Reporter critic Daniel Fienberg posting on his twitter account...

quickly followed by...

Others have suggested that this is a normal part of the process where issues and problems are fixed before the show begins filming for series and shows a commitment from CBS to make sure the show is as good as it possibly can be.  IN fact if we look back at the 1985 pilot, there were a number of things which changed through the first season, characters dropped, actors re-cast into different roles etc, so this is probably not a bad thing for the show, but it is still somewhat chaotic.

In any case only time will tell if this is a duct tape fix or a full fledged MacGyverism.

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