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Name:   Karen Blake
Dept:     DXS
ID No.:  327716

Karen Blake grew up playing “International Spies” and dreaming of being a secret agent. It’s what she suspects guided her to working for the DXS, however her dream turned into a nightmare when she was blackmailed in to working for Quayle, an international criminal, on the understanding that if she didn’t her brother, also a DXS agent, who had been captured in Czechoslovakia, would be killed.

Quayle used Karen to execute his plan of trapping MacGyver in a booby trapped house with the intention of eventually killing him. He had Karen pick MacGyver up from his drop off

point to make sure that he was taken directly to the booby trapped “safe house” Pete Thornton had arranged, once there  Karen was Quayle’s mole, helping him keep track of what MacGyver was up to, until MacGyver ousted her at which time she explained her situation and then helped MacGyver capture Quayle.

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Episodes: Deathlock


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