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Nobel Prize candidate Dr. Sidney Marlowe, was considered an expert in the field of magnetic fields in the ozone layer. He was a friend and colleague of Dr. Carl Steubens, who was conducting research in the same field for the Sendrex Corporation at the KIVA Laboratories complex. Like his friend Dr. Steubens, he had a love of the game of Chess and played long distance games against Steubens via Telex.

When Dr. Steubens feared that his research was going to be used to create a doomsday weapon, he invited his friend to visit the KIVA Laboratories, where Steubens had planted explosives with the view to killing both of them and setting the research back some 20 odd years.

Fortunately the explosion didn't kill either of them, although it did destroy much of the KIVA building trapping both men deep in the underground complex before MacGyver was able to rescue them both.

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