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Ming was a former hunter and farmer before he and the other villagers were forced into slavery in General Narai's Burmese opium fields and was the target of Truang's taunts because of his submissive behavior. This changed when MacGyver escaped from his bindings after being captured while on a mission to retrieve a canister of deadly toxin from a crashed US plane near the village. After MacGyver had chased Truang out of the village Ming lead the other villagers in their preparations to fight for their freedom against Narai's forces. Village elder Prasert commented to MacGyver with pleasure that he could see the change in Ming from Slave to leader. With MacGyver's guidance Ming helped build a trap which would remotely shoot the tires of Narai's vehicles as they approached the village.

When Truang returned with Narai's solders Ming faced his tormentor and defeated him in hand to hand combat. 

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