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Penny Parker
Teri Hatcher


Born:   October 31 1963

An aspiring singer and actress, Penny is one of those people who, according to MacGyver, needs "looking after."

She first met MacGyver at a Bulgarian airport, where she slipped her jewelry (which was later revealed to be the stolen crown jewels) into MacGyver's pocket resulting in them both being detained for questioning by the police.

She appeared again in MacGyver’s life back in LA, when she "borrowed" Mac's apartment while he was out of the country and ended up dragging him into the middle of an assassination conspiracy.

Her perceived big break, came when she was cast in the leading role of a musical called Cleo Rocks. This however was merely an elaborate plan by hit man Murdoc to kill MacGyver.

Even though her scatter brained approach to life is a source of frustration for MacGyver, their friendship has always remained strong, and over the years grown into a brother-sister-like relationship.

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