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Jimmy Kendal

Jimmy Kendall
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James Thomas Kendall
Born:  1928
Place:  Jersey City

Daughter:  Susan Walker
Grandson:  Brian Walker

Formerly known as "The Eraser”, James "Jimmy" Thomas Kendall gave up his life as a professional hit man (with MacGyver's help) and assumed a new identity as the coach of a minor-league baseball team.

Jimmy received MacGyver’s help for a second time a year later when his new identity was threatened by his picture appearing in the local newspapers sports section as a baseball coach.

Born in Jersey City, 1928.  Jimmy has spent a total of 26 years in local, state and federal detention, the last of which was a 10 year sentence in 1976 for extortion. Prior to that he spent 3 years in professional baseballs Boston Braves organization.

Kendall was associated with the Charles “Papa Chuck” Banning crime family as a contract assassin. His base of operation was mostly the East Coast, though he has ventured west on several occasions.


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