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While there is currently only one official MacGyver game available, there are a number of games which are loosely based on MacGyver or have MacGyver-like elements to them.

Below is a list of some games we've found along with the official game.


MacGyver: Deadly Descent
The first official MacGyver game; Deadly Descent is a puzzle game released on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

The MacGyver Escape game
Use your wits and MacGyverisms to escape from the room in this
Curry Frank created Java game.

Escape from the Orange Room
Find the items, and work out how to use them to escape from the locked room.

The Secret of Bastow Manor
The old Commodore 64 adventure game with a distinctive Deathlock feel to it.

The White Chamber
Can you escape from the White Chamber?

The Crimson Room
Can you escape from the Crimson room?

The Viridian Room
Part 2 of the Crimson room.