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 MacGyver To Be Re-released On DVD






MacGyver To Be Re-released On DVD

 January 16th, 2015

CBS-Paramount are set to re-release the MacGyver complete series in a new DVD set on April 7th. It will include the same 39 discs as the original 2007 release as well as the 2 made for TV movies but will be housed in new “shelf friendly” packaging. There is no mention of any extras or enhancements being included in this release.

The full series was first released in 2007 to wide criticism on the poor presentation and inadequate disc protection compared to the previously released individual season box-sets. The original set is still widely available but has been officially discontinued by the studio. While there are no current details about the new packaging other than the below image showing the new artwork, the term “shelf friendly” would indicate a better housing system than the original set.

As of the time of writing Amazon.com have this set available for pre-order at a discounted price of $62.99 USD, down from the normal price of $89.98 USD.

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