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Known as "The Butcher" in Asia Minor, Libya, and Angola; ex-mercenary, Jack Catlin was the owner of a hotel and crooked casino in the US Virgin Islands. An expert in Martial Arts, Catlin was arrogant and ruthless and trusted no-one, arming his casino with a sophisticated security system and surrounding himself with an army of personal body guards and personal assistant, Tiffany.

5 years after he arrived in the US Virgin Islands with a gaudy reputation and a lot of money, Catlin meet and made an arrangement with accountant, Daniel Sims, who had been hired by US Senator Rhodes to manage his $60 million African famine relief fund, but Sims instead stole the money and transported it to the US Virgin Islands as diamonds. Once there Catlin, who had arranged to take a $6 million share in return for providing safe storage of the diamonds until they could be converted in to a Swiss bank account in Amsterdam, shot Sims and kept the $60 million worth of diamonds for himself.

Stored in his private penthouse vault, Catlin expected his diamonds to be safe; however MacGyver and the Senators daughter, Chris Rhodes, were able to pull off an elaborate heist to steal the diamonds back from Catlin. Things didn’t go quite to plan however as Catlin was able to capture Chris and use her to force MacGyver to bring his diamonds back (still in the boot of Chris’ car) after which he planned to kill them both by flying them up to 30,000 feet in the back of a cargo plane where the lack of oxygen would kill them. This plan was foiled when MacGyver attached parachutes to the diamonds filled car and parachuted themselves and the diamonds to safety.

Catlins fate after his encounter with MacGyver is unknown.



Episodes: The Heist

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