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010 - Target MacGyver

Target MacGyver



Episode: 010    (#40191-010) Title:   Target MacGyver Airdate:   December 22, 1985
Teleplay: Mike Marvin, Stephen Kandel,
                    & James Schmerer
Story: Mike Marvin Director: Ernest Pintoff
Opening Gambit Writer:  Terry Nation Opening Gambit Director: Lee H. Katzin

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MacGyver is assigned to find and rescue a lady general who he finds is being held captive in a house at the edge of a public beach. Once there MacGyver sneaks in to the kitchen and sets up a timed distraction of crashing pots and pans to allow him to evacuate the general from the house and then set up a trap to catch the two captors.


After being identified as the saboteur of a Middle Eastern nuclear plant, MacGyver has a hit ordered against him and is ordered to “lay low”. He decides to use this time to visit his estranged grandfather, whom he hasn’t seen for eighteen years and lives in the backwoods of Colorado.
Soon after arriving MacGyver finds that his assumption that the hit men wouldn’t find him there was wrong and both he and his Grandfather are forced to take on the would be hit men using only their wits and natures resources, which is when they both learn that they have much more in common then either of them had thought.


Richard Dean Anderson...... John Anderson.................... D'Mitch Davis..................... William Frankfather............. Robert Miano..................... Huck Liggett....................... Nick Dimitri........................  MacGyver
Harry Jackson


    SAK uses:
Uses blade to dig hole in ground
      - Cut hole in Pine tree bark to get sap.
      - Cuts twigs into needles for blow darts
      - Cuts into shrub to get the sap for the blow-darts
      - Harry uses SAK to dig out reeds

    SAK type:
      - Victorinox Tinker

    Duct Tape:
      - none

     Skills used:
- Sabotage
     - Herbology
     - Hand to hand combat
     - First Aid


  • This is the first appearance of MacGyver's only living relative, his grand father Harry.
  • This is the first episode where we get information about MacGyver's past and family
  • We see that Harry also carries a Swiss Army Knife
  • MacGyver says that he hasn't seen his grandfather since he was ten and then observes to Harry that it's been "sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years" since they last saw each other.
  • MacGyver calls his grandfather "Harry."
  • Harry calls MacGyver "Bud."
  • Harry lives on a farm just out of Ouray, Colorado.
  • Harry and MacGyver hide from Axminster in a deserted town called Evermore.
  • We learn that after MacGyver's mother died, Harry avoided seeing MacGyver because he didn't want to be reminded of the loss.
  • MacGyver recalls that Harry would take him out to pick a tree for Christmas.
  • When he was "about ten" MacGyver made a duck call for Harry, who says it still works well for him.
  • MacGyver says that as a kid, he chewed pine pitch "like it was gum".

Memorable quotes

  • Home. Enough is enough. I will not, under any circumstances, for any reason whatsoever answer the phone ... probably ... again. - MacGyver
  • I like to take care of my own messes. - MacGyver
  • Big on aliens in Alabama. - MacGyver
    No lie, full of strange people. That's why I'm goin' north. Back to see my family for a while. - Guy on bus
    Makes sense. - MacGyver
  • I hadn't seen my grandfather since I was ten. He was all the family I had - and we were strangers. - MacGyver
  • Hi. MacGyver here. When you hear the beep, let me know what's on your mind. - Answering machine message
  • What a beautiful part of the world. It has everything but people. - MacGyver
  • I never forget a grandfather. - MacGyver
  • You haven't changed. - MacGyer
    Haven't had to, and I don't plan to. - Harry
  • "Still tough as a dirty boot, aren't you." - MacGyver
  • C'mon, Harry. You're the one who used to tell me: you don't fish for fish, you fish for fishin'. - MacGyver
  • You sure that'll work? - Harry
    Nope.  - MacGyver
    Bud, you are a comfort - Harry
  • When I was a kid, I used to chew pine pitch like it was gum. It tasted alright - but it burned a lot better. - MacGyver
  • They've been falling for your foolishness; I figured I'd try some of my own. - Harry
  • I just hope it's worth losing that trout. - Harry
  • You gotta hit 'em just right! - Harry


  • When MacGyver in cutting the tree branch, first he's sitting up on the branch cutting with one hand then the next shot he is somehow standing behind the branch using both hands.
  • When you look at the outside of Harry's cabin, the fireplace is at the right hand end of the building, but when we see inside the cabin, the fireplace has magically moved to the opposite and of the cabin.
  • Where did MacGyver get the bag from to collect pine cones in?
  • MacGyver says he is blowing up a brand new Middle-Eastern nuclear refining plant, but one of the trucks visable in-shoot has a German emblem on it.


  • Used SAK to pick door lock
  • Tray with pots and pans sitting on bag of melting ice made distraction
  • Tipped cooking oil over kitchen floor to make bad guys slip over
  • Used garden hose to trip bad guys
  • Reeds under wood to "fake" breathing
  • Made blowdart, using reeds & anesthetic-type plant
  • Pine cones & pine pitch as "land mines"
  • Used "loco weed" as anesthetic
  • Grain dust down a funnel, exploded when lit
  • Harry used pine nuts as "blasting caps"
  • Saw half way through roof support so it could be knocked out



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