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008  ( #40191-008 )

November 27,  1985

Richard Colla

Douglas Brooks West

Stephen Kandel, James
Schmerer, & Douglas Brooks West
  Episode   Nit-picks

Nielsen Ratings: 13.1 rating / 21 share / 2rd (48th overall)

Main Story

While visiting old friends in the out-backs of Wyoming to deliver some geological charts for their oil drilling operation, MacGyver unwittingly finds himself becoming a “Hellfire” fighter as his friends oil well explodes into an out of control well fire.

Before they can put the fire out however, MacGyver and friend Bill, must first find and then transport very unstable dynamite from an old mine site some miles away from their location and over very rough terrain. Even once they achieve that, they still don’t have the equipment needed to get the dynamite into the middle of the fire, so MacGyver must come up with a plan that will allow them to drop the dynamite into the middle of the well fire so it will “blow itself out” without blowing themselves up in the process.


Richard Dean Anderson ... MacGyver
Cooper Huckabee ... Bill Farren
Nana Visitor ... Laura Farren
Rudy Ramos ... Pete Torgut

  • When Mac is fixing the spring on truck engine. His hands are quite dirty in the wide angle shots, but nice and clean in the close-up shots.
  • As Mac and Bill walk into the dynamite shack.. you can see a gloved hand move from beside the crates of explosives.
  • If Bill was so badly burned, why doesn't he have any scares? 
Used gum foil to "by-pass" blown fuse. Used wooden board as extra support to walk across broken old floor. Used old springs, ropes, boards and sand on back of truck to safely transport unstable dynamite.
Used spring from ballpoint pen to replace linkage spring on truck motor. Told Laura to put nitroglycerin in a thermos to protect it from heat while moving it into position above fire. Used old jeep, old fridge and pipes to make device for delivering nitro into well fire.


SAK uses  Skills used:
- Opened lid on dynamite box with blade.
- Lifted dynamite out of way with blade.
- Used SAK blade to scoop up a blob of
   Nitro to take outside.
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Juggling
- Hellfire fighting
SAK type  SAK blades/tools used
Victorinox Tinker & Executive
- Main blade

  • This episode is based on the 1952 classic film noire movie "The Wages of Fear" (Le Salaire de la peur) which is said to be "one of the most suspenseful films ever made."
  • Although it's not mentioned in the episode, the TV guide at the time stated this episode as taking place in Wyoming.
  • MacGyver and Bill have known each other since they were kids.
  • MacGyver can juggle
Memorable Remarks
  • MacGyver! I don't hardly recognize you anymore! - Bill
    That's cos I'm not me any more. - MacGyver
  • Man of many many, many many, many many talents. - MacGyver
  • This road would definitely be an E ride at Disneyland. - MacGyver
  • Oh right. You always did have good moves. - MacGyver
  • Hey you wanna live forever? - Bill
    Think'in about. - MacGyver
  • Pure Nitro. Stuff will go off if you sneeze. - Bill
    Let's try not to sneeze. - MacGyver
  • You scared? - Bill
    You bet. - MacGyver
    Me too. Ain't it great? - Bill
  • You are crazy! I mean certifiable! - Bill
    Yeah? what does that make you? - MacGyver
  • You can forget about that new truck. I'll take a dozen of those ball-point pens - Bill
  • It's ok. - Bill
    I'm sure we'll know when it's not. - MacGyver
    Oh boy! You're a real comfort! - Bill
  • Well, I guess I'm gonna have to entertain a couple of theories a few of my buddies came up with a while ago. Archimedes and Eutocius. You may have heard of them. - MacGyver
  • You'll fry your tail in there without Bill. Damn it, he's the best. And so are you. - Laura



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