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Recasted Characters


Throughout the series there have been several characters who where played by different actors in different episodes. This happens mainly because the original actor isn't available to reprise the role, but can also be for various other reasons as well.

Below is the list of characters which were played by more than one actor.

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Connie Thornton Penelope Windust
Linda Darlow
Family Matter
Michael Thornton T. Scott Coffey
Hank Stratton
Family Matter
Fraternity of Thieves
“Mike” Forrester Patricia McPherson
Lisa Bayless
Jack of Lies
The Widowmaker
Jennifer Reiner Holly Fields
Tracey Lords
MacGyver's Women
James MacGyver Phil Redrow
Martin Milner
Phoenix under siege
Major Nicolai Kosov Bruce Abbott
Anthony De Longis
Thief of Budapest
Lost love
Young MacGyver Shawn Donahue
Sean Wohland
Shane Meier
Phoenix under siege
Blood brothers
Harry's will
Milt Bozer Frank C. Turner
Robert Donner
Halloween Knights
MacGyver's women




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