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012 - Deathlock  




Episode: 012    (#40191-011) Title:   Deathlock Airdate:   January 22, 1986
Writer: Stephen Kandel Director: Alexander Singer
Opening Gambit Writer:  Jerry Ludwig Opening Gambit Director: Cliff Bole

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MacGyver is sent to East Berlin to retrieve microfilm evidence for the DXS and hides in a coffin being delivered across a bridge checkpoint to make his escape out of East Berlin unnoticed. However his plan encounters a hic-up when the East Berlin guards discover his ploy, forcing his hired mourners to prematurely dump his coffin over the side of the bridge, into the river. Once in the water MacGyver triggers his pre-set detonators to blow the sides of the coffin away to reveal a jet ski which he uses to make his escape up the river.


After returning from his East Berlin mission, MacGyver is unexpectedly picked up by government employee Karen Blake and whisked away to a secret DXS “Safe House” where he finds his friend Pete Thornton waiting for him with Crypt-analyst expert, Mrs. Chung ready to start decoding the microfilm from Berlin. Pete explains that they are meeting in the unused safe house because there’s a security leak in the DXS. They quickly find, however that the house has been booby trapped by an old enemy of MacGyver’s named Quayle, who has his heart set on revenge after MacGyver foiled his plans once before.

One by one Quayle incapacitates MacGyver’s companions leaving just himself and Karen Blake to plan an escape. MacGyver however learns that Karen is in fact being forced to spy for Quayle under threat of her captured brother, being killed by Quayle’s associates and MacGyver is left to find a way to save everyone in the house and capture Quayle before he kills them all.




Richard Dean Anderson...... Wendy Schaal.................... Christopher Neame............ Dana Elcar......................... Beulah Quo........................ Erik Holland....................... Tom Maier......................... Karl Held...........................
   (as Carl Held)
Frank Holms...................... 
Karen Blake
Pete Thornton
Mrs. Chung
Man #1
Man #3
Man #2 (as Carl Held)

The German


    SAK uses:
Picks up broken phone with blade
      - Checks door for electric shocks by taping blade on metal
      - Pokes hole in metal dish with screwdriver blade
      - Cuts power cable on electric can opener
      - Touches blade against circuit in fuse box
      - Tightens screw to hold wires in fuse box

    SAK type:
      - Victorinox Tinker small

    Duct Tape:
      - Taped batteries together as a battery pack
      - Taped electrical wires to batteries
      - Taped part of the suit of armor back together

     Skills used:
- Electrical
     - Chemistry
     - Model building / construction
     - Engineering 


  • The opening gambit includes clips from the 1966 film"Funeral in Berlin" staring Michael Caine
  • Pete mentions in his explanation of how he and MacGyver first met, that MacGyver saved him from quicksand in the "Wadi Nafud" desert. We assume that he was referring to the An-Nafud desert area in Saudi Arabia. Wadi is the arabic word meaning dry river bed.
  • Pete's explanation of how he and MacGyver first met is contradicted in the episode Partners when a whole new story is revealed which involves Murdoc.
  • At the start of this episode we see Quayle standing before 3 nameless men who appear to be his boss. We see these 3 men again in later episodes, which leads to the question of - Are these 3 men the forerunners of what will later become HIT? Or are they in fact HIT?
  • Pete Thornton is a Colonel, which suggests that the DXS is a military intelligence agency like the CIA.
  • In the scene showing MacGyver exiting the helicopter at the beginning of the episode the helicopter can be seen shacking uncontrollably as it experiences 'Ground resonance' forcing the pilot to lift off immediately to avoid the serious results of the helicopter shaking itself apart.

Memorable quotes

  • There are some places in this world that are a lot easier to get into than out of. Like East Berlin, for instance. I mean look at me... I'm dying to leave. - MacGyver
  • I guess this makes me about the first guy who ever attended his own funeral and lived to tell about it. - MacGvyer
  • The first time I met this fellow, he pulled me out of the quicksand in the Wadu Naboot - deep desert. Then he put me on a camel and gave it this gigantic swat. - Pete
  • Congratulations yourself. I heard: Deputy Chief of the Department.  Big deal. - MacGyver
    You can call me "Sir." - Pete
  • He used the name Quayle. Sold the British out to the Russians. Double-crossed the Russians for the Ayatollah. - MacGyver
    Ah, those dear, fun days... - Quayle
  • Always had to say how great you were, didn't you, Quayle? Afraid maybe people wouldn't notice. - MacGyver
    You'll be the last one to die. - MacGyver
    That's what I figure, too . . . of old age, hopefully - MacGyver
  • Stay low, move fast, think smart... - MacGyver
    ...and if you go... - MacGyver and Pete together
    ...take company along. - Pete
  • When I was a kid, I use to build model airplanes with rubber band motors. Then I discovered batteries - it sure did increase the mileage. - MacGyver
  • Ah, yes, that's the handyman side of MacGyver; he likes to make clever little things out of odd bits. - Quayle
  • So, how's the General? - MacGyver
    Generally good, except he's a Colonel. - Karen


  • When MacGyver pulls the suit of armor back in after it gets shot by the machine gun outside there are no bullet holes in it.

  • The suit of armor mounted on the trolley that Mac uses as a diversion has one problem. When it drives into a wall, the empty and hollow piece of armor explodes!

  • The automatic sentry guns Quayle (the assassin) uses are ordinary MP5's with ordinary 30 or 50-round magazines mounted on some sort of automatic aiming mechanism. The real problem with that, is that although the guns have limited magazines, that doesn't stop them from firing hundreds upon hundreds of rounds.

  • When Quayle is flipping through the security cameras he looks at the room where Mrs. Chong and Pete are. 
    Pete disappears then reappears when he flips back to the room again.


  • Casket became a jet ski
  • Used metal bowl & electric juicer along with other kitchen appliances as electronic jammers
  • Used Vinegar & Baking Soda to make a smoke screen
  • Put suit of armor out through door to see how the door was booby-trapped.
  • Used torch batteries taped together as a Power pack for motorized cart.
  • Tied hand held electric mixer in front of cart wheel with rubber band around the wheel and mixing bar to "motorize" the cart
  • Attached amour helmet and shoulders to the top of the motorized cart as a decoy for motion detecting guns.
  • Removed pins from door hinges so door would fall outwards and could be used as a ramp for the motorized trolley
  • Used motorized decoy to draw fire of guns away from himself.
  • Piled up scrap metal in the middle of corridor as an early warning for when Quayle is coming
  • Wired the fuse box to overload the main power switch
  • Used all the scrap metal in the basement to create a path to the fuse box.
  • Used mirror as a periscope
  • Used high pressure water outlet as a water cannon to push Quayle against overloaded fuse box and electrocute him